Diamond Head Cruising

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Once I discovered the cruising grounds at the base of Diamond Head near Waikiki-and right across the street from a good surf spot-I visited as often as I could. I was 18 and horny as hell. After the first time I’d gotten a blow job from a guy, I’d simply added gay sex to my limited repertoire of ways to get off; masturbation, hand jobs from girls, head from girls, the way-too-occasional backseat fuck. Now I kept my eyes open for opportunities for gay sex.

One day I parked on the surf spot side of the road and checked the surf. It wasn’t any good. Still, I lingered. I waited till no other surfers were around, then I crossed the road, slipped into the bushes and onto one of the trails that made a maze of the whole area.

The sun was blazing and it was hot. Though there were thick bushes, there wasn’t much shade. You could smell the dust of the trail, the creosote of the kiawe and the salt of the ocean. Mynah birds squawked somewhere in the distance.

I had gone just a few yards when I came to a narrow spot in the trail There was a steep hillside dropping down on the left and a low rocky cliff on the on the right. A guy was right there. To pass, I’d have to pass close. He was leaning back casually against the cliff face, standing on one leg, the other braced behind him. It was a black guy. A big black guy.

He looked at me. I looked away and made to step past him. As I did, he said ‘hey’, and I looked up.

Oddly for a hot day on the south shore of Oahu, he wore a leather vest, shirtless, and he had on leather pants. I figured he went with the Harley parked down on the street.

I was intimidated. I had just turned 18 and was not very experienced. Not at all with black men. And the guy was big. Lots bigger than me. As my eyes quickly dropped from brief eye contact, I saw that he wasn’t just big, he was fit-big. Kinda scary actually.

“See ya,” he said in a quiet voice as I stepped past. I looked at him again and he gave me a nod and a smile. I could feel his eyes on me as I walked away up the path.

Naturally I started thinking about him right away. I was up there for some man sex, after all. I started thinking, maybe he wasn’t that scary. His smile seemed nice, anyway. I had this other thought: what a cliche the two of us getting together would be! Little blond boy, big black man.

Then a picture sprang up out of memory. Have you ever checked bursa escort out drawings by Tom of Finland? He draws scenes of hyper masculine gay men. Some are of bikers, others of prison camp guards, fetish stuff like that. Well, the black guy I’d just walked past was right out of one of those drawings. And I’d jacked off to that drawing!

I walked on and made a few turns up the trail, then came to a straight section. When I got to the top of it I looked back. Sure enough, there was that black leather guy, maybe following the path, maybe following me.

Right up ahead was a little side trail that led to a pretty private little clearing in a thicket of kiawe and hoale koa bushes. I’d gotten a blow job there before. I saw that it was empty, so I slipped in.

In a few moments the black guy came up the trail and stood at the entrance leading to my little den. He tuned towards me then stopped and just checked me out. I stood there, nervous, a little worried, but also posing a little, if you want to know the truth.

I had carried my t-shirt in my hand from the time I got out of the car, so I was bare chested, wearing swim shorts and flip-flops. I was thinking of the cliche and how appealing I might look to this guy, blond, tan, broad shoulders, narrow waist, a surfer’s build. I wasn’t sure I wanted anything to do with him. But I kind of did. I was also thinking about how I was pretty much cornered where I was. The guy was plenty big enough to do whatever he wanted if he decided to.

I saw see him smile across the 15 or 20 feet that separated us. I figured that meant he wasn’t going to attack me or anything. Then I saw he drop one hand to his crotch and rub himself. I wasn’t super experienced with t-garden cruising-in fact I didn’t know the phrase yet-but I knew what that was the signal for. I knew I had to decide if I wanted anything to happen or not.

He smiled again and I decided. I placed my hand on my own crotch and gave myself a rub. He liked it. He smiled again.

Now his hand went to the zipper on his leather trousers and he slipped it down a few inches. It was another signal. I signaled back, beginning to undo the strings on my surf trunks. In the next moment, he reached inside and pulled out his prick.

I’ve got a pretty big cock. It’s about 8″ long 9 (of course I’ve measured it!) and almost as thick as a RedBull can. In fact, of the görükle escort 5 or 6 guys I’ve been with, I’ve always had the biggest cock. Not this time.

This time I felt a big rush of heat through my body. I think the hair stood up on the back of my neck. In the past, I’d always gotten blow jobs. Guys saw my big dick and, whether they were kids like me or older men, and they always wanted to dive down and suck it. Now I knew what was going through their heads. I wanted to play with that cock.

I didn’t have any underwear on under my trunks. I let them fall to the ground and stood there naked, stroking my hardening cock.

He came over right away. He stopped a step from me and shook his cock, showing it to me. “Do you like that?” he asked in his quiet voice.

I said, “I’m not sure. I’d never seen a cock like that before.”

For one thing, it was the biggest cock I’d seen. Not giant, as porn would later would teach me, but bigger than me by an inch or two at least. And fat. Mine was fat, fat from base to helmet head. His was really fat at the base, then began to taper to a shaft that was a little bigger than mine.

I’d never seen a black cock. It wasn’t all black. When the foreskin drew back there was a pale pink section just below the head. The head was purple it was so black. He had big balls, or at least a big ball sack hanging there below the thick shaft.

“Grab it,” he said and I did. It was hot and sticky and it felt really good pulling the foreskin back and forth and squeezing the thing. I kept it up for a while, looking up into his grinning face, then down at his big cock in my hand.

I was wildly horned up. My whole body was on fire. My dick was hard as a rock. I though how nasty and hot this was, blond kid, older black man. Taboo and sexy as hell.

I had given blow jobs before and I like doing it, but I’d never dropped to my knees and dove in like a number of guys had done with me. This time, I dove in.

I dropped to my knees, brought his cock to my mouth, stuck out my tongue and licked his shiny head all around, tasting a little precum, digging it. Then I took the head in my mouth and went to work, tasting and testing and feeling this big, studly cock. The guy smelled sweaty and musky from the heat of the day and those leather pants. It was a huge turn on.

He put his hands on the back of my neck and began bursa escort bayan to slowly face fuck me. I let him. After a while he was sort of forcing me down on his big cock, and I let him do that, too. When I gagged, he pulled back, then pushed in again and I gagged again. The gagging was sending great waves of heat through my body, my eyes were watering and saliva was dripping everywhere, down my chin, down my chest. I just took it, getting hotter and hotter, liking it more and more.

He pulled me up suddenly, and just as suddenly dropped to his knees and took my cock into his mouth. I almost exploded. He sensed it, though, and took his time. Licking and stopping, sucking and stopping, taking the head in his mouth, then pulling off. It felt great, it was driving me crazy.

I felt his hands on my cheeks, pulling them apart, a fat finger brushing over my ass hole. That felt great too. And I started to wonder if I’d let him try to put that big thing into me.

He stopped, though, and stood up. Then he turned me around and pulled me to him. He wrapped one big hand around my cock and stroked it, gripping it hard, squeezing.

I’m 5’9 but he loomed over me. I felt small. His big body sort of wrapped around me as he held me to his chest and pumped my cock. I felt leather and his hot, sweaty chest against my back, I felt his thighs against mine. I remember thinking that he was big and hot and sweaty and it felt good, really good.

I reached back between us and took hold of his cock. I started to think about taking it in my mouth again. About feeling it get as hard as it had been before he’d pulled away. I started to wonder what it would be like to take his load. Remember, I was pretty inexperienced and had only gotten blowjobs to completion, never given one.

I had just about decided to do it, when he turned me around, dropped to his knees and took me into his mouth. I was already close to blowing my load, but now, I was on the razor’s edge. In the next moment he slid his hand up between my legs and rubbed a big, blunt finger tip across my ass bud and that was it. I exploded into orgasm, letting loose blast after blast of cum into his eager mouth. He took it all, maintaining a steady sucking motion that coaxed every drop from my cock.

Finally, the spasms of orgasm stopped. I was totally dazzled with the sensations coursing my body and it took me a moment to come down to earth and know what was going on. By then he had stood, put his big cock away, and zipped up. He reached out and patted me on the shoulder.

“That was fun.” he said quietly. “See ya.”

Then he turned, and in a few strides was gone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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