Becoming a Slave

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Please be aware the following story is complete fiction. Nothing in this story ever happened to me it’s just a fantasy fetish rolling around in my head.

All characters are over 18 years old.

Becoming a live in slave.

I am a 38 year old man. I’ve known for a long time that I was submissive and that I held quite a lot of fetish interests mainly stockings, heels, BDSM and a longing to be totally controlled.

Sometimes I would sit in our town centre at lunch times and watch women walking past in business suits showing their legs and feet off in nylons and heels often letting my imagination run wild with the thoughts of what it would be like to be a slave for them.

After several failed relationships where I had expressed my desires to my partners they often left me many of them thinking I was just plain weird.

I stayed single for a long time until someone told me about a BDSM website where you could meet like minded people who weren’t judgmental at all and everyone was accommodated within reason.

I signed up and went about looking at lots of different profiles even messaging a few profiles who seemed to share at least some of my kinks.

I did receive a reply from 1 guy who shared my fetish for stockings and heels. We would often spend time chatting about our similar fetishes. We both favoured black nylons and we both definitely preferred open toe shoes with nylons. We both had a slight foot fetish. I only liked feet when nylons were involved he would quite happily worship bare feet given the chance.

We chatted for almost 3 months when he told me he was leaving the site after falling madly in love with his new partner. I wished him well and we never spoke again after that.

I put a post in 1 of the BDSM groups stating my desire to chat with similar interested people. Not expecting a any replies I logged off. It was around 10 days later I went back online and realised I had an inbox message from a profile named LifestyleCouple.

The message was simple we are interested in chatting with people like yourself. We don’t want 1 time hook ups and are looking for someone who in time could possibly be a live in 24/7 slave.

I looked at the message for 10 minutes before replying it just looked too good to be true. I replied that I also wasn’t interested in 1 time hook ups and that I would love to get to know them better.

The reply came almost instantly that’s exactly what they wanted to hear.

After many messages back and forward we agreed to meet for a coffee at the weekend.

I was apprehensive and nervous when Saturday came around. I knew they were genuine we had done verification videos so we knew the people on the other end were who they said they were.

After what seemed like a lifetime it was time to set off and meet up with Bella and Craig.

When I arrived at the coffee shop I knew straight away they were already there. Bella was a good looking blond woman, 44 years old extremely busty and just had a certain quality about her that oozed confidence and control.

Craig was a guy who was slim around 5ft 9 and just a normal looking guy, he was 50 years old.

I went to the table and we all ordered a coffee then the conversation just flowed. It was non sexual I told them about my week at work they told me about theirs. We spoke about our hobbies and interests. Craig and I spoke for about 10 minutes about the cars we drove and what car we would eventually like. Bella just sat there observing us. We ordered another Bayan Eskort round of coffee, just sitting there enjoying the company of each other.

When the time came I thanked them for meeting with me and expressed my desire to do it again some time. We exchanged mobile numbers and they said they would message me soon.

I went about the rest of the weekend as normal doing laundry, getting my work gear sorted for the next week away in my truck seen some friends on Sunday to watch the football and have a couple of beers.

The first few days of the week went by as normal then on Thursday morning I received a message from Bella. After the usual pleasantries she asked how I would feel about spending the weekend at their house as a trial run where we could really get to know each other. Of course I said yes I had waited 20 years for this kind of opportunity I wasn’t about to let it pass me by.

We made all the arrangements I would arrive at 7pm Friday spend the weekend with them and experience exactly what it would be like to be a real time slave.

When Friday came I rushed home from work, had a shower, packed a weekend bag and then the nerves kicked in. I had longed to try this for so long now I just had to hope it would be everything I wanted it to be.

I arrived a their house around 7pm, we all greeted each other like old friends. We went inside where Craig showed me to the guest bedroom where I could leave my bag. We returned to the family room where Bella was waiting for us. We all had a glass of wine (nerve settling was required).

Bella then changed our conversation to what I could expect this weekend. I was there to be her slave for the most part however if Craig was to give me an order that should be obeyed as well. I noticed at this point it was clearly Bella who was the dominant in their relationship. Her rules were simple obey orders given to me to the best of my ability or punishments would follow. She expected me to address her as mistress or ma’am at all times and Craig said I could either call him Craig or Sir he wasn’t too bothered either way which was another indicator he wasn’t often dominant with anyone.

By the time we had spoke about everything it was almost 10.30pm that’s when mistress instructed me to clear up the wine glasses take them and put them in the dishwasher once I had completed that task I was to join them upstairs in their bedroom where the weekend would get properly started.

Once I finished my task I went upstairs unsure if I should just enter or not I gently knocked on the closed bedroom door Mistress called out it was fine to enter but to do so on my hands and knees.

I opened the door knelt down and crawled into the room, the image before me was exceptional, Bella was wearing a black lace corset with black stockings and some high heels. My mouth dropped open in shock at how beautiful she looked. She ordered me to strip to my boxers then kneel down in front of her.

Once I was done Craig appeared behind me and handcuffed my hands behind my back. Once I was cuffed Mistress ordered me to open my mouth, I duly obliged as soon as my mouth opened it was filled with the toe of Bella’s shoe. I sucked that like my life depended on it. She just sat there eyes fixed on me as I worshipped that shoe after a few minutes she removed her heels and shoved her nylon covered toes in my mouth. The taste was amazing, I was loving every second of her toes in my mouth I didn’t want it to end.

Once she was finished Anadolu Yakası Escort with my mouth on her feet she moved onto the bed and ordered me to crawl into the bed with them. Easier said than done with my hands cuffed behind me but I eventually managed to get on there. Her next order caught me a little off guard, she wanted me to eat her pussy and make her cum before she had sex with her husband. She grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy, I immediately stuck out my tongue and tasted her for the first time. It was heaven, I started to lick and suck her pussy struggling to breath at times as she held my face tight into her but eventually I felt her orgasm building and then she let out the loudest moan I’ve ever heard. She pushed me away and I landed on my side unable to balance due to the cuffs.

Mistress ordered me to kneel back at the side of the bed so I got down and knelt where she told me. I was ordered to watch everything that happened next and if she caught my eyes looking anywhere other than on what she was doing I’d be feeling the sting of the cane when she was done.

She moved over to Craig and began sucking his cock, bobbing up and down then stopping and licking the tip then back to sucking. Watching and listening to her gag on his cock had me hard as a rock in my boxers it was actually slightly uncomfortable. She kept looking over at me and just smiling when she noticed I had an erection she just laughed then told me I may as well forget about cumming this weekend because it wouldn’t be happening. I was gutted I wanted nothing more than to wank my cock as I watched her but I knew what I signed up to if she said no cumming then I would obey.

Without any further talking she slid up Craig straddled him and guided his cock into her waiting pussy. Her moan was 1 filled with lust and I could see on their faces the enjoyment they were both having. She began bouncing up and down on his cock then grinding on it. Craig raised his legs slightly and began to fuck her hard as she bounced up and down.

She looked over at me asking if I was enjoying the show. In all honesty I was I’d never watched 2 people have sex before never mind been this close to it so I was definitely enjoying it, my reply came almost instantly to her yes mistress I’m loving the show. After a few minutes Bella came all over Craig’s cock after she regained herself she moved down again and sucked his cock clean of all her cum.

She then got on all 4s facing me, Craig got behind her and shoved his cock deep into her doggy style, his cock must have been around 7 to 8 inches and it looked like he actually hurt her as he slammed into her pussy, her moans said otherwise she definitely enjoyed it. Craig picked up the pace slamming his cock into her pussy, she was grabbing hold of the bed sheets with every thrust. He was taking long deep strokes banging into her pussy I could see she was enjoying every thrust. Craig then picked up the pace slamming into her in a controlled manner until I seen that look on her face again the look that told me she was about to cum all over his cock. She shouted at him to fuck her like a slut so he fucked her the hardest I’ve ever seen anyone go at it until she screamed in orgasmic bliss again.

He slipped out of her pussy flipped her over onto her back put her stocking clad legs over his shoulders and slid straight back into her pussy. He went to town on her fucking her so hard she was moaning so loud I’m sure everyone in the village could Pendik Escort hear her.

He fucked her like that for a good 10 minutes I was amazed he could keep up that pace and not cum. I noticed his facial expression changed then followed by him saying I’m going to cum he pushed in tight to her pussy then he squirted his seed deep into her pussy.

He pulled out of her and collapsed on his back next to Bella on the bed she snapped her fingers and said slave boy it’s clean up time. I crawled over to her and hesitated slightly I’d never tasted cum before this was new to me the hesitation did not go unnoticed by Bella so she grabbed my head and pulled me into her pussy. I stuck my tongue out and tasted the mixture of their cum. It wasn’t actually that bad it was different, it was a new sensation on my taste buds. I lapped at her pussy cleaning every drop of their cum until she pushed my head away.

Once she had recovered she looked at me kneeling on the floor. She spoke softly telling me I’d done a good job of obeying her. I felt a sense of accomplishment and I was smiling that’s when her mood sort of changed. She said firmly the hesitation when I ordered you to clean me was the only disappointment that has cost young strokes of my cane.

She pulled me up by my handcuffs and pushed me over the bed ass in the air head flat on the mattress. She went to the walk in wardrobe and appeared with her cane. I have to tell you I was terrified I’d never been caned before and it looked like it could do some serious damage to my ass.

She walked over to me placed the cane flat on my ass and told me to prepare myself for the 6 strokes. She instructed me I was to count each stroke and thank her for each 1.

The cane whistled through the air and stung across my ass cheeks. It was a burning sensation that caught me by surprise, Bella coughed I remembered her instructions 1 thank you mistress.

Again the whistle came and I clenched up it hurt more this time due to the clench but I couldn’t help it 2 thank you mistress. The whistle came again whack on my ass then before I could say my line she caned me again. 3 thank you mistress 4 thank you mistress. She brought the cane back again and ferociously snaked it against me this 1 seriously hurt and I could feel the sting burning through me 5 thank you mistress. Then the last stroke came she was slightly more lenient this time it still stung but not as bad 6 thank you mistress.

She came over to me and said well done which I thought was kind of ridiculous if I’m honest I wasn’t trying to do well I was just trying not cry out like an overgrown man child. She then rubbed some sort of oil or ointment into my ass. It actually helped it took some of the pain away.

Craig uncuffed my hands then I looked up to Bella who had a massive smile on her face. Her words were exactly what I wanted to hear she said excellent job tonight slave this could work out perfectly if you play your cards right. I smiled and said yes thank you mistress.

Craig led me back to the guest room and actually brought me a beer. He said Bella was pleased so enjoy the beer because I earned it tonight. He then retired to his bedroom while I sat on my very sore ass in the guest room drank my beer and took in everything that happened this evening. It was brilliant even the caning gave me a new experience not 1 I wanted but it made me want to do better to please Bella tomorrow because I certainly didn’t want the cane again.

I laid down on the bed and tried to sleep my mind working overtime on what they could possibly have planned for me the rest of the weekend. This was only the first night I had 2 more days to experience everything they had planned for me.

The End.

Let me know if you’d like a part 2 on this story.

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