Exposure Therapy Fifth Session

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I read one of the tasks again. I couldn’t believe that I had to do this.

I knew it was for my own good. That if I wanted to get better I had to do the work.

But buying and using all these different tools. In order to get rid of my addiction really was a challenge.

After a week of ups and downs, I once again knocked on the door to Doctor Cox’s office.

The door opened.

There stood my Therapist, my Doctor and now even Goddess. At least that’s what she was during the last session.

“Hello there Sweetie. It’s so nice to see you.”

She held out her hand, and I took it in both of mine and leaned down and gave it a kiss.

“Hi ma’am. It’s very nice to see you too.”

She looked lovely as always. The biggest difference in her appearance was that she was wearing a skirt that was quite wide and loose and black heeled leather boots. Otherwise she still wore a blouse and a suit.

“Come in Sweetie, today we are breaking new ground. You’re going to show me some of your yoga poses, I will even help you with some stretching exercises.”

She was walking in front of me and sat down in her chair.

I stood there not knowing what the right course of action was.

Should I kneel in front of her? Or should I sit down in the couch?

She could see how hesitant I was.

“Today you can start with sitting on the couch. But it is very good that you waited for instructions on what to do, whenever you feel unsure of what the right thing to do is. You can just ask me, and I’ll tell you.”

That was a relief, and also a mental security.

I sat down on the couch.

“So, did you buy the items that were on the list?”

On my phone in my Notes App, Doctor Cox had written all the tasks and exercises for the next week, and one of the tasks was buying more tools to improve myself from my addiction.

“Yes ma’am, I bought the item.”

I cringed as I thought about my purchase.

“That’s good Sweetie, tell me how your sex store visit went, did the lovely lady at store help you?”

I took a deep breath, and recalled my visit.

“As soon as I entered the store, she recognized me. For just being there two times before, she sure are very good at recognizing faces.”

I had visited the store the day after my last session, and unbeknownst to me. Doctor Cox had went to the store right after our session and talked to the woman standing in the counter, who actually was the owner.

“A professional seller has to have great people skills.”

“I guess so, she asked if I was looking for anything specific or if I was just browsing. I knew I shouldn’t lie. So I said I was looking for “something specific”.

She said “Great, then we can do like last time, I can show you what we have, and you can choose what suits you best. So what do you need today?”

“She sure seems to be a very helpful woman.”

“Yeah she seemed even more keen to help me this time.

I was really embarrassed of what I had to buy, and had really hoped that it was going to be a quick, in out type thing. But I realized that wouldn’t be happening.

So I told her I needed something to help me from jerking off, and felt really foolish.

When I said this I think she started smiling. Instead of saying hurtful things, which I was afraid of that she would say. She became very considerate and started speaking in a motherly manner.

“Aw honey, it can be very hard for boys to stop touching themselves. But I think that we have just the right tool to help you.

Since you have become a regular here at my store it would be rude not to introduce myself. My name is Anita Dickens. But you can just call me ma’am.

Doctor Cox spoke.

“How lucky you are to have a professional helping you with your purchase. She seems to be very knowledgeable, and to talk to you in a motherly tone, shows that she understands that you need a supportive person to help you.”

I did feel more at ease, when she talked to me that way. Maybe talking to me like I was a little boy made me feel safe. Doctor Cox seemed to think so. So that must mean it was right. I continued.

“She took me to a corner of the store where there was a lot of different items on the shelves, and pointed to some boxes.”

There they were… chastity cages. Of course I understood why this would help. If I didn’t get hard I wouldn’t be able to stroke, and if I wouldn’t be able to stroke I couldn’t cum. So what would be the point of jerking off?

She said. “Here we have chastity cages. They are perfect for making you incapable of jerking your dick.

As you you can see there are different types of cages. The most common types is made of metal or silicone. Both with a little padlock and a set of keys. There are most often two or three keys with every padlock.

Have you ever tried chastity before?”

Of course I hadn’t. Couldn’t she tell that this was all new to me, and how embarrassed I got when she asked those questions?

“No I’ve never tried it… ma’am.” I said.

I remembered to be respectful even though I Kartal Escort thought the question was stupid.

She continued.

“Okay, then we’ll have to pick a size first, then the model. Because I don’t have every model in every size. How long is your dick when it’s flaccid?”

“This question caught me by surprise, and it must’ve shown on the shock of my face.

Because she continued when I didn’t answer.”

“Of course we have to know how big you are down there when you’re soft. In order to know how small the cage should be.”

“I-I actually don’t know. I have never measured myself when I wasn’t hard.”

“Then we’ll have to measure it in order for you to buy the right one. I have a tape measure in the counter. Just wait and I’ll be back.”

“She walked away and I stood there like a deer in headlights. Not knowing what to do. I didn’t want to get measured right there in the store. If someone saw me I could get arrested for public nudity or something.”

Doctor Cox interjected.

“Weren’t you alone with Miss Dickens in the store?”

“I was, but.”

“And weren’t you in a corner of the store?”

“I was, but.”

“No buts. She clearly knew what she was doing. If you didn’t want to get measured, you should’ve thought about measuring yourself, before you went to the store. Maybe you wanted to get measured by the pretty lady?”

“N-no I didn’t.” I could feel myself starting to blush.

“I forgot you had to do that, that’s all.”

“So you weren’t too excited to get measured?”

Doctor Cox asked with a raised eyebrow.

Now I really felt my face heat up. Did Doctor Cox already know what had happened? Or did she just understand my body better then I did myself?

I continued.

“When she returned I was still standing at the same spot. Not knowing what to do.

Miss Dickens said.

“Just take your dick out and I’ll measure it.”

“She proceeded to kneel in front of me and looked up at me.”

That’s when I saw her deep cleavage. When she left to get the tape measure she had been wearing a sweater. But she had taken that of and only had a tank top. To cover her upper body, and she couldn’t have been wearing a bra. Because I could clearly see two pierced nipples through the light fabric.

But she must’ve not realized that her tits were on display. Because you could clearly see the outline of her tits, and they jiggled quite heavily when she kneeled down.

“I looked back down at her and started fumbling with my belt. I just wanted to get this over with. But my hands wasn’t as nimble as usual. She could see that I was struggling and said. “Here let me help you with that.”

Doctor Cox chimed in.

“Aw, wasn’t that nice of her. Seeing how you were struggling. Helping you out when you were nervous. Seeing how you wanted to get it over with. She probably just wanted to help you as quickly as possible.

“Yeah, she might have just wanted that. But she couldn’t help me right then.”

“Why couldn’t she do that?”

If I hadn’t looked down in embarrassment I would have seen Doctor Cox’s smirk when she asked the question she already knew the answer to.

“She didn’t just help me with my belt. When my belt was undone. She kept going. Unbuttoning my pants and taking down my zipper. Then as-as casual as anything she put her hand down my pants and fished out my-my dick.”

I had just stood there watching as she did everything to me. Frozen, incapable to move.

“And I’m ashamed to say it. But I was completely hard when she took it out.”

She said.

“Wow, someone is excited for their new cage I can see.”

She was still holding my dick. But only with three fingers. Inspecting it.

She continued.

“You’re a little too hard for me to get a good measure. But just from this, I can narrow down what cages are suitable. You’ll have to get soft for me, in order for me to make a qualified decision.”

I didn’t know what to say or do. So I just asked stunned.


She was still holding my dick, inspecting it by moving it in different angles.

“There are a lot of different methods, but three main ones.

We can either make you cum.”

When she said this she started stroking me with her fingers that was holding my dick.

“Or we can make it soft either by force or neglect.”

She took her other hand and pulled my underwear down even further, and grabbed a steady hold on my balls and gave them a light squeeze.

“If I were to squeeze your balls hard, you would probably go soft very quickly. But it would be quite painful.”

She hadn’t stopped stroking with her other hand.

If she’d meant for the squeezing of my balls to be painful that had the opposite effect.

This felt amazing. I couldn’t believe a hot woman was in front of me on her knees. Playing with my package. I couldn’t call this a proper handjob. Since she was only using her fingers on my dick, and all this wasn’t meant to happen. My unruly penis just had to be erect.

She didn’t seem to realize Tuzla Escort how all this made me incredibly horny. Because she kept turning my dick in different directions moving her fingers up and down the shaft. Still lightly squeezing my balls.

She even managed to press her tits together with her arms. Enhancing her incredible cleavage.

But she was still completely oblivious of the unbelievable show she was giving me.

I felt myself getting really close to the edge.

I heard the ding of the bell off the front door opening.

“Or, would you just rather go soft all by yourself.”

When she said this. She took her hand that she was using to inspect my dick. Grabbed it hard instead, and gave it three quick hard pumps, while doing a massaging motion with her other hand that was around my balls.

She let go of my package with both her hands. Got up to her feet and whispered in my ear.

“You’ll have to take that away before someone sees your cute little dick.”

She handed me the tape measure and turned to start walking towards the counter.

When she passed me, she gave my butt a quick squeeze and then lightly slapped my naked butt, and continued to the counter like nothing unusual had happened.

I had looked up and closed my eyes and started panting the moment she let go.

What was happening? I had been so close to cumming.

Was there someone else in the store? I grabbed my dick to put it in my pants, and had to lighten my grip. Because I almost came from just the touch. I had been right at the edge, and I was very sensitive.

I managed to buckle up my pants and looked around.

The person that had entered the store was talking with miss Dickens at the counter. I looked around to see if there was a changing room or toilet where I could go to do the measurements. But the only thing I could see was that behind the counter there was a curtain to the side which looked to go to another room.

I started looking at the chastity cages. While I waited for the person to leave (and my boner to go down).

There was mostly metal cages. Because it seemed like the silicone ones had gaps in where they should have been. But the stock didn’t seem to have been filled. Maybe silicone was more popular? It would seem to be more comfortable.

“See anything you like?” I heard the voice of miss Dickens behind me.

I got startled and made a little squeak as I did a small jump.

I must’ve gotten lost in my own thoughts.

“I think I’d prefer a silicone one. That’s all I’ve had time to conclude. They seem more comfortable.”

She smiled.

“I think that’s a very good assessment.

Have you had time to measure yourself, or are you still too excited?”

“I waited until the other customer left. But I can do it myself now.”

“I think that’s wise. We wouldn’t want to make a public display of your cage fitting, or make my floor all sticky from a little accident.”

She said with a smile that might have been a smirk.

Here Doctor Cox started talking.

I had almost forgotten that I had been telling a story. I was reliving my visit, and didn’t know if I had said both the conversations and my thoughts.

“I have to really commend this woman. She’s clear minded to give you options on how to help your little problem. But stop before some sticky situation would occur, and then distract the other customer. So that you could hide your dickie.”

In the moment I had hoped to make a “sticky situation”. I knew that it wasn’t a good place to release. But right then, in that moment. I hadn’t cared. A beautiful woman on her knees in front of me. Nothing like that had happened to me before.

“Yeah you’re right. It wouldn’t have been good if there was an accident, and luckily there wasn’t one.

Well anyway, I just turned around got out the tape measure again and took my measurement. She helped me pick out a device and i paid and left.”

Doctor Cox frowned.

“I hope that you know that I’m here to help you, and guide you to become more comfortable with yourself.

Do you know this and truly believe it?”

“Of course I do Doctor!”

“Then why would you not be as thorough with your description of what you bought and how it went. When you’ve already told and shown me so much.

This is a place where you should be able to say whatever is on your mind, and feel comfortable with every exercise we do together and know it is for your continued improvement. Every task I give you, is their so you can face your addiction, expose you to your fetishes, and expand your mindset.”

I knew I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable with telling my feelings with my own therapist, and for the most part I felt incredibly comfortable. But some things were just embarrassing. I made a mental sigh.

This was to cure me of my addiction. I had to remember that.

So I took a deep breath and started retelling the visit, from taking my measurement.

“So I took the tape measure and measured my length. It was 5 cm. (2 inches)

I Anadolu Yakası Escort zipped up my pants and turned to see Miss Dickens. She asked. “So what’s the verdict mister. What’s the size.”

I felt like lying again. So that I could get something that wasn’t super tight. But ones again my honest nature stopped my actions.

“I’m 5 centimeters long ma’am.”

“Let’s see what we have in stock that will suit you.” She said and started looking on the shelves. Since the shelves were only half full. It didn’t take long for her to find what she thought suited me.

“I have two different devices that could suit your size. One metal and one silicone.”

Before she could describe them, I intervened with. “I think silicone would be the best if they are the same size.”

“They are, and I think you’re right.” She took a box and showed me. It was a fashionable looking steel cage, small but fancy looking.

Then she showed the other box, and I think my heart skipped a beat.

On the picture on the box, there was a bubblegum pink cage that looked tiny. That you might call cute, if it hadn’t been a device to make it impossible to get an erection. But a better description would just be emasculating.

“Is these the only two options?” I asked a little on edge.

“Well actually.” She took the box with the metal cage and put it back on the shelf, and hold out the other one.

“I think this is the only choice. Since we both think that a silicone cage would be best to start with. I’d say that this is what we will use.”

Something that WE will use? Would she be using it, I think not!

But I couldn’t deny, if they were the same size and I would have to have something of metal around me all the time. I would feel more imprisoned then I would in a silicone device.

“Isn’t there any other colored ones that are the same size?”

“What’s wrong with this?” She said a little confused, like she couldn’t understand why I didn’t want this.

“I’m afraid this is the only color. So if you don’t like pink, you will have to learn to love it. You’ll be wearing it. All the time.”

She said this with a wide smile. It didn’t feel malicious in any way. Just like she was genuinely happy for me.

I didn’t hate pink. I just thought it was a feminine color. I sighed, conceded and took the box.

“Let’s hope it’s okay to wear at least.” I said more to myself then to her. But she answered.

“I’m not going to lie and say it will be all sunshine and roses. It’s going to feel very snug. But with the right mindset you’re actually going to like it, and instead of feeling encased you’re going to feel embraced.”

I guess I should listen to her words. She was probably an expert in this field. So trusting her word when it came to this topic of items. Would be the same as trusting my therapist when it came to improve my wellbeing right?

“I will try to have the right mindset.”

“Good Boy, I thought you would be a bright young man, and I’m so happy that it seems like I was right.”

It felt good to get compliments. I always liked when thought I was smart and good person.

She continued.

“Just follow the instructions that’s inside the box, and when showering and you want to remove the chastity cage. Remember that cold water is your friend, if a little soldier would want to stand at attention.” When she said this she playfully gave my dick a little squeeze through my pants and gave me a wink. Then walked towards the counter.

I felt myself grow hard from the little tease. Thought that things like that was probably normal in an adult sex shop, and followed her to pay.

When I had purchased and was about to leave she said.

“I really hope that you’ll be a Good Boy and able to control your urges, and that we’ll see each other next week again.”

I hoped she was right. This would surely be a difficult challenge. But I was ready to try my best.

(Unbeknownst to me, behind the curtain next to the counter was a pile of boxes. That’s where all the cages which were slightly bigger and in different colors had been placed the day before. After Dr Cox had visited the store and talked to miss Dickens.)

Ones again I heard Doctor Cox’s voice.

I had been so immersed in the story. That I hadn’t realized what words was said and what my thoughts had been.

“I can’t commend this woman enough. She truly knows how to handle her customers. Giving you compliments, tips and encouragement for your new lifestyle. Maybe she would be interested in helping you even further. Would you like that? If I talked to her, to see if she could help you, if you were struggling with a task or an exercise.

She sure sounds like an expert in how to best use your new devices.”

Was Doctor Cox saying that she would tell this lady about my addiction and how best to get rid of it?

“Would she need to know about my addiction and stuff? I’m really embarrassed about it, and I’m not sure if I want to talk about it with other people then you.”

“You wouldn’t have to talk to much about your addiction with her.

I could just talk about the bigger picture with her, and she would be able to help you with some tasks, and if you felt comfortable with that. We could progress it further if you felt like that’s what you wanted to do, and she was interested.”

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