Camping Weekend Ch. 01

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The request was made after dinner one night. A family trip was planned and everyone would be attending. The way it was presented left no doubt it was a requirement and not an option. The request was being made with both parents Bob and Jeanne there to deliver the message. That meant there would be no negotiations afterward by playing one parent against the other.

The end of summer was approaching and Matt and his sister Jessica would be off to college in a couple weeks. Matt was leaving for his first year and Jessica returning for her second. Their parents were feeling the pangs of an approaching empty nest and wanted to share some time together before everyone scattered and their schedules were filled with other demands. So they planned a family getaway with a long weekend of camping.

Jeanne and Bob as they liked to be called wanted everyone together without the interruption of friends and cell phones and other priorities. So they planned a camping trip for just the 4 of them to a remote campsite on a lake. The only way in to the camp was by boat. They chose that campsite because it meant no running off to the corner store or inviting a friend to stop up. It also meant they’d have privacy to relax and be free. That feeling of freedom Bob and Jeanne used to share when they were younger had entered their minds more frequently lately as they had time alone in the empty house. They enjoyed their new found freedom but missed the raucous noise that Matt and Jessica created whenever they were home. Even if that noise was the squabbling of their endless rivalry.

Matt and Jessica had always taunted and teased each other. They alternated between rivalry with contempt for each other, to being best of friends at times. The teasing and rivalry never stopped through the years but the way they taunted each other changed as they both matured. They knew how to push each others buttons and never let a chance pass to do just that. Being one year apart they’d gone to each others’ parties and even dated each others friends. Both of them had also gotten an eye full of each other in action when they brought one of their dates into the house for late night fun. Each time one or the other went through a breakup they seemed to become much closer and relied on each other for friendship. They shared an ability to alternate between teasing and helping each other without a second thought.

Matt was lean and compact. His muscular build was accented with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. Athletic in his own way without being one of the jock crowd, he could play most sports when he was motivated. His quick bright smile and dimples were always an instant charm with the girls. The 2 or 3 hours of freedom after classes let out each day gave Matt time to practice his charm on the girls since he didn’t commit to joining the sports teams.

Jessica with her slender athletic build, and sun bleached streaks of blond in her long light brown hair was always getting attention. Her brown eyes and the splash of freckles across her nose made her a natural beauty. She rarely tried to hide her freckles with make-up and instead craved the glow of a healthy tan. Jessica did enjoy a splash of perfume that gave her a sweet seductive scent all the time.

Both of them always enjoyed the water and swimming, but Jessica had recently grown to enjoy nude sun bathing when she felt secure. The nude sunbathing was something she and her roommate from college last year started to enjoy on the small private deck of their top floor apartment. Their afternoon class schedules were open in the spring and left them ample time to lounge about nude in the sun. Jessica had found a few times during the summer at home where she could undress and relax in the mid day sunlight. She also found herself wanting more time to be nude than she could actually enjoy while at home.

On a few occasions Matt had come home early from his summer job and gone upstairs without a word. He thought the house was empty and was eager to view some porn, stroke off, and grab a shower before anyone else came home. On one of those days he heard Jessica’s cell phone ring when he was in the middle of stroking and peeked out the back window to see her laying there naked on the deck below his bedroom window. Her lean body was stretched out on the deck. Her legs were apart showing glimpses of a neatly trimmed muff, along with her 34c cups and tight nipples. There she was on display for his hungry eyes.

He watched her intently and pounded his throbbing cock faster and harder with wild lusty images of her filling his mind. Matt climaxed harder than ever before and lingered by the window blind watching her in secret and waiting for his spent cock to start throbbing again. As Matt sat by the window peering at Jessica he’d smear his cum load around on his belly, chest, and around his cleanly shaved balls. He savored the feeling rather than feeling guilt and remorse afterward. The few minutes it took Matt to recharge left his mind reeling Bayan Escort Antep until he went to the shower for another round of stroking to cum again with thoughts of Jessica fueling his desire.

The next time Matt was aware of his stealthy return to the house in the middle of the day and he couldn’t wait to see if Jessica would be there laying out nude. The anticipation made him more aroused and he was pleasantly pleased to find her there, nude, and feeling free.That second time Matt never bothered to look at his porn and instead peered out the window at her nude body and let his imagination run wild with forbidden ideas. Those images and fantasies fueled Matt’s hunger from then on. He found himself looking at Jessica more often around the house and openly agreeing with his friends who said she was a total hottie.

This end of summer camping trip meant they’d miss the best parties before leaving for school. They knew the fight of not going camping wasn’t worth it. So they packed their bags and jumped in the car for the long drive to the lake. Both of them had on their pouting sullen faces for the drive even though their parents were doing their best to lighten the mood by playing any music requests on the car stereo as loud as they wanted to hear.

During the drive both Matt and Jessica considered how they’d spend their time during the camping trip. Each one weighing the ideas of tauting and teasing pranks for the other and their parents, while smirking as they thought of new ideas.

Matt being the youngest was always doing something to get a laugh and attention. Although his attention lately was always focused on any female he might see. His youthful hormones and raging libido kept him constantly alert and aroused. Two hours in the car didn’t dampen that desire and his eyes kept shifting to catch a glimpse of Jessica’s cleavage or watch her tanned and toned thighs move sensually as she shifted in her seat.

Matt’s attention was also fixed on the halter top that Jeanne wore. It was something she held onto from her days of past and brought it out to wear when she was leaving town. The open back showed off her tan and the thin strings around her neck and back reminded him that with two simple tugs the flimsy material would fall away to show off her jiggling tits. All of this kept Matt mostly erect and trying to keep that fact hidden.

Now, with a long drive in the car and hours to try and control his thoughts, he was fighting a losing battle of biology and youthful libido against his modesty. He tugged his jersey into place hiding his growing bulge and turned his body toward the door. Matt looked out the window and pretended to be lost in thoughts about the music or the passing scenery.

At first it was a relief to Matt when they arrived at the boat launch. His mind could be occupied with other ideas as they loaded gear into the boats for the trip down the lake. However, on second look the reality set in. Anxiously looking around he was hoping to see something else that matched his image of the trip.

Jessica and Matt looked at each with a look of shock and disbelief as the car rolled up to a stop. They had both assumed the boating/camping trip that was described somehow included a luxury cabin cruiser or flashy speed boat,or maybe even a comfortable houseboat. To their dismay they viewed a row of small weathered open bow boats tied to the dock.

They shared a look of common concern as they jumped from the car. Matt and Jessica stretched their legs and pretended to ignore each other for the next few minutes. Matt took the time to discreetly adjust his throbbing erection and calm himself after his fantasy daydreams on the long ride.

While Bob and Jeanne, paid for the reserved boat and gathered information about the distant camp ground, Matt and Jessica walked around looking across the large lake and scanning the sights hoping to find something of interest or cool where they could find fun in this trip.

Matt noticed how the boat launch attendant was ogling both Jessica and Jeanne as he went about his duties. Jessica’s bikini top and tight shorts were worth a second look from any guy. Jeanne’s halter top with the open back and thin material that barely concealed her breasts were much more interesting than Matt wanted to admit.

Jessica was keenly aware of the interest she gathered and began her playful flirting with the boat attendant to reassure herself and to possibly gain some favor or small upgrade on the boat. She enjoyed flirting and knew she could have the boat attendant wrapped around her finger.

Jessica and Matt were quickly resigned to their camping fate as the excited giggles of Jeanne and deep calm voice of Bob brought them to attention with a request to unload the car and put the camping gear in the rented boat. The coolers, bags, tents, and other gear were quickly loaded into the boat. All the items fit on the floor in between the 4 rows of faded wooden seats.

With everyone standing on the dock Bob asked if they were ready for an adventure. Jeanne was the first to chime in with a response that echoed Bob’s excitement. She bounced into the boat and it rocked from side to side. Keeping her balance with her arms held high, her breasts jiggled and swayed to the appreciative gaze of Bob, Matt, and the boat attendant. Jessica rolled her eyes in disbelief that all of them would be ogling her mom that way. Jessica climbed into the bow seat and faced the rear of the boat while Matt and Bob climbed in and pushed the boat away from the dock. Bob took the helm. He tugged the starter cord and the small motor sputtered to life. Bob and Jeanne’s infectious smiles began to melt the pouting faces of doom that Matt and Jessica wore with conviction.

The lake breeze and bright mid day sun felt refreshing to all as the boat gained speed and pushed toward the center of the large lake. Small waves splashed against the hull and kicked up a spray that both chilled and refreshed everyone. At times it seemed Bob was guiding the boat to hit the waves so they would splash up more than expected. It didn’t take long before the spray had soaked Jeanne’s top and the thin material clung to her body like she was in a wet t-shirt contest. Her nipples became stiff in the chill and showed clearly through the wet covering. Jessica’s bikini top also showed her response to the wet spray and her nipples were also clearly outlined. Both women were gathering more secretive glances from Bob and Matt as they motored across the lake toward their camp. Neither Jeanne or Jessica made any effort to conceal their stiff nipples.

After nearly an hour of motoring up the lake Bob turned the boat into a small bay that was sheltered and private. No other boats or people were in sight. Most of the boats on the lake had been near the rental launch. They hadn’t passed anybody during the last mile or more. In the bay a long strip of sand lined one shore. Foot paths were worn into the grass from the beach to a grassy level area for camping. Bob eased the bow onto the sand and landed the boat with a satisfied wide grin. He looked around and remembered how the place hadn’t changed in all the years since he and Jeanne had camped here long ago. The place held a special memory for both of them. Bob and Jeanne shared a knowing smile as they looked around at the camp.

The four of them jumped out of the boat and onto the shore. A sense of excitement and wonder was showing on everyone’s face as they explored the vacant campground. Bob and Jeanne smiled seeing Matt and Jessica starting to enjoy themselves. After a few minutes Bob stacked some of the gear on the beach beside the boat. He carried a load up to a level space and watched as Matt and Jessica began to help without him asking. Soon the gear was spread out across the camping area. Matt and Jessica were tasked with pitching their own tents while Bob and Jeanne set up their own large 4 person tent and began to inflate a king size air mattress.

When the chores were nearly done Jessica’s tent sagged and looked like any breeze would tip it over. Matt teased her about the ragged looks of her old tent as he walked past her toward the collection of coolers. Passing by without out offering to help he was ready to relax.

Bob had prepared a 3 gallon water cooler filled with his “bug juice”. The potent liquid inside the water cooler was a combination of rum, vodka, and tequila, mixed with fruit punch and ice. The bug juice was his favorite weekend drink since his college days and he never tired of explaining that after drinking two glasses nothing would be buggin’ you any more.

Neither Bob nor Jeanne had any illusions about Matt or Jessica and their party activities at college so the bug juice was open to anyone that wanted a glass or two. No one would be driving a car this weekend so whats the harm they reasoned.

With the camp nearly ready Bob filled 4 glasses of his bug juice and hoisted a glass for a toast to a great weekend. The four of them joined in a toast with Matt and Jessica downing theirs like free drinks at a frat party. They sat around the camp relaxing and talking while taking in the sites until Jeanne stood up and said she felt like taking a nature hike, followed by her suggestive wink. Bob quickly rose from his camp chair to join her on that nature walk. The two of them waved and laughed as they left the camp on the hiking trail. Their antics and suggestive banter left little doubt in mind about their hiking activities.

Jessica and Matt remained in camp and they moved around impatiently and without purpose until Matt decided he too would go exploring on a hike and asked Jessica if she wanted to come along. She declined saying she wanted to hang out in the sun for a while longer. Matt smiled to himself hearing her plan and set out for a hike leaving Jessica alone at camp.

It didn’t take long before Jessica had set out a blanket on a small crescent of sand that was apart from the main beach. It was a protected area that wasn’t visible from the lake or the campsite. A rock outcrop on one side and trees on the other side created a private sliver of sand for her sunbathing. There she lay down and felt the glow of sunlight warming her body. Wearing her bikini she rolled over to lay on her belly and untied the straps of her top to avoid tan lines. She felt peaceful and isolated there in the quiet and the idea of removing her clothes crept into her mind as she lay there in the sun.

Sitting up and looking around she checked the campsite just beyond the rock outcrop. There was no sign of anyone so she slipped her top off and slid out of her bikini bottoms. The freedom and warmth soaked her body as she lay there naked soaking up the sunlight. Soon the summer sun had made her warm enough to cause small beads of perspiration to glisten on her naked skin. She was feeling very warm and wanted to cool down and wash away the beads of sweat before putting on her clothes.

The clean lake water looked so inviting as she sat there on her blanket considering a quick dip. After glancing about nervously, she decided to take a swim. Jessica pranced to the waters edge enjoying her naked freedom. The smooth sandy bottom of the lake dropped off quickly and she was soon in deep enough to float and swim. The cool water invigorated her and she began diving under the water and swimming for a distance before coming up to the surface and floating on her back in perfect relaxation.

After a few minutes Jessica felt both refreshed and self conscious and began swimming in toward shore. Her eyes scanned the small crescent sliver of sand searching for her towel and bikini. Her heart raced when she didn’t see the towel after looking again and again. She stopped and crouched down in three feet of water looking for her clothes with a sense of panic setting in to her mind. She considered her predicament and stood up briefly trying to look toward the camp. The rock outcropping that gave her shelter and privacy also prevented her a complete view of the camp. Jessica stayed low in the water and paddled around the rock outcropping toward the main beach. She knew the boat was pulled ashore and hoped there might be something inside the boat she could use to cover herself. Her practiced swimming strokes brought her around the rock outcropping and she viewed the campground with her naked body concealed in the water. Moving toward the idle boat she paused and looked around trying to understand where her clothing went. She feared that Jeanne had returned to camp and picked up the clothing after finding it unattended on the beach.

It was then she spotted Matt. A rush of anger and rage exploded in Jessica seeing him and being almost certain it was Matt that stole her blanket and bikini. He sat on a camp chair removing his shoes with his back toward the water. His body rocked to the rhythm of the music blaring though his earphones. Jessica yelled and waved at him but he didn’t respond. She found a few small rocks and tossed them at Matt to get his attention. When he turned with a surprised look on his face she crouched down in the water and motioned for him to remove his earphones.

Matt stood up and walked toward the beach with a casual stride until he was near the waters edge. Jessica was furious and she yelled at him to bring her a towel. He shrugged and pointed toward her tent saying he wasn’t doing room service. Jessica’s anger boiled over and she seethed at Matt while he continued to act unaware of her circumstances and unwilling to help her.

After a few minutes of accusation and yelling Matt turned and began walking back toward the camp with his earphones back in place acting as though he didn’t have a clue about her predicament. It was then Jessica saw her bikini dangling from his back pocket. Her anger exploded. No longer caring about modesty she charged out of the water and tackled him. The force of her impact brought him the the ground with her on top of him. She frantically grasped for her bikini and in the process tugged his trunks down as she pulled her bikini from his pocket. His bare white ass was exposed. She cursed at him while slapping and pinching any part of his body where she focused her rage.

Matt lay there laughing with his trunks around his legs until Jessica spanked him on the ass with a loud smack. He winced in pain and began to fight back by rolling over and pushing Jessica aside.The two of them wrestled about as Jessica’s anger was vented in the struggle. Matt was unable to move with his legs constricted by his trunks hanging around his knees and he kicked them off while trying to free himself from her grasp.

Jessica rolled herself over on top of Matt and tried to pin him down in game of control. Matt would roll her off and take control until she pinched or pulled him in some way to make him let go. Both of them were naked and neither one cared. Their taunting and teasing continued without boundaries. The pinching and groping and hair pulling was alternated with biting and annoying wet licks to the face or neck of each other.

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