Daddy’s Little Cow Ch. 02

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It had been a long, busy week. Daddy had been distracted and brought work home every night. Flora was feeling restless and neglected, having gotten the bare minimum of milkings and not been teased at all. She had even had to milk herself a few times! The little cow had tried to behave and not whine but the lack of attention had made her petulant and bratty.

David walked up to the house, happy to have finally reached his deadline. He smiled as he opened the door, expecting her usual exuberant greeting. His smile faltered when he was greeted with silence. No eager pet jumping all over him.

“Pet? I’m home!” He called out, scanning the house but not seeing her. There was no answer. A quick search revealed she wasn’t in the house at all and he started to get irritated.

The back door was open slightly and he walked outside, guessing she was in the barn for some reason. Inside the barn was quiet and fragrant, cool and dark.

“Flora, are you in here?” He heard a rustling from the hay loft.

“Yes David,” she answered with heavy sarcasm on his name.

Something was obviously wrong, his little cow was much too well trained, meaning the disrespect was deliberate.

“Little Girl,” his voice was stern and slightly raised, “Get your ass down here!”

“No.” She answered breezily, as if she were oblivious to his tone,”I’m reading, I’ll be in later.”

“Pet, you are trying my patience, this is your last chance to avoid serious consequences.”

She popped up and looked down at him, “Pet?!” She yelled, “You don’t get to call me that! The only person who calls me that is my Daddy and he doesn’t seem to live here anymore.”

He stepped back, shocked at her tone but more shocked to realize what the problem was. As he looked up at her he was startled to see the entire front of her shirt was soaked.

“Flora,” his tone was gentler, like he was trying to soothe a scared animal, “When was the last time you were milked?”

She looked down at her wet shirt and shot him an angry look, big tears sprang up in her eyes, “This morning, I used the manual pump after SOMEBODY couldn’t be bothered to take care of me.”

He winced realizing the little manual pump wouldn’t have emptied her breasts properly and she must have been painfully engorged.

“Come down sweet girl, I’m trying to keep my temper because you have a point, I’ve neglected you this week, but you are being a brat and pushing the boundaries of my patience.” He held out his hand and motioned for her to come to him.

She was still angry, a week’s worth of loneliness and worry having built up to a breaking point. She couldn’t just let it go so quickly.

“I’m surprised you came looking for me, I didn’t figure you’d notice if I wasn’t around.” She crossed her arms and pouted, he half expected her to stomp her foot next.

“If I have to come up there and drag you down you won’t like how it goes for you. Come here now.” His voice was calm but she recognize that he was done tolerating her attitude. She sighed and descended the ladder. He grabbed her waist before she touched the ground and lifted her down, turning her to face him.

“Good girl.” He kissed her forehead, ignoring her scowl.”Now let’s see how bad this is.”

She shivered as he peeled her t-shirt off, then removed her bra. Her breasts were hot to the touch and she cringed as he hefted them in his hands. The skin looked thin, blue veins stretched across the surface.

“You are rock hard baby, Jesus, let’s get you emptied.” He pulled her toward the milking machine set up in one of the stalls. She automatically finished undressing as he got it set up. She wanted to hold on to her temper but the hot ache of her breasts was a higher priority.

She dropped to all fours and crawled into position. He gently squeezed her right breast causing a stream of milk to hit the concrete under her.

“Little cow your udders are so engorged I won’t be able to hook the machine up yet, I’m going to have to milk you by hand to relieve some of the pressure.” He petted her head in a reassuring manner then moved away to find a bucket.

Out of her line of sight he took a moment to compose himself. How could he have let this happen? She was in pain both emotionally and physically because he hadn’t been paying attention. He had to do better than this, she trusted him to take care of her, had given him so much control, and he had abused her trust this past week. He gave himself a shake and put his Daddy face back on before heading back to start fixing his mistake.

She knelt there trembling as the adrenaline from her tantrum started to break down. He noticed her shaking and stroked her from neck to ass, murmuring soothing words.

Carefully and rhythmically he squeezed her right breast until it had softened enough to attach the nozzle of the milker. He moved to the left side and as he started relieving the pressure there she lowered her head, her hair covering her face.

“I thought escort fatih you were tired of me, you didn’t want me anymore.” Her voice was thick with tears.

He cringed, this was bad. He gently reached over to move her hair and tilt her face toward him, putting on what he hoped was a reassuring smile. Talking wasn’t allowed in the milking stall but there would be a time and a place to address that.

“How could I get tired of you? You are my prize heifer.” He grinned and bopped her nose with his index finger.

She giggled and sniffed, her eyes wet but the tears no longer falling.

“Let’s get you properly emptied, then we can go in and have a long chat.” He finished hooking up the nozzles and turned on the machine, she groaned as the suction started.

“Feel good little cow?” He chuckled.


He walked behind her and she zoned out, listening to the machine, watching the white milk flow through the tubes leading from her breasts to the collection bottle. She jumped when something cool touched her pussy lips.

“Spread your legs little cow.” he coaxed, his hand on the inside of her thigh. She obediently moved her knees further apart. “Good girl.” he praised. She wiggled her ass happily and mooed again.

The cool thing resting against her pussy lips came to life, buzzing softly. He positioned it so it was just barely brushing her clit. She moved her hips, earning a slap on her right rump.

“Be still. This is just too help encourage maximum production, not to get you off.”

She whined, getting her a swat on the other side.

“You’ve already got some punishment coming, I suggest not making it worse.”

She mooed in what she hoped was a contrite manner.

She heard him move away, fiddling with things in the barn as she tried to be still, desperately wanting to get just a little more contact with the vibrator. She felt a trickle of wetness run down her thigh, mingling with the other smells from the barn she could now smell her own arousal.

She watched the tubes, trying to distract herself from the torment between her legs. She noticed the flow has nearly stopped.

“Just about done, let’s make sure we get every drop.” his voice startled her and she squeaked.

She felt the warmth of his body as he leaned over her, then his fingers spread her pussy. She moaned as he slipped two fingers inside her, she could hear wet squishing sounds as he started to pump them in and out. One of his hands was braced on her hip while the other started to pound her, causing her breasts to bounce and the concrete to scrape her knees.

“Mooooo.” She didn’t think a real cow had ever sounded that desperate and pleading.

His fingers were curling, stroking her g spot as they moved in and out. She felt a warm tingle in her pelvis as she rapidly approached an orgasm. He kept fingering her as she whimpered and mooed, begging him wordlessly to take her over.

He knew how far to push her. She started to pant and her pussy squeezed his fingers. That’s what he had been waiting for and just as she was sure she was about to cum she was left with no stimulation at all. His hands were gone, the vibrator was gone. She squirmed and whined, she was so close!

“You didn’t think you were getting an orgasm did you?” he mocked her as she humped the air. Standing behind her he admired the view, her ass quivering, pussy pink and swollen, her juices formed a puddle between her knees.

He’d been so tempted to give her release, to apologize for being such an ass, but that wasn’t what she needed. He knew her well enough to realize what she needed was for her Daddy to be back completely in control. She was stressed, sad and angry because she’d been left to her own devices far too much.

He walked to the milking machine and switched it off, then quickly and efficiently got her unhooked. She continued kneeling obediently as he cleaned the machine and stored the milk he had collected from her.

“Come along pet, grab your clothes but don’t bother getting dressed.” he took her hand as they walked across the dark yard. She reveled in the contact, she had missed him so much.

Once back in the house he pulled her into his lap. She tried to protest that she would get him wet but he held her firmly and told her to stop fussing.

They talked about the prior week, how they had both missed each other, how he should do things differently if it happened again. They reaffirmed their desire to maintain the dynamic of their relationship.

She snuggled against him, her head resting against his shoulder as he petted her. After a few minutes he cleared his throat.

“Now little girl, we’ve agreed Daddy could have handled things better, but do you think that’s an excuse for your temper tantrum?”

She buried her face against him, her cheeks on fire, “No Daddy.” She murmured into his shirt.

“In the future if you are feeling worried or neglected what should you do.”

She contemplated güngören escort for moment, “Talk to you?”

“Good girl. Now unfortunately you have some punishment coming. I want you to remember this so we don’t ever have a repeat of today.”

She trembled and nodded, “Yes Sir.”

“Stand up now.” He nudged her gently and she slowly stood in front of him, her hands clasped in front of her and her head bowed. She was embarrassed to have been such a brat, to have doubted his commitment and to have not simply talked to him when she was first upset. He sat there, fully clothed, watching her for a minute as she fidgeted, naked and nervous.

“What do you think you should be punished for my naughty pet?”

This was the worst, she suppressed a groan.

“I wasn’t there to greet you, and I yelled at you.”

“That’s a start. You also were wearing clothes in the barn,” he ticced her offenses off on his fingers. “You spoke in the milking stall and you addressed me in a very inappropriate manner.”

She cringed as she remember snarling “David” at him.

“Five things. Hmmmm.” him contemplated and she peeked at him through her lashes trying to gauge how bad it would be. “Go fetch the riding crop.”

Maybe not too bad, the crop wasn’t the worst. She trotted back to him with the crop and handed it to him, head still down.

“I’ve decided, one swat for each offense…” he paused and she nearly grinned at how easy she was getting off, until he continued,”On your pussy.”

Her head shot up and he was delighted by the shocked look on her face, that had worked perfectly.

“Come here, lay on the coffee table, feet on the corners here, scoot your bottom a bit further. . .” he positioned her just the way he wanted her, her knees splayed open, her pussy vulnerable.

“Good girl. Now you will count each swat and thank me. This is a lesson to teach you how to behave properly and not doubt your Daddy will always take care of you. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

Without further ado he raised his arm and she closed her eyes, a moment later pain blossomed between her legs. She cried out “One, thank you Daddy!”

The crop made a wet sound on the next swat and she felt droplets splatter against her thighs with each successive impact.

Number five finally fell and she has properly counted and thanked him for each one. Her pussy was throbbing and sore. She was sniffling again but trying not to cry.

“Shh now, come here.” he pulled her up and snuggled her, kissing her face and wiping her tears. “Such a good girl, you took your punishment like a champ, well done.” She wiggled in his arms, basking in the praise.

He moved her hair to the side and kissed her shoulder, up her neck to her ear. “I think you deserve a reward pet. What would you like?”

She looked up at him, lowering her eyes shyly, “Daddy I have missed you SO much.”

“I know sweetness.” He smiled down at her.

“Could I,” she stumbled over her words, “Could I please lick your ass?” her face was bright pink when she finally got the words out.

“You want to lick Daddy’s ass?” She nodded enthusiastically. “I did say you earned a treat, so yes you may.”

She squealed and jumped against him, throwing her arms around his neck, kissing and licking his face and neck.

He fended her off while laughing, his pet was back.

“Ok, ok! You little maniac, settle down or I’ll change my mind.” She settled immediately but fidgeted and grinned.

He positioned her on her knees near the table where his laptop rested. She could feel the cool air flowing over her sore pussy, between her wide spread legs.

She watched as he undressed, deliberately dragging this out.

“Have you posted anything new on Tumblr?”

“Yes Sir! Just for you.”

He woke up the computer, his back to her. She couldn’t resist rubbing her face against one of his cheeks. He reached back and slapped her lightly.

“Behave!” he admonished. She nodded and tried to behave.

He opened up Tumblr and started scrolling, holding his cock in one hand, casually stroking it. She squirmed and finally whined. He looked around at her, feigning surprise.

“Something you want?”

“Please, oh please may I lick your ass Daddy?” She begged, giving him her best puppy dog eyes.

He watched her for a moment before granting permission”Yes you may.” he turned back to the computer, looking through the images she had reblogged for him.

She knew he liked her to go slow, so she took a deep breath to calm herself before she started. Leaning in Flora pressed her face into the crack of his ass, her hands gliding up the backs of his thighs. She pushed her nose in, relishing the masculine, musky smell that was uniquely him. Her hands settled on his cheeks and spread them apart. He felt the warmth of her breath just before her wet tongue touched his skin.

She started just under his balls, her tongue flicking against bağcılar escort his skin with quick little licks. She explored all the way up to the top of his crack, then back with longer, deeper strokes of her tongue. When she came up the second time she spread him open enough to expose the tight pucker she was so eager to explore.

He moaned as her tongue circled his hole, she alternated circling with the tip and licking with her tongue flat and wide.

He found a series of images she’d posted a couple days before. They all feature one woman cleaning cum out of another. Sometimes it was a pussy but most often she seemed to have chosen images where it was an anal cream pie.

“You really have a thing for ass eating don’t you?”

She moaned, her face buried too tightly in his ass to offer anything more profound. She started making shallow thrusts into his asshole, feeling the tight ring of muscle squeeze her tongue.

“Oh that’s filthy, nasty little slut.” She heard him murmur from above her. She could hear the wet sound of him stroking his cock and she wasn’t sure if he was referring to her or something he was looking at on the computer.

She was so focused on what she was doing, entranced by the bitter, musky taste of him and the feeling of her tongue penetrating deeper and deeper. She was only dimly aware that her clit was throbbing with arousal and her juices were running down her legs.

He reached back and grabbed a handful of her hair, grinding her face against him. “Deeper.” he ordered, his voice husky.

She obeyed without hesitation, thrusting her tongue past the tight ring of his ass until it had loosened up enough to let her go deeper. Her face was buried now, she could barely breath.

“Fuck yes, just like that.”

She wiggled happily, thrilled as she heard his hand moving faster over his cock.

“Dirty, depraved, God that’s nasty, that’s going to make me cum.” Again she’s not sure what he was referring to but it made her think about what she was doing. She blushed, her whole body getting warm and pink as she pictured herself, kneeling on the floor, her face pressed into his ass while he jacked off.

His sphincter squeezed her tongue as his body jerked. She heard the wet sound of spunk hitting the floor. She continued slowly licking, soothing, until he pulled away.

He sat down, catching his breath and looked at her. Her face was wet with saliva, her hair mussed. She was grinning at him and wagging her bottom back and forth.

“Happy sweet girl?”

“Yes Daddy!”

“I think I’m ready for some dinner but first you’ve made a mess.”

She looked between her legs at the small puddle she had created.

“No, I mean that mess.” he gestured to the white spunk he had just ejaculated.

She opened her mouth, maybe to insist that that was his mess but he interrupted before she began.

“Your tongue in my ass made me cum, so you made the mess, therefore you clean it up.”

She paused but lowered her face to the floor. The cum was still slightly warm as she licked the floor clean, feeling very small and submissive.

He watched her, crawling on the floor, her ass up, swollen cunt begging for attention. God she was wet, dripping. He realized she hadn’t even asked to cum this time, she had asked for a treat that involved worshipping him with no thought of an orgasm as her reward. He smiled, incredibly proud of his little cow. He had to be the luckiest man on the planet.

“Your puddle too my juicy little girl.” He pointed to the numerous puddles and drips she was leaving. Several minutes later he was doubled over with laugher as he realized this would be a never ending task, by the time she’d licked up one trail of her juices she had left another in her wake.

“Stop, stop, come here baby,” He motioned her over, wiping tears from his eyes, “You are a mess you know that? What am I going to do with you?”

She knelt in front of him and grinned. “I can’t help it Daddy! You are so sexy and wonderful and you make me so excited all the time.”

He pulled her into his lap, kissing her until she was squirming and breathless. “You are exquisite. And I think I have an idea for my messy little girl who is leaving puddles everywhere with her drippy little cunt.”

“Should I start wearing panties?”

“No, I think you would just end up with wet panties. I think what you need is a diaper.”

“Daddy! I’m not a baby!” Her cheeks were bright red as she looked up at him horrified.

“You’re not eh?” He looked down at her sternly, “Does that mean you can stop wetting everywhere?”

“But. ..” She started to protest but withered under his stern look.

“I’ll make you a deal little girl. I will take you to the potty right now and wipe you all nice and dry and clean. Then we will eat dinner. After dinner I will check your chair. If you have managed to stay dry and not get the furniture wet then you’ve proven you are all grown up. If, however, you have left a puddle once again than I’m right that you are a baby and we will go online tonight and buy you diapers.”

She pouted but let him lead her to the bathroom, knowing by the end of the evening they’d be starting on a whole new adventure together.

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