College Experience Ch. 03

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I watched as he started shaving his ball and perineum. That was it for me. I wasn’t even touching myself and all the sudden I started spraying cum. The first 3 shots hit Tommy in the crotch and legs. It came so strong it was like I was peeing. My ass was clenched so tight I could have crushed walnuts. I groaned loudly and fell back against the wall still shooting rope after rope of cum down by our legs and feet. It was like I sprayed out all my energy and slowly slide down the shower wall to sit on my ass on the shower.

“What the fuck dude!”

My eyes were squeezed shut. My heart was racing and my breathing was erratic. On top of that, my mind was spinning. Not good, Drew! Seconds seemed like hours. My cock had finally stopped spewing cum and I felt it lower to the shower floor. The shower continued to spray away the cum on my legs and floor. I heard a chuckle…which was not what I was expecting.

I opened my eyes with hesitation. I was looking at Tommy’s feet. His muscular legs and feet stood before me. I slowly drew my eyes upward, above his knees to his well-developed quads. His legs were glistening with water and were smooth and roped with muscle. As I continued drinking him in, my eyes fell upon his crotch.

I burst out laughing. One of his balls was completely shaven clean, the other covered in hair. My cum was dripping from his balls and coaRyan his still hard cock, as well as his remaining pubic hair. I laughed because I thought it looked funny. When I looked up at Tommy’s face he was shaking his head with a dumb-ass grin on his face.

“I can’t believe you came all over me you pig!” he exclaimed. “Look at me, I have your jizz all over me!”

Tommy’s voice was higher pitched than normal and I could tell he was in disbelief. I, too, was surprised.

“Dude, get your shit off my body…I mean it Drew!”

I laughed nervously and ended up snorting. What a basket case I was.

“I am serious, Dude” he said with some amusement in his voice.

He reached out a hand and I tentatively grabbed it. Tommy pulled me up with such force that I actually fell up into him. His dick smeared cum across my stomach. My cum from my dick was covering his crotch. I sheepishly apologized, stepping back from him and bumping into the back of the shower.

“Sorry Tommy, I don’t know what happened,” I blurted out. “That has never happened before.”

“Bullshit, Drew, I’ve heard you and Ryan tossing off at night when you think I am asleep. You two are always blowing your nut.”

“I’m sorry, I mean…I don’t….ohhh crap.” I was at a loss for words.

Tommy pointed down at his crotch and stated again, “Get your juice off me, please.”

I knew he was serious but didn’t know how he wanted me to do it. He thought I didn’t believe him. “Drew, seriously…I don’t want your cum all over me and I don’t want to clean it off me. Get over here and wash it off me,” he said a bit more sternly…but he still had a playful tone in his voice.

I turned to the soap dispenser and filled a hand with liquid soap. I turned back towards Tommy and tentatively walked closer to him. I looked up into his eyes and slowly rubbed my hands together, lathering up the soap. I reached toward him, while still locking eyes with him. When my hand brushed against his balls, Tommy slowly closed his eyes and tilted his head back. His mouth opened slightly and I could hear a slow oust of breath. I stepped closer and kept my eyes on his face, while I gently kneaded his basket.

Tommy whispered slowly to me, “make sure you get all of it.”

I reached up with one hand and enclosed it around his still hard cock, slowly riding it up his cock. My hand barely made it around his cock. I went up to his ridge and paused and slowly started the journey down. My other hand was wrapped around his balls, slowly lathering up his ball and remaining pubes. Tommy was hard as a rock and my cock rose quickly, too.

I was only inches from his body and my dick came up under his balls. Instinct took over and I pushed my hips toward Tommy to increase the sensation on my cock. I added some soap to my dick and balls. I reached up to grab one of Tommy’s hands which were resting by his hips. I slowly pulled it toward our crotches, but Tommy pulled away.

“No,” he whispered as he drew his hand away.

I stopped completely not knowing if I should go further. Drew pulled back from me and my heart sunk in my chest. When he inched forward again I was elated. I continued cleaning his cock and balls, all the while looking at Tommy’s face. His cheeks flushed and he bit down on his tongue a bit. I heard a deep rumble in his throat. When I came back up to the top of his cock I could tell he was oozing precum.

I inched my way down his shaft feeling the veins pulse along the way. I started kneeling down in front of Tommy and soaped up his legs. I went all the way down to his ankles and bent my head down, too. I could feel his cock rub in the hair on my head. I could smell the musky scent of my cum gaziantep escort and probably his precum. I lifted my head up and the tip of his cock started running down the center of my forehead. I felt it on the bridge of my nose and slowly opened up my mouth.

Tommy pulled back sharply and rubbed his crotch. He asked me to finish shaving him, since I was down there anyway. He handed me the razor and I sprayed more shaving cream in my hands. I coated his balls and upper thighs. With nimble but careful swipes with the razor, I cleaned a swath of clear skin across his inner thigh, while cupping his nuts in my hand. Pulling on his shaft to stretch his balls taut, I carefully removed every last vestige of hair from those cum filled sacs.

I grabbed his shaft again and it trembled in my hand. I saw some errant hairs on the shaft itself and slowly drove the razor blade to the tip, removing hair, soap and precum together. I used extreme caution as his veins were pulsating as his blood flowed to grow his erection to its full 7″.

I pulled his cock down away from his body and I hear a sharp intake of breath. I took the razor and removed his treasure trail, from his navel down. I asked him how much more he wanted removed and he gasped, “All of it.”

I added more shaving cream and slowly stroked his cock toward my face. I silently slid the razor over the remaining pubes surrounding his cock. His cock was absolutely dripping precum at this point and pulsing in my hand. As I wiped the excess foam from his jerking shaft, it looked so clean and luscious, I just wanted to fall upon it and devour every delectable inch. But that would have changed our relationship forever.

I asked Tommy to turn around and bend over. He did so and pulled his cheeks apart again, showing me his tight hole. I looked lower and put more shaving cream above his balls, spreading it over his perineum and around his puckered anus. As I shaved the last pubic hair from his body, Tommy moaned. He slowly stood back up and rinsed off all remaining soap, shaving cream and stray hairs from his body. His cock was pressed up to tight against his body that his cockhead was resting in his navel. He looked even bigger than before.

I reached up for his cock again, but he drew back and wrapped his own hands around it. He started pumping it harder and harder, thrusting his hips back and forth. His balls were swinging back and forth and suddenly, he turned away from me toward the shower wall and groaned, shooting 5 solid ropes of cum on the wall. The last ejaculation was followed by a deep grunt. Tommy’s ass was clenched tight.

My cock was on fire and I stood next to him. I reached down and stroked myself with my right hand and rubbed my nuts with my free hand. My shaft was already pulsing. I didn’t last more than 15 seconds when it felt like the head of my dick exploded like dynamite. My legs felt weak and my balls pulled up toward my body as I blasted on the wall next to Tommy. Again, my load sprayed from me in streams. I normally cum in great quantity, but I must have a hollow leg or something…because it looked like I drained over a pint of Drew batter on the wall.

“Christ Drew, you cum like a horse” Tommy exclaimed. I smiled. This was great. I thought to myself…I was falling for Tommy. We were great friends. We were great roommates. I wanted more and was beginning to think he did, too.

“This is kinda gay. We shouldn’t do this again,” Tommy said in a flat voice. He shut off the shower and walked out, wrapping a towel around his waist. I stood in the shower alone. I was overwhelmed and could hear the silence screaming in my ears. It got loader and loader. I wanted to throw up.

I stood in the shower for a long time. I don’t know if I was cold or if it was nerves (or both), but I started shaking. I couldn’t move for what seemed like hours. When I heard the outer gym door slam shut, I was jarred awake. I was trembling. My knees didn’t seem to be working and I shuffled toward my clothes. I didn’t even bother drying off, I just wanted to get out of there. I pulled on my jeans and put on my sock and shoes. When I put on my shirt I saw my boxers on the floor. I was sick to my stomach and grabbed my boxers and threw them in a garbage can. I chocked back my tears and headed for the exit. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was late, but I didn’t want to go home.

I walked outside into the early spring air. I was windy and damp and it tore right through me. I refused to go back to my dorm and just started to walk. I mindlessly walked between buildings and found refuge from the cold in the library. I walked to a back study room on the forth floor and pulled the door behind me. I squatted down by a heating vent in the corner and closed my eyes. It would be seven hours later before I work up.


I awoke with a start. Where the hell was I? I climbed up on my haunches and looked about. I soon realized I was laying on the floor of a library study room. My neck and back were killing me. I looked down at my watch and it said 7:30. Crap, I had a class at 8am and we had an exam. I raced from the library and headed toward my room. I didn’t know what I was going to say to Tommy. Campus was already waking up and there was quite a bit of foot traffic already.

I felt like crap and looked even worse. I had even woken up with drool on my face. I made to my building and opened the front door with great trepidation. I made it up the stairs and walked down the hall to my door. I gulped, turned the knob and pushed the door open. I walked in the room. It was dead quiet. I walked over to my closet and stripped quickly. I threw on my rope, grabbed my towel and toiletries and headed for the bathroom.

The bathroom was busy with activity and I headed to an open showerhead after leaving my things in a cubby. I rinsed with cold water and was surprised to feel the lack of hair on my body. I was suddenly self conscious and looked around. Just the normal dorm mates in there, minding their own business. I washed quickly, dried off and went back to my room. I dressed quickly, deciding I didn’t want to spend too much time in the room. I grabbed my book bag and headed for the door. I looked up at Tommy’s bed and it was empty. I saw Ryan’s foot hanging out of his bed and snuck out the room. I sprinted across campus and got into class just as the prof was handing out the test. My concentration luckily shifted to the task at hand and I had a reprieve for 90 minutes…not having to think about the night before.

The day progressed with two more classes, with lunch squeezed in between. I had small talk with a number of friends throughout the day. My stomach started doing flip-flops as the clock neared 3pm — swim practice. I delayed as much as possible and ended up getting there late, about 3:30pm. I changed into my jammers and headed out to the pool area. The team was in the water finishing warm-ups. I looked in lane 4 (this is the lane Tommy swam in). With a quick scan, I couldn’t find Tommy. As I was coming up near the head of the pool, the coach hollered my name. I turned and walked toward him.

“Locker room, now!” He was pissed. I followed him inside and he walked straight back to his office. We walked right back to the scene of the crime from the night before. Coach turned and looked at me. He asked, “did you forget to clean up your mess, Drew?”

I nodded my head and he said, “clean it up and come see me when you are done.” His shower floor was sprinkled with hair shavings. The floor drain had a collection of pubic hair that looked like a tumbleweed. The razor and shaving can were on the back seat. I reached down and pulled the hair clump off the drain and threw it away.

I turned on the shower and used the head to direct water to wash the remaining hair down the drain. I put away the shaving material and was about to turn off the water when I saw the wall. There were definitely cum trails on the wall. I turned the water hotter and grabbed a nearby rag. With a little elbow grease I cleaned off the wall and mad sure the shower was sparkling clean. After shutting things off I headed into coaches office.

He was changing into street clothes. I had seen the coach changing before, but never this up close. He was in his mid-40’s and was covered in hair. A regular bear. He maintained a trim body by swimming with the team regularly. He was pulling up his briefs as I walked into the room and I got an eye-full. I was half his age, but could feel a stirring in my groin. Coached looked up at me and continued dressing.

When he finished he asked, “did you get it all cleaned up?” I nodded my head. He then when on to lecture me on responsibility and respect. My boner went away quickly. He went on and on, but was decent to me. He sent me to the showers and told me to come back tomorrow.

I walked to my locker and stripped down. I headed to the general shower area and stood under the spray for a while. It felt good and I started to think about Tommy again. My cock was starting to get a bit heavy again when I heard coach walk into the shower area.

“Just so you know, I have my office wired for video. I saw you and Tommy on it last night, that is how I know it was you. I don’t give a rat’s ass what you two were doing in there together. Just be safe and clean up after yourselves.”

Again, I didn’t say a word and simply nodded my head.

“I sent Tommy packing earlier. I want both of you here at 6am tomorrow morning to make up for the mess and for being late. You will be swimming sprints for an hour.”

I walked back to my dorm. I was dead tired and emotionally drained. Tommy was nowhere to be seen. Ryan was gone, too. I sat on the couch and closed my eyes.

I was woken up by the door slamming some time later. I looked up and saw Ryan coming in the room. He shook his head at me and asked where Tommy and I had been last night. I didn’t think it was too much a lie to say I pulled an all-nighter at the library to prepare for my calculus test. I told Ryan I didn’t know where Tommy was.

Ryan and I went to eat then headed back to the room. I wasn’t in the mood to study so I took off my clothes down to my boxers and curled back on the coach. Ryan did the same and pulled a blanket over us. He was staring at my chest and asked me when I shaved it. I told him I had done it in practice yesterday and he smiled like a Cheshire cat, asking exactly how much I had taken off. I started to laugh it off, but felt Ryan’s hand run up and down my legs feeling my bare legs. When he got to my boxers, he grabbed the bottom hem and slowly started inching them off. Before I lost my shorts and got hard and I told Ryan we should stop this.

Ryan ripped off the covers and looked at my crotch. My boxers were down past my pubic hair and the base of my cock was in view. I lifted my legs up and swung them over the side of the couch and started to stand up. My boxers were already drooping down a bit, by Ryan grabbed them quickly from behind and pulled them down so my bare ass was in full view. I stepped forward a bit to get out of his grasp and bent down to pick up my shorts. Ryan got a first hand look at my exposed ass and my pucker before I covered myself with my shorts.

“I liked your ass better with hair, but now I can see your hole,” he said with a sigh. “So sexy!”

“Jesus, Ryan,” I responded. I never said no or leave me alone though.

My face burned red. I climbed my ladder to my loft and climbed into bed. I lay on my stomach and closed my eyes. I heard Ryan get up and turn off the TV and the lights. I kept my eyes closed and wondered how long it would have to wait until Ryan fell asleep so I could toss a load quick. I suddenly felt a hand on my lower leg and saw Ryan in the darkness climbing into my loft. I didn’t say a word. I slowly spread my legs open, giving Ryan a place to sit. I turned my head back forward and closed my eyes.

Ryan slowly crept up my bed and reached forward and started massaging my shoulders and upper back. It felt great.

“You are tense, Drew. Relax.” He kneaded and rubbed and pressed on my back. All the tension of the last day started slipping away. Ryan slowly ran one of his hands down over my ass cheek and down my leg and back again, then returned to my lower back. I shivered slightly and could feel my penis responding.

Ryan massaged my lower back, edging slowly towards my ass. Every time he neared it, I tensed slightly and his hands would slide up my back again. He edged down again, but this time he didn’t go back up. His thumbs made it to the top of my boxers. He curled his fingers under the waistband of my boxers and retreated. He traced his hands over my boxers, down my crack. My ass responded and clenched down on his fingers. I thought about ending this, but my dick was feeling wonderful.

He moved his hands over my ass cheeks, gently kneading each cheek. He went lower on my leg, down to my ankle then started up again. When he got the bottom of my boxers, he slowly pulled them down…and I let him. I could feel the cool air on my ass, but I was so hot with desire it felt great. Ryan slowly drug my boxers down my legs and off my body.

I was tense again, but this time it was sexual nervousness. Ryan started at my shoulders again and I slowly started to relax. He kept it up and I started to respond to his caress. I must have unconsciously spread my legs further apart. This time when Ryan got to my ass, it was bare skin-on-skin contact. And it felt good. He massaged and kneaded my cheeks, pushing them together and slightly pulling them apart. I could feel Ryan’s breathe heavy on my lower back and ass. Slowly he pulled my cheeks wide apart and I was instantly hard.

My cock was trapped underneath me and pushed my hips up toward Ryan to adjust my cock in the front. At the same time I felt him blowing warm air on my ass and directly on my hole. He ran his fingers up and down my checks. I kept on raising my hips up and down on the bed, slowly humping my cock into the mattress. Ryan ran a finger slowly down my crack as he want back down my legs. I moaned loudly.

Ryan continued down my legs, giving me a break. I was beginning to think he’d given up on my ass when grabbed me by the hips and turned me over. I rolled over and my cock was pointing at the ceiling. Ryan drank in my body and smiled down at me. He was still in his boxers, which were bulging greatly.

He started rubbing my shoulders, then went down to my chest. He blew on my nipples a few times before slowly running his thumbs across them. He pinched them lightly, and when I groaned and he pinched them harder. My cock bobbed up and down on my stomach and started pulsing. Ryan started running his hands over my stomach, and my cock continued to enjoy his touch.

Ryan ran his hands along my hips and down my legs, running his face close to my groin. I felt his hot breath on my cock and balls. He went further down to my feet and ankles, then back up my legs. He was slowly massaging my hips, his hands inches away from my crotch. I wanted his hand on my cock so bad. I opened my eyes and looked straight into his. He smiled.

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