Cassie’s Love Ch. 08-09

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This is a continuation of a story written by myself under my previous handle, SEVERUSMAX.


Chapter 8

“Damn, that breakfast was even better than usual, Margie. Trust me, you’re getting one hell of a tip!” Hector winked at Margie while Cassie put the waitress’s hands on her breasts.

“Why, thank you, dears … I won’t forget that … or anything else, trust me,” Margie swayed her hips and ass more than a little as she dropped the check and walked away.

Just then, however, Hector’s cell phone rang. It was Karl and he didn’t sound good at all.

“Bro … I hope that you’re sitting down for this. I don’t … know … how to tell you this … without breaking down into tears. I’m not a big, warm, fuzzy guy … you know. Not hypersensitive and tearful, I mean. It’s … Mom, Dad, Aunt Haley … and Aunt Michelle. They … were in a car wreck very early this morning … and there were no survivors. They just notified me … from the morgue. They’re dead, bro. Mom, Dad, Aunt Haley, and Aunt Michelle … are all dead. They’re gone. It doesn’t seem real, and yet it is,” Karl sobbed as he told Hector the awful news, causing tears to streak down his brother’s face.

“Hector, what is it?” Cassie grew very alarmed, so Hector put the phone on speaker now.

“Karl … repeat what you just told me,” Hector asked with a very mournful tone of voice.

“Cass, I really hate to tell this … but … Mom … Dad … Aunt … Haley … and Aunt Michelle … were all killed in a car wreck very early this morning. They went out for something, I don’t know what, and they were hit out of the blue by someone going the wrong way. Head-on collision. Car exploded, no survivors … including the driver who hit them. That’s what Kirsten just told me, just now, those last details. Sis … we’re … orphans now,” Karl burst into tears again.

Cassie began sobbing uncontrollably now, shaking her head, her face ashen as she took in the reality as much as she could. No, it wasn’t possible … dear God, no! She practically squeezed Hector’s hand to death as she held on for dear life. They both wept now, just as Karl did on the phone and they could hear more crying in the background.

“Sorry, that’s … Kirsten … and Bridget … and Natalie … and Diane … and Trevor … and Jamie. We’re all a mess, bro. Don’t come home yet. You’ll need to be able to drive, and right now, that won’t be possible. You know it and I know it. I don’t want to lose my brother and sister on top of our parents. And by parents, I include Aunt Haley and Aunt Michelle as well as Mom and Dad. They were our parents, too, you know,” Karl discouraged Cassie and Hector from driving home just yet.

It really wasn’t safe, after all. Margie walked back over to the pair and saw them crying, so she held them close, both of them. What had happened? They seemed so happy and alive just minutes earlier, and they were now heartbroken, both of them. What could have taken place in just minutes to alter their moods so drastically? It had to have been a real tragedy, right?

“What’s … the matter?” Margie asked Hector and Cassie, truly horrified by the dramatic turnaround in their attitudes.

“Our … brother just called … and told us that our parents … have been killed … in a car wreck. Mom, Dad … Aunt Haley … and Aunt Michelle! All gone … our parents … are gone. We had four wonderful parents, and now they’re gone forever! All at once … just like that!” Hector blurted as much as he could through his tears and Cassie’s.

“He hasn’t hung up, yet,” Cassie pointed out that they were still on speaker with Karl.

“Who is that?” Karl wondered now, a bit disoriented by the news that he had to deliver and the way that Kirsten now held onto him for support.

“That’s … Margie … our hostess … and waitress at the Waffle House. Why is she doing both roles, I have no idea, but she is,” Hector informed his brother.

“Because everyone else called out today for some odd reason, leaving me with all of the work until ten. That’s when Lorraine shows up and I’ll be so fucking glad to see her! I’ve been lucky that it was slow enough to serve you two alone, though we want to see business pick up soon.

“Maybe when this long-ass recession ends, and sooner rather than later. Though I don’t know if it will end until the fucking Chinese Civil War ends. That’s been dragging on for years, you know, ever since the Hong Kong and Macao Uprisings,” Margie ranted before catching herself.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to rant Antep Escort Bayan and rave, ya know,” their server apologized, “my condolences … to you two and your … family on this terrible loss. I really know how to stick my foot in my mouth, don’t I?”

“It’s okay … call me when you get off work … we could use the company, right, babe?” Hector told Margie in front of Cassie.

“Nice to meet you, Margie, though I wish that the circumstances were different. I’m Karl, their brother. I have my twin sister, Kirsten, along with my sisters Bridget and Natalie, my big brother Trevor, Trevor’s wife Jamie, Bridget’s partner Diane, Trevor’s father, Tyler, and Ty’s ladies, Aunt Sandy and Aunt Julie. Well, I also have Uncle Red here, but he’s not in the best of health as it is, along with Uncle Ryan and Aunt Stephanie. Guys, this is … Margie, right, a hostess/waitress from the Waffle House, who has befriended Hector and Cassie on their road trip,” Karl introduced them.

“Yes, I wish that I had met y’all under better conditions myself. Still, it’s nice to speak to you. You should know my intentions toward your brother and sister. I refuse to leave them alone in their grief. As soon as my shift is done, I’m moving in with these twin cuties and daring them to stop me. I want to comfort and console them, be there for them, not just for … sex … but for more than that. Emotional support. Nurturing. Cuddling, Snuggling. Whatever it takes. I can’t bear to see them carry this pain by themselves. I refuse to leave them to their own devices.

“In fact, you two stay put. You’re not going anywhere. You’re sitting here at this booth until I get off work, and then I’m going to drive you where you need to go. I might be a cougar, which gives me claws, but it also makes me very protective of those I love … and I’m already smitten with both your brother and your sister. Order lunch here, too, but stay right where you are. I’m taking charge for the moment as a kind of … surrogate auntie or whatever, are we clear?” Margie insisted now, being very worried about her two new lovers.

“Yes, Aunt Margie,” Cassie managed just enough humor to tease her, but there was some truth in her response, too.

“Yes, Auntie,” Hector agreed, finding this side of Margie extremely attractive and comforting right then for obvious reasons, “actually, though, we’re pretty well-off. Why don’t you quit this job as soon as Lorraine arrives, I’ll give her a righteous tip for the extra workload, and we all just move you into our mansion, okay?”

“Wow, so you two actually are rich kids?” Margie now realized that her earlier offhanded comment was spot-on with the twins.

“Yes, and you can have a full-time job as our … surrogate auntie, as you call it. A sort of nanny or babysitter or governess for two grown-ass rich kids, mixed with a little sub and Domme, and more than a little whore. How does that grab ya?” Hector proposed, putting a different kind of tears in Margie’s eyes.

“It sounds … great … I just wish that it wasn’t caused by your parents’ death, but I have to be there for you guys. Y’all need it. And this sure beats the convent, I can tell you that much,” Margie accidentally indicated her past.

“Convent … Margie … Auntie … were you a nun?” Hector asked her very frankly now.

“Yes … yes, I was. I was Sister Margie at one point in my life, not that long ago. And then … then,” Margie broke down into yet more tears.

“Then what?” Cassie asked Margie as she held the waitress tightly to her bosom.

“I got … raped … by a priest. And the Church didn’t do jack shit about it. I nearly killed myself and they sure acted on that, just enough to judge me, of course. When I had an abortion, I was kicked out of the convent, but by then, I was more than ready to leave. I had to get a job in a hurry, so I applied here and someone must have intervened to land me it, because I didn’t have the qualifications at first.

“Just for the record … the priest … took my … cherry. My maidenhead. I was a virgin when he raped me. A forty-year old fucking virgin, just like the damn film!” Margie wept on Cassie’s shoulder as well as Hector’s.

“Everyone in your family sided with the priest and the Church, then?” Hector wondered.

“Yes, I’m afraid so, particularly after the abortion. I was a baby-killer and nothing that I said would make a damn difference to them anymore. They didn’t want anything more to do with me at all. I was disowned, disinherited, everything. They even threatened me with the practice of excommunication, crazy as that sounds. All for daring to speak up about rape and for getting an abortion and not being a victim,” Margie hugged both of them very tightly as they mourned their losses together.

“So, we’re agreed, then … you’ll do this?” Hector urged Margie now.

“God, yes!” Margie shouted, thrilled as she was to get to sleep with the twins and take them as lovers.

“God can go fuck himself,” Cassie winked and blushed, wiping away her tears, “after how he’s treated all three of us, he can piss off. I have no use for him.”

“Amen to that!” Hector high-fived Cassie while choking back tears of his own.

“Well, speaking as his ex, I think that you got a point. He was a rotten husband, never fucked me and did nothing to help me when I got raped. Just judged me for the abortion and the suicide attempt, or at least his fan club did. If he doesn’t want to be judged for his fan club, he needs to take them in hand,” Margie got the last word … for now, as she went back to work for the rest of her final shift.

She really had enough of that place, anyway, having always covered for others with no one offering to cover for her. They took advantage of her good nature far too much. Well, she was still a good woman, as witnessed her pact with Hector and Cassie, but she was now a terrible Catholic. And proud of the fact.

Chapter 9

“This is one helluva road trip, not that I’ve ever been on one, mind you,” Margie told Hector and Cassie as they rode along with her down the highway back to the Von Greiner estate.

“Yes, well, if the circumstances had been better, we’d have enjoyed it more. We were supposed to be going to college, one of us getting a head start there. We changed our minds, and no small part of me thinks that our instincts warned us that this was coming. What do you think, Cass?” Hector asked his twin.

“Completely true. On some … entirely subconscious, clairvoyant or psychic level or something, some kind of ESP, told us to turn back. I’m so fucking glad that we did. Part of me wishes that we had never left, since Mom and Dad might still be alive, but we don’t know if that’s even true.

“They liked their little late drives, too, especially with the advent of more fuel-efficient cars. And we would never have met Margie here … or should we still call you ‘Aunt Margie’? I think that we should. It will be more fun in bed,” Cassie fought back against her grief to pull a risque joke now.

“Do you want to fuck my ass while calling me that?” Margie teased them both, “yes, I’m eager to lose that cherry, too. It will be the first one that I can give away of my own free will. And I can’t get pregnant that way, can I? At my age, I’d have to think long and hard on the subject of impregnation, wouldn’t you say?”

“Yes, yes, I would like to fuck your ass while calling you that, Aunt Margie. As my sweet sister noted, it will be more fun in bed. Maybe she can fuck your ass, too, with a strap-on dildo. And maybe you can fuck hers … and mine. And she can fuck mine, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves,” Hector thought of the various anal combinations that he had yet to try, aside from him plowing Cassie’s dirt road the day before.

God, was it really that recent? Hard to imagine, right, and Mom, Dad, Aunt Haley, and Aunt Michelle were still alive back then … not that long ago, just yesterday. It was a lot to absorb and it was a good thing that Margie drove them right then. They were still in shock, but moments of pure grief hit them often enough that they were in no emotional state to drive at all.

Margie resolved for the interim to be their driver, their chauffeur, whatever they wanted to call her, as part of her self-appointed “auntie” role to help console them. They needed her far too much for her to stop anytime soon … besides, this was a life of luxury next to what she was used to doing in the past, as hostess, waitress, busser … and nun. Of course, she was also their lover and she was determined to keep that position, too … she adored those twins!

None of them knew that both Cassie and Margie were pregnant by Hector now. There wasn’t even a clue of this fact yet for Margie, who was forty-something now, her exact age unstated. As a former nun, she wasn’t used to thinking of this other than when she had her abortion, and that was only because she was raped by Father Shawn. Her actual experience with sex was limited to that rape, a couple of drunken booty calls after the abortion and expulsion, and then that morning’s encounters with the von Greiner twins.

For now, though, sex was the furthest thing from anyone’s minds, in spite of the nudity. They took the dirt roads to avoid any possible legal issues over Cassie’s nudity, traveled overland, let Margie drive the whole damn way, and listened to some more Boy George, Elton John, and other classics. They also listened to the news, though that could be depressing, particularly when their parents were mentioned.

“Local billionaire publisher Daniel von Greiner and his wife Vicki, as well as their two female companions, Haley Wilkes-von Greiner and Michelle Velasquez-von Greiner, were reportedly killed earlier this morning in a head-on collision. The other driver was killed as well, there being no survivors at all of the crash. They are survived by sons Trevor Marsh, a lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Department, Karl von Greiner, and Hector von Greiner, as well as daughters Kirsten, Natalie, Bridget, and Cassandra von Greiner, daughter-in-laws Jamie Marsh and Diane Culver-von Greiner, and several grandchildren.

“In other news, the European Parliament finally approved a law to lift the heavy tourism, trade, and immigration restrictions imposed upon Iran, the UK, and the United States back in 2020 in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the Great Recession of the same year. Such rules, however, shall not be lifted against the former People’s Republic of China until such time as the Chinese Civil War has been resolved, European President Patricio Santino warned the press this morning.

“Also in the news, the Dow Jones Industrial Average for the first time since 2020 and the Great Recession hit pre-pandemic levels again at 25,000 points after nearly a decade of hovering closer to 18,000 to 20,000. The NASDAQ also soared, reportedly due to the lifting of the sanctions against the United States and Great Britain.

“Iran’s situation might also help with the rise of the new military government there headed by General Farsi Zhavani, who toppled the Islamic Republic after fifty years of its existence. Zhavani was helped into power by growing discontent over the collapse of oil prices for the past decade. Zhavani has already promised sweeping reforms and liberalization of the regime, notably including the restoration of interest-bearing banking and the legalization of marijuana and alcohol.

“In the wake of the Martin vs. Massachusetts Supreme Court decision last month, striking down all state incest laws that affect consenting adults, and the Vernon vs. Virginia decision last year that overturned all anti-polygamy statutes regarding the same, there are now reportedly three married incest couples and another six polygamous triads that have formed. That it has still been slow in forming is likely due to continued social stigma, of course.

“It’s another hot, muggy East Texas summer day, of course, with climate change forcing the heat past 115 degrees, so keep the clothing light and beer ice-cold, but drink responsibly. If you can’t do that, there’s always lemonade or the greatest Southern beverage of all, sweet iced tea! Oh, sorry, I forgot that this is a dry county. Forget what I said about beer … at least in this county. Just stick to the tea or lemonade or soda, folks!” the announcer clearly covered his ass about the idea of getting drunk in a dry county, of course.

“Who wants to bet that the DJ is the first to cross the county line tonight and go on a beer run! Funny thing, they can overturn incest and polygamy laws, but because of the 21st Amendment being what it is, they can’t strike down Prohibition in the few counties where it still exists. Fucking morons and their Prohibition!” Hector chuckled as he tried not to think about their parents being dead.

Good luck with that, Cassie thought. It’s gonna keep haunting us, and when we get home, it will really hit us where it hurts. All we can do is listen to the music, doze off while Margie drives, and wait for the next rest stop to get out and piss. That and get some more snacks, of course, for all three of us. Wow, Aunt Margie might be a kind of den mother for our tribe, but she really is our lover now. We’ve committed to her, just as we did to each monogamously in the past. Did our parents dying really change our relationship dynamics?

Unbeknownst to each other, Hector and Cassie each planned to get some answers, but from whom? That they didn’t even think about the wills, but they did about that and about the funeral, well, that was telling about them, wasn’t it? Some things were too crazy to even contemplate, and reading wills from their parents was a lot more on their plate than they needed just yet.

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