Gigolo Ch. 05

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I went surfing for a couple of days. Miranda and I had a couple of quiet nights. I wondered whether my mother was getting any sex. I was sure there was nobody in her life at the moment. Sure she had dated a few guys but Miranda must have been picky because they didn’t last long.

The peace didn’t last long. Mrs. Croker rang and Mum took the call. “A lady for you, Allen,” giving me a quizzical look.

“No problem,” I said responding to a request to meet somebody at a shopping mall in an hour. “I’ll be there.” Hanging up, I saw the look on Miranda’s face. “What?”

“Exactly, what are you doing? Fess up,” she demanded.

“Seriously, I’m helping a company with market research, generally targeting mid to older women. It seems I’m a natural at getting them to open up.” I grinned wryly at that one. I raced upstairs and got into smart casual, hopped in the car and drove off, my last image was of Miranda standing at the door, her hand on her hip.

Sheila Croker was horny today. I was no sooner in her office than I was on my knees paying homage to her marvellous pussy. After gushing her juice into my mouth, it was my turn to be sucked off by her voracious mouth and talented tongue.

“That is so yummy,” she said, licking her lips as I tucked my cock away. “No need for lunch today. Now to business.”

She had me lined up for escort duties all week. The first night was another business function with a stick thin lesbian who wanted to pretend otherwise. The next was a young, shapely but largely unintelligent bimbo who wanted to give her boyfriend the shits and who sucked me off in the cab on the way home. I didn’t take up her offer of coffee. The next was a mid forties whale of a woman who was grateful for an escort to a mildly amusing dinner party and showed her gratitude with a cash bonus. Following her was a svelte model from Italy who I escorted to a fashion industry party full of nancy boys and lesbians. She was one too and I had to put up with her pawing and kissing while she made her girlfriend jealous. Eventually they made up then made off with each others hands in their respective knickers. I had to wait a week to be paid for that episode. Worse, I had to fend off two poofs intent on my anal virginity. My hand still hurt from the smack in the nose I gave one of them.

The final night was the best of the lot. Fiona Fields. A mega star in the eighties, the star had waned as she got older and bulkier. She had started to appear as the mother in el stupido teen movies. She had been married three times that I knew of and was in town to appear at a movie premiere. When I arrived at her hotel room, she was clearly disappointed. “You’re too young! What are you, 27, 28?” I didn’t want to let her know that I was much younger than that so I just nodded. She was holding a short glass of whiskey and was half pissed. She was going to be a challenge.

I introduced myself and took an offered glass of the same stuff while she helped herself to another. She was in an all encompassing robe but her hair had been expertly done and her makeup was immaculate. Only very close inspection would reveal the tiny lines around her eyes. “I guess you will have to do. I’ll be talking to that Croker woman tomorrow about this. I’m not happy. Christ knows what the tabloids are going to say about this!” So saying, she flounced off to the bedroom and slammed the door. She emerged Ankara travesti 20 minutes later in a too tight ankle length red outfit that displayed some cleavage,but mainly emphasised the fact that she no longer had the figure that captivated audiences in the 80’s. “Let’s go then,” she ordered and swept out the door clutching a matching purse.

We rode down town in a limousine and I said nothing as she had two more whiskeys. As we arrived, she sprayed something in her mouth and quite steadily dropped something in her eyes. She checked to make sure there was no lipstick on her teeth and then grimaced at me. “It gets harder each year. Let’s pretend we are very intimate, OK?”

“OK. We’ll give it a go.”

I escorted the fabulous FF up the red carpet dazzled by the bright lights of television cameras and the flashes of the paparazzi cameras. She leaned against me, waving and smiling, occasionally calling out to people she knew. The movie was barely tolerable and the party afterward made bearable by the number of semi stars who came up to be introduced as ‘the next big thing in movies, in fact, he has a part in my upcoming project’. She had more to drink and started leaning more and more heavily on my arm. “Time to go, Miss Fields,” I said sternly, and surprisingly without argument, she allowed me to steer her out and into the back of the limousine. She lolled back on the seat, and promptly fell asleep. When we arrived at her hotel, I woke her and helped her up to her room.

“Could you wait a moment? I need to go to the girl’s room.” I waited until I heard the sound of sobbing coming from her room. I went in and found her crying on top of the huge bed, her shoulders shaking. The zip on the back of the dress was down and revealed a red bra strap and the top of a matching pair of knickers.

“Miss Fields, can I help?”

“Could you hold me until I go to sleep. I am soooo lonely and there hasn’t been anybody to cuddle me in years. Please,” she sniffed. Her mascara had run and her makeup was ruined.

“OK. Just let me clean you up a bit.” I went to the adjoining bathroom and retrieved a damp washcloth and came back. She was sitting on the edge of the bed, her shoulders still heaving. The dress had slipped showing a lengthy cleavage now mottled and heaving as she took big gulps of air. I lifted her face and gently wiped away her ruined makeup. I stood her on shaky legs and pulled her dress down to puddle at her feet. She leaned on my shoulder as I reached down to pull it free and remove her shoes. She had a fine pair of beige stay up stockings. I sat her down again dressed only in her matching underwear and rolled the stockings off.

She looked up at me with red rimmed teary eyes. “Please stay. I’ll do anything you want, but please be nice to me. I need tenderness, some TLC, please,” she implored.

I surveyed her from top to toe. Her blonde hair was tousled and her still attractive face spoiled by tear tracks. Her down turned mouth was eminently kissable. Fiona’s shoulders and upper chest were mottled. Her fabulous breasts bulged out of the bra displaying a fine tracery of blue veins. Her tummy bulged a bit and her hips carried a few extra pounds. Her thighs showed the beginnings of cellulite but her knees had cute dimples and her calves were shapely. Normally the sight of a semi nude woman would have me barring up, but all Konya travesti I felt was pity. “Hop into bed and I’ll join you,” I said quietly.

Fiona pulled back the covers and scampered under. I walked to the chair and disrobed down to my briefs then slid in next to her. I slid an arm under her shoulders and pulled her close so that her head rested on my bare chest. I reached for the light and the room went dark except for the light from the bathroom. “Go to sleep, I’ll be here.” She went out like a light. After a short while, so did I.

I awoke in the early hours of the morning. Fiona and I were spooned with me at her back. My right arm was under her neck while my hand had mysteriously finished up inside her bra, gently gripping a big round breast. My left arm was over her thickish waist and my fingers were gripped by her soft upper thighs, my wrist against the bulge of her pussy mound. My morning erection was pressed against her voluminous arse. I had to piss. I gently disengaged myself and withdrew to the bathroom. When I returned, I contemplated quietly dressing and leaving. Then I remembered that she had said she would do anything for me. Hmmm! Perhaps a fuck from a famous film star was worth the effort of putting up with a volatile temper.

I raised the covers and was about to slip in behind her when I realised she was naked. She had lost the underwear while I was relieving myself. Smiling to myself, I dropped my underpants and slipped in behind her. I fetched up against her hot arse and slid one arm under neck and the other reached around her as I again took hold of her big slack breast.

“Mmmm,” she murmured drowsily. “Nice. Please cuddle me. Nobody has cuddled me in years.” I did. By now the hand that had gone under neck had taken hold of the other large breast and I just held both of them. The thought of being naked in bed with the fabulous and famous fulsome Fiona Fields caused my cock to begin stiffening. Having my hands of the aforementioned tits didn’t hurt either. I began planting kisses on the side and back of her neck. She responded by slowly grinding her bottom against my rigid stiffstander. I responded by flicking both nipples until they grew large, then alternately tweaking and caressing them until she began to moan. Suddenly, she rolled over in my arms and kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth to dual with mine. Her hands moved up and down my back, then gripped my buttocks to pull me even closer to her. Her huge slack breasts were crushed against my chest and I could feel the hard nubbins of her nipples. As we stretched side by side kissing, my cock was wedged against her soft rounded belly anointing it with precum and my hands were full of her big soft arse.

Fiona stopped kissing me and pushed me over onto my back. “I need to fuck but I need you to lick me first.” I hadn’t said a word to this point and just nodded in agreement. There’s not much better things in life than licking pussy. She scooted up my body, her pendulous boobs swaying until she sat on my chest. Her cunt hair was blondish and shaved to a vee exposing the luscious lips of her vagina. It was just about the most perfect cunt I had ever seen. Beautifully proportioned, the outer lips were plump and the top was hooded with two folds of shiny flesh like a nearly opened flower. She pushed forward and I used my fingers to gently prise apart her outer İzmir travesti lips to find purply engorged glistening inner lips. “Oh yummy, what a beauty,” I murmured and pushed out my tongue and slowly traced the left side up to the hooded clit and then the right side. I continued doing that, taking my time while her hands held my head. Her cunt stayed open, becoming more excited and exuding that wonderful musky aroma of arousal. More and more joy juice was trickling onto my tongue. I looked up. Her eyes were closed and due to her posture of holding onto my head, her elbows had pushed her breasts together creating a wonderful cleavage. They were white and covered with a tracery of blue veins. They had become mottled and the coloring extended up to her neck. Her large coral pink nipples bulged. They were easily half an inch in diameter and generously dappled with milk secreting holes. They attracted my fingers like a magnet and I latched on to them, tweaking and pulling until they grew redder and angrier. I sped up my licking, plunging my tongue into the depths of her oily cunt. Fiona took one hand and used her fingers to pull the clit hood up to expose her love button. I dove on it like a famished drunk, licking and sucking, pinching her giant nipples, until she came, exploding a thick white creamy fluid into my mouth.

She moaned in ecstasy and pressed her cunt even closer to my swallowing mouth. “Oh, I neeeeeeded that,” she moaned. “I can’t think of the last time I had an orgasm like it. Or for that matter, when I last had an orgasm.” She reached down and took my rearing cock in her hand. I was still gently licking her clit. “Oh, what a beauty. I must have it up me.” Fiona slid off my mouth and scrabbled backward and pushed me onto my back, and, holding my stem upright, slowly impaled herself on me. She started gently posting up and down, her big tits swaying and rocking. I took hold of them and started thrusting my hips up to lodge deep within her smooth oily cunt feeling my knob hit the protuberance of her cervix. She stopped, groaned and came. Her cunt became liquid mush as her orgasmic secretions bathed my prick. She fell forward and kissed me gently, lovingly. “Soooo good,” she murmured.

I continued sliding my cock deep into her, happy to be still erect; knowing I was still some way off cumming, knowing there would be more fucking. I nudged her over onto her knees and kneeling behind her gorgeous arse, slid into her to the hilt. Reaching under, I gathered her big tits and started to ride her with an increasingly fast dog-like action. She moaned again as I changed the angle of my cock to tease her G-spot then back to deep, deep, in her spasming cunt.

As I was getting into the short strokes feeling my loaded balls about to deliver, she quickly pulled off me and scooting around, pulled my slimy cock into her mouth, sucking strongly. I delivered, spurt after spurt of molten sperm to the back of her throat. She swallowed but not before some seeped out of the corners of her mouth. She licked that all up and commenced to clean my entire cock and balls with her lively tongue. When she finished, she looked up at me. “What is your name, lover?”

“Allen, Allen Small.”

“Well Allen, this isn’t small. In fact it’s getting bigger!”

“Wrap those gorgeous tits around it and it will be ready to play in no time.” She complied and it was really erotic being titfucked by a pair that I had been ogling for years.

Fiona paused and took the glans into her mouth swirling and laving. I was ready. “This time, I want you to come up my arse,” she said looking up at me with a twinkle in her eyes.

“OK. You’re the boss.”

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