Discovery Ch. 08

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Big Tits

Our lives were definitely changing. Bryan and Debra’s questions and the way Jen and I had decided to answer them, caused us to take some time out and think about the situation. In the past several weeks, we had gone from a strictly monogamous relationship to having sex with six couples we knew as friends. We had on three occasions had sex with more than one other couple at the same time. We had done a lot of things for the first time in our lives. It was no wonder we needed a little time to adjust.

Jen and I talked every day, a lot. We talked about our feelings and our fears. And we talked about the sex. I told Jen how surprised I was, that I got a little jealous the first time, but that I really enjoyed seeing her enjoy herself. She said she felt the same way and was really confident that I still loved her. She said that I had actually become more attentive to her since we had had sex with other people. I told her I thought that might be a compensation to make certain she knew I still loved her and to get feedback that she still loved me. I told Jen I couldn’t believe I had actually gotten to see her have sex with another woman. I also told her how much I loved the anal sex I had always craved. Jen said she couldn’t believe that she had eaten another woman’s pussy either but once she tried it she knew why I liked it so. She said she also discovered that she loved anal sex and that I could have that whenever I wanted.

Like I said, we talked a lot. We not only talked. We made love every day at least once. This was passionate tender very personal love making something very different from the fun sex we had been having with others. In the end, we were able to admit that we really liked the sex, but could separate it from the love we felt for each other. We loved our partners when we were with them, but would love each other forever.

Friday was the start of my long weekend, four days to rest and relax. Jen and I drove to Kokomo to have dinner with Dick and Nina. Dick is an ex-marine who works at Jen’s department. We had met them for dinner several times and Nina and Jen had hit it off immediately and became good friends. We had some drinks with dinner and let me tell you Dick can put it away, both in dinner and drinks. I had tried to keep up but that was impossible. The girls only had a couple drinks each. Just as we were getting done with dinner, Jen’s cell phone rang. Apparently it was Lisa inviting us over for drinks. Jen explained that we were having dinner with Dick and Nina. Lisa knew Dick from work and told Jen they were welcome to come too. Jen said she wasn’t sure they would want to. She explained the invitation to Dick and Nina and added that Matt and Lisa had a nice pool in their back yard. Nina said they would love to go but they hadn’t brought bathing suits. Jen assured Nina that Lisa was about her size and she was sure she had a suit Nina could borrow. I added that I had an extra suit that Dick could wear. It was all settled. We left right after the call and arrived at our house a few minutes later. We parked our cars at our house and just walked across the yard.

When we arrived at Matt and Lisa’s, we found Bryan and Debra were there. Dick and Nina didn’t know Bryan and Debra so introductions were made. Matt, Bryan, Lisa and Debra had apparently started without us as they already appeared to have a little buzz going. Lisa fixed everyone a drink and got Dick a beer. Everyone else was in their swimsuits. I told Jen I would go home and get ours and bring an extra for Dick. Jen asked Lisa if she had one that might fit Nina. Lisa said she had several for Nina to chose from. I went home to get ours. Actually Bryan and Debra were almost out of theirs. Bryan was wearing a small Speedo that left very little to the imagination. Debra was wearing a skimpy thong bikini. I had noticed Jen and Nina exchanging looks when we first walked in. Nina had seemed a little uncomfortable. By the time I got back, I had my suit on.

I handed Dick and Jen theirs and noticed that Nina’s drink was empty. I offered to make her another and she accepted. After I gave her drink to her, she, Jen, and Lisa left to find her a suit and change. Lisa came out a couple minutes later, made a couple more drinks, and took them back to the bedroom. By the time they came out, we were all in the pool. Nina had chosen a conservative one piece suit. The only problem was that although she was about the same size, she had been hiding something. I guessed Nina’s breasts to be about 38C. I had never had any idea. She had always dressed conservatively and had hidden her charms very well. Although she and Lisa were otherwise about the same size, she was having trouble containing her charms in Lisa’s suit.

Nina gulped the last of her third drink since we’d arrived and sat the glass on a table between the door and the pool. She then dove into the pool and came up, with both hands making adjustments to her suit, right beside denizli escort Dick. She turned to him and said, “What do you think?” Dick said he loved it and offered to buy the suit from Lisa. Lisa said it was a gift that Nina could either wear or carry home. Nina tried to refuse saying she couldn’t accept such a nice gift as she hadn’t gotten Lisa anything.

Lisa said Nina had to take it home with her or take it off right now and started laughing. Nina said she didn’t think that would be a good idea from the looks Dick was giving her. I found my voice, having been standing with my mouth hanging open, and told Nina that she should notice Dick was not the only one giving her looks. Nina blushed and got a little closer to Dick for protection. Dick laughed and shoved her away a little saying she had started it and she was on her own. Nina, looking for some relief from the guys eyes, said we should all be looking at Debra anyway. Matt said, “Okay, and all you girls can look at Bryan.” Now it was Bryan’s turn to blush. But every woman’s eyes did go to Bryan.

Bryan stopped blushing and started grinning. He said, “Well, if I’m going to be a piece of meat.” and with a flourish whipped he Speedo off and tossed it out of the pool.

Now all the girls blushed and Nina went back very close to Dick. Dick emptied his beer and still staring at Debra said, “Well, Debra, are you going to let him steal the show like that?” Nina poked him in the ribs with an elbow.

Debra had already removed the bottom of her suit and it floated to the top of the pool. She whipped the small strip of cloth that was her top off and threw it out of the pool. “Of course not,” she said, “we give a much better show together.” With that she wrapped herself around Bryan’s waist and gave him a very tongue strong kiss. Matt, Dan, and I all started to hoot and holler. Bryan grabbed Debra’s ass cheeks and started rubbing her up and down against his growing erection. Debra threw her head back and a loud low moan escaped her lips. It got very quiet, as we all realized they were both getting aroused. We all stood in pairs around the pool as Bryan and Debra continued to excite one another.

Bryan was now fully erect and was obviously searching for Debra’s entrance. Debra, with one arm around his shoulder, reached down with her other hand and guided his erection into her passage. I looked around and saw that Matt had gotten behind Lisa and removed her bikini bottom. Dick had his arms around Nina and had one hand inside the top of her suit caressing her nipple. Jen had reached into the leg of my suit and was stroking my penis, but all eyes were on Bryan and Debra. They were now making regular waves, as they fucked openly in the middle of the pool.

They were taking their time really enjoying each other and the sight was causing quite a stir elsewhere in the pool. I was erect with both Jen’s hands working on me. Matt had gotten Lisa naked and was screwing her from behind with his suit around his knees. Dick had managed to get Nina’s new swimsuit down around her waist and had both her beautiful tits in his hands. Seeing this, I grabbed Jen and removed her suit down to her waist as well. With that mission complete I removed my suit and rubbed my erection between her wonderful tits. We were still watching Bryan and Debra, but they were oblivious. They were rocking in a slow easy rhythm. As my penis emerged from the top of Jen’s breasts, she closed her mouth over the head and applied suction.. Matt had taken Lisa to the side of the pool and was pounding her from behind. Dick had gotten Nina’s suit off and was busy with one hand on her breasts and the other between her legs. Nina was coming and begging Dick to fuck her.

Dick just kept working his hands. Bryan and Debra still in their slow sensual screw were now looking around them at the show everyone else was giving. Matt pulled out and shot his seed all over Lisa’s ass. I pulled Jen over to the side of the pool and crawled out. I laid her down and put my cock back in her mouth. Then I put my head between her legs and began to eat her pussy. When I looked up to catch my breath, I saw Nina laying at the side of the pool with her feet still in the water. Dan was between her legs giving her what she had begged for. I went back to work on Jen’s cunt and the sounds of sex filled the air. When I came up again I realized everyone else was done and was sitting in couples nearby watching us. I went back to my task with renewed vigor. I was determined to give them all a good show, especially Jen. I made her come and relished the fact that everyone was watching. She was shaking and shuddering under me again, when I could no longer hold back. I pumped a huge load of sperm down her throat. As we began to relax there was brief applause. We all smiled.

Lisa got everyone fresh drinks. I proposed a toast. “To Dick and Nina, welcome to the circle diyarbakır escort of friends.”

“You mean you’ve done this before?” Nina asked taking a long pull on her drink.

“Not exactly. We’ve never put on a show, but we have seen each other making love before. Well, having sex at least, making love is something we kind of keep to ourselves when we’re alone with our spouses.” Jen answered.

“Wow, that was really something. Did you plan on getting Dick and I here tonight?”

“No,” Jen said “that’s the nice thing about it. We’ve just kind of gotten together and let go of our inhibitions.”

Dick asked, “Just how far did you let go?”

“Actually Dick,” I explained “we haven’t held anything back. I’ve had sex with both Lisa and Debra and Jen has been with both Bryan and Matt.”

“And now you’re welcoming us to your “circle of friends”. Does that mean you want to have sex with us?” Nina questioned.

“Well, yes, I guess it does, Nina. But we also agreed between us all that no one has to do anything they don’t want to do. So I guess the ball is in your court.” I answered.

Dick said, “Well, we’re all sitting here naked. You all just watched Nina and I have sex and Nina hasn’t bolted for the door so………”

“I just don’t want to ruin our friendship, Jen.” Nina said.

Jen said, “Me neither, Nina and if you’d rather not go any farther that’s fine. We can just leave it at that and it won’t affect the fact that we are friends.”

Nina said, “Well, can we have another drink and think about it?”

“Sure.” I said getting up and heading into the house, “Guys, come on let’s fix the girls a drink.” We stepped inside and each man fixed a drink for his wife. Before we went back out, Dick handed Nina’s drink to me. “Are you sure?” I asked. He said he was very sure that Nina would like the drink. Seeing this, Bryan handed Debra’s drink to Matt and Matt gave Lisa’s to Bryan. I handed Jen’s to Dick. When we walked back out we just walked to each of the wives and handed them their drinks. The women looked at each other and shrugged. We took that as approval and each man stayed with the woman whose drink he had carried.

Bryan and Matt wasted no time in going to work on each other’s wives. Jen and I were both going a lot slower with Dick and Nina. We were not sure they were really ready for this. Jen and Dick were talking quietly. Jen was sitting on the side of the pool with her feet in the water. Her left hand was resting on Dick’s right thigh as they talked.

Nina and I were sitting next to one another on the steps leading into the shallow end of the pool. Nina asked me how this got started. I told her about our weekend having sex in the same room with Matt and Lisa and just that things had kind of naturally progressed from there. Nina kind of caught me off guard then by asking me how long ago I had thought of having sex with her. “I’ve always thought you were very beautiful. I was originally attracted by your hair. There is something very stimulating about a woman with long hair. (Nina has hair that reaches down to the middle of her butt.) But I never thought of you as a sexual partner until you walked out tonight in that bathing suit. You normally dress so conservatively. I had no idea that your breasts were that large and beautiful.”

“Thank you, for the compliment and the honest answers.” Nina replied.

“Your welcome, but when did you start to think of me as a possible sexual partner?” I asked.

“Right now.” she continued pointing in the direction of Dick and Jen, “I didn’t want to make the first move, because I wasn’t sure Dick would follow through. I do love him and don’t want that to change.”

Looking over at Dick and Jen, I saw that Dick had Jen’s breasts in his hands rubbing her nipples. Jen had her head in Dick’s lap sucking his cock. I said, “Good Nina, because I love Jen and I won’t let anything change that. She is certainly having a good time sucking Dick’s cock though.”

“Yes, she is and I want to have just as much fun. May I suck your cock?” Nina’s polite question caused me to laugh.

“Why, but of course my dear.” I responded.

Nina knelt between my thighs and just looked at my dick. “It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen a cock other than Dick’s.” said Nina. As she looked at it, I contracted my muscles and made it twitch. She liked that and I told her it was just anticipating the feeling of her mouth. With that she reached out with her tongue and began licking the tip. The more times she licked the more of my cock she covered. Finally as I grew, she closed her lips over the head and began a slow back and forth motion.

As I began to relax, I looked around and found Dick now had maneuvered Jen around and was licking her pussy. Matt was behind Debra and although I couldn’t see the union I knew he was fucking her ass. Bryan was on his back antalya escort with Lisa riding his hips. I loved the sensations Nina was affording my cock with her mouth, but I knew things would get better if she were watching what was happening around us. I pulled her up by the shoulders and asked if I could please taste her pussy. Expecting no refusal I began kissing my way across those beautiful breasts. Her nipples stuck out hard and proud and I paid them homage. I kissed my way through her navel and down across her full pubic bush. The closer I got the wider she spread her legs. By the time I reached her pussy, I was sure the scene around us was having an effect. Her lips were bright red and puffy. I found her entrance moist beyond the ability of my tongue having just arrived, but I did my best to catch up.

She had a beautiful pussy that tasted a little of salty chlorine. As my tongue explored her folds, she opened wider and wider, and the taste became sweeter and sweeter. As slowly as her legs had parted, they snapped shut around my neck as my tongue found and explored her clitoris. Her hands were now at the back of my head and her feet were splashing in the shallow water behind me. I wrapped my lips around her clit and sucked gently. She continued to cream and kick and hold me tight. When her climax had completely subsided I raised up and looked over my shoulder. Jen was now flat on her back with Dick’s dick buried in her pussy. Bryan and Lisa were laying next to Matt and Debra watching both ends of the pool.

I moved up between Nina’s thighs and placed the end of my cock at her entrance. As I did this I told Nina it looked like it was our turn to provide the show. Nina’s response was to impale herself on my cock in one thrust of her hips. She was hot and inviting. Smooth and soft as satin but with very strong muscles. Simply wonderful. She really did give them a show. I heard the familiar sounds of Jen coming and Nina just kept going. I was inside her but she was fucking me. I knew that she could look over me and see her husband fucking my wife. She pounded me. She came again and clamped down with her internal muscles and stopped moving her hips. I could feel the contractions of her climax. When they subsided she started throwing her hips again, as though she was trying to throw me off. Except that she was holding me by my hips, I might have thought she was trying to throw me. I could hold back no longer and as my cock began to swell within her, I heard Dick’s grunts of climax. Nina joined us and came again as I filled her pussy. We collapsed into the pool to clean up and cool off.

Jen and I went to the side of the pool near Matt, Bryan, Debra, and Lisa. Dick and Nina stayed in the pool near the middle where the pool sloped from shallow to deep. They were kissing and caressing. Nina told Dick she had never seen him so sexy and that she had never felt so hot. Dick said that she had looked incredible being fucked by me. Their hands were caressing one another as they talked and they were once again becoming aroused. Dick lifted Nina with ease till her hips were nearly clear the water and plunged his rapidly growing cock into her pussy. They fucked standing up on the other side of the pool while the six of us watched. Before long their arousal had spread across the water.

I grabbed Lisa and began eating her pussy while Debra grabbed my cock and began to suck. Jen got two hands around Bryan’s cock and pulled him to her mouth. Matt managed to find Jen’s pussy and began eating like a starving man. We didn’t hear the splash of water behind us. My first clue was Debra grunting as Dick slammed his well lubricated organ into her from behind causing her to deep throat my cock. I looked back just as Nina swallowed Matt’s rod and began a beautiful blowjob. I wanted to see more. I coaxed Lisa into a kneeling position and entered her from behind. I got Dick’s attention and got him to turn Debra so they were beside us and could watch the other four. Bryan looked over our direction and took his dick from Jen’s lips. He positioned her facing us and mounted her ass. He tapped Matt, who opened his eyes and pulled Nina up to a kneeling position beside Jen. Matt then slammed into Nina from behind. Now we were all in the same position and could see everyone else.

We were all trying to match our rhythm to the others. The men were taking long slow strokes and gradually picking up speed. The women were sliding back and forth meeting every stroke. As the sounds of slapping flesh increased, every person’s eyes found their spouse and relished their enjoyment. Every face had a broad smile of satisfaction. It wasn’t long before Jen started a chain reaction. As I heard the familiar sounds of her approaching climax, the sperm boiled up and started it’s journey from my scrotum to Lisa’s beautiful cunt. Lisa’s felt the swelling of my tool and began her own ascent into sexual bliss. As Matt watched this he began to fill Nina’s pussy with his seed. His hot jets striking her core sent Nina over the edge of sexual release. Dick saw his bride coming and slammed his dick into Debra with such force that he literally knocked the sexual tension from her flailing hips. Bryan could tell the signs of Debra’s demise and promptly began to fill Jen with his load.

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