Cult of Smiley

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The day started out reasonably normal for Gabe. He woke up, drank some coffee, took a hot shower, and then drove to work. Gabe worked as an assistant manager at Fount Fitness. It was an upscale fitness center that promised top-of-the-line equipment and a home-gym feel. One of their biggest draws was a two-story climbing room in the back of the building. Gabe was planning a week-long trip out west with his climbing buddies in July, so he was eager to hit the wall once the reception desk’s busywork was finished.

Tony and Sean walked through the front door at eight-thirty sharp and headed for the free-weights. They were so consistent with their arrival, Gabe greeted them without looking up. He was browsing through the gym emails to see if he needed to respond to anything before he sneaked off to climb. Mornings were usually dull in that area of the city. Members poured in after lunch.

Gabe had just finished sending his last email when the front door chimed, alerting him of a new arrival. He sighed as he looked up to see if his workout was about to be delayed. He was surprised to see the cute blonde he had been crushing on. She usually never came in before two o’clock. She wasn’t dressed for a workout. She was wearing a short white skirt that hugged her bottom and thighs perfectly. Her frilly white blouse was low cut in the front, revealing perky cleavage. Her long blond hair was carelessly draped over her shoulder. She had a nervous look on her face and a ceramic garden gnome tucked under her arm.

As she approached, Gabe was about to greet her like usual, but as soon as he opened his mouth to speak, she threw up a hand and shushed him. He raised an eyebrow at her as she put her slender finger over her red lips and smiled at him mischievously. He automatically smiled back. The look she was giving him made him feel warm. Claire was apparently in a flirtatious mood that morning. She sauntered up to the desk and placed the little garden gnome on the counter, facing Gabe. He smiled at its evil grin and pointy red hat. Then he gave Claire a questioning gaze. She chewed her lip as she stared at him. She reached over the counter, retrieved a sticky note and a pen from the desk, and proceeded to write a note. Then she handed it to Gabe.

“Don’t speak. Would you like to play with me?” he read.

He gulped and looked at her again, suddenly feeling very warm. She gave him an embarrassed smile as she searched his eyes. He glanced across the room at Tony and Sean. They were preoccupied with their workouts. At that point, a man stepped through the front door and smiled at Gabe. He wasn’t a regular customer. He had highlighted brown hair and lightly tanned skin, and he was wearing a button-down white shirt with formal black slacks. He gave Gabe a friendly wave, then he leaned against the door with his arms crossed. Claire glanced back at the man for a moment, then she took the note and wrote more on it before she gave it back to Gabe.

“That’s Jason. He’s a friend from work. He’ll watch the front while we play,” he read.

Gabe felt strange as he considered the predicament. He definitely wanted to play with Claire, but he was supposed to be watching the gym. Tony and Sean’s presence eased his anxiety. They would step up if they noticed anything bad happening. No money was kept at the desk since everything was prepaid online. The man by the door didn’t seem like the type that could steal a five hundred pound elliptical machine alone. So, he gulped, looked into Claire’s bright blue eyes, and nodded.

She gave him an excited smile as she walked behind the desk and took his hand. She motioned for him to stay silent by touching her lips with her finger again. He nodded as she led him away from the front and into the back hall. They entered the men’s showers and turned on the light. There was a row of six open showers down the middle of the room separated by cushioned benches. Gabe was surprised when she tugged him over to the middle of the room and pushed him down flat on his back on a bench.

Gabe’s heart was pounding, and his skin felt hot as he watched the beautiful blonde pull his shorts and underwear down off his hips, allowing his erection to spring forth. He shuddered with excitement as she wrapped her fingers around his cock and stroked it, exploring his girth. Then she released him and straightened up. He watched as she grabbed the bottom of her white skirt and pulled it up off her luscious thighs, letting it bunch up around her hips. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. Gabe’s cock ached with want at the sight of the neatly trimmed blond hair on her mound and the outline of her swollen lips below. She smiled at him as she unbuttoned her blouse. She opened it a second later, allowing her beautiful breasts to hang out. Then she stepped over the bench and straddled his thighs.

Gabe was aching with excitement and arousal as Claire’s pink pussy hovered over his engorged cock. The morning had suddenly turned into a dirty fantasy. Anadolu Yakası Escort He was shaking with anticipation as she reached down and adjusted his meat against her wet opening. She hummed with pleasure as she stroked his tip through her abundance of slippery arousal. He let out a soft groan as he enjoyed the erotic touch. Then she began to sink down on his meat. He watched as his cock disappeared into her wet pussy, encasing his throbbing shaft in her hot warmth. She groaned as he opened her up deep inside. She relaxed as her thighs came to rest on top of his hips.

Gabe gulped as he watched the pleasure on her face as she rested on his cock. Then she smiled and began rocking her hips. He shuddered as the slight movement stimulated his over-excited body. She reached up and squeezed her plump tits as she rocked on his cock, often grinding her clit against his mound.

Pure, delicious heat crept across Gabe’s skin as he watched her enjoy herself. He ran his hands over her soft thighs and squeezed the inviting flesh. She smiled as she reached down and began swirling her clit. She used her legs to gently slide up and down on his cock as she worked her fingers against her most sensitive skin.

Gabe chewed his lip as he watched her eyelids grow heavy with pleasure. She seemed intent on pleasuring herself first, and he was eager to assist her. He could endure the gentle stimulation for many minutes in spite of his extreme arousal. Suddenly, Gabe noticed movement out of the corner of his eye. He glanced at the door to see the little ceramic garden gnome standing in the doorway. Its sinister grin was disconcerting, but he shrugged it off. He didn’t care how it got there at that moment. He was too busy enjoying Claire’s dripping hot cunt.

Claire laid down on him and caught his mouth for a kiss. She tasted like sweet peppermint. She explored his mouth with her tongue before she drew away and offered him her tits. He eagerly pulled her right nipple into his mouth and sucked it before moving to her left nipple. He reached up and massaged the plump flesh as he gently thrust his hips, causing her to gasp. She sat up after that and shook her finger at him. She didn’t want him to thrust yet. He smiled in amusement as his body tingled madly. He was getting too hot. His cock was flexing inside her tight cunt, eager to explode.

She sensed how close he was and held still for a moment. She continued to massage her clit as she gazed at his half-lidded eyes. She began rocking again a few seconds later. He reached up and squeezed her tits as her breathing grew more excited. She eventually placed her hands on his stomach and began bouncing on his cock. He shuddered and groaned as she massaged his throbbing meat. Her tight pussy was begging him to cum. A rush of tingles hit him a second later, and he tensed. He squeezed her tits and gasped as his cum exploded inside her. He shuddered and twitched as she worked him through the scorching waves. She groaned and began massaging her clit again. The messy explosion in her pussy helped her reach orgasm. She gasped and tensed as her bouncing became grinding. Gabe could feel her body clutching his cock as she twitched and panted. She smiled as the powerful kicks kept working through her cunt. She eventually moaned in satisfaction and laid down on his chest to rest. Their hearts were pounding against each other as a light layer of sweat appeared on their skin.

Gabe was preparing to thank Claire for what she did, but she reached up and held her finger against his lips, prompting him to stay silent. It was like she knew what he was planning. She raised her head and smiled at his confused expression. Then she touched her red lips again, reminding him that she didn’t want him to speak. He nodded in confusion as she slowly climbed off of him. His soaked cock fell against his stomach after sliding out of her hot cunt.

Claire reached down and tugged at his shirt, prompting him to sit up and remove it. She made the same gesture for his shorts. She watched as he stood and stripped. Then she pushed him back down on the bench and made him lie down again. He watched as she leaned over him and pulled his cock into her mouth. His body twitched in spite of being recently satisfied. She worked her mouth and tongue against his shaft until he was extremely hard again. She smiled in approval before she straightened up and pointed at him, gesturing for him to stay where he was. He nodded. Then he watched as she sauntered out of the shower room. She blew a kiss to the garden gnome as she stepped over him.

Gabe stared at the gnome as it stared back. He flinched when he thought he saw it wink at him. A few seconds later, Claire’s alluring half-naked body appeared in the doorway again. She strolled into the shower room with Tony, Sean, and Jason behind her. Tony and Sean looked dazed as they stared dreamily at Claire. Jason was smiling proudly as he stood behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders. Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan He put his mouth against her ear and whispered something that made her eyes widen. Then she took a deep breath and reluctantly nodded. Jason smiled like a devil as he gently pushed Claire towards Gabe again. He motioned for Tony and Sean to stand behind him.

Claire looked nervous as she straddled Gabe’s thighs. He gulped as she picked up his cock and rubbed his tip against her slippery cunt. She smiled as she sank down onto him again. He could feel her pussy tighten with enjoyment. She laid down on his chest and relaxed as Jason stepped up behind her. Gabe could see him over Claire’s shoulder. Jason pulled a little tube of lubricant out of his front pocket and applied a hefty blob to his finger. Then he began massaging it into Claire. Gabe felt her tense as Jason worked his finger into her anus, gently loosening her tight opening. Then he withdrew his hand and put the lube back in his pocket. Gabe watched as Jason unzipped his pants and pulled his erection free. He stroked it a few times before he knelt on the bench.

Claire held Gabe’s arms for support as Jason pressed his tip against her ass. Gabe’s cock was buried deep in her cunt, and he could feel most of what was happening. He could also see it on her beautiful face. Claire’s body tensed as Jason worked his tip harder against her tight hole. She gasped when her body gave way, and he slipped inside her. Gabe felt more pressure on his cock as Jason’s cock sank deeper into Claire’s ass. She was panting with pleasure as she pinched his arms with her fingernails. Gape was tingling as he felt what was happening. Jason was smiling as he began thrusting into Claire. She gasped and whimpered from the incredible stimulation. Gabe groaned as the movement stimulated his aching cock. He squirmed under Claire and gently rocked his hips against Jason’s thrusting. Claire looked at him and shook her head in disapproval, making him stop. He sighed and shuddered as Jason’s stroking continued to move Claire on his cock.

Jason stopped a few seconds later and pulled out of Claire. Gabe was confused when he felt his legs being hoisted onto the bench. He understood what was happening when he felt Jason sit on his thighs and push his cock against Claire’s stuffed pussy. Gabe gulped as he looked at Claire’s face. She was panting and chewing her lip as Jason pushed harder and harder against her already occupied cunt. He was slowly forcing his cock inside of her over top of Gabe’s cock. Gabe had mixed feelings about double fucking a pussy with a stranger, but Claire seemed to trust him. That was good enough for him. He was also way too horny to back out at that point.

Claire groaned and squirmed as Jason’s cock slid deeper inside her over top of Gabe’s cock, stretching her pussy to its limits. Gabe’s body was twitching from the incredible pressure. Jason groaned softly as he held still for a moment, letting them all adjust to the pressure. Claire held tight to Gabe’s arms as Jason began fucking her over-stuffed hole. She opened her mouth and gasped noisily with every thrust. Gabe could tell she was enjoying it, and he was extremely hot from it as well. The friction was almost unbearable.

Jason was smiling and twitching as he squeezed Claire’s ass and quickly worked himself to orgasm. He groaned and pushed deep inside her with his body throbbing. She gasped and tensed with orgasm when she felt the heat of his cum exploding inside her. Her pussy trembled again and again with satisfaction. It was maddening to be cumming with so much pressure in her cunt. Gabe felt what was happening, and it shattered what was left of his stamina. His body tensed, and he groaned as he added to the hot mess inside of Claire. It quickly came oozing out of her since there was little room left in her cunt. Gabe’s heart was pounding as his cock continued to twitch for many more seconds. He could feel Clair’s heart hammering against his.

Jason chuckled as he slid out of Claire. She moaned in relief to only have one cock inside her again. Jason stepped around the bench and leaned down to whisper in Claire’s ear. She smiled and nodded at his new instructions. Then he turned to Tony and Sean and tugged at his own shirt, pulling their attention to it. He quickly removed it and tossed it to the floor, prompting the other men to do the same.

Meanwhile, Claire took a deep breath and climbed off of Gabe’s spent cock. He was surprised when she leaned down and began sucking him again, encouraging him to stay stiff. He moaned as he enjoyed her hot mouth. It was almost as luxurious as her cunt. Once she was happy with his stiffness, she turned her back to him and straddled his cock again. He watched in surprise as she began working his tip into her anus. His heart began pounding as she worked her tight hole around him. She groaned as she slowly slid down his shaft. The hot pressure was almost as good as Escort Anadolu Yakası her cunt, but it didn’t feel as slippery and welcoming as her pussy.

Claire was panting as she tried to relax on his cock. She carefully lowered herself backward against Gabe’s chest. Then she picked up his hands and guided them to her tits. She squirmed on his cock as he massaged her breasts. The other men were naked and ready to do their parts as they stepped over to the bench. Jason directed Tony between Claire’s legs since he had the thickest cock. Sean took his place over top of Gabe’s and Claire’s heads. Jason smiled as he carefully straddled Claire’s stomach and laid his cock between her blushing tits. Claire was trembling with excitement as Jason squeezed her tits around his cock. Jason glanced over his shoulder and nodded to Tony, prompting him to press his swollen tip into Claire’s soaked pussy. She groaned when he thrust inside her. Gabe could feel the penetration against his shaft, and it made his cock flex with excitement.

Claire took a deep breath and reached for Sean’s cock, using it to pull him closer. Gabe watched over her shoulder as she guided his cock into her mouth and tasted the excitement that was glistening on his tip. An instant later, everyone began pumping their cocks into her various holes. Gabe somehow knew when to start fucking her. It was like they were all working together subconsciously. He held her sides to keep her steady as Tony rammed his hard flesh into her pussy. Jason was smiling as he feverishly fucked her tits. Sean was panting as he worked his meat deep into her eager throat. He would back off and let her suck his tip so she could breathe, then she would eagerly pull him back into her throat.

Gabe was sweating and trembling as he worked his cock into her tight ass. He could feel Tony’s cock plowing into her cunt, encouraging more cum to drip down her crack. Gabe was enjoying his view of her tits and mouth being fucked. Jason’s eyes were half-lidded as he smashed her soft flesh around his aching shaft. Claire was groaning and squirming as she enjoyed the incredible fucking.

She was getting addicted to the overwhelming excitement of having three men pleasuring their cocks inside her, and Jason added to the excitement by fucking her tits. She could feel his feverish excitement growing even as the other men jarred her body with their thrusts. She quickly pushed Sean out of her mouth and looked down at her tits. She helped Jason squeeze them as his tip pumped through the soft flesh, peeking out for an instant before disappearing again. Claire smiled, opened her mouth, and stuck out her tongue. Jason lost it at that point. He gasped and squeezed her tits extra hard as his shaft jumped with orgasm. He gently rocked between her tits as spasms forced his cum to burst out on her chest and into her mouth. She swallowed what he gave her before she lay back and pulled Sean’s cock back into her mouth.

Jason smiled as he continued massaging his cock between her tits. Claire reached down and patted Gabe’s thigh, and he knew exactly what it meant. He grabbed her arms and restrained them against her sides as he began fucking her feverishly fast. The other men took their cues from Gabe and began fucking her wildly. Jason massaged her bouncing tits as he felt her body tense with orgasm. Her eyes rolled back as she twitched and shuddered from the shocking waves working through her cunt. The men continued their pounding as her body relaxed, but she tensed again a few seconds later. Sean pulled his cock out of her mouth so she could gasp and cry out. She was smiling and twitching as she fought the breath-stealing pleasure.

Sean was too horny to spectate for long. He quickly guided his cock back to Claire’s mouth, and she eagerly sucked him again. Jason was getting hot as he felt Claire cringing with another orgasm. He began massaging his cock between her tits again as the other men exhausted their lust.

Claire was almost constantly twitching with muscle spasms as four cocks continued to vigorously massage her. Her addiction was being satisfied as she dripped with sweat and cum. She had never felt so wonderfully hot, and she was about to get hotter as the men began tensing. There was a collection of gasps and groans as bodies twitched and cocks jumped. Claire’s eyes rolled back with a powerful orgasm as a flood of cum pumped into her body. She sucked on Sean as he spilled a load of saltiness into her mouth. Gabe was panting in her ear as his cock spit a flood of cum into her ass. Tony was squeezing her thighs and trembling as he drenched her cunt, and Jason was smiling as he pumped another load onto her tits. She could feel it dripping hot onto her chest and neck.

“Very good, Claire,” Jason sighed as he continued to stroke his cock over her tits. He was admiring the puddle of cum that had collected at the base of her throat. “You are fully inducted into the Cult of Smiley and christened as my second. You easily seduced Gabe without a spoken word and rode his cock to exhaustion. Your powers of seduction, your need for fucking, and your need for cum are unmatched,” he explained as he reached for her hand and helped her sit up on Gabe’s cock. “With Smiley’s guidance, we’ll exhaust this city before the year is out,” he whispered with a smile.

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