Dick Flashing – Exposing Oneself #01

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All you need to know about deliberately exposing your naked, erect cock to your mother, sister, mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, grandmothers, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and women on the street.

Dick Flashing: The art of exposing oneself without being arrested is not as easy for men to expose themselves as it is for women to expose themselves. Not an easy thing to do, men must make their flashing appear accidental and/or unintentional.

Author’s Warning:

Do not try this at home or in public. Repeat, do not try this at home or in public. If caught, you may face shame, embarrassment, humiliation, and alienation from your family and friends. On the negative side, if caught flashing your dick, you may be arrested, face criminal prosecution, and/or face a civil lawsuit. If caught, you may have a criminal record, be imprisoned, face probation, and your name added to the sexual offender, registry list.

On the positive side, however, as long as you don’t emulate the dick flashing in this story, reading this story may cause you to have multiple erections. Reading this story may cause you to endlessly masturbate yourself while imagining flashing your naked, erect prick to your family, your friends, your co-workers, your neighbors, and strangers on the street while making your flashes appear accidental. Reading this story may cause you to have multiple, sexual orgasms.

As long as you make your flashes appear accidental and/or unintentional, reading this story may inspire you to flash yourself to women. Reading this story may inspire you to flash your penis to your MILF of a mother, your sexy sister, your MILF of a mother-in-law, your sexy sister-in-law, your aunt, your wife’s aunt, your grandmother, your wife’s grandmother, and your wife’s friends. Unable to control yourself, reading this story may, (gulp), actually cause you to flash yourself to unsuspecting female friends, unsuspecting female neighbors, unsuspecting female co-workers, and to unsuspecting women on the street.

# # #

Author’s Note:

This is a true story as told to me by Robert to write. Bob wanted me to get out his message to other men about dick flashing and exposing themselves to unsuspecting women. Even though he knew that many women are exhibitionists, he never knew that many men are exhibitionists, too. An entire underground of dick flashers, men enjoy exposing themselves, too. Alas and unfortunately, even though most men are voyeurs, most women are not. Without a doubt, most men would rather see women naked than there are women who would want to see men naked. Yet, there are always exceptions to every rule.

Nonetheless, whether women are exhibitionists and/or voyeurs, while acting as if they don’t know they’re exposed, many women enjoy sexually teasing men by deliberately exposing themselves to men. While making their flashes appear unintentional and/or accidental, women enjoy exposing up-skirt peeks of their panties, up-nightgown peeks of their naked pussies, down-blouse views of their bras and cleavage, and down nightgown views of their naked breasts to unsuspecting men. On the flipside of the coin, whether for the shock value or for sexual gratification, and whether women want to see their cocks or not, men enjoy exposing their naked, erect pricks to unsuspecting women.

Not his fault, he wasn’t to blame. Robert’s flashing started unintentionally. Admittedly, even though Robert’s first flash wasn’t deliberate, quite by accident actually, he discovered that flashing his penis sexually excited him enough for him to want to continue to flash unsuspecting women his penis again and again. In hindsight, now that he’s older, he’s embarrassed when recalling all of those shocked, surprised, embarrassed, and/or angered women that he flashed. He’s ashamed of all those women that he embarrassed, angered, and/or made to feel awkwardly uncomfortable when seeing his exposed, naked, erect prick.

‘I can’t believe I did that,’ thought Robert. ‘How could I do that? Whether accidentally or deliberately, how could I flash my naked prick to my mother, my sister, my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, my aunt, my wife’s aunt, my grandmother, my wife’s grandmother, and her entire bridal party? I’m such a pervert. I’m so disgusting,’ he thought while angry with himself.

How could he flash himself to unsuspecting women? How dare he flash his naked, erect prick to unsuspecting women? How dare he masturbate when recalling the shocked, embarrassed, angry, or sexually aroused expressions of all the women that he flashed? How dare he want to continue to flash his naked cock to unsuspecting women?

Surprising even himself, never expecting that women would want to see what he was showing, believe it or not but not all women were offended when seeing his naked dick. Hard to believe but true, not all women are sexual prudes. Fortunately, there are as many sluts and whores as there are modestly, moral prudes. Believe it or not, encouraging him to flash, there were some balıkesir escort women who wanted to see his naked prick as much as he wanted to flash them his naked prick. With him even flashing a Catholic nun, instead of her looking away, she stared at his naked dick.

“God bless you, my son,” she said anointing herself, staring at his exposed prick, and sliding a slow tongue across her holy lips while covering her crucifix that she wore around her neck with her hand.

Encouraging him by not looking away, they were the women who dared him to flash them. They were the women who stared at his prick, touched his prick, stroked his prick, sucked his prick, and fucked his prick when they saw his prick. Opening his eyes to the world of voyeurism and exhibitionism, he had no idea that many women were just as sexually perverted as men. He had no idea that there were as many sexually frustrated women as there were sexually horny men.

Nonetheless, whether his flashing was consensually done or not, he was lucky that he wasn’t arrested and charged with indecent, lewd, and lascivious behavior. He was lucky that he wasn’t added to the sexual offenders’, registry list. Now that he’s older and not driven by his hormones, he’s able to see his bad behavior as perversely perverted. He’s remorseful to all of those women that he disrespected, angered, made to feel uncomfortable, and offended by flashing them what they didn’t want to see. Alas, scarring them forever, never could they erase the sight of his naked cock from their minds.

‘Please forgive me,’ he prayed when silently asking for their forgiveness.

With him not bragging and, fortunately for him, with them not talking, keeping his secret safe, no one knew about him flashing except for the women that he flashed. Whether flashing on the subway, at the mall, or in the park, no one knew about his flashing until now, after reading his true story. Now, you all know that he’s a deviant flasher. Even though it wasn’t entirely his fault, now, you know that Robert is a sexual pervert. He wanted as many women to see his naked prick as much as he wanted to show them his naked cock.

# # #

Dick Flashing: Exposing Oneself #01

Robert’s sexual interest in flashing unsuspecting women all started on his wedding day of all days. A normal guy with no sexual fetishes, perversities, and/or erotic abnormalities, oddly enough, something he’d never do until his wedding day, he never thought about flashing his naked, erect dick to anyone other than to Lauren, his newly wedded wife. He never dreamt that he’d ever want to flash his naked prick to his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, his sister-in-law, his aunt, his wife’s aunt, his grandmother, his wife’s grandmother, his wife’s maid of honor, and her four bridesmaids.

Yet, now that he had flashed all of those women by no fault of his own, his sexual fantasy come true, oddly enough, he wanted to flash his penis to them all again. He loved to flash his mother his cock again. Taking the next step after unintentionally flashing his mother, Mary, while imagining seeing her naked and feeling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples, he’d love her to give him a hand job. He’d love to watch her staring down at his naked dick while stroking his swollen cock.

He’d love to watch his mother take his cock in her hand and fondle the head of his penis again while stroking his prick as she did on his wedding day. He’d love for his mother to give him an erection. He’d love to cum all over his mother’s hand while she stared down at the mess he made. He’d love to give his mother a cum bath. As if he owned her and was leaving his mark, as if she was his bitch to sexually use and abuse, he’d love to cum all over her face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts.

“Oh, Mom,” he said while masturbating himself and imagining her giving him a hand job. He imagined his hand was her hand fondling his cock and stroking his prick. He imagined his MILF of a mother taking him in her hand and giving him a motherly hand job. “Give me a hand job, Mom. Stroke my cock. I need to cum. I want you to watch me cum. Stroke me harder. Stroke me faster. Don’t stop. I’m going to cum, Mom. I’m going to cum,” he imagined saying to his mother.

While she stared at his engorged prick, he imagined his mother stroking him faster. While she held his cock tighter, he imagined his mother stroking him harder. He imagined his mother allowing him to feel her breast through her bra while she masturbated him. He imagined her allowing him unbutton her blouse and remove her breasts from her bra while she continued stroking him. He imagined feeling his mother’s naked breasts, fondling her naked breasts, and fingering her erect nipples. He imagined cumming all over his mother’s hand and across her naked tits.

# # #

Then, not stopping with having sex with his MILF of a mother, he imagined having sex with his sexy sister. He imagined Carol taking his erect prick balikesirmetroturizm.com in her hand as she did at his wedding. He imagined her staring at his naked prick while fondling the head of his erect cock. He imagined her slowly stroking him while continuing to stare at his naked dick. In the way that he imagined his mother giving him hand job, with her determined to have him cum, he imagined his big sister giving him hand job while stroking him harder and faster.

“Cum Robert, cum. I want to see you cum,” he imagined his sister saying. “Cum Robert, cum,” he imagined her saying while stroking him faster, harder, holding his stiff prick tighter. “I want to watch you ejaculate a big load of cum.”

Something he’s never seen, neither woman topless, in the way that he imagined seeing his mother’s naked breasts, now he imagined seeing his sister’s naked breasts. In the way that he imagined feeling his mother’s naked breasts, he imagined feeling Carol’s big, naked tits and fingering her erect nipples. Not stopping there, he’d love her to take his cock in her mouth and blow him again as she briefly blew him on his wedding day. He’d love to look down to see his sister’s blonde, pretty head bobbing up and down as she continued to stroke him faster and harder while sucking him deeper.

‘Blow me, Carol. Blow me. Suck my cock. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth,’ he imagined saying to his sexy sister.

He’d love to put a gentle hand behind his sister’s pretty head, hump her face, fuck her mouth, and cum in her mouth while watching her swallow his cum. Then, as soon as she removed his prick from her mouth, he imagined ejaculating a second load of cum all over her face. Imagining her covered with his cum, in the way he imagined giving his mother a cum bath, he’d love to give his sister a cum bath, too. He’d love to cum all over her pretty face, in her long, lush, blonde hair, and across her big, naked breasts.

‘Suck my cock, Carol. Blow me,’ he imagined saying while sliding a slow finger across her red, full lips.

While continuing to sexily stare at him, he imagined his sister taking his finger in her mouth and sucking it as if she was sucking his prick. Then, taking his dick in her mouth, he imagined his big sister staring up at him with her big, blue eyes and smiling at him with his erect prick in her mouth. He imagined that she wanted to blow him as much as he wanted her to blow him.

‘Cum, Robert, cum. I need you to cum in my mouth,’ he imagined Carol saying. ‘I need you to give me a cum bath and cum all over my face,’ he imagined her saying while he masturbated himself over the thoughts of his sexy sister blowing him.

# # #

Something he never thought about doing before, since the wedding, was something he thought about doing now. While she leaned forward over the kitchen counter to make dinner, he’d love to sneak up behind his mother-in-law, Donna. As if hugging her from the back, he’d love to reach around her and cup her bra clad breasts in his hands while humping her from behind. Then, before she could resist, he’d love to pull up the back of her short skirt and feel her panty clad ass while sliding a slow hand in between her legs and along her panty clad pussy.

‘Robert! What the Hell are you doing?’ Outraged, he imagined his mother-in-law asking him in shocked surprise? He imagined her struggling while trying to break free from his grasp before her daughter caught them. ‘How dare you feel my breasts? How dare you hump me? How dare you lift my skirt, expose my panties, and sexually abuse me. Let go of me this instant. Oh, my God. I’m so embarrassed that you touched me and felt me through my panties.’

He imagined laughing a deranged laugh.

‘In the way that you sexually assaulted me at my wedding by taking my naked prick in your hand before taking me in your mouth, I’m returning the sexual favor by sexually assaulting you now. This is what you want. I know that this is what you want. I’m lifting your short skirt and pulling down your panties before bending you forward to fuck you,’ he imagined saying to his MILF of a mother-in-law. ‘I’m going to fuck you. I need to cum in your cunt, Donna.’

Not stopping there, while continuing to masturbate himself, he imagined pulling down her panties, bending her forward, and fucking his mother-in-law from behind. He imagined feeling her bra clad breasts and fingering her nipples. In the way he had cum in her daughter’s cunt after he married her and when trying to impregnate her, he’d love to cum in her mother’s cunt, too. How hot would that be to go from daughter to mother? How hot would that be to have forbidden sex with his MILF of a mother-in-law? How hot would that be to fuck his mother-in-law?

While masturbating himself and stroking himself harder and faster, he continued imagining lifting his mother-in-law’s short skirt. Getting ready to cum while imagining more, he imagined pulling down her panties again and exposing her naked ass and the back of her naked pussy. While stroking himself harder and faster, he imagined feeling and fondling her naked ass, rubbing her moist, swollen clit, and fingerfucking her naked pussy. Then, he imagined filling her warm, wet pussy with his hard, erect cock and cumming in her cunt.

‘I’m cumming, Donna,’ he imagined saying while humping her harder and faster. ‘I’m cumming.’

Successfully getting his wife’s mother in the mood to have sex with her son-in-law, she returned his hard and fast humps with her hard and fast humps. As if she was Jessica Lange as Cora Papadakis in the Postman Rings Twice fucking Jack Nicholson as Frank Chambers on the kitchen table, Robert imagined fucking his mother-in-law on the kitchen table. With pots, pans, and broken dishes strewn everywhere, determined to make her cum before he ejaculated inside of her pussy, he continued fucking her faster and harder.

# # #

Not stopping with just having sex with his mother, his sister, and his mother-in-law, he’d love to strip his sexy sister-in-law, Kathy, Lauren’s sister, naked and make love to her before fucking her fast and hard. Curious to know, he’d love to know if she’s as wild in bed as her sister, his wife, is a sexual animal. He’d love to know if she loved sucking cock and swallowing cum as much as her sister loved sucking cock and swallowing cum.

How hot would that be to have sex with not only his wife, his mother, his sister, and his mother-in-law, but also with his sister-in-law, too? Imagining cumming all over her hand, how hot for his MILF of a mother to give him a hand job? Imagining cumming in her mouth, all over her face, in her hair, and across her naked breasts, how hot would that be for his big sister to big him a blowjob? How hot would it be to unexpectedly take his mother-in-law from behind and fuck her? Sex doesn’t get any better than that.

‘Oh, my God, Robert. How dare you? What’s wrong with you? You tore my blouse,’ he imagined Kathy saying when he ripped open her blouse to expose her low-cut bra, her long, line of sexy cleavage, and the tops of her nearly naked breasts to his horny eyes. ‘You exposed my bra to you,’ he imagined her saying while looking down from her bra clad breasts to look up at her sister’s newly wedded husband, her brother-in-law.

Not stopping there, while waiting for her to stop him, he imagined curling his index finger beneath her exposed brassiere. He paused as if he imagined seeing her naked breasts. As if daring him to expose her naked breasts, he imagined her staring down at his finger while waiting for him to lift her bra and expose her big tits. Satisfying his sister-in-law’s sexual lust for him, he imagined lifting her bra up and over her breasts to expose her naked, C cup breasts. He imagined his sister-in-law’s big, naked tits and her swollen, erect nipples falling from her bra.

‘Show me your tits, Carol, he imagined saying when he imagined her covering her naked breasts with her hands. ‘I want to see your naked tits,’ he imagined saying while imagining pulling her hands away from her breasts. He imagined touching her naked breasts, feeling her naked breasts, fondling her naked breasts, and groping her naked breasts while fingering her erect nipples.

When she tried to stop him by pushing him away to push down her bra and close her blouse, in one quick tug, catching her off-guard and surprising her, he imagined pulling down her pants and her underwear along with it. In the way that she was naked above the waist, he imagined his sexy, sister-in-law naked below the waist, too. As if he had never seen a naked woman before, he stared at his sexy sister-in-law as if she was a celebrity.

In the way that he imagined staring at her naked breasts, he imagined staring at her naked ass and pussy. In the way that he imagined that he was all over her naked breasts, he imagined he was all over her naked ass and pussy. He imagined feeling and fondling her naked ass while fingering her naked pussy. He imagined probing her mouth with his tongue while probing her pussy with his fingers.

‘Robert! No! Oh, my God! Stop,’ he imagined his sister-in-law resisting him while he masturbated over the thoughts of stripping Kathy naked and having his wicked, sexual way with her naked body. ‘How dare you strip me naked? This is rape. I can’t believe you’re seeing me naked. I’m going to tell my sister.’

Knowing full well that her reluctance was nothing more than an act that she needed to play, he imagined putting a heavy hand to her shoulder and pushing her to her knees. Then, unzipping himself, he imagined pulling out his cock and slowly sliding it across her lips. When she turned her head away and wouldn’t open her mouth, he imagined taking a handful of her long, blonde hair and pulling it hard.

As soon as she opened her mouth to scream, he imagined filling his sister-in-law’s mouth with his big, erect prick. He imagined putting a heavy hand to the back of her pretty head. He imagined humping her mouth and fucking her face while feeling her naked breasts and fingering her erect nipples. In the way that he imagined fucking his mother-in-law and cumming in her cunt, he imagined cumming in his sister-in-law’s mouth.

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