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She had been driving since noon and now it was almost five in the morning and had just glimpsed the sun lighting the sky in the east before the rains began. Now she was driving in a virtual downpour that obscured everything and she was fighting to keep awake. She was on a narrow two-lane road with trees on either side and she had cut her speed to a crawl. Suddenly she realized that she had dozed off and was on the shoulder. Upstate New York gets cold this time of year and between the monotony of the windshield wipers flapping back and forth she desperately looked for someplace to pull over.

That’s when she saw the narrow dirt road on the left. She swung the car onto it and began to pull in. Her left right tire lost its traction and the car slid to the side and she was hopelessly stuck. She turned off the windshield wipers and was intent on getting some sleep. That’s when she saw the glimmer of light ahead. With no umbrella and only a small blanket on the back seat, she climbed out, put the blanket over her head and began to walk. Not more than a few hundred feet up the road she rolled her ankle over and from that point on her discomfort seemed to multiply. The light never seemed to get closer and the pain in her ankle seemed to grow with each step.

The rain now saturated the blanket and felt as though it weighed a ton. Finally she turned a bend in the road and saw the small house nestled between the swaying trees. The light she had seen seemed to come from a window next to the porch. She barely made it to the door and leaned against it trying to keep her weight off her foot. By now it was almost six and it seemed darker than ever as the clouds drifted overhead dumping a torrential amount of cold rain whipping against her already soaked blouse and skirt. Finding no doorbell, she turned and began to slam her fist on the door.

It seemed like an eternity before the porch light went on and the door opened. Peggy almost fell into the room and into the arms of the boy. The room seemed warm, or was it the heat from his body? She didn’t care. She was safe inside and out of that deluge. Somehow the door closed and now holding onto the man, she looked up. He was young, perhaps sixteen or seventeen but with the body of an athlete.

He wore only a pair of very snug fitting cargo shorts that clung tightly to his hard thighs. That was his only covering and she snuggled closer to gather all the warmth she could from his bare chest. He helped her to a couch and reluctantly she disengaged her hold on him and sat. A fire had at one time burned in the fireplace but now it was almost out. He smiled down at her and she looked up into those dark eyes. For the first time words were spoken. He looked at her and simply stated: “god you’re going to catch cold if you don’t get some dry clothes on. Let me see what I can find.” Than turning he went down the hallway and soon came back with a blue flannel shirt and a blanket. “This will do for the top but I don’t think my jeans would be much help.

Would you like to take a hot bath while I get you something to drink and restart the fire? She nodded yes, and he took her hand and helped her up. That’s when he noticed that she couldn’t support herself on her left leg. I sprained it down the road. Its sort of swollen I think. With that he did something totally unexpected. He put his arm under her thighs and lifted her up as if she were a baby. She wrapped her arms around his neck for support as he carried her to the bathroom. That proved to be a surprise. It was huge and in the center was one of those spa things than was sunken into the floor. He set her down on a bench and ran the water. In moments it was almost full and the jets began to churn the hot water to a foaming swirl of steaming froth. “You get in while I get you something for that ankle.”

I was tired, and aching. I felt cold and wanted to get into that tub so badly that I had no second thoughts about stripping out of my dripping clothes and climbing in. I hobbled over sat on the edge and slid in. The warm water covered my breasts and seemed to be caressing my aching body. It wasn’t more than five minutes before he returned. He had brought a first aid kit and a drink.

He sat on the bench and watched me for a second than handed me a water glass half full of whisky. I didn’t want to offend him, but he had enough alcohol in that glass to wipe me out. I sipped it and than looking at him I asked, aren’t you going to join me? I mean have a drink. He sort of looked shyly at me and answered. “I’m not used to drinking.” But one wouldn’t matter I responded. O.K. he answered and left to get another drink. I thought, god if he’s not used to drinking and he makes his as tall as this, he’s going to be looped before he’s finished.

That’s when I got my first real look at him. He seemed to be about eighteen, but could have been a year younger or older. His shoulders were broad and the shorts he wore accented his buns but couldn’t hide the fact that he was an amply endowed young man. I was now feeling self conscious of my own appearance. My Bostancı Escort makeup was long gone and my hair was hanging in strings and snarled. Not caring much now, I lay back and just let the water caress my body.

One jet in the tub was driving me crazy. It was pulsating a jet of water right on my pussy and when I spread my legs slightly it played hell with my clit. I was five days past my period and at the peak of my sexual cycle. I mean I was at my horniest. I could have cum if he hadn’t returned with his own drink.

We chatted for about five minutes and now the drink was making me lose my inhibitions. He seemed to be much more relaxed too. Than I took the lead. You know Blake it would be much more relaxing for me if you got in here with me. I mean it’s difficult turning my head and looking up to talk with you. Come on, don’t be shy, I won’t bite. Come on, get in with me. We can talk easier that way. “I don’t know Peggy. I would have to……… well you know get undressed and all.” Don’t think twice about it Blake. I’ve seen it all before. So shyly he turned away from me and took his shorts off. I watched, hoping for a glimpse of his cock, but until he turned to get into the tub it eluded me. But he had the tightest and most delectable ass I have ever seen and when he did turn, OH my god was he hung.

He was circumcised and even relaxed, his shaft hung about five inches. He quickly slid into to the water and sat opposite me. I sort of scrunched up so my breasts were at the level of the water and seemed to bob up and down slightly. I questioned him and found out that he was up here in the wilderness for two weeks while his parents were in Europe. He was a senior in high school but had just turned eighteen. He had no girlfriend currently and I teased him into confessing that he was a virgin. I was thinking of all the wonderful ways he could be taught and that prospect was exciting me more. I stretched my leg out and slide it up his thigh to come to rest on his shaft. I smiled and wiggled my toes over it feeling him begin to swell up. He squirmed a bit but seemed to enjoy it. He tried to pretend nothing was happening but the drink and my forwardness had him aroused, and now I was so damn horny that I wanted to stand up and rape the kid.

He was the first to make a move. Peggy I think we should look at that ankle and than get you into some dry clothes. I sighed, slightly disappointed, but agreed. Before getting out I ducked my head under the water to wet my hair and than reached for a towel and began to climb out. Than I simply figured the hell with it and stood up facing him. I began to dry my hair and watch his face at the same time. I have a nice body and he was getting a long and full view of it. My pussy is clean-shaven and my breasts are still perky with hard pink nipples surrounded by slightly puffy pink aureoles. I took my time bending and turning to give him a good show and to see if I could turn him on. When I finished I just stood there, favoring my left foot and put my hands on my hips and asked. Well? Are you going to stay in there and shrivel up like a prune or are you going to get out?

He was shy and just sat there looking pleadingly at me. Come on, I’ve seen it all before. Get out! Slowly he rose. Than, as he got to a standing position, I drew a breath and thought, Oh my god! Oh baby you are one hunk of manhood. He was erect and so help me god he must have been well over six inches and it stood out and up. I wanted to say something but couldn’t. My pussy was beginning to get that twitchy wet throb that makes my body shake. I stared as he dried himself. He was trying to avoid turning towards me but even his ass was something to behold. He hadn’t really developed any amount of pubic hair yet, and what he had was a fine light brown, almost invisible when wet. I had that sudden urge to go down on him. I leaned back against the wall and just breathed hard.

He put on his shorts again and brought me that flannel shirt, I turned and he helped me put it on. It was large. By that I mean I had to roll the cuffs up to get my wrists and hands out. I had turned to press my breasts against him as he helped. Though I left the top four buttons undone I did button the remainder, which provided barely enough shirttail to cover my pussy and most of my ass. Than he again put his forearm under my ass and picked me up and carried me to the bedroom and lay me down.

Now as I lay there I deliberately slid down so my pussy and a good portion of my ass was exposed but he seemed to ignore me as he looked at my ankle. There was some swelling and he very carefully massaged some oil into it. It’s not what I should be using he explained, its just baby oil, but its all I have, than he put one of those wide long stretchy supports on it. Wrapping it up carefully. I watched him and smiled. He was trying to avoid eye contact or even looking at my pussy and yet I wanted him to see my body. You know my neck and shoulders are a bit tight Blake can you massage them for me? Sure he answered and I turned over onto Ümraniye Escort my stomach. Here, I exclaimed, let me get this shirt off so you can get at me better.

The boy’s touch was like silk as he rubbed the oil into my shoulders and back. Now the front I suggested and turned over. Now I was nude, and practically spread eagle on the bed. He was getting more relaxed as the whiskey took hold and he began by massaging the oil into my chest but that lead to my breasts and now I was squirming like a wild woman. I don’t know if it was by accident or whether he intended to do it but he now was rubbing the palms of his hands over my nipples and they were standing up and hard as pencil erasers. Blake? Have you ever had a girl make you cum? He stopped what he was doing and held stark still. Still not looking at me he murmured, no. No never. Do you think you would like that? I guess, he answered. Well as a reward for being such a good doctor and taking such good care of me I want to reward you. Would you let me do that? “What? You mean reward me?” Yes, come here and take those shorts off and get under the covers with me. I’m cold and need a warm body to keep me from catching pneumonia. Come on crawl in here next to me.

Almost coyly he did as he was told. Now he was semi erect and laying on his back next to me. I slid my hand across his chest as I put my lips to his ear and stuck my tongue in and wiggled it. He seemed to enjoy it and held stark still. Than I kissed my way down to his chest and put my lips over his small nipples and began to lick and suck them. They grew hard, just as mine were and my pussy began to literally drip with my need. I now had my right hand on his tummy and the index finger of my left hand was deeply buried inside my pussy. I drew it out and spread the thin oily fluid up and down the cleft between my puffy lips. But each time my finger slid over my clit I felt the ache and throbbing grow in intensity. Sucking on his hard little nipples, I let my right hand slide down and clutch his shaft. Now it was as hard as a rock and my fingers barely met as they encircled him. I began to let my curved fingers glide up and down its length and I felt the pre-cum begin to weep from the tiny slit in its head. I spread it over his shaft and began to stroke faster and more vigorously. Now really jerking him faster and faster I felt his tummy tense and his hips lift slightly.

I had myself on the verge of an orgasm as I worked to bring this boy off. For only a second I paused to draw the covers off our bodies and now I took my lips from his nipples and my face moved to with inches of that beautiful cock. Faster I stroked and when I could resist no longer I plunged my mouth down engulfing it. I held my breath and rammed my lips down trying to take him all in and driving the head of his cock deep down my throat. I had all but two inches in my mouth before I had to back off. He had begun to hump up and down and squirm and I was just getting a lot of pre-cum for my effort but he was still not ready. As for me, my pussy was on the verge of orgasming and my fingers were dancing, sliding in and out, than up and down, ever stroking until my cunt was crying to cum. Almost at that instant, he suddenly lurched up and cried, Peggy? I think I’m there! Please stop!

I was damn if I was going to pause now. I slid my fingers faster and faster up and down that shaft and sucked the head of his cock as best I knew how. Than he suddenly put his hand on the back of my head and sobbed to me. I can’t stop it! Peggeeeeeeeeeee I can’t stop it. And at that very instant, as he cried to me, I began to cum. I had his cock now just inside my pursed lips and I seemed to hum to him to cum with me. And when I felt the first flood of his thick milky cream gush into my mouth I swallowed each pulsing spurt with a hunger I had never know. I finally was over my orgasm but continued to milk him. I slid my fingers firmly along the bottom of his shaft, drawing more and more of his cum into my sucking mouth. Than it was finished.

He laid there, not believing what I had done to him. He turned his head and smiled. Than asked. “Is it always that good? I mean you swallowed me. Is that good or did I do something wrong? No baby that’s the way it should be. Than he asked: can I do that to you too? I mean do you like to…….. You know get all wet and creamy and let me taste you? My heart beat almost out of my chest. OOOh yes Blake that would be wonderful.

With that He moved to my breast and holding it in his warm hand he put his lips around my nipple. I gasped and almost let out a cry. My nipples are extremely sensitive and though he wasn’t experienced, he sure was doing things to my body that were new to me. To feel this boy sucking me like this was making my pussy drool. Put your hand down on my cunnie I told him. And he let those fingers trail down to my thighs. I couldn’t resist tensing the muscles in my ass and lifting up to meet his fingers. Your wet Peggy. I know Blake. I know. My pussy tastes good. Do you want to see? Put your mouth down Kartal Escort there and let your tongue go inside and taste my wetness. Go on, it’s what I like. And when Blake put his mouth over my hot pussy and parted my swollen lips, I cried out to him. Babyyyyyyyyyyyyy oh babyyyyyyyyyyyy higher. Feel that little swollen bump? That’s my clit. Suck it! That’s it! Just like that. Oh my god oh my god your good. Suck it like that. Gooooooooooooooooood so goooooooooooood now put your fingers deep inside my pussy and twist them around and get them all wet than take them out and lick them. Taste me? Do you like the way I taste Blake?

This boy was making me crazy. He was doing everything a human can do to make me cum and he was insatiable. He sucked, and stroked, his fingers moved in and out of my convulsing pussy and I was moving from one orgasm to another squealing as each orgasm took hold of me. Blake? BLAKE! Oh my god your good. Let me rest a minute.

The only thing missing was that hard cock deep inside me. It’s strange but when I cum hard it’s a hundred times more intense if I contract on a hard throbbing cock. I was breathing hard. I had cum for this boy more than ten or eleven times and still he wasn’t satisfied. I had turned him into a love machine. And oh my lord was he a fast learner. I was about to tell him to try and get hard again and ask him if he wanted to put it in, but he was way ahead of me. Peggy? Would it feel good if I could? Well you know. Try to put my cock in? Would that be good? I was Jell-O and this boy was my dream. Oh yes, yessssssssssss that would be wonderful. But don’t hurt me. Do you want me to make him hard again Blake? I think I am he answered. Bending my head to look down I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was absolutely huge. He stood out about seven inches and his shaft was so hard it seemed to ride parallel to his tummy. I was hungry for it and my hips seemed to wiggle from side to side in anticipation. Even as he paused and took his mouth away from my pussy I felt my contractions forcing the oily musky fluid from within. How do I do this? He asked. Just kneel between my legs. That’s it. Now let me raise my legs up like this and you put it in. Here, let me hold my pussy open for you. He did as I asked and than it started.

At first he slid the head of his cock up and down my pussy. That just made me more anxious but he seemed to be enjoying watching the purple head of that cock sliding along the torrid hot pink membranes of my cunt. Than he found my opening and began to go in. He was slow, but yet so hard that I could feel him stretching me open. I had my chin buried in my chest as I watched. First the head seemed to delve in. Than he drew it out and seemed pleased to see all my sticky wetness coating it. Than he returned it to it’s nesting place and forced still more in. But this time he drew it almost out and yet left the head hidden within. I was getting frantic. He was stretching me apart and no matter how far apart I spread my legs he still seemed to be tearing me open.

By now his cock was well lubricated and each slow movement of his hips seemed to force more of that throbbing shaft in. I was about frantic when I finally felt the head of that cock punch against my womb. It felt good and at that moment I could feel his balls, heavy with cum slap against my ass. I wanted to contract around that beautiful cock but he had me stretched so open that I couldn’t. Than when he began to draw back, my pussy’s walls seemed to cling to him trying to follow. It felt almost as if he were drawing my vagina in and out with his hard cock. Being well lubricated, he began to saw in and out more quickly. And that was when I almost lost it. He moved like a jackhammer. In and out. I never knew a person could move so fast and to add to the sensations he was drawing it in and out about five inches with each stroke. That was making the head of his cock plunge against my womb each time he slammed in. I began to arch my back with each thrust and actually tried to find something to hold onto.

Though I had set a world record for orgasms, or so I thought, this boy was making me go wild. In and out, in and out, over and over and over and each thrust was harder and deeper than the last and now my body was being forced to slide up and down the bed with the force of his thrusting.

My breasts swayed with each deep penetrating jab and I screamed. I actually screamed. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Blake. More! Ohmygodohmygod Ooh god Ooh fuck meeee! Fuck me good. More! Ram it in! Ram me! Do it! Fuck my pussy faster. Yes oh yes do it. Make me cum again! Feel me? I’m cummmmming again! Ooh baby your good. Fuck me more! Faster baby! Oooh mygodohgod oh baby…cumming again! Now Blake, shoot! Give it to me! Come on baby spurt your cum in me! Mix with me. Now! I’m cumming now! Do it! God do it now!

Though my vision was blurred I watched his face as he let go. He reached down and grasped my breasts, my nipples were massaged hard and squeezed as he looked up and groaned. Take it! Take all of it. Oh Peggy, can you feel it spurting? It’s cumming inside you. Feel it? So help me god I think I could feel the pulsing warm thick ribbons of sperm being pumped deep inside me. But strangely none left me. I mean his cock was so tightly held within my vagina that not a single drop of it could escape me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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