Friday Night

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Cory dresses for the hunt. She’s hot and she wants action tonight. Black denim, black silk blouse, silver rings, dark hair slicked back. The face is pale, almost deadly enough to make a femme tremble. Cory wants them wetting their pants when she walks into the bar. She wants a slender blonde with pink nipples and a pale white ass. As she imagines the blonde, she grabs the black denim covering her crotch, squeezes her dick and pumps her hips. Fuck, I need it, Cory thinks. She needs a girl.

She has the car stereo blasting some crazy bass beat as she pulls onto the gravel in front of Mama J’s. A dozen cars and bikes out front, two groups of dykes sucking in some fresh air. Cory cuts the stereo and climbs out.

“Hey, Cory.”

Cory waves and keeps walking. “How’s it going?”

“Same old shit,” the biggest girl says.

The other girls laugh. Music rocks out of the small building. The neon sign on the roof blinks and looks ready to collapse.

Cory pushes at the front door of Mama J’s and enters her world.

* * *

The place has a bar, a dance floor, a couple of pool tables in an adjoining room, and fifty women of all sizes and shapes dripping sweat and smelling of sweat and perfume and pussy juice. There’s hardly any light, and it’s not easy to see who’s there and who isn’t. Cory isn’t interested in anyone she knows anyway, she wants someone new, something fresh. But she thinks she probably won’t find it because maybe she’s run through all the dykes in the county. Nothing left except women in the closet who never step into a place like this. Not here. Not on Friday night. But she looks anyway, checks out the women on the Ankara escort dance floor, the gyrating bodies, then the women at the bar, then the butches hanging over the pool tables in the other room.

“Cory, lover, why don’t you say hello to me?”

Cory turns. A redhead with big tits and dangling bracelets. What’s her name? Ruthie? No, it’s Ramona. Cory remembers two fat nipples.

“Hello, Ramona.”

The redhead beams, pleased that Cory remembers her name. “Let’s dance.”

“No, I’m looking for someone.”

Ramona pouts and swirls the drink in her hand. “Well, if you don’t find her, I’ll be here.”

Cory nods and moves on. Once around the dance floor, then back to the bar. She’s about to order a beer when she sees a blonde coming out of the corridor that leads to the restrooms and the kitchen. Tall slender blonde in tight pants and a white sweater. Lipstick dyke sporting a ponytail, tiny tits, and a round tight ass. Is she new? Is it possible? Cory decides she’s never seen this one before. Pretty girl, isn’t she? Maybe from the state college in Colfax. Hoowee, Cory thinks; it’s Friday night. She heads straight for the girl, touches her elbow, then bends her head to sniff at the girl’s neck. “I’d like to eat your ass,” Cory says in a low voice. “But if you’re too bashful for that, I’ll buy you a drink.”

* * *

The girl’s name is Susan, a new transfer to the state college, in Mama J’s with two friends now banging hips on the dance floor. Susan says she’s not interested in going anywhere with anyone. She studies Cory’s face, looks at Cory up and down with evident interest in her eyes. “I’m not going anywhere,” Susan Ankara escort bayan says again.

“You’re bashful,” Cory says.

Susan blushes. “No I’m not.”

“You have a car?”

“No, my friends drove me.”

“You can crash at my place tonight and I’ll drive you back tomorrow.”

“No, I won’t.”

“Let’s dance. You dance, don’t you?”

Cory leads her to the dance floor. Twenty minutes later, Susan tells her friends she’s leaving and she hangs on Cory’s arm as they exit Mama J’s. Friday night, Cory thinks. She slides her hand down to cup Susan’s ass through the tight jeans.

* * *

“Why am I here?” Susan says. She lies sprawled on Cory’s sofa, the flickering candlight casting shadows on her face and torso. They are both still fully dressed, listening to a flamenco piece, Cory flat on her back on the rug at the foot of the sofa. “I don’t know why I’m here,” Susan says. “Maybe you’re dangerous.”

Cory chuckles. “Do I look dangerous?”

“Maybe you do.”

“How long have you been out?”

“Two years.”

“And what have you done?”

“What do you mean what have I done?”

“You’re a baby dyke.”

“I don’t like that, I’m going home.”

“You’ll go home tomorrow. Right now get those jeans off and sit on my face.”

“God, you’re so unromantic.”

“You didn’t come here for romance, did you?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Come on, get on my face.”

* * *

Susan is now naked from the waist down, everything below her waist stripped away, kneeling over Cory, facing Cory’s feet as she squats over Cory’s face. Shaved blonde pussy dripping honey. Cory slides Escort Ankara her hands over the pale ass and pulls the girl’s hips down until she has her nose settled in the crack between Susan’s buttocks.

This is what Susan wants, the reason Susan is here. Tell a pretty young femme like this one that you’re going to eat her ass, and if she believes you the probability is she will start shaking with anticipation even if one part of her mind says no. Since they want to try everything, what you do is open the door for them. Cory knows. She’s had so many pretty asses on her face, she’s lost count, all the asses merged into one huge munch, her nose and mouth in there, the cheeks pressing on each side of face, the faint smell of perfume and piss, the cunt leaking as she works her tongue into the pliant ass. This one has had it before; this blonde knows how to settle her ass on a face, how to move her buttocks around without seeming too greedy.

Cory pinches the girl’s hips and Susan squirms. “Eat my ass,” Susan says.

Cory laughs into the steaming crack. Baby dyke is not so baby. What are they teaching them in college these days? Cory growls as Susan leans forward to rub Cory’s cock through the black denim.

“You’re not going to fuck me,” Susan says. “Not with this monster.”

* * *

In the morning, after a full night of sucking and fucking, Cory drives her to the college, to the red brick dorm with ivy on the walls. “I had a nice time,” Susan says. She kisses Cory’s cheek and then climbs out of the car. Cory smiles and waves, turns the car around and heads for the highway. Silly pussy, Cory thinks. Pretty ass and silly pussy. Fuck, she’ll never see that one again, what a bore. She wonders if she ought to move somewhere else. Maybe to the city. She guns the car up the highway ramp and checks the gauge to make sure she has enough gas to get home.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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