First Sergeant

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At the age of nineteen, I entered the military and was stationed in Florida; although I’d had several girlfriends, this was the ’60s . . . . and I was still a virgin. I had great expectations that this would change, now that I was in the ‘Sunshine State’ –with all the beaches and bikinis, I’d heard about. But, four months later, I was still innocent in the mysteries of love and (especially) sex; frustrated, I guess I wasn’t all that easy to get along with–which is where my First Sergeant came in.

Leonard was a native Floridian, about 42 years old, and he kinda’ took me under his wing; I was invited to meals at his home, with him and his wife, and we started fishing together, regularly. We also consumed a fair amount of beer on these excursions, though I was a year and a half under the legal drinking age; funny part is that I was of legal drinking age, in my home state of New York.

During February, we had a holiday weekend and he invited me on a weekend fishing trip, to a lake he knew of in the southern part of the state; I readily agreed, and we departed bright and early on Saturday morning. We shared the driving, during the 3-hour trip, finally arriving at our destination around 10 a.m.; Leonard drove his camper down the narrow, dirt road, for about two miles, finally stopping at a secluded campsite–right next to the lake. After setting up the camper, and gathering wood for the fireplace, we cast a couple of lines in the water and opened a couple of beers; the fish weren’t biting, since it was now mid-day, and it was so warm we were wearing T-shirts and shorts.

Following a quick lunch, we relaxed in lounge chairs–drinking more and more beer, until I was pretty inebriated; I started to doze off, but Leonard suggested we take a nap in the camper for a couple of hours. We each took a bunk, and I was asleep in no time; it was probably an hour or so, later, when I groggily awoke to the realization that was my cock was hard as a rock . . . . not only that, but Leonard had it in his mouth and was greedily sucking on me! Before I could protest, I reached the point of no return–ejaculating my seed deep into his mouth and throat; he never even paused, avidly swallowing my entire load. He gently squeezed my balls, and slowly licked my organ clean; I had no idea what happened to my shorts, and slid over to make room for him–when he moved up beside me.

Much to my surprise, Leonard was naked from the waist down, too; his gigantic prick nestled against my hip, as he rolled onto his side to face me; I was more than a little taken aback, by these events, but I couldn’t deny that the experience was definitely a pleasurable one. He gently took hold of my still semi-hard organ, and slowly massaged my foreskin as he spoke: “Well, did you enjoy that,” he asked? I could only nod my head in response, as he continued to manipulate me; meanwhile, his own stiff cock was throbbing against my thigh, and I looked down in awe at its size. Leonard chuckled and said, “It’s a little bigger than yours, ain’t it?” I responded, “What do you mean a little . . . . it looks like a baseball bat!”

By now, I was totally hard once more–prompting Leonard to reverse himself, and poker oyna take me in his mouth once more; in this position, his massive prick was right in front of my face. As he commenced to sucking me again, I tentatively reached for his long, fat weapon and slowly began to rub his foreskin up and down; “Damn,” I thought, “I can’t even get my fingers completely around it!” After stroking it a few more times, I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked his massive cock head–until it was glistening wet; Leonard moaned a little, around my stiff member, prompting me to open my mouth and insert the plum-sized head inside. The taste, I thought, was really quite pleasant–so I began to suck on him in earnest, determined to find out what his semen tasted like; I had sampled my own, on numerous occasions, and liked it . . . . so why wouldn’t I like someone else’s?

Because I’d already cum, once, I didn’t feel the urge to ejaculate again right away–as Leonard continued his sucking; his organ, on the other hand, was beginning to leak seminal fluid–as I attempted to take as much of him as I could, into my mouth and throat. He was so large, though, that I could only accommodate about half of his length. All at once, he gave a muffled groan and his gigantic tool throbbed and bucked inside my mouth; I sucked fiercely on his cock head, knowing he was about to explode. Instantly, his prick shuddered, and flooded my mouth and throat with spurt-after-spurt of his seed; I swallowed a fast as I could, but there was just too much–and some of it seeped from the corners of my mouth, and down my hand and wrist. I couldn’t believe how much of his juice there was, and I savored the taste on my tongue–as it slowed to a manageable amount.

Once I’d sucked him completely dry, I licked his semi-hard organ from top to bottom–even taking his giant balls into my mouth; finally, Leonard released my still-erect cock from his lips and moved back up alongside me. After cleaning the sperm off my hand and wrist with a tissue, he pulled me to him for a long, soul-searching kiss; I surrendered to him, completely, wrapping my arms around him as he held me. When we finally came up for air, he asked me to tell him the truth . . . . had I ever fucked a girl (or a guy)? I responded that I was a virgin, and that I’d never had any kind of sexual contact–with anyone. He quickly kissed me again, then reached into a drawer next to the bunk; he pulled out a tube of K-Y lubricant, uncapped it, and immediately inserted the nozzle into his anus–squeezing a generous amount inside. He smeared some around his puckered, brown opening, then coated my stiff prick with some–until it was slick with the stuff.

Leonard then got on all fours, on the bunk, and said, “Get behind me–you’re about to get the first fuck of your life!” Although this was not how I visualized my first sexual experience, I avidly did as I was told; approaching him from the rear, I held my cock steady and slowly fed it into his warm, willing rectum. I could not believe how good it felt, to be sheathed inside his ass hole, and pressed on until my balls made contact with his buttocks; lust quickly took over, and I began to vigorously pound canlı poker oyna my cock into him–making him grunt with the contact. After about 5 minutes of pure, animal rapture, my orgasm overtook me; I groaned aloud, as my organ erupted–pumping volley-after-volley of sperm, deep into his bowels. I was in total, erotic bliss, as the pleasure finally subsided. When I finally withdrew from him, he stood up and said, “Let’s jump in the lake to clean up;” totally naked, we raced to the water and dove in–laughing, splashing, and frolicking for several minutes.

By now, it was nearly suppertime–so Leonard, still nude, busied himself fixing a meal on the stove; all the while we ate at, we eyed one another with a different kind of hunger–and when he stood up to get us another beer, I noticed his giant cock was semi-hard. This caused mine to begin to stir once more (everyone knows that teenagers get perpetual hard-ons); when we finished our last bite, I moved to his side of the table. Leaning over, I took possession of his huge organ and began stroking the foreskin back and forth, along it’s length. I smiled and said, “Do you want me to suck you off, again?” Leonard smiled back and said, “I’d rather do to you what you did to me!” I looked at him in total disbelief . . . . I said, “You’ve got to be kidding, you’d split me in two with this monster of yours!” He said, “I’ll go very slow, and will stop immediately–any time you say so.”

Thinking of how much pleasure he’d given me, I agreed . . . . but with the firm understanding that he just stated. With that, we climbed into the bunk and I knelt with my face resting on a pillow, as he instructed; Leonard got in behind me, and spread my ass cheeks apart. He then began to slowly lick my puckered opening, and massaging it with his fingers; he continued this for some time, and I was actually beginning to enjoy it. He then reached for the tube of K-Y lubricant and uncapped it–inserting the nozzle into my tight anus, just as he’d done to his own; he squeezed a huge amount of it into my rectum, then inserted one finger into me. Twisting and manipulating it, he worked at loosening me up; after a couple of minutes, he inserted a second one and repeated the process. Slowly but surely, I was beginning to relax and he began finger-fucking me; when he inserted a third one, I groaned slightly, in pain, but bit the pillow as he continued. Eventually, he felt I was loose enough to take him inside my ass.

Moving in behind me, Leonard applied a generous amount of K-Y to his enormous prick, and guided the fat head to my virgin opening; he firmly pressed forward, while gripping my waist with one big hand. I moaned into the pillow, as he slowly slipped the crown past my tight sphincter; I grunted, as it finally “popped” inside me! He stopped all movement, at this point, allowing my hole to get used to its presence; the pain eased, somewhat, and he gently slid another couple of inches inside me. I bit harder down on the pillow, determined to take him–if at all possible; Leonard pulled back until only the head remained inside me, then pushed forward with more determination. This time, I cried out in excruciating pain–as nearly internet casino half of his 11-inch cock slipped into my orifice; I yelled to him, “We have to stop Leonard, it hurts too much, and I’m probably bleeding!”

He stopped moving again, and assured me that I wasn’t bleeding; still, I insisted that we had to stop. Leonard said, “Okay, just hold still and I’ll ease it out of you;” ever-so-slowly, he eased back until his cock head was all that remained. I expected to feel him exit my hole completely, but, instead, he gripped my hips with his strong hands and savagely lunged forward–driving his gigantic member deep into my rectum! I yelled aloud, and tears instantly filled my eyes as he totally impaled me–destroying all vestiges of my anal virginity; his huge balls were now firmly pressed against my naked buttocks, and his cock fully distended my opening to accommodate its length and girth. I could feel it throbbing and pulsating deep inside me.

I couldn’t believe that he’d gone back on his promise, and my passage was burning like fire; Leonard leaned over and tenderly kissed the back of my neck–expressing his sincere apology, for ‘taking me’ in this fashion. He said, “It’s always like this, the first time, but once you get used to my size you’ll begin to appreciate the pleasure of being fucked.” He remained completely still, waiting for my pain to subside; after 3 – 4 minutes it did, and he reached beneath me to take hold of my prick–which had immediately wilted, due to the pain of my semi-rape. Immediately, I began to stiffen in his hand, and he slowly eased his cock back from my depths; ever-so-gently he then entered me fully, once more.

By now, the pain was being replaced by the sensation of being totally filled by him; my injured passage became more receptive to his presence, and, the combination of his hand stroking me was having his desired effect on me; I groaned each time he bottomed-out inside me, but now it was more pleasure than pain–and I told him, “It doesn’t hurt as bad, now, and is actually beginning to feel good.” He kissed my neck again, then began to fuck me a little more purposefully; soon, he began driving himself into me with a little more force each time. I could tell he was nearing his climax, and I actually squeezed his cock tightly in the grip of my sphincter–making him groan; Leonard said, ‘My God, but you’re tight . . . . a couple more minutes of this and I’m going to explode!”

This encouraged me further, and, in addition to alternately squeezing then releasing my grip on him, I pushed my ass backwards at the same time he was thrusting into me. That did it, because suddenly he cried out, “Oh, ugh, I’m coming!” And come he did, flooding my bowels with an enormous stream of his man-juice; I thought, “Damn, if I was a woman I know his seed would shoot straight into my womb, and I’d be pregnant within seconds!” This thought almost made me wish that I was . . . . so that I could bear his child, as prove of our love-making. I shook that silly thought from my mind, and concentrated on his gigantic member, throbbing and still spurting inside me. Needless to say, we didn’t get a whole lot of fishing done during the remainder of the weekend . . . . but we did do a helluva’ lot of fucking and sucking–which continued right up until I left for Vietnam, seven months later. Leonard’s gone now, but not in my mind and memories.

Tbone66, April ’12

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