Fagboy Finds His Alpha Straight Man Ch. 03

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As the months passed, I was summoned to Donnie’s house two or three times a week. I was extremely pleased that he, apparently, liked the way I serviced him, but I took nothing for granted. He had my phone number and when he called, I’d better be ready to drop everything and come to him. Sometimes, I would be woken from sleep in the wee hours, have to dress in a hurry, and be there ASAP or he’d get moody. At those times, he would be pretty high, and, when in that state, he often had a short fuse. I took a dressing-down or two from him on such occasions if he thought I’d taken too long getting there. Not that that mattered to me. Though it shamed me somewhat, I enjoyed being put in my place by him.

One night in particular stands out in my memory. Donnie had called at about 4AM.

“Get your face over here, fagboy. I want to fuck it.” he said into the phone, then hung up.

I called a cab, but it took some time arriving. It was a half hour before I got to Donnie’s. He answered the door. His eyes were dilated, and I could smell alcohol.

“What did you do? Take a tour of the goddamn city on the way over?” he said. “Fucking bitch. Get your loser ass up to my room. I gotta take a piss.” He mumbled.

I entered his room and waited. I wished I could be there beside him to watch him urinate, and to hear his stream pound into the toilet.

When he came into the room, I went down onto my knees. This was routine for me. It was one of Donnie’s rules.

“So what took you so fucking long, cocksucker?”

“I’m sorry, Sir. The taxi…”

“Shut up.” he said as he undid his belt.

“Man! I haven’t been this horny in a long time.” he said, as he let his pants drop to the floor. “Whew! Can’t wait to blow this load off.”

He stumbled some, his feet getting tangled in his pants.

“Come over here and take off my shoes, fag.” he ordered.

“Yes, sir.” I said.

I hurried over on my knees, very eager to do whatever it took to be holding Donnie’s warm cock between my lips once again. I bent to the task of unlacing his shoes. He steadied himself by putting his hand on my head. Once his shoes were removed, he could easily step out of his pants. I folded them neatly, placing them on a chair.

When I turned to him, Donnie had already removed his underwear – in this case, blue and white striped boxers – and had hung them on the end of his erection. He began to walk around the room, his hard-on and his boxer shorts preceding him. Donnie enjoyed parading himself in front of me in this way. He liked watching my reaction to it.

Well, seeing the man of my dreams strutting around his room with a full-on erection and his shorts hanging from the tip of his cock had no small effect on me! I was practically drooling onto the floor. God, but he was beautiful!And he knew it.

He just left me kneeling there, acting as if i didn’t exist. He stopped to light a cigarette, then picked up a magazine and began leafing through it. All the while, the boxer shorts swayed suspended in front of him. At one point, he arranged it so that the head of the cock emerged through the fly of his shorts.

“He’s the lookout.” Donnie said, pivoting so that the poker oyna ‘lookout’ could scan the room.

“He’s on the hunt for cocksuckers.” Donnie said. “And… and…, I think… yes, yes, he sees one! There’s a hungry cocksucking faggot in the room. Right… over… here.” Donnie said as he slowly walked over to me.

My heart beat wildly as he drew nearer.

“How about a kiss, fella?” Donnie said, bringing the shrouded cock within inches of my face. My eyes were riveted to the swelled purple head that presented itself through the fabric of the shorts. It hung through the pee hole like a ripe plum.

Already, the wonderful aroma of his aroused member wafted sublimely into my nostrils. My kiss to the tip of the helmet sent the cock jerking fiercely upward. Goodness! But he was horny!

“Very good, my boy.” Donnie said in his spot-on impression of W.C. Fields. He was playing the carnival barker.

“Step right up folks! See the faggot loser on his knees with a great big cock staring him in the face. See how he trembles before its magnificence!” he said, all the while stroking my nose and lips with the warm, plump glans.

I loved when Donnie got playful like this. In the process, I felt like his plaything, and was happy to have a role in his whimsical fantasies.

“Yes, indeed. Forget about the sword swallower in the next tent. Watch our hungry faggot here swallow a penis of great dimensions. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Later, observe the copious spurts of semen as they fly through the air and onto the faggot’s waiting face. The geysers of Yellowstone pale in comparison.”

I had to giggle at Donnie’s inventiveness, but a sharp slap to my face let me know he disapproved of this. Whenever Donnie slapped me, as he has on different occasions, I knew that I needed to shut up and listen. Otherwise, he would send me home, and possibly not see me for weeks. This was a result that struck fear in me, for it was difficult to be away from him and, especially, from his cock, for so long.

“What are you laughing at, asshole?” Donnie said in a low voice.

“I’m so sorry, sir.” I said, my voice breaking. “Please, won’t you give me another chance? Please sir?” I implored, looking up into his eyes.

“You’ve got one of the most beautiful cock’s in the world inches from your face, and you think it’s okay to laugh? To make a joke of it?” he seethed.

Boy, I was really in hot water now.

“I’ll do anything to make amends, sir. Please…”

“You pathetic fucking worm. Maybe you’re tired of the taste of my cum? Of my asshole? Hmmmm?”

“No sir.” I said, sobbing quietly.

“Shit. Anyway, as long as you’re here, I’m gonna empty my ballsack.”

“I’m grateful sir.” I said, my voice barely audible. I looked down onto the floor, ashamed of my stupidity.

“Apologize to my cock.” Donnie demanded.

I focused on the swelled cock head and spoke.

“Sir, you’ve been good to me for some time now. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that you even agree to see me and let me love you. I don’t think I’ve told you this before, but I say a prayer for you when I wake up every morning, thanking God, the universe, for the great canlı poker oyna honor of being on Earth at the same time as you. My life has been blessed by this unbelievable circumstance. I think of all the poor, lonely faggots in the world who will never know the bliss of feeling your warm seed filling their mouths, and hearing your owner’s satisfied groans of pleasure.”

Donnie grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled upward so that he could look at me.

“Not bad, fagboy. That sounded pretty sincere. But, watch it! You hear me? Don’t go fucking up on me like that or I’ll put you in a state of withdrawal that you will regret for the rest of your pitiful life.”

“I understand, sir.” I said, delighted to have slipped out of the hot seat. Maybe now, if I was just really, really careful, I could go home later smelling of Donnie’s sperm.

Donnie began to lift up, then drop, his penis (it was still rock hard) so that the boxers danced about before my eyes. I kept the most solemn demeanor, of course! The head was all that emerged from the pee hole, and I looked on lovingly as it capered about.

“Okay, open up, shit for brains.” Donnie instructed. He was weaving a bit from intoxication. I obeyed at once!

To be reunited with one’s beloved after a time of strife is one of the great pleasures of life. I took the large glans between my lips, and slowly let it slip into my mouth. I always marveled at the dimensions of it. It swelled in response to the warm, welcoming environs. I gently pushed the boxer shorts so that they rested against the pubic bush, and Donnie’s shaft was fully exposed. I ran my fingers along the underside, once again receiving a happy response from the turgid head. Donnie’s eyes were beginning to close, and low moans came from his throat. This was a favorite time for me. He was still very much aroused, his cock hard and pulsing, but he was drifting off into some interior dreamland. I knew that Donnie’s genitals and ass were now my private sandbox and, as long as I was sweet and gentle, I could do as I pleased without fear of being reprimanded or punished.

While tending to his cock, proudly taking in nearly all of its length, I reached between his legs and ran my fingertips between his ass cheeks. I reveled in the warmth there. Donnie was moaning softly, and running his fingers through my hair. This was the sort of tender gesture I could never expect from him when he wasn’t really high, so I treasured the moments when they occurred. With my other hand, I cupped his ball sack and massaged it gently. I was in heaven.

Donnie was now singing and humming to himself, and still swaying a bit. At heart, I thought to myself, he was a sweet young man, though his natural dominant spirit didn’t always allow one to see this. I let my fingers move further into his ass crack, finally allowing them to brush against his anus. I could feel it tighten. I slowly pressed the tip of my middle finger into the recess, and moved it in slow circles. All of this extra attention was having no small effect on Donnie’s cock. I could now taste and feel the presence of his precum. I sat back, letting the cock slip out. Donnie raised a momentary objection at being brought internet casino out into the cool air of the room.

“What the fuck? he mumbled.

I worked quickly so that he wouldn’t get really pissed off, squeezing the head a bit until the sweet nectar appeared. In a moment a clear droplet was suspended from the end of the cock, and I swiftly ran the tip of my nose over it to collect it. I more or less ‘painted’ my nose with the precum. Then it was back to work with my sweet prize drying on my nose!

As I again filled my mouth, Donnie gave a great, satisfied sigh. He was in his true element, as was I.

I brought the hand I’d been using to attend to Donnie’s ass up to my face, and smelled the fingertip I’d had inserted in his hole. Donnie’s asshole smell is exquisite, and I take every opportunity to avail myself of it. I slipped this finger into my mouth alongside the penis, mixing the flavors I held in the highest esteem.

I resumed the activities of my two busy hands, and continued my sucking. Donnie began to buck back and forth, and I knew that he was not far off. I had come to astutely understand the beginnings of his orgasms over time. As his breathing became deeper and more audible, I concentrated on his cock head, moving my lips and tongue over it. Keeping the middle finger of one hand just inside his anus, I brought my other hand away from his balls, and wrapped it around the shaft. I slowly began to jerk its length. All of this, as experience had shown in the past, was having the desired effect.

I could feel Donnie’s asscheeks tighten, and his moaning sounded as if it were coming through clenched teeth. At one point, his entire body seized up, and his breathing halted altogether. I waited for the sweet benediction of his spunk spurting into my mouth, but Donnie had other ideas. He pulled out suddenly and, as I watched in awe, long, looping discharges of cum flew onto my face. At first, my eyes were unaffected, so I could watch the spectacle. It was powerful. It was truly amazing. Finally, Donnie was spent, and the exhausted member began to incrementally droop, punctuated by involuntary jerks. I knelt there watching it, and silently thanking it.

Donnie, meanwhile took a few uncertain steps to the bed and brought over his phone.

“Photo op, fagboy.” he said. “Damn, you’re a mess.” he said, and laughed.

“Didn’t know I had it in me.”

He began taking pictures of my face. I could feel the semen moving slowly down at various parts, and some was dripping onto the floor.

“It was an impressive load, sir! Wow!” I said.

“Goddam right it was, schmuck. What were you expecting?”

“Nothing less.” I said, smiling with my cum-covered lips.

Donnie then gave me a moment to remove the sperm with my fingers and eat it. This was always a special, even sacred, moment for me, and Donnie always liked to look on.

“Good stuff, eh, fagboy?” he said, not without a note of affection.

“You sure know what to do with a dick, gotta say.” he said.

Once I had cleaned my face, and dried it with my handkerchief (later to be nuzzled as I lay in bed), Donnie sat on the bed, and I knelt beside him.

We looked at the photos he’d taken.

“Check it out! You’ve actually got some inside your nose! Holy shit, how’d I do that?” Donnie said, laughing.

“Well, not everyone can, sir.” I said, bending to give his thigh a quick kiss.

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