Broken Bliss CH 5

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Wow! What a great set of responses from that last chapter. Thank you everyone.

Broken Bliss Ch 5

Sunlight streaming through my room woke me up, and the first thing to greet me was a headache. The second was the realization that Mom was no longer lying next to me.

Groaning, I got out of bed and stumbled from my room, head throbbing. In the kitchen I found Mom and Lisa, both sipping cups of coffee. Upon seeing me, Mom rushed to pour me a cup. Rarely had I ever had a hangover, and they are never fun.

“I called in sick today for Lisa and I,” Mom told me. “I don’t think she is up to thinking much right now.” This was met with an agreeing groan from my sister. “I talked with Sarah, too, and she is coming over for dinner. So I need you two to take care of each other, while I go to the store.”

I couldn’t understand how Mom was dealing so well after last night, but as she started to walk away, I noticed she was walking a little stiff, and bow-legged. I hid my smile, as I kissed her on the cheek on her way out.

Lisa helped me drink my coffee, only burning my tongue once when she poured too fast into my mouth. “I’m sorry!” She exclaimed when it happened. “Do you want me to kiss it better?” I readily agreed, and our lips met, and tongues found each others in a dance that Lisa was really getting good at. After only a couple seconds, though, Lisa pulled back with yet another groan. “Ugh. Even kissing hurts. Remind me never to drink again.” She said sourly.

Thankful that I hadn’t drank as much as she had, I felt bad for her as she nursed her hangover.

“So, about what happened yesterday,” Lisa said, and when I didn’t reply after a moment, “with Geo?”

Her tone put me on my guard, but all I said was, “Yes?”

“I don’t think you should get her pregnant. It’s not right. If she wants to get pregnant, then she should have her brother do it, not mine.”

I saw the trap before me. If I agreed with her, I might never get to stick my cock in Geo again, and I had to admit she felt good. Also, Geo might tell our mom, and I still wasn’t sure how I felt about that. On the other hand, if I disagreed with Lisa, it would look like all I was after was sex.

“What if she tells mom, though?” I decided that this was the best tact. I was wrong.

“Let her tell mom! We are both of age, and can move away like John and Geo did. Don’t get me wrong, I love mom, but I love you too, and don’t want you sleeping with someone like HER!” I didn’t know what she meant by that last part. All I could see was everything that I had going for me right now at the risk of crumbling.

“Lisa, be reasonable. Once it is done, we don’t have to worry about it anymore. Things can go back to the way they were.”

“The way they were?” She stormed, and then winced as her own voice hurt her head. “And just what is THAT supposed to mean?” The last question came in a whisper, and was all the more menacing, because of it. When I couldn’t answer, at a complete loss to even understand what was going through her head, she stomped from the kitchen, headed for her bedroom. I looked down at my cup of coffee, only half-way done, and sighed. Based on our past, I knew to leave her alone when she acted like this. Eventually she would calm down, and seek me out.

I went back to my room to try and sleep off my hangover, only to be awoken by Mom a little bit later.

“I take it you and Lisa had a fight?” She asked, sitting on the edge of my bed. I just nodded in response, thankful it didn’t hurt to do so. “Care to talk about it?”

“No,” I told her, knowing there was no way I could explain it all. “She’ll calm down in time.”

“Your sister wouldn’t tell me either.” Mom said thoughtfully, and I feared she was about to figure things out. “Oh well. What do you think of pork chops for dinner? Sarah said she was bringing someone over, but wouldn’t say who.”

“That sounds fine mom,” I told her, thankful for the change of subject.

“Now I think it is time you had another bath. Too bad your sister is here. We could have some fun, eh boyfriend?” So it was back to boyfriend again, huh? I could live with that, I guess.

Mom filled the tub, and I shimmied out of my shorts; I was still shirtless from last night. The water felt great as Mom helped me slide into it. She started to massage my feet, and remembering where this had led last time, I immediately got hard. Mom’s eyes were drawn to it like a magnet to lodestone, but she only smiled, and kept rubbing my feet. She soon moved up to my calves, then thighs, before switching to my shoulders and neck. Her fingers were like magic, working out kinks I didn’t even realize I had. My back and chest came next, and I was feeling pretty relaxed by the time she had me stand up.

I got up, and eagerly pointed my member at Mom, but she had me turn around, and washed my buttocks. I did slightly jump as her hand slid between my legs, and she began to rub my taint. It was another new and interesting sensation, and again, not unpleasant, as I felt myself growing harder.

Finally she turned me back around, and stopped as she spied how hard I was. I was disappointed that she barely touched me, as she washed my crotch, before turning on the sprayer, and rinsing me off. As soon as all the soap was rinsed, however, Mom quickly dropped back down to her knees, and brought her lips to my throbbing hardon. She kissed the little bit of precum that was already coming out, and then licked her lips. “You seem to taste better every day, hunny.” Then like a woman starved, she swallowed my cock, and I could feel it going down her throat. I couldn’t help but thrust my hips as she sucked my in as deep as she could.

I moaned loudly when I felt her tongue on my balls, while my cock was still buried down her throat. She slapped my behind, and pulled away from me. “Your sister is still home, you have to be quiet.” She whispered fiercely at me.

“As you wish, my beautiful girlfriend,” I said with a smile. Mom returned the smile, but it turned to lust when she looked back at my cock before her.

“Oh, I shouldn’t do this…” She murmured, then stood up, and undid the belt and buttons of her slacks, before dropping them to the floor. Mom double checked the lock, then placed a towel on the floor and had me step onto it. “Your girlfriend needs your thick cock in her, now.” She bent over, and wiggled her lovely ass in my direction. I needed no further urging, and stepped up to her lovely hole. It took me a few tries, but I was slowly getting better at getting it in, without using my hands. As soon as my head slid past her lips, I thrust forward, and easily slid home. Mom had to place her hands on the door for balance as I continued to move in and out of her with force. The same fire I had felt from her loins last night was there, and she felt unbelievable wrapped around my dick.

“Mom? Are you in there?” Lisa’s voice came from the other side of the door.

“Y-yes, dear,” Mom tried to say as I continued to feed her my rod from behind. She tried to wave me to stop, but instead I just changed my motion to slowly pulling out, then slamming it back in. Her eyes rolled back in her head in pleasure.

“I’m going for a drive. I’ll be back later,” Lisa said. Knowing my little sister was on the other side of the door, started to get to me, and I izmit escort bayan knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

“Okay, d-dear. Drive safe.” Mom was having difficulty thinking, much less talking as I continued my alternating rhythm. We heard Lisa walk away, and mom stood abruptly, pulling away from me. “I can’t believe you did that. What if she caught us?”

“Are you afraid of your daughter catching you with your boyfriend?” I asked with false innocence.

We could hear Lisa drive away, and mom grabbed my cock, unlocked the door, and led me out of the bathroom. “My boyfriend has something I need,” She said as she led me to her bed. I jumped onto it, and laid down, wondering what treat would come next. To my surprise, Mom went back down on me, licking and sucking up her juices from my cock. Luckily the small break had allowed me to reset, and I was once again safe from cumming anytime soon.

Once all of her juices were cleaned off of me, Mom looked up at me, my cock-head next to her lips. “Does my boyfriend want to try something new?”

“Yes,” I said in wonder, curious what she had in mind. She leaned over to her nightstand and brought out her bottle of strawberry lube. I had a feeling I knew what she had in mind now, and couldn’t wait.

She put some lube on her fingers, then got on her elbows and knees, ass facing me, and shocked me by reaching around behind her, and shoving two fingers in her ass. I could smell her pussy she was so close. For a few seconds, Mom, or rather, ‘My Girlfriend’, fingered her ass, moaning and panting as she did so. “Does my boyfriend like to see me fingering my ass?” She asked, and I tried to gasp yes, but couldn’t get a sound out. This was NOT what I’d expected. She must have understood anyway, for she continued, “What if I use my other hand to rub my clit? Ooh, that feels good. It feels good to have my boyfriend watching me play with myself. It really turns me on… In fact, Ugh, ah, ah, in fact, I’m about… to… CUM!”

Mom’s whole body shook with the force of her orgasm, and I felt like I wanted to as well, from just watching her! When she had finally recovered, her eyes met mine, and I could see that unquenchable lust burning deep with. “I want your cock in me NOW!” She demanded, and swung her legs over me. She positioned herself, and then slowly began to sink back. She was tight; too tight in fact for it to be her pussy. I was fucking my own mother in the ass. I couldn’t believe it.

As soon as I was fully ensconced within her rectum, Mom let out a heavy sigh throwing her head back, and I saw a huge smile split her beautiful lips. “I’ve never had a cock so thick back there. Thank you so–Boyfriend.” She brought her head back down to look me in the eyes again, the lust, if anything, burning brighter. She placed her hands on my chest, and began to rock her hips. Slow at first, but building as she went on. The entire time her eyes were locked on mine, and I couldn’t help but feel how erotic the whole scene was.

“I love you, Mom,” I said, forgetting to call her my girlfriend.

Her eyes flashed dangerously, but then softened. “I guess there is no hiding it. I love you son. I love having your cock in my pussy, I love the taste of your cum,” as mom spoke, she emphasized her words with a violent thrust of her hips, “and I absolutely love the feel of your cock in my ass. I love you son, and I love fucking you. I’m going to hell, but this is heaven with you inside me where you belong.” She was working herself up to a crescendo, thrusting her hips, biting her lips, and all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine.

This was nothing like when I’d fucked Jenny in the ass. This was good. This was loving and tender. Not manipulative and punishing as at had been then.

“I’m coming close mom,” I whispered, and she only nodded as she picked up the pace even more. My balls tightened, and Mom screamed as I started to shoot my load deep into her bowels. Mom dropped down, and began kissing me with more passion than I have ever been kissed with to date. Our tongues and bodies melded into one as we both reached the pinnacles of our climaxes.

Mom was the first to recover, and got up and grabbed some tissues. She began to clean me up, and I was embarrassed as I giggled when she cleaned my over-sensitive head. When she was done, we kissed again, tender and loving this time, and it felt good just to be with her.

Mom was the one to break the spell. “We’d better get dressed before your sister gets back.”

Soon we were both on the couch, Mom’s arms around me, and we were watching TV again. I must have dozed off, because I awoke when Mom got up to start making dinner. I heard her on the phone, arguing with someone a few moments later, and then she came into the family room, pissed off.

“Your sister is staying at a friend’s house.” My heart stopped. Lisa must have told Mom, and Mom must have sent her away to keep us apart. I was screwed. “It seems that whatever you two fought about, she is still angry, and won’t come home.” I couldn’t stop my sigh of relief, but thankfully, Mom didn’t notice.

“She’ll come home when she has calmed down. Is there anything I can do to help with dinner?” I tried changing the subject. Mom looked at me with a look that told me she knew what I was doing, but wasn’t going to push it.

“Hunny, if you could help with dinner, there wouldn’t be much reason for us to be taking care of you.” She gave me a quick peck on the cheek, and went back to cooking.

Around 5 o’clock, the doorbell rang, and I went to see who it was. My jaw about hit the floor, as I opened the door. It was my apartment manager, but then again, it wasn’t. Her bleach blonde hair was down to her shoulders (freed from her tight bun), and it was obvious she had spent some time curling it here and there. She was even wearing make-up, which I had never seen before. Instead of her ultra conservative attire, she wore a deep v-neck shirt, which showed her amply bosom to great effect. She also had on a knee length skirt, showing some smooth, white, well-toned calves. In short, she was stunning.

Beside her stood a younger version of Sarah, only her hair was dark brown, and her chest wasn’t nearly as large as Sarah’s. She looked to be just a little older than me. She was wearing a summer dress, which hugged her features nicely.

It took me a moment to work moisture enough in my mouth to invite them in. I stumbled as I led them to the family room, when I remembered the story Mom had told me. My dad was a lucky man to have slept with not only Mom, but this woman too.

The younger woman was introduced as Faith, and she greeted Mom and me graciously. Mom looked at Faith for a few moments, before turning to me, “Hunny, why don’t you show Faith around, while Sarah and I talk?”

Knowing that Mom was just trying to get rid of me so she could talk in private, I led Faith away, giving her a tour of the house. She was quiet the whole time, but smiled often as I spoke. I found myself easily flirting with her, trying to more of her dazzling white teeth behind those smiles.

“So what did you do for a living, before your accident,” she asked me at one point.

“You mean you didn’t look up my file before coming over?” I asked teasingly, and was rewarded with her beautifully blushing. “Well, I get a monthly stipend from my dad’s kocaeli escort bayan death, that pretty much pays the bills, but I have been going to school, and do some computer programming on the side.” I sighed, as I looked at my arms. “Kinda hard to do that now, with these.”

She lightly placed her hand on my cast, and I saw that her nails were painted blue. I wished I could feel her touch through the cast. “I’m so sorry this happened to you. I was the one who watched your ex as she moved out. Sorry I couldn’t stop her from breaking the lamp.”

She had been the one…? “But I was told that she was physically ejected when she did that. I mean no offense, but I’ve felt her hits, and she was no weakling. I hope she didn’t give you too much trouble.”

Faith grimaced, and removed her hand. “Why do men always say ‘I mean no offense’, and then say something offensive?” I began to wrack my brain as to how to rectify my mistake, when she broke out laughing. “You are too easy! I’m messing with you. Let’s just say I have lots of extensive martial arts training. My dad was a martial arts instructor.”

“Was?” I asked, before I could stop myself.

She became somber for a moment. “He died a couple years ago, of a heart attack. Healthiest man I ever knew and it still got him.”

“I’m sorry. Losing a parent is never easy,” I say, feeling like a fool. Her smile quickly returns, and I begin to sense that she is a generally happy person.

“Dinner’s ready,” I hear from upstairs, and I follow faith up, admiring her tight ass in her summer dress. She turns and sees me staring, but only smiles as she keeps going, giving it a little shake for my benefit.

Mom sits next to me at the table, Sarah and Faith across from us. I am embarrassed to have Faith, much less her sexy mother, watch me get fed, but it is either that, or go hungry. Sarah pulls out a glass of champagne, and mom eyes it wearily. “You know what that stuff does to me,” she says. Sarah ignores her and pours a glass anyway. She then looks to Faith and I, pours one for Faith then asks if I would like one.

I’ve never had champagne before, and considering mom let me drink last night, I see no reason not to tonight. I take a sip when she hands it to me, and think it tastes like cat piss, but smile and nod graciously.

Dinner was fantastic, which it always is whenever Mom cooks. Afterwards we all retired to the family room. I noticed that Sarah grabbed the champagne, and she and Mom were getting pretty toasted. I took little sips from mine, finding that I was getting used to the taste, but still not enjoying it much. We all laughed and joked, till late. When Sarah got up to drive home, she fell back again, immediately. My mom tried to help, but she was too inebriated as well.

“You can’t drive home like that,” I said, noticing a slight slur to my own words. “How are you feeling, Faith?”

She looked at me for a moment, and I swear her eyes scanned my body, before she answered. “I don’t think it is a good idea for any of us to drive. Mrs. Dickens, would it be alright if we stayed the night?”

Mom looked hungrily at me for a moment, and I knew what she was thinking. If they stayed the night, she wouldn’t be able to have my cock inside her, but there really was little choice.

“I’ve already told you, Faith, call me Diane. No need to be so formal here. Yes, please stay the night. Since my daughter decided to stay out, you can have her room.” She turned to look at Sarah. “I am afraid you will have to sleep in my bed.” There seemed to be a different twinkle in Mom’s eyes as she looked at Sarah, and I guessed she was probably remembering past experiences with the other woman.

By the twinkle in Sarah’s eyes, so did she.

I showed Faith to Lisa’s room, while Sarah and Mom retired to her room.

“You know what they are going to do up there tonight, right?” Faith surprised me by asking.

I laughed a little. “Yeah, the wall between our rooms is pretty thin. I’m sure I’ll hear it pretty well.”

“Your mom is hot. I can’t blame mine for getting her drunk.” I don’t know what to say, and just keep quiet.

We sit in silence for a bit, and when I turn to go, I feel a slight touch on my side, stopping me. I turn to see Faith biting her lower lip, nervously. “May I come up and listen, too?” At first I am taken aback, but then figure, why not?

I try to give her my most winning smile, “I would be honored,” I told her. Faith follows me up the stairs, and this time I look back to see her admiring my ass. I give it a wiggle for her, and we both laugh.

As we approach my room, we can already hear moans of pleasure, emanating from Mom’s room. As we pass by Mom’s door, we notice that it was left ajar. I tried to keep going, but noticed that Faith had stopped to look inside. I knew she couldn’t see anything, because there was a sitting room before you entered her room proper. I just waited for Faith to join me. Instead, she dropped down on her hands and knees, and crawled into the room.

I tried to hiss for her to stop, but either she couldn’t hear me, or she ignored me. I tried to chase after her, and when I got to the now wide open door, I saw her sitting on the floor, peaking around the corner into the main bedroom. I dropped to me knees, unable to crawl with my arms in their cursed casts, and shuffled over to Faith.

“Oh, yes! Lick that pussy, Sarah! Make my cream all over your face!” The sounds of sex were much louder now that we were in the room.

“What are you doing?” I demanded in a whisper, though I probably could have talked normally and still not be heard by the two women.

“Isn’t it hot?” Faith replied, and I noticed that she had her hand under her dress, rubbing against her panties.

I peeked around the corner, and froze. Mom was laying back on her bed, one arm behind her head and the other pressing Sarah’s face into her pussy, while she ground her hips against Sarah’s tongue. Sarah was on her stomach, one hand between her legs, and two fingers buried in her own pussy.

While I watched, Mom was brought to another orgasm. I felt hands at my pants, and looked down to see Faith hungrily trying to get my pants down. I was all too eager to let her.

I looked back to our mothers, and saw that Sarah had slid up Mom’s body and they were kissing each other hungrily. Sarah then slid up further, and planted her pussy on Mom’s face. I was able to get a good look at her tits and noticed that they were bigger than I had even thought, at least D-cups. She immediately began to scream in ecstasy.

I felt Faith’s mouth surround my cock, and I looked back down to her. She looked even more beautiful, as her red lips slid along my shaft, and I couldn’t stop my own groan of pleasure. I could see that she had her hand in her panties, and was fingering herself furiously. She brought herself off, and I enjoyed the feeling of her tongue as she powerfully sucked me off while moaning in her own pleasure. She was starting to get me close, so I pulled back, reluctantly leaving her mouth.

“Let’s go downstairs,” I said, no longer being concerned over being heard above Sarah’s screams. We left the room, but instead of going downstairs, Faith led me to my room. I figured they still wouldn’t be able to hear us, and happily followed.

I stepped out of my pants, kocaeli escort and watched as Faith stripped. Her body was phenomenal. He breasts were smaller than her mom’s, but still respectable Cs, her waist was tiny, and I could now see a small strip of brown hair, neatly trimmed above her pussy. I could just make out her swollen pussy lips and clit at this distance.

She shoved me back against the bed, and I fell with a grin on my face. She straddled my hips, but I stopped her. “Uh-uh. I want to taste you first,” I tell her.

“Really?” She asks in surprise. “No man has been willing to do that. They all say it’s gross.”

“Really!” I say, and before I know it, her pussy is pressed to my chin, and her legs are locked to my head. I start by sucking on her swollen labia, flicking it with my tongue as I do. I can hear her muffled moans above me, and know I am doing right. Her hands dig into my hair, and she pulls upwards, as if she wants to get my whole face inside her. Instead, I shove my tongue up as far as it will go, and begin swirling it around. Her hips begin to gyrate, and her moans get louder as I do this. Sensing she is getting close, I start to ‘pop’ her clit between my teeth and tongue, and hear her scream as my mouth is flooded with her orgasmic juices. Her taste is different than either Mom’s or Lisa’s, sweeter, somehow.

Faith lifts her hips, and stares at me in wonder for a moment. “I have never cum like that when a girl has done that for me. Thank you!” She then drops down and starts kissing me hungrily. I can feel her hips moving against my erection, and soon she has it in position without using her hands. As soon as I feel it lined up, I thrust at the same time she pushes, and we both grunt with the connection.

“That thing is HUGE,” she exclaims, her pussy is tight, and I realize the only reason I got it in so easily was because of how wet she had become. She began to rock back and forth. I lean my head up, and suck one of her large tits into my mouth, and she starts to scream in rapture. I no longer care if our mothers hear us, and begin to pound into this sexy little vixen with fervor. She lets out another scream, and I concentrate all my effort on moving my hips, and sucking her hard nipple. She spasms violently, and collapses on me with a final scream, and then lays there panting. I continue to thrust up into her, loving the way she whimpers as I do, and soon dump my load in her.

She unexpectedly sits up again, and I see a different pair of hands groping her breasts.

“I thought I heard the sound of my daughter cumming. How do you like the feel of your older sister on your cock, Jason?

Older sister? But she has different parents. I sit there shocked, still buried in Faith’s pussy, unable to think.

“You said she had a different dad!” I heard Mom screech from my doorway.

“There was another man that raised her. A good man, but not the one that sired her. Your late husband was her father. When I found out I was pregnant, you two were already engaged. I didn’t want to come between you two, so I left. When I saw you the other day, and heard about what happened to him… Well, I figured it was about time you knew the truth.”

“But why did you mislead me?”

“I never told you this, but my brother used to fuck me when I was younger. Only two men have ever loved me the way he did. Your husband was the second. I wanted that for my daughter.”

The realization that I had just cum in a sister that I didn’t realize I even had, started to turn me on again. I could feel Faiths hips rotating slowly on top of my softened cock, as her mother continued to fondle her daughter’s breasts.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about doing it with your son, Diane. I saw the way you hungrily looked at him during dinner,” Sarah accused.

Faith began to moan, as my cock started to come back to life within her, and she reached up, and pulled her mother’s head down for a kiss. I watched, enthralled, as mother kissed daughter passionately, and Sarah continued to fondle Faith.

“Yes, but you still mislead me,” Mom said, but there didn’t seem to be any heat in it. Instead, her eyes were locked on to where I was now fully hard in my older sister. “Oh, fuck it!” she exclaimed. She moved Sarah away from her daughter, and lifted Faith off of me. I couldn’t stop a wine from escaping as my dick suddenly felt naked. I was then shocked to see Mom turn Faith around, and start sucking my cum from her pussy. They lay next to me, and I felt forgotten for a moment.

“I’ll take care of you, stud.” I heard Sarah say as she planted her two large breasts on either side of my cock, and began to slide them up and down my shaft. With Faith’s and my cum as lubricant, Sarah’s tits felt wonderfully soft surrounding my cock.

I began to moan as she worked, Faith screaming in utter pleasure next to me. Sarah got up, and swung her leg over me, facing away. She turned back to me, and gave me a wink. “Go slow. It has been many years, since I have had one this big. I felt her nether lips touch the tip of my cock, and begin to slide over the head. There was a slight ‘pop’ as my head passed the entrance. “Oh, GAWD, that is big. Faith, how did you manage taking this fucker?”

“My little brother got me wetter than I have ever been before,” Faith replied, between pants of lust. “It helped.” Sarah began to slowly swivel her hips, taking me in deeper, bit by tiny bit.

“No more, Diane!” Faith screamed next to us. “I can’t take any more!” I saw Mom lift her head and smile, and then crawled up Faith’s body to kiss her, Faith’s juices covering Mom’s face.

Sarah was still slowly working her way onto me, grunting and groaning as I went deeper and deeper. Mom broke off her kiss, and moved to place her head between Sarah’s and my legs. I felt her tongue touch my balls, making my dick jump, and Sarah to grunt in pain. She then moved higher, and I guessed she was licking Sarah’s pussy, only to be confirmed a moment later. “Yes! Lick my clit! Get me wetter so I can fit your son’s monster cock in me, YES!” Suddenly she slammed down the remaining bit, getting my cock fully into her.

She shuddered as an orgasm hit her, and I moaned as her tight pussy convulsed around my cock. I noticed the same heat from her pussy that I had noticed from my mom, and wondered if it was an older woman thing, or not.

Faith leaned over and whispered, “How does my mom’s pussy feel?”

“Good. Hot,” I say, “But yours felt better.” I have no fear of Sarah hearing my confession above her own incoherent screams. Faith kisses me, our tongues entwining, and her hand on my cheek.

“Mom was right,” Faith said, breaking the kiss, “Brothers do make better lovers.” She returned to kissing me, and I felt Mom’s tongue start to lick around my taint. It dawns on me that I am getting pleased by three women at once, and it sends me over the edge.

I moan deep into Faith’s mouth, as I start to shoot my load. Feeling my orgasm start, Sarah jumps off me, but my cock is soon engulfed in my mother’s mouth, as she takes my seed. The most powerful orgasm of my life rips through my body, and for long moments, I can only lay there, panting.

My head finally clears enough to look around, and I see three gorgeous women exchanging my cum from mouth to mouth.

Drained, exhausted, and pleased beyond measure, I drift off to sleep.

I have truly enjoyed all the comments and suggestions, both on my stories, and my thread ( Please keep them cumming!

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