Encounters to Deny Ch. 03

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The shower ended with Natasha smiling to herself, ending some fond memories. She dried off her body and gave another glance in the mirror – at all the bruised spots in all the curves and crevices of her young, tender self. She moved her hand over each bruise and tried to remember how it might have happened – a suck, a gentle pinch, a firm rubbing, or even a bite – she had felt all those actions on herself. But, because the boys had kept her blindfolded, even when it was actually happening, all she remembered was thinking about what was taking place, and she remembered being extremely aroused during all of it. Then she heard a knock on her room door.

“Natasha dear, your father and I are going out for some shopping. And your friend Margot called and said she is on her way here, to visit with you. We will lock the door behind us, you will have to let her in. I have left breakfast on the table for both you and your friend. Bye, love you.” Natasha’s mother seemed to be in a rush to end her instructions and promptly leave.

Natasha heard her mother’s footsteps fading down the stairs, and she soon heard the front door close, and then no more sounds in the house. She felt comfortable enough to walk out into her room naked. She wanted to feel free of clothes and open to the air – as she had been most of the previous night when the boys were using her.

Her room was flooded with mid morning sunlight. This was the first time that natasha examined her own every move, and imagined what the boys thought of her body. She stood by the shaded window, and the sunlight pushed itself in from all corners of the drawn shade and bounced off of every smooth surface in her room. She noticed it glistened on her pubic hair. She imagined if that’s how her crotch looked under several light bulbs – what did the boys see? She stroked her hair up and down – and recalled that many hands stroked her crotch all night long, gently, harshly, intruding her senses in every way.

She walked over to her chest and opened a drawer. It contained all of her underwear. She found the tightest underwear to put on, and then she laid down on her bed. She pulled Ankara travesti the underwear up her legs. Then she kept pulling at its sides, higher and higher, as it wedged further and further into her vagina. She tried to recreate the feeling of how her underwear was being pulled by several hands the night before. She reached down and spanked her now tightly-wrapped lips and clit – this happened to her many times overnight also. She tried to recreate every sensation. Each time she spanked herself firmly, she came a little, and each time, the boys would release the tightness, and one of them would either lick her pussy until she came a bit more, or would enter it with some part of his body.

She released her grip on the underwear and reached down to her crotch, and in. She swirled her fingers and jammed them all the way up, and out, and up, and out, rapidly, then slowly, then took them out and rubbed all the juices onto her clit, and then dragged it up to her nipples. These were just a few of the immense sensations she could recreate by herself. She came, again.

Natasha couldn’t help herself from wanting to feel her entire encounter all over again. But, she also did not know how to do to herself everything the boys had done to her!

She rested for a moment and reached back down, this time she took as much of her own wetness and creaminess as she could slide out of her pussy, and slid her finger further down toward her anus. She entered herself, slowly, deeper and deeper… and she felt wetness on her wrist as her pussy responded and gushed out more cum. She moved back and forth a few more times, slid out of herself slowly, picked up her cum from her pussy, and licked it all up, as she imagined she was licking cum from a penis. This licking of her own juices from her own fingers lasted a few minutes. Then Natahsa heard the doorbell.

She quickly threw on a long frock and ran downstairs.

“Margot, my love, how are you!?! Come in!”, Natasha was extremely happy to see another person. In the back of her mind, she tried to shun the thought of grabbing her friend’s hand and shoving Antalya travesti it into her crotch, to recreate everything she was trying to feel a moment ago!

“Wow. That’s the nicest welcome you’ve ever given me!” exclaimed Margot, “But I don’t feel good and we need to talk.”

“What’s wrong? Are you sick? I think it was the popcorn from our movie last night!” Natasha tried to be sociable, caring, while all she could think of was her experience after the movie.

“No. It’s my parents. They are crazy!” Margot said in a droopy voice, as she walked over to the table, noticing that there were two settings ready and food was on the table. She sat down and started to help herself.

“Tell me what happened.” demanded Natasha. In her mind she was thinking that she could never tell anyone, not even her best friend, about what she experienced last night!

“Well, I had no idea what they were up to,” responded Margot, “but, they told me you couldn’t come over, because they invited a few friends over. While we were at the movies, something must have happened. When I got home, the friends were gone, and they were upset at each other.” Margot seemed frustrated, as she slowly ate breakfast.

“In what way? Did they fight? Were they yelling? I’m sorry Margot!” Natasha sat next to her, made her own plate, and turned to Margot to listen intently, as Natasha knew good friends do. By now, all the weird thoughts from the night before were fading, and she only cared about what happened to Margot.

“Well, when I got home, they were already in their bedroom. I heard some loud noises, so I decided to tell them I was going to bed, but then went to the bathroom, and tried to listen through the wall.” Margot explained.

“What did you hear?” Natasha was curious now!

“I heard them talking. I could hear everything they said. My mother was explaining that she is not interested in the man whatsoever. My father was accusing her that she spent too much time with him all evening.” Natasha’s overnight thoughts started to intermingle with Margot’s story.

Margot stopped eating and continued, “He İstanbul travesti said he didn’t feel comfortable that she wanted to fuck him by herself! It was supposed to be a group thing he said, and that she shouldn’t have stepped away with the man alone!”

“Wait!” said Natasha, a bit disturbed, “Your parents were having group sex when we were at the movies!?” Asked Natasha in a shocked and rather intrigued tone.

“I guess so. That’s what it sounded like.” Margot admitted, “I think they had at least two other couples over, and they were all doing it. Ew!”

Natasha knew she had to respond likewise “Eww!! I don’t think I want to know anymore!”

“Well, it gets worse, I mean, the talking gets worse, but they made up.” said Margot.

“Well, that’s good, right?” responded Natasha, trying to be reassuring.

“No. I made the mistake of listening more,” said Margot “and they started to make up, there was silence. Then they started having sex, I could tell by my mother’s sounds. And then I heard my father ask ‘ what did you want from him, you bitch?’ – and my mother responded that she wanted his cock all over her face” Margot was getting uncomfortable telling the story.

Natasha meanwhile was listening intently, and all of her own memories were returning. “What else did they say?”

“Then she asked him about how hard he fucked the little wife in the group? And he responded by saying ‘harder than she could take me, can you take me that hard bitch?’ and then I heard my mother scream.” Margot said.

“Did he hurt her? Did he hit her?” Natasha was concerned.

“No, I’m guessing he just fucked her harder, probably up the ass or something.” Margot replied.

“But they made up, right?” Asked Natasha.

“Yes, they made up. All that lasted about an hour, and then there was silence.” responded Margot.

“Well, I can’t even begin to tell you my story. We will have to go upstairs.” said Natasha. She took Margot’s hand as she got up, “Let’s go up, we can finish our food later.”

They both entered Natasha’s room. Natasha didn’t know how to start telling her story, and she was still throbbing in all her private places from her earlier self-induced erotics, so, she thought of the best way to satisfy her needs and to reveal her encounters, “I can’t tell you what happened to me. I have to show you. So, don’t say anything, just close your eyes and sit on the bed!”

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