Daddy, Demon, Master

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Steve was 18 years old and his parents had left for the weekend. Steve was a senior in high school and had been masturbating to gay porn since he had discovered it at 15 years of age. He knew he was submissive and wanted to have the experience of an older dominant male directing him in the ways of manly love.

Steve had contacted a dominant male in his 40s named Phil. Phil had been giving Steve Jack off instructions for several weeks and Steve and Phil were dying to meet each other.

In preparation for Master Phil’s visit tonight, Steve had cleaned himself out good with his parent’s enema hose in the shower. Steve loved that feeling of getting filled up then spraying it back out as he jacked on his never softening 18 year old cock. Steve was nervous as the door bell rang and Steve let Master Phil in.

Phil was a commanding presence with salt and pepper hair and very fit and muscular. Phil grabbed Steve’s head in his hands and began to kiss him stabbing his tongue deep into his mouth. Phil broke away long enough to pick Steve up like he was a bride and asked him the direction to his parents’ bedroom. Phil told Steve it was only right to fuck him there since he was going to be the new Daddy to Steve.

Phil carried Steve up the staircase like was nothing and Steve admired Phil’s strength. Phil threw Steve onto the bed and told him to strip. Steve did and Phil told him to roll around in different positions as he inspected him. Phil told Steve to go and get a glass of water for him. Steve ran in the bathroom and returned quickly with the glass of water. Phil pulled out a blue pill from his pocket and popped it into his mouth and swallowed it down with a swallow of water. Phil produced 2 green looking capsules and gave them to Steve and told him to swallow them as they would help with any inhibitions Steve might have.

Phil also pulled out a small brown bottle of poppers and told Steve to take several deep whiffs and hold the last one as long as he could. Steve did and felt the warm rush of the poppers kick in and then his head exploded so hard he was almost escort ataköy blinded! He felt incredibly horny!

“On your knees. That’s where you belong.” Master Phil told Steve.

“This is the deal,” said Phil. “I’m looking for a cocksucker and a bottom who can service my dick on a regular basis. Might be once a week, might be more. I need to know you can get the job done and will be here when I need you. This is your audition. You ready?”

“I’m ready,” said Steve, eagerly.

Phil took his clothes off and sat on the end of Steve’s parent’s bed. As soon as Steve laid eyes on the mature cock, he knew Master Phil had been telling the truth. This was no ordinary cock. It looked like it did in the photo and yet, it seemed to have a life, a will, a presence of its own.

The plum-sized, hooded head of the serpent, its thick but flaccid shaft, the large and heavy testicles dangling in their satin sack compelled Steve to offer his mouth. His tongue flickered at the glans penis as he took more into his mouth. He licked the veined column of spongy, hardening tissue, descending until the entire length filled his throat. But he did not gag. Not once. The poppers were doing their job.

Steve acted on instinct like an infant takes his mother’s nourishing breast.

The thick vein climbing the shaft pulsed with life. A cock any stallion would be proud to flaunt. It was no single quality or aspect, decided, but the combination of everything. No, there was something else. He was in love.

While Steve was nursing on the cock like a baby he noticed the taste started to change. When Steve pulled his head back his mouth was beginning to be filled with slippery stuff that had a stronger flavor. Master Phil started pulling his cock out of Steve’s mouth, just a little bit at a time then shove it back in. Steve’s mouth adjusted to the back and forth until it became a steady rhythm of in and out, each stroke long and deep. Steve did not know what the pills were that Master Phil had given him but he was feeling so hot and horny in addition to the occasional hits escort taksim Master Phil insisted he take of the poppers.

Master Phil started to begin increasing the speed of his fucking motion until his body was slamming against Steve’s face and started making moaning sounds deep in his throat. Spit was streaming all down the Steve’s chin as Master Phil’s balls bounced back and forth. Steve’s watering eyes looked up at his Master and he was in love with him as well as his cock.

Steve felt His master’s cum splattering inside his mouth. Cum began to leak out of the corners of his mouth and while he was trying to breathe some liquid came running out of his nose. One spasmodic burst from Master Phil’s cock erupted cum out of both nostrils of Steve’s nose because he was busy swallowing what was already in his throat and mouth.

Steve’s face was getting messy with cum as well as the base of Phil’s cock. The pubic hair was being matted down like it was being glued to his body. Phil plunged his cock forward in a long hard stroke three or four more times before holding his hips against Steve’s face. The last few gobs of liquid were being pumped down Steve’s young innocent throat.

Phil’s cock never went soft. He grabbed Steve up off f his knees and pulled him onto his parents bed. Phil lay on his back with his monster sticking straight up. It was a slimy mess from Steve’s sucking. He pulled Steve forward facing him and aimed his cock at Steve’s little hole.

Steve moaned as he felt his master fuck deeper into his tender asshole. The master he had just met online the week before only known to him as Phil. As painful as it felt, it was also the most incredible pleasure he had ever felt in his life. The human-horse cock reached deeper inside him than he thought possible, stimulating him in ways Steve didn’t think possible. Slowly he began to push up on it, before letting his own weight drop him back down on the massive demonic horse sized cock.

That demon cock he had been obsessed with ever since he got the picture of it from Phil. Within ten minutes escort etiler he was bouncing up and down on more than half of the impressive fuck stick. Steve groaned in pleasure as Phil wrapped his arms under his legs picking him almost off the 8 inch fuck meat, before letting Steve drop back down to the grapefruit-sized cum-filled balls. Steve’s body shuddered with pleasure as he allowed himself to be fucked by Master Phil.

Every nerve in his body fired with ecstasy as Phil used his body for his pleasure. Steve was just a hole for Phil’s pleasure. Drool now flowed from Steve’s mouth as his body repeatedly took every inch of Master Phil’s cock.

“Daddy, Daddy daddy fuck me harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Steve cried.

The pills were kicking as Steve began to hallucinate in the drug and sex induced stupor. Steve looked up and blinked… Phil had become a Master Daddy Demon. A creature of manly attributes that was fucking him. The demon suddenly ripped his cock from Steve, picking him up and tossing him on his back while pushing his legs back to his ears, as though Steve was a sack of feed. Steve’s boy cunt gapped open, not even attempting to try and close back up. The demon grinned in pleasure as it slammed back inside the delirious Steve. Steve screamed in ecstasy as the demon began long-dicking him pulling out fully, before slamming back inside him. The only thought going through Steve’s mind was he needed to feel the creature flood his insides with its seed. He couldn’t form any words, because his body was on fire with euphoria. Drool coated his face, as he surrendered his body to the creature using him

Precum spurted from his cock, coating his stomach and chest with each powerful thrust from the hellish creature he had given himself to in order to feel pleasure. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, the demon howled in pleasure as it climaxed had inside the brutalized Steve. It pumped what seemed like incredible amounts of demon seed inside Steve.

The demon grinned as it felt Steve shudder hard as his cock pumped shot after shot of jizz all over his chest and face. As the demon pulled his still hard cock from Steve’s now ruined hole, Steve looked up and saw the demon had been replaced with Phil who leaned down and kissed him hungrily. Steve kissed back and snuggled like a kitten next to his Daddy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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