Catherine Has a Special Wish Ch. 03

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This is part three of four in this series. What’s next for the swinging couples? One thing is for sure, Catherine finally got her wish for two cocks at the same time.


Catherine just experienced her first double-penetration with a couple we met earlier at the Lupin Lodge pool, Ted and Alice. They invited us back to their yurt where Ted and I filled Catherine’s pussy and ass. After we all enjoyed mutual orgasms, the four of us are ready for dinner. We all collapse in a tangled mess, happy and satisfied. No one moves for a good ten minutes as we enjoy the aftermath of Catherine’s first official DP. We are not finished by a long shot, I still want to make love to Alice, and I’m sure Ted wants to experience Catherine’s sweet pussy again.

In due time, Alice starts to move. She slides up along Catherine and they share a sweet kiss. Alice fondles her tits and then sucks on a crimson red nipple. Catherine holds Alice against her huge breast as Alice suckles like a newborn. After a few minutes of playing around, Alice lifts her head and lets us know she is taking Catherine to the shower so they can freshen up before dinner.

“You blokes can rest some more, but we need to make ourselves presentable for dinner. I’m famished.”

Ted and I just smile and tell the ladies to enjoy themselves. Alice heads out the door with Catherine. It’s just a few steps to the resort shower building. All the showers are currently vacant, so the ladies choose the closest one to the yurt. The resort provides complimentary loofahs, wash cloths, soap, body wash, shampoo and towels.

“Wow, Alice this place is full service.”

The showers are large with tiled floors. A changing area is off to the side with a long bench and hooks for clothes. Alice takes the soap and loofah to the shower. She opens the faucet and turns up the hot water. She adjusts the shower head and lets the gentle spray massage her tits as she spreads her legs. The water runs over her little tuft of red hair and through her slit.

Catherine joins Alice beneath the flowing water as steam fills the stall. The water is hot enough to soothe her tired muscles. She stands close to Alice as they lather up and cleanse. Alice faces the oncoming spray and lifts her breasts. Her pink nipples respond to the hot water and stand erect like two bullets. Catherine takes notice.

“Alice, I love your boobs and how firm they are. I’ve admired your pink nipples since I first saw you this morning. Rob loves them.”

Alice loves Catherine’s Double-D’s and wishes she was a little bigger. Catherine spreads her legs and lets water run over her silky-smooth mound. Alice moves behind Catherine with soap and the pouf. She washes Catherine’s backside and then her own fluffy mound. Alice moves closer and mashes her hard nipples against Catherine’s back, moving around and around. Her arms reach around with the bath sponge and soaps Catherine’s front from top to bottom. She massages Catherine’s breasts, paying close attention to her deep red nipples. She moves the soapy cloth down to the silky-smooth pussy lips and washes away the lube and dried semen.

“I hope I’m not too rough with your pussy. Was this your first DP Catherine?”

“My first DP with two men. I have a four-inch butt plug that I adore. Rob and I use it occasionally.”

“Ted and I have had several. I’m so glad you got to experience his cock. As you saw, he has real staying power.”

“Yes, he does.”

Catherine spins and faces Alice. They smash their bodies together in a sudsy embrace and kiss lightly. Catherine uses the soap and loofah to return the favor. She lathers up and washes Alice from head to toe, paying attention to Alice’s tan mound and pink nipples. Catherine runs her fingers through the small thatch of red hair creating a frothy foam. Alice holds Catherine’s hand in place as she enjoys the attention to her pussy. Slick fingers move between her thick labia and gently massage her very hard clitoris. Catherine asks Alice to spread her legs to allow her more room.

Alice purrs, “Right there sweetie, rub my clit, I can cum again.”

As soon as the words leave her lips, she presses her mouth against Catherine’s open mouth and snakes her tongue deep. There is a flurry of tongue action while Catherine drills two fingers between Alice’s folds. She locates the inflamed clit by touch. Catherine rubs circles around the pink pearl until Alice gasps and climaxes beneath the hot spray of the shower heads.

“Oh, gawd yes Catherine, that’s it. I’m cumming, I’m fucking cummmiiiinnnngggg. Argh. Yes, yes, yes.”

Alice holds onto Catherine to keep her balance on wobbly knees. Catherine keeps her digits buried in her new friend’s pussy and wraps her other arm around her waist. Without the support, Alice would fall to the tile floor in a mass of quivering flesh. Catherine holds tight until Alice regains her senses and footing.

“That was fabulous, I didn’t think I had another orgasm within me after Ted’s pounding. You have magic fingers Catherine. I can only imagine how Rob feels under your grasp.”

Alice spins under the shower balçova escort spray and washes the suds away. She faces Catherine again and drops to her knees.

“My turn to pleasure you Catherine. I want to lick those sweet, smooth pussy lips again.”

The shower spray cascades down, Alice grabs Catherine’s ass cheeks and draws her close. She kisses Catherine’s smooth outer lips. Catherine spreads her legs and holds onto Alice. Alice snakes her tongue and dives in. She attacks Catherine’s inner labia, splitting her moist lips with her tongue. Catherine’s gash is hot and wet and so sweet. Alice continues to lick her friend, moving in and out of tight folds and up over her hard clit. Catherine’s clit emerges from beneath its protective hood and Alice sucks the hard nubbin between her lips, drawing short gasps from Catherine.

Catherine spreads her legs wider and almost squats on Alice’s face. Alice attacks her pussy, licking all the girl juice and flicking her hard clit. She presses her face tighter between Catherine’s legs for a final assault. Catherine moans as her orgasm shakes her body.

“Oh gawd, I’m cumming again Alice! Eat me. Eat my wet pussy.”

Catherine’s climax lasts several moments and Alice refuses to let go. Her thighs tremble and her hands grip Alice’s head forcing her lips to press against her smooth flesh. After several minutes Catherine’s rapid breathing returns to normal. Alice rises and hugs her new friend. The ladies hold each other tight under the gentle spray of water.

“Catherine, I’ve wanted to lick a smooth cunt for a long, long time and now I’ve been able to do it twice.”

“I’m so happy it was mine. I’m glad we chose those chaise lounges right next to you and Ted at the pool, otherwise, we wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Well, to be honest, when I saw you first arrive, I got a tingling in my stomach, not to mention my pussy. I would have tracked you and Rob down wherever you sat.”

“I’m glad you introduced yourself to Rob, I don’t know that I would be so bold.”

“Let’s just say, I had a premonition it would turn out this way.”

The ladies laugh at Alice’s comment. Once they are rinsed and the last of the suds flow down the drain, they turn off the shower. Catherine and Alice grab their towels and dry each other from head to toe. In the process lips lick erect nipples and hands press against squeaky clean pussies. They each wrap towels around their bodies and depart the shower building holding hands. During the short walk back to the yurt, Alice asks Catherine what she is wearing to dinner.

“I have this green lace demi-bra and crotchless panty set that Rob just adores. I have a matching sarong to go with it since Fran said we had to dress up for dinner. Although, I wouldn’t mind wearing just the bra and panties. How about you?”

“I was going to wear a sheer red blouse, but if you are willing to show your tits, then so am I. I’ll forget the blouse and just go with my floral skirt and scarf.”

Ted and I are waiting for the ladies inside. We’re ready for dinner, dressed in khakis and Hawaiian shirts, nothing outlandish. We’ll let the girls be the stars tonight. Catherine and Alice return all clean and ready to dress up. Catherine surprises me by pulling out her green demi-bra and crotchless panties from her suitcase. She shows us the green sarong that completes her outfit. She is going to raise some eyebrows tonight, and probably a few cocks as well. Alice meanwhile dresses in a floor length floral skirt and matching scarf. Ted inquires about her blouse and Alice says she can’t let Catherine be the only one going topless.

Alice pulls out a jar from her overnight bag and applies bright pink rouge to her nipples. The rouge has red sparkle dust mixed in and creates a mouthwatering effect.

Ted asks, “Alice, what is with the nipple cream?”

“Well, I just want my nipples to glow and be noticed tonight. Catherine has her huge tits and I have the sexy nipples. We’re going to be quite the pair.”

“Well, you two will definitely stand out tonight. Be careful, you don’t want to poke an eye out with those things.”

I chime in, “That won’t necessarily be a bad thing.”

We all laugh as we head out the door and make our way to the restaurant. The place is already jumping with lots of talking and drinking. The ladies fit right in as about half of the women are topless and most of the others are scantily clad or wearing see-thru tops. There is a lot of eye candy tonight and I bet a lot of hard cocks are ready to explode. I know my shaft is pushing against my trousers. I am commando this evening, so I have a nice bulge on display.

The waitstaff is all dressed in green. Just as Fran mentioned, the females are wearing green half-bras, short skirts and bow-ties. The men are decked out in green neckties and satin boxers. We are shown to a table in the middle with six chairs. I wouldn’t mind another couple joining us if the lady is topless and has big tits. Our drink orders are taken by none other than Jessica, the cutie that gave us the foça escort sunscreen at the pool.

“Well hello you all. I remember you from the pool this afternoon. I hope you didn’t get sunburned today. At least I know you ladies didn’t. You both look lovely this evening. Oh my, I love your sparkly nipples, they are so festive.”

Alice turns to Ted and sticks her tongue out.

“Wow, Jessica, you do double-duty, huh? Poolside and restaurant responsibilities?”

“I do it all. Sometimes, I even cook. But, tonight, I’m your server, so whatever you need, don’t hesitate to ask. And gentlemen, I know what you’re thinking. I leave it to your ladies to provide the blowjobs.”

The entire table erupts in laughter. Just as Jessica leaves to fulfill our drink orders, Fran walks through the front door. She surveys the room and spots our table in the middle.

“Do you mind if I join you?”

We all respond affirmative and invite her to sit down. She is wearing the official resort dress option, green half-bra, short skirt and bow-tie. I stand and pull out her chair for her.

“Why thank you sir.”

I assist Fran with her chair and look down at her golden-brown boobs overflowing her half-bra. I look over to Catherine and wink. She smiles and licks her lips. I know Catherine would love to sample Fran’s wares.

“I see the four of you found each other. Did you have a nice hike this afternoon? It was such a lovely day.”

Alice speaks up, “We did. We found Rob and Catherine out by the big pond and we watched other folks having a good time playing in the water. It was delightful. And then we invited them to see our yurt. I really think they are interested in becoming members.”

Alice smiles and shakes her boobs our way.

“Fran, I love the new outfits you chose for the staff, and you are joining in too, that’s wonderful. The bow-ties really complete the look, and I don’t think they look like Playboy bunnies at all.”

“Well, thank you Rob. And Catherine, I love your green demi-bra, you fit right in as well. The sarong is quite lovely too. I may have to add that to our dress code.”

We all admire Catherine’s green lace demi-bra that supports her tits, pushing them up and out. Just a hint of her crimson red aureoles is on display.

“So, tell me Fran, do the ladies have to wear underwear beneath their skirts? It appears that some girls may not be wearing anything. Not that I’m trying to look.”

“No, that’s an option we leave up to them. Anything they do wear has to match the green color of their uniforms. Some girls have green panties, some have thongs, and some go without.”

Jessica returns with our drinks and asks Fran if she would like a beverage. Fran declines and says she is still on the clock. The five of us place our food requests and continue talking.

I lean over to Fran and whisper,” So, what’s your preference, panties, thong or nothing at all?”

Fran looks around the room and then grabs my wrist, pulling my hand under the table. She presses my hand against her pussy, and I get my answer. It’s nothing. Fran keeps my palm pressed between her thighs and I run my fingers through her thick bush. Her pubic hair is long and soft to the touch. I glide my fingers up and down her furry cunt and then push my middle finger within her puffy folds. I feel her hot, wet inner flesh.

Fran continues to talk as if nothing is happening. Meanwhile, my fingers are roaming up and down her slit. Alice comments on how many people are dining tonight. Fran agrees and says she is pleased with the turnout. I raise my fingers slowly and contact Fran’s clitoris. I raise my eyebrows and Fran smiles. This is no ordinary clit; it is on the large size. In fact, it is on the upper end of the clitoris scale. My fingers circle her hard nub several times as her lady juice flows from her inner labia and coats my hand. I pinch her clit and that makes Fran jump in her seat. The others ask her if she is okay and she smiles and says never better.

Fran pulls my hand away and leans into me, “Better save that for tomorrow.”

I raise my hand to my mouth to lick my fingers and Catherine gives me a quizzical look. Luckily our food arrives, and I don’t have to explain myself. I’ll give her the details later tonight. In the meantime, we enjoy our meal surrounded by lots and lots of boobs, not to mention the three pair sitting at our table. Fran sits between Ted and me. We keep staring at her firm round breasts throughout our meal. She knows we are staring and just smiles.

Jessica drops by and presents us with a dessert menu. Fran whispers I my ear that she knows what she wants for dessert. While I decide what to get, I feel a hand grab my inner thigh and move slowly toward my cock. Fran is looking over her menu as well, but I know it is her hand searching for my cock. I have been semi-erect all evening surrounded by gorgeous women, but now I’m sporting a full-blown hard-on. Fran’s fingers inch closer to my cock and I squirm a bit. Catherine asks if I’m alright at the precise second that Fran torbalı escort grabs my shaft and squeezes.

“I’m good, just trying to decide on dessert. I think I’ll have the cannoli.”

“Mmm, that sounds good. I like anything with a sweet, creamy filling. How about you Fran?”

“Oh, I’ve been craving that sweet, creamy filling all night.”

Fran squeezes me harder and slides her hand along my bulge before releasing her grip. She is quite the tease. I’m about to ask Ted what he is going to order when his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets. I believe he just received the Fran special grip for dessert.

I made it through the entire dinner without cumming, so I consider that a victory. I just hope there is not a large wet spot on my slacks. Alice suggests we go sit by the pool for a while and let our food digest. I agree, let our food digest and let my cock take a breather.

Before we depart, Fran tells Catherine and me to come by her office around one o’clock tomorrow to discuss our stay and what we think of Lupin Lodge.

“You can enjoy some pool time in the morning and then grab a bite to eat before you come see me. I would love to be filled in on your stay.”

The way she emphasizes ‘filled in’ has me believing it will be more than a business interview. We leave

Fran to attend to her staff and head over to the pool. It’s a clear warm evening, however Alice and Catherine’s nipples are on high beam. I sit on a chaise lounge with Alice and Catherine is with Ted.

Catherine is the first to speak, “Are you two okay, you seemed a bit jumpy tonight.”

“Well, maybe because Fran had her hand wrapped around my cock during dessert.”

Ted’s eyes light up, “You too.”

“Well you were staring at her tits all through dinner.”

“Hey, no fair. We were staring at everyone’s tits during dinner.”

Alice whispers to me, “You can stare at my tits all you want.”

She touches her left nipple and then sticks her finger in my mouth.

“Hey, your rouge tastes like strawberry.”

“Yes, it does, care for another taste?”

I don’t hesitate and bend over to sample her pink sparkly nipple cream. I lick the erect nubbin and then suck her entire left nipple between my lips. I alternate my sucking and licking until her nipple is clean and then I attach my lips to her right nipple. The strawberry flavor is delightful. When both nipples are clean, I kiss and lick her entire breast for good measure.

“There’s more where that came from. Care to join me in my yurt?”

Meanwhile, I look over to the other chaise lounge and Catherine has her hand inside Ted’s trousers. It appears she is jacking him off. I think we better get back to the yurt before somebody turns us in for indecent exposure.

Alice and I make a move and Ted and Catherine follow our lead. As soon as we are back in the yurt, our pants drop to the floor and our cocks point to the ceiling.

“It looks like you fellas are ready for another round.”

I couldn’t agree more. Alice then explains she and Ted like to experience what they call mirrored sex. Catherine and I shrug our shoulders as Alice explains, “When Ted and I swap lovers, we like to engage in the same sex position as the other, preferably side-by-side. So, if one of us is in the missionary position, the other is too. It’s a fun game we play.”

Ted chimes in, “It satisfies our voyeuristic craving. We usually let the other couple choose the first position.”

Catherine and I both agree this might be fun.

“Okay Rob, let’s show them my favorite position of leaning over the bed and being fucked from behind.”

Catherine bends over and I remove her green sarong. She keeps her crotchless panties on. I’m about to enter her pussy when Alice interrupts us.

“No, no, no. We swap partners first. There’s a reason it’s called wife swapping.”

“Okay Ted, bring that hard cock over here and take me from behind, only this time put in my cunt. Honey, I believe Alice is waiting for you.”

The ladies stand right next to each other and bend over the bed. Alice removes her floral skirt but leaves her scarf around her neck. It’s a sexy look. I nod to Ted and he nods back. We both finger their pussies for a few minutes and discover they are wet and ready to go. I grab my shaft and Ted grabs his. We position our cocks along their slits and push in simultaneously. The yurt is filled with satisfying moans.

I watch Ted plant his feet firmly on the floor and grab Catherine’s wide hips. He pushes deep into her folds. Alice’s hot, wet gash surrounds my pole that throbs. I push and pull back with fast movements. Each time I push hard, I grind my cock deep into her pussy and flatten Alice against the mattress. Ted watches me fuck his wife and slams into Catherine repeatedly. The ladies grunt and moan each time we drive into their cunts.

After several minutes of hard sex, we change pace and slowIy withdraw our cocks and then push forward with ease. Our shafts shine with their juices. We push into their wet inner labia and they push back. I slide all the way to the hilt, buried deep inside Alice. I savor the experience. After a few more thrusts I pull completely out and slide my shaft along Alice’s ass crease. I press my shaft against her O-ring and saw back and forth, before sliding back into her cunt. Alice looks back at me and says it’s my turn to choose the next position.

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