Breezy Upstairs Room

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Typically I would wear a skirt without panties. As I was getting dressed and feeling too sexy already, I figured wearing some might tame my instincts around the handsome men at the gathering. I slipped into a favorite lace bra and held the matching panties in my hand as I walked half-naked around my room. With a blouse selected, I put the panties down to button my top half way up to my modest B cup breasts. After a pause to fidget with my hair, I resumed the decision making process.

Maybe today I’d go with stockings. Crotchless would still work pretty well for keeping things smooth, yet I’d saturate them in no time at all. Sometimes those things make me feel sexier and hornier. I cold not wear sandals with them either.

They were out.

I picked up the panties once more. They were necessary today.

My skirt was of a snug yet comfortable type. Able to lift the hem over my thighs and hips, I hiked it up, slid my satin and lace pussy protector up each leg, slowly. I put them on ritualistically in the same fashion as I hoped any man tonight would removed them. One long shaven leg at a time, with a pause here and there for some gentle caressing. By the time I stood away from the edge of my bed, I had to dab the moisture before continuing to pull them tight across my trimmed pussy.

The hardest decision was over.

Hair coiffed, minimal makeup on and a dab of perfume where it counted all in sequence as not to forget any one detail.

Out the door I went, knowing well that what I wanted was surely going to be in abundance at the venue tonight. All night.

The journey was less than eventful at the onset. Miles down the road, a song came on the radio to bringing a memory flooding back. I looked in the mirror and saw a glimpse of my younger self. It was a vision of bridled excitement, a hesitation and a pause held back what should have been a bursting moment of a regular first date with a new man.

But once the expression was identified, I felt a similar wetness some over me. Tapping on my thigh in tune to the music, my thumb mistakenly tapped my skirt just enough to vibrate along my mound. I could not resist playing a bit more. Hooking my finger beneath the hem, I lifted the bottom of my skirt to fit my hand between my thighs and massage a bit. No pussy play on the way. Some level of a thrill needed to be stifled.

Thankfully, I resisted my own temptations.

Arriving safely and still turned on by the anticipated masculine forces to be present that night, I slipped my painted toes back into my high heeled sandals and strutted across the lawn. Every step edged my skirt back and forth across my sensitive legs. The back of my thighs got to feeling a tingle, making me shift my approach to walking. Instead of a long strut to accentuate my shoes, gait became a close-legged twisting one providing more swaying of my hips and less stimulation of my lips.

By the time I got to the door, three men were waiting to open the door for me. One stepped back to allow the others the pleasure of greeting me first. One opened the door, the other extended a hand to assist me across the threshold. Kocaeli Escort

As it turned out, the one in the foyer was the most patient. Stepping back to allow me a chance to enter the building before being approached, I had no choice but to proceed and find myself face to face with you. Extended arms brought us into a wonderful embrace and reuniting hello. The other men watched over their shoulders as the door blew shut.

We interlocked our fingers for effect as we turned and walked deeper into the house. My strut resumed as it was when I first got out of the car. Stimulation was an alright detail from here on forward into the night. Fingers still locked, you chose to walk a bit ahead of me, guiding to some unknown destination. I went along without input until we passed a bright room. I pulsed your fingers to get your attention. You stopped and stepped back towards me to see what my motion was about.

Standing hip to hip, we filled the doorway. With a quick shift of my hip, I bumped you into the room, spun on one heel towards you and dragged you into the room. In a beautiful spinning dance step, you were face to face with me, bodies pressed together. I raised one foot and kicked the door closed. What should have been a loud slam was actually a quiet click. I stepped closer to you to try to reach around and lock it, but you were quicker to step into me. You walked me backwards with my hands held behind your back. I stepped back as you stepped forward, chest to chest.

We reached the window seat. It was adorned with a flowery yellow cushion and flowing white sheers that blew in with each gust.

You released my fingers from the lock of your strong hands. Before I could react to that new little freedom, you wrapped your arms around my waist and grabbed my ass. With a grasp and a smile, my body was pressed hard against your bulging front and toned chest. One deep inhale preceded the exhale that started my heart beating again. The next step forward landed me on my ass. As much as you tried to lower me gently to a comfortable sitting position, you got carried away and it became a shove.

Sitting before you, your hard cock trying to push through your zipper was at perfect eye level for me. You stood tall and proud in front of me, then curiously stepped back a couple feet. I waited to see how your actions would play out. Hands on my crossed legs, I swung my upper foot back and forth nervously. That step back gave you space to lower your body and make your way to your knees. There was a submissiveness happening here, though the submissive one was yet to be identified.

I knew that I was willing to be your slave. Expressions in your eyes told me you were going to take full charge, but within a few blinks, you were seeming to jockey to be my bitch.

Keeping our eyes locked on one another, you slipped your hand beneath my heel and slipped off my shoe. One hand eased it to the floor as the other reached around my ankle and brought it to meet your mouth. A gentle sucking kiss of my ankle made me squirm and giggle playfully. Soon enough, you uncrossed my legs for me, finding Kocaeli Escort Bayan a warm space for your face. Licking my leg up to my knee, you went right back down the other leg until you got to my ankle, massaged my foot and sucked my toes. The upper half of my body was reactively reclining towards the open window.

The submissiveness in me was coming out loud and clear. You had me under full control and in the palm of your hand. And at the literal tip of your tongue. I sighed gentle moans and clamped my knees together on your ears as your licking and sucking inched up my inner thighs.

It turned you back to sit on your heels and look at the wetness seeping through my panties. Not once did you straight-out approach my pussy during the first minutes of playing. All attention so far was staged for my legs. A simple grope or pet or glance up my skirt would have been acceptable. You blew it.

The control was to become mine. My bare foot to the middle of your chest was placed carefully and gently as not to damage your precious body. The thrust against it, however was otherwise intended.

It set you on your ass looking confused as you watched me slip my shoes back on and hover over you, straddling your hips. To my amazement, your cock pressed harder to your shorts yearning to get out. I licked my lips and slipped on a pair of gloves I’d pulled from beneath the window seat cushion.

You smiled with great anticipation. We both love the feel of my gloves on your cock. Even more so, you enjoyed the feel of my gloved hand on your balls in a tender massage. The thoughts running through your head about feeling my glove on your skin and my heel pressed tight to your flesh was all it took for you to be my bitch again.

Today, in the bright second story room overlooking a large garden and distant waterway, you lay beneath me waiting for your instructions. Those instructions were not vocalized. They were demonstrated. I straddled your face, standing tall above. Reaching down for your hands, you raised them to meet mine. I placed them hard against my mound. My skirt was eventually hiked up above my hips for you to access the top of my panties and remove them. You peeled them from my legs in a seductive and admiring way.

Once they were removed, you left them close on your chest to glean the scent a while longer. I unbuttoned your shirt, peeled each side off your chest to bare your skin. In a slow process, I lowered my body to yours, sitting my wet pussy on your chest. leaning back towards your legs, I unbuttoned then unzipped your shorts…arching your back with me on top of you, we worked together to slide them off. One last little kick sent them across the room.

Knees up, I could rest my back against them and part my legs for you to see all. I allowed you to touch me as you felt necessary to keep the spirit of intense stimulation and swelling clit. As you played and explored, I reached back.

In position, arms twisted behind my back, chest poking into the air in your direction, legs parted with my feet beside your head – I sat on you. Your cock lined up perfectly Escort Kocaeli to glide neatly between my ass cheeks. My hands were in perfect position to grab and fondle your balls. I did not stop there. You needed more than that. You earned more than that and so did I.

“Ready?” I asked. You could not figure out my tone. It did not matter. Yes or no were your choices.

“Yes, mistress,” you stated confidently.

I lifted myself off your abdomen by only a few inches and spun around on you. A gentle lift and I eased your fat head against my clit. Rubbing and grinding back and forth, you felt the wetness begin to drip down along your shaft. You kept your head elevated to watch as the nectar shined your tool. Each time your cock disappeared inside my hot wet opening, you inhaled and held your breath until the prolonged glide was complete.

Bent forward so I could watch as well, just as your balls were being doused with my juices, I massaged them and spread the love all over the sac. I clamped my finger and thumb around your base to fatten you up a bit more. My gloves were soon saturated. When you placed your hands on my cheeks, I felt you part them which only meant one thing.

Before you had a chance to insert a wet thumb, I slid a finger into your ass. Your hands stopped moving when they were completely clenched on my cheeks. Still, your thumb remained at the opening. I tried to hold back my enjoyment but sighs of delight still escaped me. My need to dominate you at this moment were waning. You continued embracing the idea of being dominated.

Acting up was earning you some spanking, which could not be administered from my current angle. I shoved my finger further into you and probed around a bit. As I slid it out, you seemed a bit deflated. In went a second finger with the first. Bending further forward released your cock from my crack…I lifted a bit and plunged your erect penis into my pussy. A few bouncing pumps kept your head rubbing perfectly against the insides of my clenched muscles. You could feel the bumping of your engorged head each time I lowered myself on you.

With your cock clearly out of the way, you followed my demonstration of what to do next and inserted a finger straight into my ass. We mimicked the other’s motions as to what felt best and soon after, neither knew who was the dom. I sat hard on your cock until your balls could be lifted to massage my clit…

The wetness dripped from me each time you extracted your cock. Slick wet drips even began to fall from your balls. You enjoyed the feel of my glove as I relocated the wetness to your star. Easing in and out of you as you were filling both of my holes was not going to last for long.

I felt your cock fill and balls tighten. It was a sight I could observe all day and night. For now, I would find peace in the moment and stop resisting the orgasm that had been hanging on the garden gates since I decided to wear panties.

My orgasm was nearly explosive and more intense than I’d ever felt. You pumped your load deep inside without hesitation as I spun around to face you without lifting my pussy off your cock.

You grabbed me by the back underside of my thighs in effort to get me to sit on your face for another orgasm that you knew could be brought on quickly. That pleasure would have to continue later on…perhaps when one of the less patient ones at the front door came knocking…

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