Before, After or Instead

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I was sitting at the computer in my home office when there was this sharp little ping against the window. House window. Not computer window. I just blinked, looked at the window, didn’t notice anything and ignored it.

Then there was another little ping and the window rattled slightly. I looked closer and there was still nothing. I watched the window for a while and nothing. I just shrugged and was turning back to my desk when it happened again. This time I saw something bounce off the window and fall. It was only something small, but it had hit the window fairly hard.

Curious I went outside to look around. Now the side fence on my place was the back fence on the house next door, which was a corner block. Lined up in a row on top of that fence were half a dozen lemons. Even as I was observing this strange sight there was a popping sound and a lemon fell off the fence. There was also a muted cheer from next door.

Strolling over towards the fence I heard another pop and a ping off my window. It seemed to me I had found cause and effect. I strolled over to the fence, not next to the lemons, and hopped up onto the middle rail.

Standing in the middle of the yard was Julie. She was a nice young woman, but a little accident prone. Usually because she didn’t think things through.

Right now she was armed with an air rifle and using it to pot lemons. Looking at the solitary lemon she had knocked off the fence into my yard I concluded that she wasn’t very good at it.

“Julie, knock it off would you,” I yelled. “If you want to shoot, put a paper target up against the fence. A big one. Then you might be able to hit it.”

“I’m not hurting anyone,” she said. I’m just practicing on some lemons. And I hit one, thank you very much.”

“Yeah, one. I saw. And your misses are hitting my window. One of them will go straight through it sooner or later and I would be severely displeased.”

Julie started protesting her innocence and how the BB slugs were far too small to damage anything but I interrupted.

“Do you mind not waving your rifle around when you’re talking? I know it’s little more than a popgun but it is a gun. You should take proper care when you’re carrying it.”

With a snort designed to indicate her contempt for people who were overly sensitive about gun safety, it was only an air rifle, after all, Julie slapped the muzzle down into her hand. And the stupid thing went off.

There was a pop and I felt a sting in my scalp. She might not have been able to hit a lemon but she could hit a head without even trying. In a way it was quite comical. If the BB slug had been a fraction higher it would have missed. A fraction lower and it would have hit more solidly and bounced off bone. A small wound but that would be all. As it was the silly little pellet just sliced along my scalp, leaving a deep scratch a couple of inches long.

Now a scratch is a scratch and that is all it is. It was a nothing thing, except it was on my scalp. Have you ever noticed how even a minor cut on the scalp can bleed like stink? Just like that I could feel the blood running down my face. I put a hand to my head and it came away red.

I looked at Julie and she had dropped her gun and was holding both hands to her mouth. Probably to stop herself screaming. I just shook my head, hopped off the fence and went inside to get cleaned up. At least, she wouldn’t be potting my window any more.

A little pressure stopped the bleeding fast enough. Then it was just a case of sponge off the blood and change my shirt. I was doing the last when Julie came charging into the house. She came to a screeching stop when she saw me just standing there, looking at her.

“Oh my god,” she started, “I’m so sorry. I thought I’d killed you. I can’t apologise enough. I was stupid. I don’t know what to say.”

“No need to say anything just yet,” I said affably, “but you might like to spend some time thinking about how you’re going to explain this to your father.”

“You’re not going to tell dad,” she exclaimed, horrified. “You wouldn’t.”

“Julie, I would,” I said. “You were potting at lemons without even looking to see where your slugs were going. You were careless handling your weapon, and you shot me. I think he has a right to know what his daughter is doing.”

“But it’s only a little airgun,” Julie wailed. “My dad will kill me.”

“That little air gun could quite easily have put that slug into my eye and blinded me,” I put out. “Look, eye here, cut here. Two inches lower and I’d be in a hospital with doctors saying sorry, we can’t help you. And if your dad kills you it will save me the trouble.”

“Oh, come escort bayan kağıthane on. It’s only a tiny scratch. There’s no need for all the melodrama.”

“As you don’t seem to have any idea of how stupid you were, I think there is. I’ll let you explain to your dad it was only a scratch. Somehow, I think he’ll stop short of killing you.”

Julie gave me a furious look. I was being unreasonable in her books. It had, after all been an accident.

“Come on,” she wheedled. “You know what my dad’s like. He’ll confiscate my air-rifle, ground me for a month and probably spank me for good measure.”

“Sounds reasonable to me,” I pointed out. “Unfortunately, you’re eighteen, so I doubt that he’ll spank you. Pity. You’ve earned it.”

“He will. I just know he will and it’s not fair. It was an accident,” Julie stressed. “It wasn’t my fault.”

“Your gun, your carelessness, your responsibility. If it wasn’t your fault, whose fault was it? Mine for objecting to you taking pot-shots at my windows? If he decides to spank you, tell him to invite me over to watch. I’d love to see it.”

Julie folded her arms and flounced about a bit, trying to think of a way out of her trouble. She could think all she liked. Trouble was what she’d earned and I was going to make sure it came her way. She must have come to the same idea.

“Well, seeing how you were the offended party, why can’t you punish me instead?” she asked.

“And how would I go about that? Ground you? And how would you explain that to your parents?”

“Not ground me,” she said. The words ‘you idiot’ were plain in her voice, even if unsaid.

“You could spank me. Then you’d have no need to tell dad and I won’t get grounded and have to do all sorts of horrible chores as well.”

“Uh-huh,” I said with a laugh. “Might I point out again that you’re eighteen. Also, I’m not your dad.”

“That’s the whole point of your doing it. Then my dad doesn’t need to know. I won’t mind if you spank me. Honest.”

“You’d squeal and cry like a baby, hoping I’d go easy,” I said, “but if I spank you it will be a proper spanking.”

Julie nodded eagerly. “I know. I’ll behave and take it properly, I swear.”

I considered. It had been a nice day out and Julie had been at home. All she was really wearing was a sun-top and tights. I shrugged. I would see where this led. It might be quite enjoyable.

“Turn around and bend over the table,” I told her, trying to sound stern.

She blushed slightly and did as she was told, sticking her bottom out slightly. I moved up behind her, took hold of her tights and pulled them and her panties firmly down.

Julie stood bolt upright in a flash, turning to face me. Then she realised what she was showing me and hurriedly dropped her hands to cover herself.

“What are you doing?” she wailed, trying to bob down to grab her tights without flashing me.

“I’m about to spank you, remember?” I said firmly. “I just happen to think that a bare bottom spanking is the way to go.”

“But my dad never spanked my bare bottom,” she protested.

“I’m not your dad,” I pointed out. “Now turn back around and resume bending over.”

Scarlet faced and reluctant, she did so. I promptly delivered one firm spank to her bottom, then I stood back.

“I don’t think this is going to work,” I said. “It might be easier if you were bent over my knee.”

I strolled over to a chair and sat down.

“OK. Come over here and bend over,” I told her.

Very red of face, Julie turned and started to shuffle her way over to me, hands clasped protectively in front of her.

“That’s silly,” I said. “You’ll trip trying to walk like that. You might as well take those tights right off. Do you need a hand?”

“No, I can do it,” came the panicked reply and she hastily bent and pulled her tights and panties off.

See what I mean. Doesn’t think things through. Not that I minded in this case. She came over and I laid her across my knee, and gave her another quick spank. Instead of taking my hand off her bottom I started rubbing it and drumming my fingers on her.

“You know, it seems silly to have you bending over half naked, now doesn’t it?”

Julie nodded. She could go along with that.

“I thought you’d agree. OK. Stand up and slip your top off.”

She stood up alright, but it wasn’t to slip her top off. Or at least, that wasn’t her intention. She barely had time to open her mouth to refuse and I was lifting it up. I’d guessed earlier that the sun top was all she was wearing. Her breasts had seemed to move a little too freely under it to be in a bra. Her arms automatically escort bayan taksim rose to permit me to lift and she was naked.

“You’re just doing this to deliberately embarrass me, aren’t you?” she accused.

“You’re partly right,” I said, bending her over my knee again. My hand settled on her bottom again and I started rubbing it.

“I have to confess, it’s partly to embarrass you, but the rest of it is to make it easier when I make love to you.”

By then my hand had rubbed its way clear of Julie’s bottom and was now rubbing her mound, kneading it quite firmly.

You’re mad. I didn’t agree to anything like that,” Julie protested, squirming under me as I massaged.

“True,” I said, sliding a finger between her lips and pressing gently in. “That’s my own idea. I do get ideas occasionally and this one’s a ripper. Time for you to make a decision, love,” I added as I continued to torment her pussy. “Do you want the spanking before, after or instead?”

Julie was really squirming now as my fingers kept trespassing and teasing, steadily arousing her. My free hand moved from where it was theoretically holding her in place and closed over a breast, an action that was greeted with a squealed protest.

“You haven’t answered,” I murmured, rolling a nipple under my thumb.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” Julies gasped. She seemed to be having trouble getting her breath for some reason.

“It seems straight forward to me,” I said. “Do you want me to spank you before I make love to you, after I make love to you, or instead of making love to you? I’ll let you choose.”

“Will you stop touching me for a moment? I can’t think,” Julie protested, so I stopped fiddling around, just leaving my hand comfortably closed on her pussy.

“That’s really not helping all that much,” she grumbled. “You mean I’m actually allowed to say if you can make love to me?”

“Of course. I’m not a rapist. Shame on you for suggesting it.”

I gave her a quick rap on the bottom to emphasise the shame.

Julie squeaked and wriggled some more, which was really doing some very interesting things to my erection.

“Has it occurred to you that I’m a virgin?” she asked.

“Ah, Julie, if you’re a virgin I have some bad news for you. Your cherry had been popped. Maybe from riding a horse. Do you ride horses a lot?”

She sighed. “No, I don’t ride horses. I will admit I might have ridden my boyfriend once, but I didn’t think much of it.”

“That first time is always so messy,” I said sympathetically. “Still, I’m sure he enjoyed himself.”

“Not really. He fainted when he saw I was bleeding. That’s beside the point. Why would I want you to make love to me?”

My finger slipped between her lips again and brushed lightly around her clitoris. Julie practically bucked off my knee in shock.

“Don’t do that. That’s a terrible argument,” she said hoarsely, trembling slightly. “If I say instead, are you just going to spank me and let it go at that?”

“Reluctantly, but yes, that’s the idea.”

“What if I said make love instead of spanking?”

“That’s a non-starter. You screwed up and you deserve your spanking. I’ll tell you what. I’ll start spanking you and you can make up your mind while I’m doing so.”

“Wait,” she shrieked. “You said I can decide.”

“Well, yes. But I meant today. I’d like to have you spanked and spent before your parents come looking for you.”

“Spanked and spent? What a charming way with words you have. All right. I’ll take the damned spanking first, but I reserve the right to say no to sex afterwards.”

Did she really? I expected to be deep inside her before she had a chance to change her mind.

“OK. Stand up for a moment.”

When she scrambled to her feet I unzipped and let my erection loose with a sigh of relief.

“It had been a bit cramped in there,” I told Julie, bending her back across my knee. The difference now was that she knew absolutely what was pressing against her side.

“Now, Julie, why don’t you tell me what you did wrong this afternoon that has resulted in this.”

‘This’ was a very hard spank to her bottom. I was still pissed off about the air-gun incident. She’d really been criminally careless.

Julie shrieked and showed she’d been paying attention to some of the things I’d said earlier.

“I wasn’t paying attention to gun safety,” she gabbled out fast. “Basically that was all.”

By this time I’d already delivered a few more spanks and her explanation was somewhat garbled by the squeals that interrupted her.

“Fair enough,” I said, without slowing the spanking.

Julie şişli escort bayan squirmed and wriggled and protested and apologised, but I still gave her a damned decent spanking. Her bottom was quite red before I was satisfied. I didn’t tell her when the official spanking was over, I just moved on to playing with her mound.

A few spanks on her mound and Julie was up in arms, wanting to know what was going on. I apologised. My aim was off, I told her. Does this feel better, I asked as I rubbed her pussy gently. She got the message pretty quickly, especially when my hand closed over her breast again and I started rubbing her nipple.

“Is the spanking over?” she demanded.

“It is,” I said and swung her to her feet. I turned her to face me and then brought her closer so her legs were straddling me. Then I encouraged her to sit, and as she did so I moved my cock under her.

Julie froze for a moment when she suddenly felt my erection pressing against her lips. Her eyes went wide as she stared at me, and she continued to stare at me as she sank down, letting my cock ascend into her.

Once settled into my lap, completely impaled by my erection, Julie just looked at me with a slightly stunned expression.

“Different from last time?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Different bad or different good?”

“Good,” she said quickly. “I never knew. . .”

“Second time sex is normally better than first time. You should have had your boyfriend try again.”

“He panicked. I think he’s sworn off sex for life,” said Julie, but there was a smug little smile touching her lips. I suspected that she was glad that she hadn’t sworn off sex for life.

“Are you just going to sit there or are you going to get interested in what we’re doing?” I asked.

I could see Julie wasn’t quite sure of what she should be doing, so I gave her a hint. I pushed upwards, letting her feel me press against her, then relaxed. She was a fast learner. She promptly copied what I’d done, pressing against me and then relaxing.

After a few repeats of this Julie found herself sliding up my pole after she relaxed. She apparently enjoyed the sensation, as she started moving more energetically, lifting herself higher on me and then pushing on down.

Everything was going fine. I was finding it most enjoyable and Julie’s innocent enthusiasm was a real turn on. Then she bounced so high she slipped off and almost went frantic trying to capture me again. After that she just sat on me for a few moments, looking slightly shocked.

She looked even more shocked when I stood up. She hastily wrapped her arms and legs around me and I walked through to my bedroom with her clinging to me. I dropped her onto the bed, following her down, driving in hard as I landed. She squealed loudly, then gasped as I followed up with another hard thrust.

Then it was on for one and all. I drove down into Julie and Julie thrust up hard against me. I rode her hard and she took everything I gave her and bounced back for more. Which I delivered. In fine style, even if I do say so myself.

I pushed her rapidly towards the heights, staying with her every inch of the way. (And I had a fair few inches I was giving her, if I can say so without seeming to boast.)

I steadily eased her towards a climax. Another way of phrasing that is to say that I did my best to screw her arse off, pounding her pussy as though it was a slab of beef that needed tenderising. The spanking that I’d given her was nothing to the slamming that her pussy took. If I wasn’t careful Julie would be walking funny for a week.

Not that she cared. She was grinding her groin hard against me every time we came together, reluctant to let me withdraw for the next thrust and raising her hips smartly when I came down, eager to take me as deeply as possible.

My hands were on her breasts, pleasuring them, and then I was kissing her as well. We were welded together for the full length of our bodies, seeking and giving pleasure.

When I finally came Julie shrieked and almost exploded. She climaxed and her screams would have roused the neighbours if I hadn’t muffled them with my mouth. (A real necessity, don’t you think, seeing the neighbours were her parents.)

Julie finished up collapsed on the bed, with me collapsed next to her.

Eventually, still breathing hard, Julie spoke.

“Right,” she said. “Gun safety. I think I’ll remember that in future.”

“Good. Now it’s time for me to start making love to you.”

She looked a little startled and then smirked at.

“I’d love to stay and have you try to seduce me but I have to hurry home. I left the air-rifle in the yard and I need to go and put it away. Gun safety, remember?”

I laughed and lay back. Probably a good idea. If she’d taken me up on my offer who knows how well I’d have been able to perform?

At least I could see Julie had learnt one thing. Always leave them wanting more.

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