Dance Floor Seduction Ch. 01

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Please note that this story was mistakenly placed in the Lesbian Sex section of Literotica. It has since been removed and now exists here where it belongs in Erotic Couplings. Thanks for your emails regarding this, without which I would not have been able to rectify the situation. Thanks again and please enjoy.


The music was pumping all the around her. The vibrations from the double bass pulsated though the depths of her body. She sat comfortably on her boyfriends lap while he was lying back on a large black sofa. He was engrossed in a friendly argument with his best friend Peter, about where the sexiest place a tattoo can be situated on the body. Peter stuck to his guns about the very sexy tribal patterns on the lower back region while Nathan argued that while the tattoo on the lower back was indeed very sexy it had indeed be done to death. Therefore symbols on the back of the neck, cleavage and or other abstract places were the sexiest.

Kat was holding a beer in her left hand and taping to the rhythm to Mudvayne’s Dig with her right hand on her bare right thigh just above the knee. Taking small sips she looked around at all of their friends dancing, drinking, talking and having a great time. During Cradle of Filth’s Nymphetamine Kat spotted someone on the other side of the dance floor she recognized her but didn’t know from where. Her Beauty struck her at once; she found herself staring until she noticed her. Kat looked away when their eyes met, the woman just smiled and went back to her conversation.

A few songs later in the middle of Slipknot’s Wait and Bleed she could still hear Nathan and Peter still arguing about those damn tattoos. She skulled the last of her beer and in one fluid motion, stood, turned raising her PVC skirt exposing the left side of her inner thigh where the leg joins to the pelvis. Stunned the two men immediately stopped talking to admire little red devil tattoo with the head of his pitchfork hidden underneath her red cotton underwear obviously pointing to her clit. The rest of the party looked over to see what all of the fuss was about, the woman just giggled as she watched her newest fan.

With a smirk she lowered her skirt and asked the boys “Anything else to say?” they opened their mouths as if to speak but nothing came out, they looked at each other for and instant and each took a sip of their drinks. “No? Good, so I don’t want to hear anymore of this bullshit about symbols on necks or tribal designs on backs, you boys know nothing.” She said with a smile and waited for an answer. Peter took another sip of his beer and replied. “Well now I think we might just have to take another look at the evidence before we can reach a verdict Kat”. Nathan just sat there still stunned staring at her pelvic region even though the tattoo had been covered by Kat’s black skirt. She looked at them both, smiled and walked away; Peter looked on admiring the black spider web top covering her long silky white arms and the straps of her exquisite red and black corset. Looking down past her PCV mini skirt all he could only see was that little man and his pitchfork in his minds eye. He no longer could hear the music it seemed so faint in the background that he thought he could hear the thumps of the heels of her knee high, black, leather boots. It wasn’t until she was out of the room that Peter elbowed Nathan, shaking his head “Holy shit dude; how the fuck could you say that the back of the neck is the best place for a tat when Kats got that!” Nathan didn’t reply only jumped out of his seat and chased her.

He found her in the kitchen getting another beer “When did you get that?” he asked. “He Speaks!” She replied smiling back at him. She closed the fridge, popped the cap of her beer and sat it on the bench. Nathan took a step forward as the other people in the kitchen casually walked back out to the lounge. “Can I see it again?” he asked when they were out of the room. Kat blushed and threw her left leg onto the bench, lifted her skirt, rotated and pulled her underwear to the side to give him the best look possible. “Wow!” was the only word he could muster. She looked back at him, noticing the grin on his face looked very similar to the one of the devil’s face. He could tell how horny she was, her shaved lips were pink and enflamed, a slight bit of wetness shimmered in the kitchen light. When she knew that he noticed she lowered her leg and walked antep escort out of the room without a word. He followed, her into the bathroom locking the door behind him.

“So what you wanna do?” She said to him almost purring as she jumped up onto the stone counter. Nathan was leaning on the door. “I don’t know thought I might fix that leaking shower head.” He said in a very sarcastic tone. Nathan walked over to the shower and turned it on to hide any suspicious noises. Kat only laughed and said in a tone that meant business. “Just come here Nathan!” He smiled and proceeded towards her immediately, once he was within reach Kat grabbed him by the shirt pulled him close and kissed him passionately. Wrapping her legs around him she squeezed him close. He was wearing a long sleeved black T-Shirt, Black Jeans and boots. Amongst his numerous rings and assorted amour rings he wore a leather collar with alternating inch to two inch long silver spikes. His long hair streamed out behind him, his eyes were dark with eye liner with seven long, thin black tears drawn down his face and both his eyebrows were pierced with titanium bars.

He removed all of his rings as he kissed her to make it easier to take off her spider web top while she took off his t-shirt. They continued to kiss, their tongues dancing with each other. She released her grip she had on him with her legs, lifted her skirt up around her corset and opened her legs wide. She began to rub her clit in from of him. He undid his studded belt and let his pants drop to the floor taking his hard cock into his hands gently tugging. He watched her hungrily as her wet pussy consumed her long fingers. They watched each other, teased each other. Kat dug her nails softly into the insides of her legs starting from her crouch all the way to her knees.

Nathan could take no more he maneuvered his hand under her left knee and around her back to hold her as he kissed down from her knee, down her inner thigh and over the little man that started it all. She bit her bottom lip enjoying the little sting his lips gave her as he kissed the still slightly raw tattoo. He then pressed his tongue hard to her clit. Kat fell back with a moan crashing against the mirror. “Fuck Me!” She screamed as his fingers entered her, without delay he guided his cock into her, moaning as he felt her warm, wet pussy envelope his hard cock. Starting slowly at first to tease her he began to fuck her faster and faster. He tried to slip one of Kat pierced nipples from their red and black dungeon but could only bite at the sweet soft flesh of her cleavage.

As Kat neared orgasm she dug her nails into Nathan’s back sending him over the edge, he exploded inside her, filling her, causing her to cum hard. With her legs wrapped around him she pulled him into her not letting him escape. She finally released him when the orgasm had subsided. She was breathing heavily as she opened her eyes and kissed his neck. He pulled out of her and helped her off the bench and freshened up.

Kat’s cheeks were red and flustered she looked in the mirror one last time checked her outfit and makeup. She walked over and opened the door to the shower and gave Nathan a kiss and whispered in his ear “Wow.” He smiled and started to wash his hair; Kat unlocked the looked back to Nathan, opened the door and jumped out bumping into someone. The girl had dropped her drink, embarrassed Kat dropped down to pick it up for her. When she stood but up she saw her. “Oh it’s you” the woman said to her. Kats face went even redder as she handed the drink back to her. “I remember you now.” “I’m Sorry?” Kat replied. “I remember you now… I met you at the Korn concert last year.” “Holy Shit! Karen wasn’t it?” “Phoebe.” “Oh I’m Sorry” “Oh that’s alright, Sarah.” “Kat.” They both laughed, Phoebe reached out and brushed her arm. “I know what your name is…So hey, what was going on in there?” Phoebe was smiling devilishly. Kat blushed again and said. “Oh nothing, umm just freshening up.” Phoebe just kept smiling. “MmmmHmmm”. She walked away brushing her arm again as she walked away. Kat held her breath as she watched Phoebe walk away her long blood red medieval dress swaying as she walked. Kat walked in the other direction her mind full of thoughts. Kat had kissed girls before and she knew that she was attracted to them. She often masturbated thinking of fucking different girls she knew and those she didn’t, although she had never gone further then locking lips. She could not work out whether it was her state of sexual arousal that had caused her skin to react as though an electric shock has passed through her when Phoebe touched her arm or if it was the touch itself. Kat went to the fridge, grabbing another beer from the bottom shelf and proceeded to the lounge room. Nathan joined her there a short time later; they looked at each other and smiled.

The night went on and the alcohol flowed freely. Whenever Kat and Phoebe passed, one or the other would initiate a small brush only to smile and continue on. They would watch each other as they talked with other people. Although when Marilyn Manson’s Personal Jesus came on Kat ran to the dance floor only to see Phoebe already there. They began dancing watching each other first from opposite sides, trying to give the other a show. As the song went on they found themselves getting closer and closer, when they were in front of each other Phoebe turned around dancing in front of Kat.

They continued to dance together touching when ever they had the chance. Nathan knew all about Kat’s lesbian tendencies and while neither would cheat on the other Nathan was always okay with her kissing and touching other girls. She allowed Phoebe to press her ass against her groin as they danced, her arms held her around the waist. Their cheeks touched and Kat could see directly down Phoebe’s top. The view of her cleavage only served to make her wetter. The smell of their perfumes and obvious sexual arousal filled their noses and made them grind harder. It wasn’t until Kat’s lips touched her neck did Phoebe turn and proceed to kiss her. Phoebe’s hands held her cheeks gently and their tongues met.

Kat had never had had a kiss this passionate from a girl before, she could not stop. Their soft tongues continued to dance even though they had stopped dancing. By now they had a crowd’s attention; they could hear cheers of encouragement from their friends and Nathan of course. When the cheers started they stopped they looked into each others eyes deeply ignoring everything around them. They were both shocked, they both felt it and they both liked it, more then they thought they should. They parted to the despair of those around them and Kat walked off the dance floor as Phoebe watched; she needed another drink, maybe two.

Nathan chased her there to tell her how hot the kiss was; although she barley heard him her mind was too filled with thoughts stronger than she had ever felt for a woman. She skulled the rest of her drink, grabbed Nathan by the shirt and led him back to the bathroom with no complaints, as he was as aroused as her just by watching them.

A few hours later the party was beginning to wind down many people left, saying their thank you’s and goodbyes to Nathan, Kat and others they had met. Many of those that remained were too drunk to drive crashing wherever they passed out. While a small group remained, conscience and awake; talking amongst themselves with Nathan and Kat. However it wasn’t long before Kat left the group to change out of her corset and into a cute pink and black singlet with no bra. Taking off her long boots she used the tips of her fingers to tickle their way up her recently shaved legs, she loved that feeling after taking of her boots. She removed her mini skirt and corset and put on the singlet. When she was dressed again she rejoined the party. It was not long before she also found herself asleep on the floor amongst assorted bedding and three of their best friends. Not wanting to disturb her or those around her Nathan simply closed the house, turned off the music and found a quiet spot about two meters from Kat, as close as he could get. Sleep found him quickly.

Hours later Kat woke up suddenly, she had been dreaming of Phoebe all night. Wondering what it would feel like to have her lips caress her body, her soft tongue invade her most sacred of places. Opening her eyes all she could see was black; she felt bodies near her but was unable to make out any faces. She felt a tingling between her legs, pulling her soaked red underwear to the side; she gasped as her cold middle finger slid easily into her warm, wet vagina. Sliding it out she then pressed the point of her long acrylic nails into her rock hard clit. Biting her bottom lip she tried not to make a sound but could not stop a little moan escape. She heard a murmur from the stranger to her left; Kat stopped daring not to move again until she was sure that the stranger had not woken. When the sounds stopped she thought she was safe to continue but the stranger rolled over wrapping their left arm across her chest. Kat was already so close, she could not stop now, she didn’t care who was around her she need to cum and cum soon. Inserting two fingers she slowly fucked herself while covering her face with a pillow. She was getting closer, she could feel it building up inside her, she knew there was no way that she was going to keep quite but continued anyway. Only seconds from orgasm she stopped suddenly, shocked, as she felt a soft female hand slip slowly under her singlet taking one of her pierced nipples in her fingers, squeezing it enough to make Kat press her thighs together sending a rush of electricity though her body.

She was about to push the welcome but still intruding hand away when she felt lips on her hear and the voice she knew “Don’t stop now, I can tell your close.” Phoebe whispered to her. And without another word Phoebe lifted Kat’s shirt over her breasts and took Kat’s nipple in her mouth sucking slowly and nibbling gently, flicking the hard nipple with her tongue. Kat gasped again when she felt her teeth sink in, but this time when she inserted her two fingers again she felt another, warm finger pressing on her clit. It sent shocks through her body again so severe that she could not stop her body from a small spasm of pleasure. She felt Phoebe lips turn into a smile, while she continued to suck her nipples.

Kat continued to slowly finger fuck herself as Phoebe maneuvered her body closer and closer. When she was close enough she raised her left leg over Kat’s and began to push her pussy into Kat’s bare leg. Kat was shocked again, realizing that Phoebe wasn’t wearing any underwear; she could plainly feel her wet smooth pussy grinding into her leg. It was not long before Kat’s leg was soaked and Phoebe pushed her hand away so she could use her own fingers on Kat. Phoebe pushed three fingers as deep and as hard as she could into Kat’s pussy, causing she back to arch. Faster and faster she fingered her, Kat and never felt such skilled fingers fuck her with such passion. It took all of her courage to reach down with her left hand and insert her middle finger into Phoebe’s waiting pussy. She had never touched another girl’s vagina before and was astounded by how much it turned her on. The feeling sent her over the edge she started to moan and was about to scream when Phoebe lifted herself onto her right hand and kissed her deeply while continuing to fuck her with her fingers. The kiss was just too much she came with such a power that she didn’t think possible. Her back arched, raising her pelvis high allowing Phoebe to slam her fingering into the roof of Kat’s pussy hard. Muffled moans filled the air as Phoebe watched Kat cum, sending her over the edge also. Kat’s fingers blurred over Phoebe’s clit as they came together. As Kat’s orgasm slowed so did Phoebe’s fingers, she held them in deeply and did not stop kissing her. Kat opened her eyes and could make out Phoebe’s face enough to see a grin from ear to ear. Kat smiled to, it was the best orgasm she had ever had and Phoebe knew it.

She caressed Kat’s face and she grinded slowly enjoying the final moments of the orgasm. Already Kat was more aroused then she had ever been in her life. Phoebe kissed down her chest biting each nipple and continuing over her belly, teasing, she blew a soft breath of air over Kat’s sensitive pussy. They kissed one last time and Phoebe left Kat to go to the bathroom. Kat lay on her back, waiting for Phoebe to return but she fell asleep.

Kat awoke the next morning around 11:30 but still before anyone else, Phoebe was no where to be seen. Her head was pounding; she held her head in her hands and thought it was all an amazing dream. Half asleep she looked for her clothes… She found her singlet top and whipped it on as quickly as she could to trying to hide her exposed breasts. Sifting through the bedding she found her red cotton underwear and put them on. With a sigh of relief, Kat was dressed and went to the kitchen in search for food. When she arrived she found Phoebe already there eating a bowl of cereal. “Good morning.” She said casually, it wasn’t until she saw the smile on Phoebe’s face and said “Good morning” in return did she realize it wasn’t a dream.


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