Craig and The Girl Next Door

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Craig sat down heavily in his computer chair after a hard week at school and shook his mouse. He worked on the computer hardly pay attention to anything until noticed something move outside his window. He glanced up to she his next door neighbor, Abbie, (the girl he had lusted after since he was little) walk into her room. She seems unaware of the open drapes as she walked passed the window, clad in a short robe just out of the shower. The rope wasn’t tied so her perfect breasts and pussy. As he watched her move around her room he unconsciously stuffed his hand in his shorts and pulled out his cock and began to slowly masturbate. As he did she smiled, seeing him and walked to her window, slowly rubbing her breast slowly tugging on her nipple. After a minute to his surprise she motioned for him to come over. He stood dressing and nearly ran next door. Before he could knock Abbie opened door, still in the robe that was now barely tied.

She didn’t say anything as she pulled him inside and up to her room. If he had been surprised when she had motioned for him to come over, he was even more surprised when she turned to him and kissed him.

He sarıyer escort was taken aback when she did and then a voice in his head said, “Make love to the girl….”

Who was he to argue? He took her in his arms, sliding one arm under her robe and around her as he passionately kissed her. She smiled at him and kissed him as he untied her robe. She pushed his shirt off as walked toward her bed. She shrugs her robe off, as she sits on the edge of the bed passionately kissing Craig. He pushed her over on the bed and sat next to her bending over to kiss her. As he did he began to explore her body….first massaging her tits then down toward her pussy. First he teased her pussy’s lips before sliding three fingers inside her.

As he does, she arches her back moaning as she begs, “Oh fuck….don’t stop…”

He continued to kiss her as he fingered her faster and faster.

She sits up, shuddering as she kisses him and starts the tear at his shorts as she pleads, “Fuck me….please….I can’t stand it….” Just as Abbie speaks she moans suddenly louder, collapsing on the bed as he felt her sefaköy escort explode with cum, “Fuck me…I can’t wait…”

Craig stood over her, taking off his shorts, revealing his rock hard cock aching to bury itself in her. He over kissing her hard and said, “Ride me….?”

She smiled sitting up as she pulled him on the bed and pushed him over. She straddled his legs, lifting herself above his waiting cock and slowly dropped down on him. They both let out a moan as Craig’s cock filled her. She slowly started slide up and down his cock. Abbie was nothing like he had ever felt before, and put his hands on her ass to guide her along his cock, to fuck her faster and harder. The room filled with the sound of flesh slapping against flesh and the moans of two people savagely fucking each other. Craig sat up, as she continued to fuck him, he kissed her before beginning kissing tender breasts. Feeling his lips touch her tits she moans suddenly much louder as she arches her back. She is suddenly hardly able to support herself as spasms rip through her body. Craig puts his arms around her back, supporting şerifali escort her for a moment before he rolls over, never pulling out of her. Now on top of her he continues his assault on her pussy and breasts.

He suddenly pushed deeper inside her, as he straightened groaning as he said, “Oh fuck…..I’m going to cum…!”

Abbie sat up, throwing her arms around him as she kissed him hard before she said, “Cum in me please baby…”

As she spoke she spoke he filled her with his load. Upon feeling him cum in her Abbie let out a scream as she was rocked by her second orgasm. He bent over, as he slide out her, his cock now drained after fucking her, and gave her a long kiss. As he straightened up she touched his chest and asked, “Lick me out…?”

He shook his head as he knelt down between her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. After second time of nearly kissing her pussy she sat up in protest, “Don’t tease me so..!”

At this he focused her pussy and plunged his tongue deep inside her. She gasped, falling back in the bed, unable to speak as he drank up the cum from inside her. She began to moan, massaging her tits as she pressed her pussy against him. Just as he had licked Abbie dry she spasmed and came for him for the third time. He drank her cum like it was the sweetest wine, before slowly kissing his way up her body. As he kissed her lips, he lay next to her pulling her close. They were both soon asleep, wrapped around each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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