Bell Tower

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Melissa looked over the small town as Adam drove through. Quite a picturesque little place, she decided. It had possibilities.

Adam had some business in the area, and had decided to bring his young wife with him, not wanting to be separated for a week. Melissa, however, had no interest in business, and had already decided that she would have to find her own amusement. Sitting around in the motel room all day or lazing by the pool was just not her.

That evening, Melissa informed Adam of her intentions.

“I’ve decided that while you’re running around seeing your business contacts, I’m going to do a photo essay of the town and the surrounding area. Will I be able to use the car or will you be needing it?”

“Most of my business is within the town,” replied Adam. “If I’m going to need a car I can always use a taxi. I grew up here, you know. I’ll give you a list of places that you might like to visit. There is some quite good scenery here if you know where to look.”

For the next few days Melissa buzzed around the area, visiting local tourist spots and also quite a few non-tourist spots, being guided to these locations by Adam’s directions. During the course of her days she gathered quite a few shots.

Melissa was quite pleased with her work to date. She thought that with some intelligent editing, and a smidgeon of luck, she might just be able to get herself a decent coffee table book out of this trip. What she now needed were some pictures of the town.

Melissa spent the next day wandering around the town, capturing it on film. She noted that she should really ask around to see if anyone had some old photos of the town that she could copy. A few old versus new pictures never hurt.

While wandering around the town Melissa found her gaze resting thoughtfully on the old bell tower behind the church. The church was at the end of the main street, and anyone standing in that tower could shoot the full length of the street. It made sense to try to set up a shoot up there.

Heading up the street, Melissa bypassed the church and headed straight for the bell tower. Reaching it, she found it locked. Looking at the old fashioned lock, Melissa thought she could probably pick it with a nailfile, but good manners said no, try the church.

Tracing her steps back Melissa approached the church, finding the rear door standing open.

“Hullo,” she called, entering. “Is anyone there?”

“Oh, hullo,” said a voice, and a man popped out of the sacristy. “I’m Neil. Can I help you?”

Melissa saw a man in his early thirties, pleasant features and a warm smile. He was dressed for the weather in t-shirt and shorts. He also possessed an unusual charisma, and she was quite charmed by him.

Neil, on the other hand, saw a pretty young woman, very nicely built, in his opinion, also dressed for the weather in t-shirt and shorts.

“Hi,” said Melissa. “I’m Melissa. Melissa Grant. I’m staying in town for a few days and I’ve been gathering photos for a photo essay on the town. I was wondering if I could get permission to go up the bell tower and take some shots from there.”

“And you’ve come here hoping I have a key,” said Neil with a smile. “That makes a change. Most people who want to climb it just pop the lock with a nailfile or similar. We only lock it because of the safety regulation. One moment and I’ll get the key.”

Neil vanished back into the sacristy and came out moments later with a large old fashioned key.

“Oh, thank you,” said Melissa. “I’ll return it as soon as I’ve finished.”

“You won’t, you know,” said Neil, still smiling. “It’s those safety regulations and our insurance. You see, that old tower doesn’t have steps. It just had this long ladder bolted to the wall. The rule is that there must always be two people when anyone goes up, just in case of accident. Fortunately, I’m available for the next hour or so, so I can go with you.”

“Are you sure it won’t inconvenience you?” asked Melissa. “I can wait until Adam gets back and he can escort me.”

“Either way is fine by me,” said Neil, “but will your Adam be back before you lose the light?”

“Probably not,” mecidiyeköy escortları Melissa admitted. “If you’re sure you don’t mind?”

Neil laughed. “After you,” he said with a flourish.

Melissa smiled and returned to the bell tower. Unlocking it they entered, and Melissa looked at the iron ladder, a trifle daunted by the climb. It looked a lot higher from inside looking up.

“You had better lead the way, Melissa,” said Neil. “I’ll follow close behind. I’ve been up and down this old ladder dozens of times. It’s quite safe, but if your foot should slip I’ll be right there to catch you.”

“Right,” thought Melissa, grinning to herself. “And you’ll be able to ogle my bottom all the way to the top. Thank god I’m wearing shorts.”

Staring up the ladder, Melissa tried to count the rungs, but quickly gave up.

“How many rungs are there?”

“Sixty,” Neil told her. “It’s the equivalent height of a three story building.”

Melissa sighed, and started up the ladder, Neil close behind.

After thirty rungs, Melissa was thankful she kept fit. It was harder than she thought it would be, climbing straight up, although Neil seemed to be doing it easily.

At the fortieth rung, Melissa was quite happy to just pause and hold on when Neil called out to her to hold still for a moment. Turning her head to look down at him, she lifted an enquiring eyebrow.

“Something I need to do at this point,” called Neil, climbing slightly higher.

As Melissa watched, Neil hooked one of his legs around the ladder, jamming his foot between the ladder and the wall. Wondering why, she abruptly found out. This little manoeuvre freed Neil’s hands, and with the need to hold on gone, he could do other things.

Like casually reach up, flick open the button on the side of her shorts and pull them and her panties down. It only took moments. One second she was paused on the ladder, waiting to continue, the next she was paused on the ladder with her shorts and panties around her ankles, waiting to continue.

Melissa was horrified. She wasn’t exactly in a position to reach down and pull them up. And with her clothes binding her feet and Neil blocking her way, she couldn’t really descend. But if she climbed higher, Neil would probably finish pulling her things off.

Swearing and feeling completely mortified, Melissa found her only option was to climb to the top. Once there, the situation would change. She started on up, feeling Neil helping her feet get clear of her shorts and panties. For the rest of the climb Melissa was acutely conscious of Neil below her, staring straight up her pussy.

Reaching the top of the ladder, Melissa pushed open the trapdoor and scrambled through, finding Neil close behind her. Standing there she glared at him, not even bothering to try and cover herself. He’d already seen it all, so why bother?

“You rotten swine,” she snarled at him. “Fine behaviour that is for a minister. Give me back my clothes, I want to leave.”

“Minister? Do I look like a minister to you?” scoffed Neil. “And no, you can’t have your shorts back just yet. I haven’t finished amusing myself.”

“You were in the church. You acted as if you belonged there. Of course you’re the minister. And what do you mean, amuse yourself?”

“I was in the church because I’d been doing some repair work there. Everyone knows where that old key is kept. As to amusing myself, let me explain.

You are a nubile young woman, and I find you sexually attractive. Here we are alone in the middle of the town in a public building and no-one know. Even if someone looks up and sees us, all they’ll see is two people standing around up here, taking photographs. As you can see, the lookout points are all high enough above the floor to cover you from the waist down.

I thought I’d give you the thrill of having some illicit sex where people can see you but not realise what you’re doing.

Just think, in future, when you look at the photos you take here, you’ll be able to remember that when you took those shots you had a cock inside you, pleasuring you. It should give a whole new dimension to putting some etiler escort passion into your work.

And think how amusing it will be if you include those shots in your photo essay and people buy it.”

“Very amusing, I’m sure,” gritted Melissa, from between clenched teeth. “But it’s not going to happen. No way am I doing any shooting while you’re trying to rape me.

What are you doing?”

What Neil was doing was proceeding to drop his own shorts and underpants, demonstrating that he was most certainly serious. His erection was standing proud and ready for action.

Melissa licked lips that seemed suddenly dry, while trying to fight off a little curl of anticipation that was squirming around inside her. God, his charisma seemed to just flow out of him in waves, asking her why not?

“Are you afraid that you won’t be able to concentrate on your shooting with me in you?” asked Neil. “I can understand that. We can have our fun before you do your shooting. You’ll still remember that you took your shots naked.”

“I’m not naked, and I’m not shooting, and I’m not having sex with you,” protested Melissa. “I just want my clothes back so I can get them on and get out of here. I’ll come back with Adam and do my shooting.”

“That’s not fair,” pointed out Neil.

Melissa blinked. Not fair? What was he on about?


“Why should Adam have the fun of having sex with you up here while you take your photos when it was my idea?”

“You have a real problem, do you know that?” snapped Melissa. “If you don’t give me my shorts I’ll scream.”

“Why would you want to do that? It’s not as though anyone would hear you. We’re too high and too far from the road. We’ve got a great view, but you have to admit the acoustics are lousy for chatting with the people outside.”

Melissa looked around, feeling desperate. She hated to admit it, but the swine’s voice had this warm soothing quantity, making him sound sweetly reasonable, and she was becoming ever more aware of not only her own nudity, but of his blasted erection, poking out and gently swaying whenever he moved, as though it was waving to her.

“I’ll ring the bell,” Melissa announced with satisfaction. “That’ll bring someone, and then how are you going to explain your actions.”

“In an embarrassed manner,” admitted Neil, “or at least, I would, if the bell still had a clapper. We had to take it out. Too many kids sneaking in and ringing it. I understand the church uses a bell recording and loudspeakers these days. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Am I to take it from all this fuss, that you’re not going to bend over and present for me so I can entertain you while you take your photos?”

“Correct. Can I have my clothes now?”

Neil just started moving towards Melissa. She backed nervously away, but quickly found herself pressed against a wall. Lifting her hand she pushed against Neil’s chest, trying to make him back off.

Instead, she found his hand had settled on her pussy and was moving her lips apart. Melissa tried to close her legs, only to find that Neil had already slid a knee between them, holding them apart. She could feel him probing at her pussy, and then he was slipping between her lips.

Melissa stared at Neil, eyes wide, not believing that he really was doing this. She could feel his hands circling her and clasping her bottom, lifting her slightly against his intruding erection, helping her to adjust her position so that he could slide smoothly into her.

Her hands were no longer pushing against him in protest, but closing, holding onto him while she felt him sinking deeper and deeper. She should be struggling, she knew, but it felt good, it felt right. She gasped as he drove in, not able, not even wanting, to stop him.

Pinning Melissa firmly against the wall, his cock holding her there, Neil reached for her t-shirt. A swift tug and it was up and over her head. Hands behind her back, and her bra was undone. Taking the straps in either hand he slowly pulled them off her shoulders and let them drop, leaving her bra held in place by the press of the material against her breasts.

Bending şişli escort down, Neil ran his tongue along Melissa’s cleavage, laughing as his touch dislodged the bra, causing it to fall away and leave Melissa’s breasts exposed to his gaze. And touch.

His hands closed over the ripe globes, squeezing. Looking back at Melissa, he could see shock on her face, but mingled with the shock was excitement and a touch of lust. Locking his eyes on her, he started to move within her.

Melissa gasped. What the hell could she do? He wasn’t raping her, as such, just taking her and she wasn’t resisting. If he’d used force she would have fought, but how did she fight this gentle motion as he moved within her?

She had to call a stop to this, and she would. Soon. Right now she was just curious. How was he managing to hold her so easily and do this to her? She could feel him inside her, not demanding anything from her, but just quietly pleasing her, exciting her with his gentle movements. Despite her misgivings, she found herself moving with him, relishing the long slows thrusts he was using to take her.

Neil smiled at Melissa, feeling her starting to work with him, yielding to him. Whether she knew it or not, there would be no stopping now. She would move with him until they were both replete. His hands massaged Melissa’s breasts, moving slowly, keeping time to the slow tempo he was coaxing from Melissa with his erection.

Melissa was staring back at Neil’s face, fascinated by him. Just standing, talking he’d been attractive. Now that he was taking her, smiling at her, she was lost. She was going to do whatever he wanted, and deep inside her, she knew it. She swayed with him, slowly getting lost in the movements that he had initiated.

As Neil watched, Melissa’s eyes flickered and closed, her senses turning inwards, concentrating wholly on what her body was doing and what was being done to it. He could feel her hands opening and closing against his back, trying to hold him closer, wanting to feel him touching her everywhere at once.

Melissa was gasping now, little sounds escaping from her, unnoticed, as her passion built. It wasn’t enough. She needed more.

“Please,” she was asking, “more, I need more.”

More was what she received, with Neil starting to move faster and harder, building the tempo, the increased speed fanning the fires inside her, coaxing them to blazing life.

More was wanted, and more Neil was willing to give. He was now driving in hard and fast, pushing Melissa towards where the fire burned brightly, encouraging her to take that leap into the fire.

Melissa screamed and the fire leapt up within her, burning her, reducing her to heated ash and overwhelmed feelings. She could feel hot liquid surging through her body, boiling within her as Neil flooded her, her fires burning him, taking him away.

Floating back to her body, the world settling back into place around her, Melissa stood there, stunned. That had not happened. She had not let this man do that.

“Do what?” she wondered. “Was I raped or was I seduced?”

She stared at Neil, wondering what she should say, what she should do. Neil was still smiling that smile, damn him, and she could still feel it tugging at her emotions.

“You were going to take some photos?” Neil prompted.

Recalled to duty, Melissa picked up the camera that was still hanging around her neck. Turning, she started taking photos of the town, capturing it in print from above. She wandered from side to side of the tower, shooting.

Finally finishing, she looked through the display, nodding in satisfaction. She had some real good stuff there. They’d look great.

“Finished?” asked Neil.

Melissa nodded happily.

“Before we go back down, are you going to get dressed?”

Melissa froze and looked down at herself. God, how could she have forgotten something so basic? It was all his fault. Scarlet faced she hurried to get her clothes, ignoring Neil’s silent laughter.

Discussing her photo-shoot with Adam that evening, Adam suddenly interrupted her with a question.

“You didn’t go up the old bell tower did you?” he asked.

“Yes, of course. It’s the best place to get some aerial views. Why?”

“Well, I hope no-one saw you,” said Adam with a laugh. “It’s the local trysting spot. That’s why they keep it locked, trying to keep horny boys and girls out of it.”

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