Girls Night Out Ch. 07

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Donna took control of the situation by spreading her new found wings. She pulled me down beside her on the bed and instructed Yan to sit beside me. Then she leaned over and gave me a soulful kiss, a kiss like she used to give me before we moved in together. Her kiss gave me goose bumps. Then she leaned over me, pulled Yan forward and gave her a similar kiss. She looked at me and nudged my arm. Yan and I kissed.

Kissing Yan was everything I had imagined it to be in my dreams only much better. She totally blanked my mind filling instead with lustful desire. While Yan and I were kissing, Donna had already removed most of her clothes and stood between Yan’s legs wearing only her undies.

She reached around, removed her bra, and rolled down and stepped out of her panties. She gave Yan a look that I’d never seen her give anyone, not even me. Then she leaned forward as she pushed Yan back and mounted her as she kissed her. They kissed and kissed. I watched as Yan felt Donna’s ass and her breasts. gaziantep bayan escort She sucked Donna’s nipples. They were so gentle with their touches and loving the way that they responded to one another. Then Yan reached between Donna’s legs and started fingering her clit as they kissed. I stood to learn something in how to make love to a woman by watching two women make love.

Donna started undressing Yan. I was finally going to see Yan naked. First she unbuttoned her blouse, then she unhooked the front snap of Yan’s bra letting loose her tits. Other than seeing an Asian woman on a porn video this was the first time that I have ever seen Chinese tits and nipples in person and it surprised me that they were so dark. I’d always wondered about their slit. Let me tell you that there is no truth to the rumor that their slit goes sideways. It’s just like any other woman’s slit, straight up and down. I’d half believed that once. What a dope.

Donna unzipped Yan’s skirt and had it off without any difficulty. If it had been me undressing Yan, I’d have to make her stand up and remove her own damn clothes because I’d still be trying to get her bra unhooked. I’m terrible at unsnapping bras and the fact that she was wearing a front snapper would’ve thrown me for a loop. Donna worked her kisses down from Yan’s lips to her tits, to her stomach. She showered Yan with kisses through the fabric of her panties before slowly removing them. What a nice bush Yan had. She had this neatly trimmed velvety black bush and Donna buried her tongue in it. It was such a turn on to watch Donna eating Yan’s pussy. I couldn’t wait to do the same to her.

Yan made these nearly inaudible cute girlish sounds; gasps like, before she reached her hand out to me and felt my cock through my pants. The feel of her hand on my cock was unbelievable. She unzipped me with one hand and I was more than willing to help her by removing my pants and boxers. It was obvious to me by the way that she was looking at my cock and stroking me that she wanted to take me in her mouth. I followed her lead and leaned in closer to her on the bed. Yan slowly sucked my cock as Donna swiftly, lovingly, and silently gave Yan orgasm after orgasm.

Donna changed positions with Yan and Yan ate Donna’s pussy while I fucked Yan from behind doggie style. Never had I cum so fast. I felt like a teenager prematurely ejaculating, but I was so turned on by first by seeing Yan naked. Also from watching Donna eat Yan’s pussy and watching Yan eat Donna’s pussy, and in-between, getting a blowjob from Yan, it was all just too much to take in at once.

That was eleven years ago. Now, we’re proud parents. I gave Yan a baby girl, Lien. And I gave Donna a baby boy, Tommy. Together we’re a happy family. Although Yan and Donna are often immersed in lesbian love, I don’t think of them as lesbians in the stereotypical sense nor do they think of themselves as lesbians. Maybe, because I participate in their affair, sort of like the heterosexual buffer, it seems very normal to us and we couldn’t be any happier.

The End

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