Bisexual Haitian Chronicles

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The name is Steve Vincent. I’m a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Randolph, Massachusetts. I am Bisexual, and only some of my friends and family members know. I love my fellow Haitians dearly but our community isn’t exactly welcoming of Gays, Lesbians and Bisexuals. In spite of the efforts of the organization known as the Haitian Gays And Lesbians Alliance. That’s just the way it is. These days, I attend the prestigious Randolph University, which is an okay school. I thought private schools in America would be stuffy and elitist. Randolph University is pretty laid back, I guess that’s why I kind of like it.

I didn’t think I would like the school , though. Randolph University is at the center of a lily-white New England town which really isn’t my style. I need to be around other people of color to feel comfortable. They don’t have to necessarily be predominantly Black. They could be Asian, Hispanic or Middle-Eastern. I just can’t stand places that are whiter than chalk. It’s 2010. America’s President is Black. North American private schools need to start embracing racial diversity. Get with the program. In twenty-odd years, whites will be minorities in America. They’re already minorities in the rest of the globe. I was born in the Republic of Haiti, the first Black-led democratic country in the New World. Lucky for me, Randolph University was far more diverse than the ditzy little town it was built in. There are eleven thousand students, and thirty eight percent of them are of African-American, Hispanic or Asian descent. I guess I wouldn’t be as alone as I thought.

The City of Randolph has been my home ever since I left the City of Cap-Haitien, Haiti, my native town. I couldn’t stand the town, to tell you the truth. I prefer hanging out in nearby Boston, which is a lot more lively and diverse. If I don’t feel like hanging out in Boston, I head to Brockton. Now Brockton, that’s my kind of town. Fifty two percent of Brockton’s 100-000-person population is of African-American, Asian or Hispanic descent. People of color are the majority in this town. Damn. I want to move there someday. First I have to get my bachelor’s of science degree in Criminal Justice from Randolph University, though. You need lots of dough if you’re going to buy real estate in New England these days.

I have a pretty interesting life these days on campus. Randolph University is well-known for its athletics. The athletics department sponsors men’s intercollegiate baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, football, wrestling and volleyball along with women’s intercollegiate softball, basketball, cross country, soccer, swimming, ice hockey, field hockey, volleyball, equestrian and cycling. I joined the men’s soccer team as a walk-on tryout during my freshman year. I’ve always loved playing soccer. I used to play soccer for my old Catholic High School, College Notre Dame Kurtköy Escort Du Perpetuel Secours, way back in the Republic of Haiti. Good times.

Tonight, my friends and I are getting drunk and having sex. My dorm is big, with lots of space and privacy. That’s why my buddies are always coming over. The Haitian students are so stressed lately. Ever since that nasty earthquake hit our homeland’s capital. Most of our families were alright but we’re still distraught over the stuff we’ve seen on the news. Sometimes, you’ve got to find a way to take your mind off the shit that’s going on in your life. Otherwise you’re going to lose your mind and you won’t be any good to anyone. Trust me, I know what I’m talking about. Sex is a form of therapy, folks. You heard it here first. I am totally into fucking my lady’s brains out if that’s what it takes to relieve the both of us of stress. Being a Black person in collegiate America can be quite stressful, folks. If you don’t keep it together, it’s a world that can eat you alive.

Right now, I’m getting my eight-inch, uncircumcised ( my parents thankfully prefer the natural ways ) Black dick sucked by this fine-looking Haitian honey named Yveslande Joel. She’s around five-foot-ten, a bit curvy with a big ass and nice tits, with dark brown skin and long curly hair. Yveslande Joel is a year older than me and has been at Randolph University for a couple of years now. And she’s probably sucked the dick and licked the pussy of every good-looking incoming freshman. I don’t mind that in the least. I like to play around and I don’t mind others doing the same thing. No hypocrisy in me, folks. Yveslande is cool with me being Bisexual, and that makes me very happy. My sexy lady kneels before me and sucks my dick with gusto. She gently pulls back the foreskin and licks my dick head while fondling my nuts with her incredibly soft hands.

Nearby, our friends and also getting in on the action. My buddy/rival Emilio, a slim, dark-skinned young Haitian man is getting his freak on with his girlfriend Noreen. That Noreen is something else. A pimply-faced, light-skinned young Haitian woman with juicy lips and a ghetto booty. Well, she’s putting these lips to good use as she’s servicing Emilio. Leaning back on the couch, the dude is having the time of his life. I smile at Emilio and he smiles back. What man doesn’t enjoy getting his dick sucked by a big-booty mama? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Our other friends Ernest Tines, Katiana Vince, Stanley LeBeau and Ellen Batres were having a foursome. Ernest is a tall, curly-haired and light-skinned Haitian guy who plays basketball for Randolph University. He’s a player on and off the field. I guess that’s why he’s banging the hell out of Katiana Vince. Now, that Katiana Vince is a naughty Haitian chick. She majors in Nursing so I guess someday she’s gonna be the naughty nurse you dream about when you enter Kurtköy Escort Bayan the hospital. I find Katiana kind of sexy. Tall, dark-skinned and lovely, with big tits, wide hips and a huge round ass. She used to flirt with me all the time when I first got to Randolph but I guess she’s moved on now. Katiana is on all fours, face down and ass up as she’s getting banged by Ernest Tines. The basketball stud smacks the hell out of Katiana Vince’s big booty as he slams his dick up her pussy, fucking her doggy style.

Ernest’s best friend Stanley LeBeau is having some fun with Hispanic beauty Ellen Batres. Stanley is a tall, slim young Haitian guy who majors in computer science. He’s fucking the shit out of Ellen Batres and the big Hispanic woman is squealing in delight. She’s lying on her back, legs spread as Stanley drills his cock into her pussy. Hard and fast he pounds away at her. Ellen is a big and tall young Hispanic woman with big tits, a chubby body and a big round ass. And she likes Black guys. A lot. Just as my man Stanley here. He’s fucking the hell out of her. Stanley is such a cool guy. He fucks his woman with style and gusto. Like a true Haitian stud.

My man Emilio slapped Noreen’s face with his dick. She grabbed his cock and plopped it back into her mouth. Hot damn. After he fucked her mouth, he put on a condom and then made her get on all fours. And just like that, he starts fucking Noreen like fucking is going out of style. Noreen squealed as Emilio put his dick in her. Never let it be said that we Haitian men can’t lay it good when it comes to boning women. He slams his dick into Noreen’s pussy and fucks her for a while, then switches things up. He spreads her big ass cheeks wide open and presses his cock against her asshole. With a swift thrust he penetrates her ass.

Inspired by Emilio’s example, I give this a try with Yveslande. My gal’s a real trooper so she’s okay with it. I put Yveslande on all fours and give her big sexy ass a big kiss. I gently pat her ass before spreading her ass cheeks. I press my dick against her asshole and gently ease it inside. I’ve fucked quite a few men in the ass and a guy or two have had the privilege of fucking me but I’ve never fucked a woman’s ass before. Would a woman’s ass feel different from a man’s? Only one way to find out. I slid my cock into Yveslande’s asshole. Her ass felt so warm and tight around my member. I loved it.

Hell, so many of my friends were trying this anal sex thing now. I noticed Stanley LeBeau thrusting his dick into Ellen Batres asshole like there was no tomorrow. The big Hispanic woman squealed as she got fucked in her fat ass. Ernest Tines laid Katiana Vince on her back and raised her legs in the air and placed a pillow under her, exposing her big ass. He slid his cock into her asshole and began pumping away. Katiana fingered her pussy and moaned in pleasure as Ernest worked Escort Kadıköy his cock into her asshole. Well, I noticed some of my friends were trying anal in different ways. Emilio was now on all fours, face down and ass up as Noreen licked and fingered his ass. I watched in amazement as she produced a slim blue dildo and began working it into his asshole. I didn’t know Emilio got down like that. From the look on his face, he was enjoying himself. Oh, well. Whatever floats your boat.

I continued working my dick into Yveslande’s asshole. Man, I was absolutely loving every minute of it. Yveslande clearly was enjoying herself too. She asked me to fuck her ass harder and called me Papi. I caressed her big sexy ass while fucking her. I just love Haitian women. They’re so damn hot. Yveslande moaned in pleasure as I fucked her. Pumping her ass with my dick was bringing the both of us closer and closer to ecstasy. We rocked together until I came, shooting my load deep into her ass in an orgasmic explosion. I don’t know which one of us screamed louder, Yveslande or myself. And to be honest, I didn’t care. Anal sex with women rocks! How can I be a Bisexual man and not know this?

All around us, men and women were screaming in pleasure. Everyone was having fun. Ernest and Katiana, Stanley and Ellen, Noreen and Emilio. Hot damn. Was this a fun orgy or what? And people think we Haitians are a conservative bunch. We know how to get down with the best of them. Even in the worst of times, we can find joy in life. Life goes on, that’s what how the popular saying goes. Yveslande grabbed me and kissed me, thanking me for a wonderful fuck. I kissed her back. I am so into her, it’s almost eerie. She’s so hot, sexy and fun. Sexually, she’s very adventurous and she supports me mentally and emotionally when I need it. A man simply couldn’t ask for a better wife or girlfriend.

My friends hit the showers after the orgy, then everybody says goodbye and takes off. Yveslande is about to depart with the others but I ask her to stay. She looks at me, her face filled with surprise. I take her face into my hands and tell her something strange. I don’t want to be fuck buddies anymore. I want us to be exclusive. Simply put, I want her love. Yveslande stares at me, stunned. She kisses me, and tells me she’d have to think about it. This would change everything between us.

When we first met she told me she came from a sexually repressed household and wanted to make up for lost time while in college. I understood because I came from a similar situation. I look into Yveslande’s eyes and tell her that she’s the one I always wanted. After years of bed-hopping with women and men all over the place, I think I’ve found the right person for me. Yveslande laughs and tells me we’re both sexual freaks who are allergic to monogamy. However, she promises me to give it an honest shot. We also promise each other to go back to being fuck buddies if the monogamy/dating thing doesn’t work. Smiling, Yveslande shakes my hand. Then she pushes me onto the floor and climbs on top of me. I look at her, puzzled. She grins and starts licking my face. Her way of celebrating our new relationship. Folks, I think I may have met my future wife!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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