Busted in Balloonville Ch. 01: Breakdown, Blow Up

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** Inspired by the series To Bask in Breastford by Bustyalix **

BALLOONVILLE Three Miles Ahead

Our Little Town Will Blow You Away!

Balloonville? Had he read that right? Jeff was tempted to stop, back up, and read the sign again, but the sun was already dipping perilously close to the treetops. He figured he had around a hundred miles to get to Globe Falls, and the last thing he wanted was to try to find his motel in the dark. He must have read the name wrong, but whatever the town was called, he was sure he’d see another sign before he got to the town proper.

In his mind’s eye, he went over the route: Ashton, Pine Landing, Middleton, Glenford, Globe Falls. He didn’t remember seeing Balloonville in the atlas, and it was a name he surely would have remembered, given his… predilection. Maybe it was one of those little wide spots in the road that was too small to make it onto the map, he thought. Probably famous for a hot-air balloon race that took place when Ike was president, or something like that.

Soon the next sign flashed by:


Where Inflation Is Never a Problem!

So the town really was called Balloonville. But… did it really say something about inflation? No, he couldn’t have read that right. He’d been on the road too long.


Village Speed Limit 30 MPH

Don’t Make Us Bust You!

Well, at least the town planners had a sense of humor. If he had more time, he’d stop and have a quick bite and contribute to the town’s finances. But he wanted to press on. After months of invigorating online chat, he was finally going to meet BustyLaura1234 in person, and with just five days of precious vacation time (and a full day’s drive to Globe City ahead of him), Jeff didn’t want to miss a moment.

Unfortunately, Jeff’s car had other plans. No sooner had he slowed to the speed limit when the engine began to sputter and cough. It died with a dramatic wheeze as Jeff rolled to the curb. He turned the key, and while the starter valiantly cranked away, the engine refused to start.

Shit! Jeff thought. Shit shit shit shit shit! Why now? Why here?

He got out of the car and gave the door a frustrated slam. Well, at least his car had the good sense to die in town and not out in the middle of nowhere. From what he could see, there wasn’t much of Balloonville. Had he been in a better mood, he might have appreciated the tree-lined main street with its pretty wood-framed buildings. In front of him was a store built into the front of a house. BALLOONVILLE GENERAL STORE, it said. BALLOONS, INFLATABLES, SUPPLIES. Well, Jeff thought, at least they have their priorities straight. Hopefully they’ll have a phone.

Jeff pushed open the door, and an old-fashioned bell jangled above him. His nostrils were instantly filled with a familiar smell: Old wood and dust, like all those ancient general stores he’d visited when as parents dragged him to all those rustic tourist traps they loved. But there was another element, a hint, almost an undertone, something sharp and familiar, something that caused a stirring deep inside him. Did he smell… latex?

Jeff looked around for the counter, when a giant red balloon turned towards him. He heard the unmistakable sound of lungs filling latex. His mind began to send the DOES NOT COMPUTE signal, and he felt a sudden tingling at the casino oyna base of his cock.

Then the balloon dropped, and above it was a fresh-faced young woman. She couldn’t have been older than 22 or 23, with long, brown hair and the face of an angel. He was reminded of a porno clip he’d watched recently, in which a young and pretty farmer’s daughter sneaks off into the barn for a quick assfucking from the well-hung farmhand. He remembered thinking, Do girls that cute really work in porn? And now he knew the answer. No, they don’t. They work in little rural general stores, doing a job that apparently involves blowing up great big balloons.

The thought make his cock begin to stiffen. He looked around in a panic, and stepped sideways behind a magazine rack.

“Oh, um, hi, er, ah…” he stammered. The girl’s big blue eyes watched him with patience and amusement, the big red balloon hovering just below her bustline. Talk, Jeff, he thought, talk!

“I, uh, my car broke down just outside, and I was, um, wondering if I could use your balloon. I mean your phone! Your phone, I was hoping I could use your phone. Balloon, I don’t know why I said that, I, uh…”

The balloon girl smiled. “It’s okay, the big balloons always make people nervous. Don’t worry, I can blow it up a lot bigger than this before it even gets close to popping.”

And with that, Jeff felt his cock spring to full attention. With the magazine rack shielding him, he reached into his pants and tried to adjust his member to minimize the bulge. He tried thinking about things that would turn him off, like Mr. Binsmith, his tenth-grade history teacher. But that balloon… she’d blown it so big… and the way she was talking about it… I can blow it up a lot bigger…

And then he realized that the girl was still talking. Oh, God, what did he miss?

“…on the other side of town,” she said. “I can call them to send a tow truck.”

“No, that’s okay, uh, I can call them,” Jeff stammered.

“Naw, let me do it,” the girl said. “Joe, who owns the place, has the hots for me, I bet I can get your car towed for free. Here, can you hold my balloon?” She held out the giant red globe.

Jeff made one swift move from behind the magazine rack to the counter, hoping she wouldn’t have time to glance down at his pants, which looked as if he’d stuffed a pickle into his boxers. He took the offered balloon. It felt so big and so soft, and the neck was still wet with her saliva… no, no, he must not think about it… but he was thinking about it. He was holding the big red balloon that this hot young lady had been blowing up…

“Hey, Joe, it’s Alicia over at the Balloonville General,” she said. “You’re still planning to come over and pick up those three-foot balloons you ordered for the shop, right?”

As she spoke, Jeff wandered around the store, carefully holding the giant balloon ahead of him and watchinf for sharp edges. There were the usual general-store stock: Sundries, snacks, postcards, magazines, a few hardware items. But about half of the shelf space was given over to balloons and inflatables. Not just the dime-store variety of cheap 12-inch balloons, but all sizes. 6″, 9″, 11″, 12″, 16″, 17″, 24″, 36″… 48 and 60 inch balloons! He’d only seen those on web sites. And those were just the round balloons. There were workers, zeppelins… holy shit, there was canlı casino a fully-inflated two-meter doll hanging from the ceiling! Had the girl blown that up? It looked fresh, and she was alone in the store. Could she have used a pump? If she had one, surely she would have used it to blow up the balloon he was holding, which he guessed was one of the three-footers. She must have inflated that big doll by sheer lungpower!

He didn’t think his cock could get any harder, but it did.

He could hear her on the phone. “Listen, I’ve got this nice guy in the store, his car broke down right out front, and I thought maybe we could show him a little Balloonville hospitality. How about towing his car over there and checking it out? For me?”

Along with the giant balloon, huge beach balls and rafts hung from the rafters. He wandered over to the inflatable section, where he found a shelf full of four-foot beach balls. Nothing smaller.

“Do what?… Why can’t you blow them up yourself?… Joe Henderson, we both know you do not have asthma! You’ve been using that excuse since the second grade…”

Jeff wandered around to the front of the store, under wire arches festooned with bright, colorful balloons. They weren’t filled with helium; they were blown with air. By the girl? He felt his knees go weak.

“Okay, okay, if you do this for me, I’ll blow them up for you. No, I said I’d blow the balloons, and that’s it! Okay, see you in a little while. Bye, sweetie.” She hung up the phone and rolled her eyes at Jeff.

“Thanks, uh, Alicia?” Jeff stammered. She smiled. “I’m Jeff.” He offered a hand to shake, and she took it. Such slender fingers, such long nails… and all those balloons… he tried not to think about it. “Sounds like I’ve committed you to some more work…”

“Don’t worry about it. I blow up balloons all day, and a couple dozen more won’t make a difference.”

Jeff began to wonder if the zipper on his jeans was burst-proof.

“Listen, you don’t have to wait around here if you don’t want to, Jeff,” Alicia said. Of course, he wanted nothing more than to wait around and watch her blow up more balloons. “We have a great little coffee shop a couple of blocks down the street if you want to get a bite. You can leave me your car keys, and I’ll give them to Joe.”

“Er, thanks, yeah, that’d, uh, that’d be nice…”

“In fact, you can do me a favor by taking a box of balloons over to Nan who owns the place. She needs them for a party tonight, and you’d save me the trouble of locking up to bring them over to her.”

“Oh, yes, sure, I could…”

“It’s a special shade of purple she needs for a party… oh, damn, I forgot which of these two boxes is hers! Just give me a minute, will you?

Alicia pulled a balloon out of a box on the counter, took a deep breath, and started to blow it up…and Jeff nearly fell over. The sweet, innocent-looking farmer’s daughter was a balloon-blowing monster. Her brow furrowed and her cheeks puffed out to cartoon-like proportions as she blasted lung-full after lung-full of air into the balloon. The balloon grew at what seemed like an impossible speed, and as the neck started to bulge, Jeff cringed instinctively… but then she stopped. The farmer’s daughter was back, and her lovely, delicate fingers deftly tied fully-blown balloon. Jeff felt wetness on the tip of his cock. No, please, kaçak casino he thought, not now…

“Here, hold this, would you please?” Jeff shifted the big red balloon to one hand. He had to step forward to take the purple balloon, and as he did, his cock brushed against the counter, and a spasm of electricity went up his spine. He felt a build-up somewhere deep in his balls. No, no, he thought, this can’t be happening! He took the balloon gingerly. She’d blown it very tight, and he thought that if it touched anything, it would explode in his face with an ear-splitting bang. That sobering thought was just enough to bring him down from the edge… barely.

Alicia pulled out another balloon from a different box, and as Jeff realized what was about to happen, she repeated the same performance. He tried to look down at the cracks in the floor, but the two big balloons in his hands blocked the view. He looked up, but there was the big six-foot-long doll that she had undoubtedly inflated with those small but mighty lungs. And the sound of air rushing into latex… the squeal of the balloon as it grew tight… he looked over at her, then looked away, he felt the buildup… no, please, don’t let me…

And then she was done, tying up the balloon and holding out her hand. I can’t take her hand, he thought, I’m holding these big balloons… and then Jeff realized she was holding out her hand for the other purple balloon.

“Thanks,” she said, and held the two tightly-blown balloons up to the light. “Yes, it’s this one. The shades are so close, you have to blow them as tight as they can get to see which is which, but Nan paid a lot to get the color just right. We’ve been blowing up sample balloons for a month! Well, I’m done with these…”

Jeff cringed again, thinking Alicia was going to pop the balloons.

“…and I think I’ll hang them up outside along with the red one you’re holding. They’ll look so pretty together!”

She gently set the balloons down on the floor behind the counter. She held out the box of balloons, and he traded her for the big red balloon.

“I’ll have Joe’s shop call over to Nan’s once they know what’s wrong with your car,” Alicia said.

“I, uh, thanks, that’s really nice of you, uh, Alicia,” Jeff stuttered. He was trying to figure out how he was going to move away from the counter without the young woman seeing his fully-grown member, which was nearly poking out of his pants.

“No problem, Jeff,” she said, and gave him a smile that would arouse any man, even if he wasn’t a looner and she wasn’t a balloon-blowing goddess.

He turned quickly, putting the box of balloons in front of his pants, and made a bee-line for the front door.

“Oh, and Jeff?” He turned.

She was holding the nozzle of the balloon just inches from her mouth. He knew that she was just a second or two away from wrapping her deep red lips around the big latex nozzle, drawing in a deep breath, and… no, no, don’t think about it…

“Is it women that make you nervous, or is it these big balloons I’ve been blowing up?”

“It’s, uh… both, I guess,” he stammered. He felt the build-up… so close… no, please, not here…

Alicia laughed. “Well, if women blowing up balloons that make you nervous, you’re going to have a hell of a time here in Balloonville,” she said.

She put the balloon to her mouth, drew in a deep, long breath, gave him a wink, and started to blow…

…and Jeff came in his pants. He turned away and rushed out of the store, his cock still spasming.

Coming soon: Part 2 – Filling Up at Nan’s

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