Earning My Keep

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As I kneeled on the thick lush carpet, naked and aroused, I could not believe that here I was again, with the cock of another man firmly making its way down my throat. This was my second afternoon to spend with Rob, my benefactor and new friend. I looked up at him as I engulfed his eight inch cock with my warm and wet mouth. Rob just smiled a very cocky and smirky smile as he threw his head back and enjoyed the blowjob. With his hand firmly holding the back of my head, he began to mouthfuck me and pump his cock into my stretched mouth and throat. As he violated my wet mouth, I thought back to how this had all began so recently.

It had been six months since I had moved into my own apartment in the city. Prior to that, I had always lived with my parents. After attempting to live on my own, I realized that I just couldn’t afford it. But moving home was not an option. I was enjoying the college I was attending and just could not bring myself to drop out. After looking around for work, I began to think about finding easier ways to earn my keep other than waiting tables and working in department stores. I checked out an online site for wealthy sugar daddies. After several dry runs, I came across Rob.

Rob lived just across town in an affluent neighborhood and was newly divorced and looking for a sugarbaby to spoil. I was barely 19, baby smooth, hung and athletic. I figured I was as attractive to someone like Rob as anyone else would be. After several back and forth e-mails, we met for a date and had Escort bursa dinner at an upscale restaurant downtown. After much discussion and a great deal of wine, we decided to head back to his place and get naked and just see the other’s reaction. We wanted to make sure there was some chemistry.

Rob was approximately 40 at the time and was in great shape. He was not a hairy guy but was very muscular and built sturdily. He was about 6’1″ and 185 pounds with a better than average cock that hung down about eight inches when fully erect. When we got to his very stylish house, we stripped and sat on the couch and began watching a porn movie to see what kind of reaction each would get. The movie was appropriate for the moment. It was about a young man getting fucked by his older neighbor. The age difference was about the same and mine and Rob’s and the tone was set.

I began to get hard and noticed that Rob was stroking himself very slowly and very deliberately. He watched me and smiled. After a few minutes, he reached over and took my cock in his hand. After stroknig it for a little while, he bend over at the waist and began to lick my fully erect cock. In just a few minutes, Rob was kneeling between my legs and sucking my cock wildly and feverishly licking and sucking my balls. I moaned and groaned and talked dirty to him which only drove him on.

After a little while, I felt him to pull off and opened my eyes and saw him standing before me. He was holding his cock and pushing it Antalya escort into my face. I can only say my first blowjob was an experience. Now I was giving my second in as many days. I licked up and down Rob’s shaft and slurped on his head with a hungry and wet mouth. I massaged Rob’s prostate while I sucked. He gagged me several times and I could tell he liked his blowjobs wet, sloppy and noisy. I did my best to please. Between groans and moans, Rob talked to me. “Eat that meat, baby!” “Suck that cock for Daddy, my little cumslut.” It was turning him on to hear me moan and groan and whimper between his legs. After about thirty minutes of the sloppy blowjob, I felt Rob’s grip tighten. He held my mouth on his cock until he shot a warm thick stream of cum into my throat. I couldn’t contain it all and let a great deal of it spill out of my mouth and onto my chest.

After a little play, I had Rob as hard as ever. I led him into the bedroom and I drew him onto the king sized bed. I stroked his wet slippery cock to keep it hard. I had been preparing myself for this moment with the help of a tube of KY and a nice comparable dlido. I lay on my back and pulled Rob and his hard slippery cock into my boi pussy. I gasped at the enormity of his meat as it first pushed its way past my sphincter. Once Rob was fully inside me, the experience of pain was replaced with pleasure. I wrapped my legs around Rob’s rock hard torso and kept pulling him deeper and deeper. He plunged into and out of me for a good Manavgat escort bayan half hour. Then he turned me onto my belly and pushed me facedown into the sheets and pillows. Again, he plowed my ass but the feeling was one of exhileration. After a little doggie style and several minutes of me riding him “cowgirl,” he again mounted me and rode me missionary. Finally, he rolled his eyes and began to curse and I knew he was close. He pulled out in time to shoot his load across my stomach and chest.

I joined him in the shower for what I thought would be a quick shower, but it seemed my new partner was easily aroused and could fuck several times in an afternoon. Soon I found myself between his legs again, this time kneeling on the wet shower stall, sucking his wet soapy cock. Afterwards, Rob turned his head away from the shower head and lay on the floor of the stall and I road his cock until he shot his cum into my ass.

We dried each other off and Rob decided it was time suck my cock. He should have known it wouldn’t take long and it didn’t. I shot it directly into his mouth which he seemed to enjoy as he swallowed every drop and sucked me until I began to go down. We lounged around that afternoon and took a dip in his backyard in-ground swimming pool, but I didn’t leave until my lover has fucked my ass another two times. Rob took care of and my needs and I think I did the same for him.

I never knew why his wife divorced him. Surely it wasn’t the quality of the sex. He was as much man as any woman, or little male sugar baby, could ask for. Despite his ex-wife’s reasons, I just knew I wanted to please him. Although I never told him, the sex alone would have kept me around after a while. The money was nice, but the cock and the cum were much sweeter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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