Dances with Strippers

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It was just one of those nights, when I wanted more than your average one-night stand could give me. I was really tired of one-night stands; literally, since such an event had occurred the night before, with an insignificant girl, whose name I couldn’t even begin to remember, and despite all her better efforts, I had fallen on the bed, tired yet unsatisfied.

I’m not the pretentious kind of lesbian, who runs off to a man, when a girl doesn’t suffice; instead, I ran to a place with lots of girls. As long as I removed one piece of clothing upon entering (call it an entrance fee to the exclusive lesbian strip club), I was always welcome at Chloe. The reason might have been my cute round ass, my dancer physique or simply my constant presence in the club. Some girls even knew my name, but then again, I’ve always bonded more easily with dancers than with regular women, so that’s not too surprising. Most of the time, I go there for the dance floor; dance is something very sensual for me and that might explain my connection to the dancers at the club.

I left my silk thongs at the door, along with my trench coat, and walked through the dimly lit silver hallway. If it wasn’t for lack of light, I knew the tiles on the floor would act as mirrors, giving bystanders an up-skirt view that they would like. The small plaid skirt I wore did nothing whatsoever to cover my pussy from such prying eyes. Not that the corset was a help in that department…

Once inside, I felt more comfortable. Perhaps the comfort came from familiar faces. There were quite a few of them, but the one that stuck out was Kate’s face. She is, to this day, the most stunning redhead I’ve ever known. She could be fully clothed or completely naked; you’d still be drawn to her. Dancing up on the pole, she looked sexy as ever and I wanted her, simple as that. When she wrapped her legs around the pole and spun, I couldn’t decide what part of her to focus on: long smooth legs, small firm ass, or her ample pair of breasts, with pierced nipples. The shiny golden bikini she was wearing still left some things to the imagination while it was dry, but when Nikki poured a jar full of cold water down Kate, I could pretty much see everything. I smiled, thinking the night had just got better.

I found a seat close to the stage, trying to catch Kate’s eye during her dance. Once we had made eye contact, I made a come-hither gesture and showed my lap. A cute grin shone across her doll-like face. She stepped down from the platform and put her left leg onto my chair. Placing her left elbow on her leg, she leaned on and said:

– Hey honey, looking for a date?

– Yeah I am, but I need to be sure it’ll be worth my time and money.

– Tell you what… Since you and I are past the professional stage in our relationship — if you can make it worth my time, you can keep your money.

– Deal. Shall we go right now?

– Some of us have to work, doll. If you could hang around a bit… There should be an empty room back there, if you want to chill out.

She went back up on the stage, danced for a couple more minutes, then headed backstage while another girl came on. I didn’t know this one at all, but she wasn’t really my type; she was too tall and lacked the elegance of a dancer. So I went bursa escort to the room Kate had pointed. It was a simple room, unusually tidy to be a stripper’s room. There was a lofty red couch, right across from the door and a chest stood by the wall. The other half of the room was hidden behind a curtain, which hung from the middle point of the ceiling. On the other side, there was a queen-sized bed, with comfort pillows and satin sheets and whatnot. Since I was alone, I didn’t see much of a point in occupying the bed and sat on the couch.

It would be exciting to get together with Kate again; she was fabulous in every way imaginable — maybe because she read me well. Just thinking about what the next hours might contain got me wet and since I’d left my thongs at the door, spreading my legs on the couch gave me free access to my wet pussy. It felt good to play with myself.

When I heard the doorknob turn, I assumed it was Kate, so I didn’t change my position. However, it was Nikki, the lovely young blonde, who had poured water on Kate back on stage. I was sort of embarrassed, because I couldn’t imagine how she’d react to the sight of me, masturbating in the back room of the strip club she was working in. If she was surprised, she didn’t show it. I tried to cover myself up (which proved to be difficult thanks to my small skirt), but she stopped me with a hand gesture. In a moment, she had unzipped her pink dress, which looked more like a very short nightgown, and come onto me. Her skin was so white, that her nipples had the color of cotton candy and her pussy had only a slightly darker shade of pink. My hands explored her soft skin delightedly and to my surprise, it was fairly easy to excite her. She moaned softly in my ear, when my hand cupped her breast and my thumb rested on her nipple. My other hand caressed her, following the side of her body and grabbed her ass cheek. I couldn’t stop the urge inside me and spanked her. She was standing on her knees and elbows above me, what was I supposed to do… She let out a moan and wiggled her ass beneath my hand, wanting more. I complied with her request happily. With each hit, she was getting louder, turning me on even more. I finally slid my hand down to her pussy and found it dripping wet. I also felt the cold metal of her clit piercing, which intrigued me.

When I pushed her onto her back, her legs seemed to open up right away. In order to get a closer look, I leaned into her pussy, careful not to touch her. She was very wet, but I thought she could take a bit more teasing. Her clit was horizontally pierced; she wore a small ring and I flicked it. My action was rewarded with a moan, slightly louder than before. Up close, I could even see her swollen clit, which had turned a darker shade of pink from the excitement. Grabbing her thighs, I started kissing and biting the inner side of her right leg, slowly climbing higher. Just when I was going for her sweet pussy, I realized I would have much more freedom to my moves, if I knelt on the floor in front of her, instead of leaning onto her on the couch. Nikki pouted when I took my time getting down on the floor; but after I had her in the spread eagle position, facing me, I didn’t make her wait any longer. My tongue drove right in, altıparmak escort lightly but rapidly flicking her clit. I was holding her left thigh with my left hand, which left my right hand free. I think I was caressing her ass to begin with, but then my tongue called for the aid of my hand. Slightly twisting my hand, my middle finger slid inside her, feeling the dripping softness, and my thumb rested a little above, helping my tongue drive Nikki absolutely crazy.

Nikki was a beautiful sight to watch, when she moaned, squirmed and panted, as she came closer and closer to orgasm. I took immense pleasure in knowing I was the cause for her state of mind; she was a pretty sex kitten. Since I was so involved in taking care of her, I didn’t hear the door opening behind me. In fact, I only became aware of another person’s presence in the room, when fingers started caressing my bare ass, again thanks to my small skirt. Not turning my head, I continued nibbling on Nikki’s red pussy; she was multi-orgasmic, so as long as I continued my attention on her, she was on a constant high. The fingers, still foreign to me, persisted and the hands closed around my waist, pulling me up on my knees. They didn’t stop there, but continued their journey in between my slightly spread legs. At the first contact against my clit, I shivered and turned my head to see to whom the hands belonged.

Kate had finally come in and she was drawing small circles on my clit slowly, completely focusing on what she had at hand. As her golden bikini had somehow disappeared, she knelt completely naked behind me. When she saw me looking at her, obviously distracted from my previous engagement, she pushed my face back into Nikki’s pussy with her free hand. I didn’t see or hear whether an inaudible conversation progressed between Nikki and Kate from over my head, but Nikki wrapped her legs around my head this time, showing me she wouldn’t let me go easily. I felt the warm and wet fingers leaving my pussy, which was my cue to relax my legs and sit on my knees as I’d done before. I couldn’t see what was coming, but I wasn’t too worried at the time.

Kate came back after a minute or two. This time, her hands were more hesitant and didn’t spread my legs immediately, but when they did, her fingers slid in me so easily. It wasn’t just because of my wet pussy, she had lubed her hands. She made a come-hither gesture inside my pussy, rubbing my g-spot, which basically drove me crazy. I started pushing myself back on her fingers, enjoying the slippery penetration and moaned into Nikki’s pussy, which was now red with arousal.

Nikki was on fire! Her sweet pussy was dripping and it smeared my face as she pushed her hips onto my face, begging to be fucked. At one point, she got more vocal than just moaning and asked me to fuck her hard. Kate stopped fingering me at that point and went away again. She handed me a silver vibrator when she returned, and Nikki finally allowed me some space to pull my head back. After fingering her a little, I pushed the head of the vibrator in. She spread her legs wide on the sofa and stretched, accommodating the toy inside her then I pushed it deeper. Before turning it on, I used the toy like a dildo, fucking her slowly but going deep görükle escort each time. Her reaction was very high-pitched, when I turned the vibrator on; so this time, I used shorter and faster strokes, pulling it out completely at the end to make sure it hit her clit, as well.

After a short while, I had a steady rhythm on Nikki. I guess Kate was watching us in the meanwhile, later she decided to join in. Holding my hips up, she spread them a little and then I felt the push of a thick object at my pussy. She had good reasons for lubing me up before, because the toy which was slowly sliding into me was stretching me like there was no tomorrow. It was taking a while to get it all inside me and Kate wasn’t that patient; she pushed it inside me. I let out a loud moan, for which she spanked my ass hard. Trying to distract myself from the pain, I concentrated on Nikki, who was eagerly riding the vibrator. The noises she made turned me on even more, making Kate’s abuse more pleasurable.

Once I could ride the dildo at the rate Nikki was riding hers, things got better for me. My pressure on Nikki grew slowly, hitting her a little harder each time. Judging by the color of her pussy and her warmth, she looked close to exploding. I leaned in again and licked her clit in short strokes, which finally sent her over the edge. After her orgasm had come to an end, she slowly pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and lay on the couch, exhausted. My ride, on the other hand, was only getting started. Kate flipped me over and I sat on the carpet, facing her, watching what my mistress would do to me. She went to the chest by the wall; put the vibrator and dildo back in and took out a strap-on. Its size, although smaller than the previous dildo, was still big enough to frighten me, but resisting would do me no good, as she came onto me quite fast, pushing me onto my back on the floor. She knelt in front of me and adjusted the strap-on. I felt the entire fake dick inside me and all I could do was moan with a mixture of pain and pleasure. When my moans got louder, Kate leaned on me as if to lock me in a kiss to subdue my voice, but instead slapped me hard and told me to take it like the bitch I am. In order to prevent more violence on her part, I tried to be quieter and spread my legs more, hoping it would please her.

Smiling, Kate continued fucking me hard. When she no longer needed the support of both her hands to keep me in place, she used her right hand to play with my clit, making sure I would be wet a bit longer. I was almost going to close my eyes and let things go downhill from there, but Nikki snuggled up to Kate from behind, her white hands pinching Kate’s pierced nipples in front of me, making her moan, as well. All I could do was lie on the floor, feel her pounding my pussy and try to keep quiet, but I couldn’t do it anymore with a skilled finger flicking my clit and the sight of them. My toes at the end of my wide spread legs were starting to feel numb and I could feel the heat rising up in my body, especially in my crotch. With one last effort, I started moving my hips to Kate’s movement and felt the strap-on hit me harder and deeper. It took about a minute before a giant orgasm rocked me, contracting my muscles so hard that Kate couldn’t move the toy in or out anymore.

I took my time getting up; I had been alone in the room for 10 minutes, since the girls had left to do another show onstage. After pulling myself together, I walked back to the silver hallway and out the doors. It was only when I got home that I realized I had left my thongs there…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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