Bugle Boy

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I call him my Bugle Boy. I do not remember his name. Our encounter was so brief, but still it ranks as the best pure fuck of my life.

I was thirty nine, a professional and a single mother. I had given up on love. Instead I preferred casual encounters to feed my prodigious sexual appetites. My favorite was the occasional gang bangs that I enjoyed with a club of black men called the Mandingos. Usually, I would arrange to meet with them once or twice a month for safe sex. In between, I would take the edge off my cravings by meeting individually with any of the core three that hit my fancy that day.

The club was a loose grouping of professional black men, who enjoyed interracial sex play including gang bangs. The rules were simple. Safe sex was the norm, but all members and guests had to provide a recent clean health check, just in case. And most importantly, no meant NO. The woman had complete control to select what acts she would or would not engage in and with whom. The guys themselves were powerful enforcer of the rules and focused on making sure that each woman enjoyed the experience and came back for more…and more.

This particular night the party as it was called was to be held in the rather opulent home of one of my three special friends. He was a civil rights attorney and just my type, a great big round teddy bear of a man. I still remember him fondly to this day. When I arrived, only he and one other person were present. That other person was a particularly stunning looking young black man and I do mean young. He looked so young that for a moment I was questioning the vetting process.

As usual, we began the night in the large open plan kitchen and family room. My friend was busy finishing up with array of snacks that would keep our energy up in the hours to come. I took a seat on the leather sofa. The young man soon followed. We began to chat casually. I discovered that he was twenty-one antalya escort and enrolled at a local college. He played the bugle in their award winning band.

I admit it. Since my own son was a mere three years his junior, I was rather uncomfortable. I knew though that a single word to my host and this guest would be gone. I toyed with the idea over the next half an hour as we chatted. But I also admit that as a mature woman with a less than perfect body, I was more than a tad complimented by the attention I was receiving from this obvious stud muffin. It was an internal battle that waged in my mind and heart that evening.

Of the course of the next half an hour, we were joined by half a dozen other impressive black men, a few of whom I knew and a couple more that I did not. We talked. We laughed. We ate and drank. It was much like any other party except that I was the lone female in a houseful of handsome black men, some of whom were half naked by then.

Eventually, our host suggested that we might be more comfortable in his bedroom upstairs. I was always comfortable in his spacious bedroom with its dark mahogany furniture, thick cream carpets and surprisingly feminine floral wall paper. Equally impressive was the tile and marble bathroom with its sunken whirlpool that served as a quick pick me up during the evening.

The first one up the stairs was Bugle Boy, like some eager kid on Christmas morning. By the time, I got into the room he was wearing only tight black boxer briefs with an impressive bulge that I knew was not a bugle. Although not my type, his lithe body would have been an artist’s delight. His muscles were firm with virtually no body fat. His dark skin almost shone in the bright lights and the teeth revealed by his broad grin most definitely did.

A couple of other guys had joined us as well although our host was still downstairs to greet other guests as lara escort they arrived. He knew that we would have some special one-on-one time after the others left in the wee hours of the morning. He was confident that despite his roly-poly appearance he held a special place in my life, something that stud puppy would never touch.

I climbed into the welcoming warmth and softness of his king sized bed with its arrays of fine Egyptian cotton pillows and duvets. By this point I had slipped into a simple African wrap that clung to my full, round curves, accentuating my womanly shape as it hid my flaws. It was tied between my breasts but was open to my ankles, no meaningful encumbrance to hands, mouths or cocks. Other guys slipped out of their pants and shirts until they too wore nothing but tight briefs.

I was surrounded by almost thirty inches of hot, hard black cock. The two men, who had arrived together, took their places on either side of me. Their large hands cupped and softly squeezed my tits through the soft cotton material. I tugged their briefs aside and rubbed their full black cocks one in each hand. My mouth soon joined the party alternating between sucking first one and then the other. I do so love to suck, lick and tease black cock.

What was surprising though was what Bugle Boy was up to. He had begun simply by pushing aside the folds of material to reveal my already wet pussy. I had opened my thighs, hoping to entice his cock to fuck me. Instead he had buried his head between my soft thighs. Now I enjoy oral sex as much as the next girl, but it is much harder for me to concentrate even to achieve orgasm in such a public manner. In fact, in all my adventures with the Mandingos and visits to swing clubs, I had never reached orgasm this way. But I figured no big deal; I would enjoy it while he played.

He was though determined to bring me off this way. muratpaşa escort He nibbled, licked and sucked hard on my clitoris for over fifteen minutes. His long fingers found my g-spot more than a few times. I thought the tremors that moved like waves through my body then would have been sufficient to appease his male ego. Still he kept returning time and again to my clit. It was becoming almost too sensitive.

His hands came up to my hips to capture and hold me open for more as I writhed on the bed moaning and pleading as the others continued to stuff their cocks further and further down my throat. Then it happened. The improbable. I came hard and quick as his tongue lapped at my labia and teeth nipped at the magic button of my clitoris. Even I was shocked at the intensity of the powerful contractions which opened and closed my bare lips.

Before the contractions even stopped Bugle Boy had donned a condom and given me what I had been begging for. My cunt was unusually tight as he pushed his steel cock through its quivering folds. I was coming again almost immediately from the deep hard strokes that his powerful form was masterful providing. The next ten minutes or so was an almost constant orgasm. My hands and mouth lost interest in the twin cocks that I had been suckling upon. The two others leaned back against the pillows stroking their cocks as they watched Bugle Boy put me through my paces like an expert jockey on a prime racing filly.

I love sex. I can come dozens even hundreds of time while fucking. But nothing in the twenty years since I lost my virginity had ever approached those moments in terms of pure raw sexual release. By the time he had filled the condom he wore with his liquid offering I was a complete blathering idiot. He sweetly pressed those mystical lips against mine so I could taste my pussy as we kissed.

Quiet enough that the others could not hear, he whispered against my wet lips, “I’m no boy.” Then he stepped back and headed towards the shower leaving me to the tender mercies of the others. I promise you it is a lesson I will never forget. So you cougars out there beware…they may be young, but that does not mean that they can’t teach us a thing or two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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