Good Girl

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


In my sector on the first day of February all the girls who have turned 18 are gathered up to be sold at auction. It is my turn, and I am gathered with a handful of girls to get on a truck that will bring us to our new masters and homes. I am not the prettiest, there are tall slender girls with long hair who will fetch a higher price than me, but I am not the ugliest either. I will fare decently as far as getting my keepers a good price. We arrive at the processing center, and are all stripped and given collars. Mine is a large leather collar denoting me as a service slave. The tall pretty girls get metal collars, they will be sold as pets or decoration pieces, and the girls lower than me get heavy chain collars showing they are breeders. They will keep our society going, bearing children for those who want progeny. We are then cleaned, scrubbed, and dolled up to look our best. When we are sparkly and new, they parade us onto the platform one by one to be sold. The auctions are quick, bids are taken both by in person customers and via online participation. The first girl, tall, slender, long straight blond hair, sells for a huge sum, but halfway through there is a break in selling as she is returned to the docket, her new master did not have the promised sums. She is shamed by this, and ends up being sold at half price as a service slave. By the time it’s my turn all the metal collar girls have gone, and half the leather collar girls have also been sent off. Behind me are two more leather collars, and three chain collars.

I walk onto the stage; the lights are blinding and I feel dizzy going from the shadowed darkness to the blazing spotlight. The man at the podium grabs my arm and steadies me, turning to the crowd. I see some blurred faces, but the audience is dark so it’s hard to make anything out.

“5’3″ with short brown hair, 32D breasts, this one’s a steal starting at 860.” He said into the mic. Lights on the panel on the lectern started turning green as bids came in.

“Can I get 900?” He asked. He lifted my arms to give a better view of my tits. “950?” He turned me around and bent me over, giving them a view of my ass. “Jeepers, folks, she’s a real find, how about 1,000?” He asked. That put me at the lower end of a pet slave’s price, and I felt pride that I could garner so much. “We have a big of 1,500.” He announced. “It looks like a bidding war, we’re at 2,000.” He reached over and spread my asscheeks to give a peek of my holes. “This here’s entirely unused, you get to break her in.” He said. “We’re at 5,000!” He seemed flabbergasted. I was too, that was pushing it for my status. I looked over and saw two green lights, so it was just two men fighting over me. Me? What did I have that was worth fighting over? “Looks like we’re capping it at 5,000. Going once, twice, sold!” He announced. I was led off stage to have my tag adjusted. A large metal tab was affixed to my thick leather collar and I was made to sit with the girls already bought. The blond girl was weeping softly and someone near her rubbed her back comfortingly. I was swollen with pride, she, a metal collar, had been debased to my status and I had risen to her place. I earned enough to be a metal collar, no matter what happened, I could hold my head high.

When the auction was complete the girls began being sent to their respective new homes one by one. I was sent to a sleek black car. I got in the back seat and was driven in silence to my new home. Upon arrival, I was told by the driver to go inside and wait for further instructions. I obeyed, of course. I was naked other than my collar, and the cool floor chilled me, but I stood there waiting. What seemed like an eternity passed before a man came downstairs. He was tall and broad shouldered, with a sharp jaw and neatly trimmed black hair. He did not seem to notice me, or if he did, did not acknowledge me. He unbuttoned the sleeves of his white button up shirt and began rolling up his sleeves. He wore black slacks and a black belt with a silver buckle that I wanted to fall on my knees and pry open. I wanted to know what cock I would be servicing for the rest of my time as his slave. When his sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, he turned to me, his cool grey eyes swept over me for a moment.

“I spent $5,000 on you.” He said, staring at me, I felt like I should shrink back, shy away, but I just wanted to dive into his arms. He was around a foot taller than me, and I felt small, meek, but I stared at him, waiting. “You will call me master. You will be available to please me when I desire it. You will be allowed to clean yourself once a day. You will stay by my side.” He said.

“Yes master.” I nodded. He reached forward and ruffled my hair.

“Good.” He said, not smiling. I lowered my head to give him more access to my hair, and to hide my beaming face. “I’m done work for today, so we’re going to do some work.” He turned and Bostancı Escort walked back up the stairs. I followed him, curiously. He led me to a spare bedroom in the house, and sat on the end of the bed.

“Take my clothes off, start with the shoes.” He said. I dropped to my knees and untied his shoes, taking the off one by one and putting them next to each other before pulling his socks off. Next, I unbuckled his belt, he moved his hand to my head and rubbed my hair gently as I pulled his belt off. He took it, in his free hand as I undid his pants and slid them off. I could see his cock, beginning to stir in his boxers, and hooked my fingers on the elastic. A slap rang out and I froze, whimpering.

“The shirt first.” He said. I bit my lip to hold back tears, my ass burned, and I heard his hand tighten around the belt. I unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off him. He returned to petting my hair. “Good.” He said softly. Again, I hooked my fingers on his boxers, more hesitantly this time. He allowed me to pull them off, revealing his member. I stared at it, licking my lips. He stood, and I flinched, expecting another hit. “Bend over the bed.” He said. I obeyed, feeling his hand move to massage the spot he’d hit. I sighed as he groped the flesh, it felt good. He used the belt to bind my hands together behind my back. I didn’t know what he was doing, as his hands had left my body, but a moment later I realized. He buried his nose and face in my pussy, tongue probing, his fingers roughly pulled on my pussy to spread the lips, allowing him deeper entry. He nibbled and sucked and flicked his tongue in and out. I tried to choke back a moan and he slapped my ass. Yelping I jolted, and he pushed a finger into my pussy. “I want to hear you.” He said. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, out of the bed. “Doesn’t this feel good?” He asked as his finger pumped in and out of me.

“Yes master.” I said, trying to buck my hips into his hand. He let go of my hair and rubbed circles on my back, it felt nice.

“Good.” He said, hand moving down to massage the burning part of my ass as his finger curled in me. I moaned and arched my back. “Good.” He repeated. Slowly he slid a second finger in and began strumming my clit with his other hand. I was drooling on the bed as mewls and moans spilled from my lips. I felt a wall building inside me. He added a third finger and my body tensed.

“Master-” I was trying to hold it back.

“Cum.” He ordered. I exploded onto his hand, feeling my body tremble and clench at his fingers. He slowed down and when I was done slid out. I looked over my shoulder at him, eyes hazy, mind blank.

“Thank you master.” I said weakly.

“We’re not done.” He frowned. I wondered what more there could be, but he pulled me off the bed onto my knees. He put his cock to my lips, tapping my face with it. Precum oozed out of the tip, smearing on my face. “Open.” he said, pressing the head to my lips. I opened my mouth as wide as it would go, and he slowly slid the head in. I looked up at him, wanting to know if I was doing it right. Some girls were allowed to practice, but I was told to keep myself so I could be entirely taught by my master’s specifications. “Good.” He pet my hair and I relaxed. “Lick.” He pulled it out and pressed the mushroom top to my forehead so I could lick along the bottom. I licked it from base to tip. He put the head back to my lips. I sucked the head into my mouth and bobbed against it. “Good.” He made an appreciative noise as I went deeper. He let me do it, not pushing his cock into my mouth, just keeping his hand on my head, petting me. He grit his teeth and I could feel his cock swell in my mouth. “I’m cumming.” He grunted, pulling out of my mouth, and squirting on my face and chest. Sighing in satisfaction, he put the head back to my lips. “Clean it.” I licked the last dribble of cum off his cock and cleaned the rest with my tongue before he stepped back. Undoing the belt on my wrists, he helped me to my feet. I wanted to clean myself, get the cum off me, even if I had to scoop it into my mouth. The sensation of ooze running across my skin was making me shiver.

“Good girl.” He smiled for the first time, making his grey eyes twinkle. I felt my back straighten as I filled with pride. I made my master happy, I made him feel good. He felt I was worth such a large sum of money and I had not disappointed him.

He put his boxers back on and walked out of the room, leaving me to follow blindly. We arrived at an office, the wall to my right was floor to ceiling books, I stared with wonder. He sat at the desk and turned on his computer. Looking over his shoulder he saw me looking at the books and stood.

“You may look but do not touch. You’ll get cum on them. Can you read?” He asked. It was optional for slaves to learn the skill, I nodded. He pat my head. “Good, you can read what you like when you are clean.” I beamed, what a good and kind master. I noticed that the wall of shelves Ümraniye Escort was not actually a wall at all, peeking over the books I could see through to another room. A large bedroom with a four-poster bed and plush carpet. “You can sit there if you want.” He pointed to a dog bed in the corner of the room. “While I am working, you can entertain yourself, don’t get cum on anything other than the dog bed.” He said, turning back to his computer. I thought he was done working. I sank onto the fluffy bed and pouted. I knew it was unbecoming of a slave to feel so entitled, but I assumed he’d have his big cock in me by now.

A hand ruffled my hair and I realized I’d fallen asleep. My master loomed over me and I smiled and nuzzled into his hand.

“Don’t think I didn’t see you pouting.” He said. I shrank back, giving him a sheepish expression. “What’s wrong?” He asked. I was silent and he frowned, standing up to his full height, looming perilously above me. “Speak.” His tone was commanding.

“D-don’t you…w-want me?” I asked. He looked confused. “Don’t you want to…f-fuck me?” I asked. Understanding dawned on him, and he nodded.

“Very much so.” He motioned me to follow and I hopped up, darting after him and back into the small bedroom we’d been in before. “Sit.” He pointed at the bed. He gathered his clothes and moved them to the empty closet. When that was done, he turned to see me, still wanting more of an explanation. Sighing he came over and pushed me back against the bed. I spread my legs and he stood between them, allowing his cock to emerge from his boxers. He flopped it down onto my stomach.

“This is how far it would go in.” He pressed a finger to my abdomen. “You’re not ready for that and I’m not trying to hurt you. We’ll work up to it together.” He said ruffling my hair.

“But you paid for it.” I protested. He seemed amused by this argument, and smiled down at me, laying there asking for him to fuck me as his hard cock lay flopped on my naked belly.

“I paid for you. Why would I damage something I paid for?” He asked. I didn’t understand, wasn’t this what I was here for? Was I failing? “Think of it as training. You can’t run a mile the moment you learn to walk.” He said. “You have to build up to it, this is the same idea. We’ll work together until you’re ready and then we can have all the fun we want.” He said. “In the meantime, stop questioning me, and get on your knees.” He moved back from the bed and I slid down, opening my mouth, and holding my tongue out. He rubbed my head. “Good.” He said, tapping the head of his cock against my exposed tongue. He squeezed the shaft and some precum oozed out. “Put your hands on the shaft.” He said. I put both hands at the base of his cock. “Move them like this.” He put a hand over mine, enveloping both in one of his, sliding them up and down. He squeezed and I flexed my fingers. He made a contented noise, so I continued it. “Keep the head in your mouth.” He said. I kept pumping my hands as I sucked the head into my mouth, flicking my tongue around it. Slowly he slid more cock into my mouth before pulling back. He pushed more in with each thrust, moving slowly, allowing my mouth to accommodate and grow accustomed to the sensation. He pushed in and I gagged, mouth constricting on his cock. He grunted and closed his eyes. “Suck.” He said. I sucked and with a grunt I felt him begin cumming in my mouth. He pulled out and shot some on my face, and then sighed. I immediately licked his cock clean and smiled up at him. He sighed contentedly, before pointing to the bed.

“On your back.” He ordered. I laid on the bed with my legs spread. He yanked me to the edge, and I felt flutters. Was I ready? “Hold your legs up.” He said. I grabbed the backs of my knees and held my legs up as he dove his mouth into my pussy again. He started with two fingers, and it felt tight. His drool and my juices mixed to make them slick, allowing easier entry. He focused his mouth on my clit as he drove his fingers in and out of me. His free hand moved to support my ass, pushing it up to allow him better access.

“Master I’m-” I felt my legs begin to shudder.

“Cum.” He growled, not lifting his mouth from my pussy. I let the sensation overtake me, dropping my legs onto his shoulders, I grabbed fistfuls of the blanket below me and thrust my hips into his face.

Collapsing back onto the bed he let go of me, raising his fingers to his mouth and licking languidly at them.

“That’s enough for today.” He said, looking at me idly. I lay there twitching, feeling like all the strength had gone out of me. He picked me up like a child and carried me to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet with me cradled on his lap as he ran a bath. He removed my collar before depositing me in the tub, and with that left me alone. I sat there feeling the warmth seep into my bones, revitalizing me and when I had enough strength, I scrubbed the dried and caked cum off my body. I washed from head to toe, wanting Ataşehir Escort to be clean for my master. When I was done, I got out and toweled off, I looked in the fogged up mirror at the hazy outline of myself. I picked up my collar and opened the door. I peeked out, looking both ways before emerging, damp towel in one hand and collar in the other. I went to the bedroom we’d been in; it was empty and his clothes were gone from the closet. I went to the office, it was empty, and I saw no one through the bookshelf. I went downstairs and smelled something delicious. I followed the scent into a kitchen, the tile was cold on my feet, and my dank skin felt chill. He was at the stove in a loose pair of sweatpants.

“Put the towel there.” He pointed with a glistening spatula. I deposited the towel and returned to his side.

“Feel better?” He asked.

“Yes, thank you master.” I said, still clutching my collar. He put the spatula down and turned to look at me.

“I don’t think you need to keep wearing that.” He said. I looked down, still clutching it. “Do you want to keep wearing it?” He asked. I did not meet his eyes and he chuckled, taking it, and bucking it back on. “How needy.” He teased. “Go sit at the table.” He nodded and I obeyed. He served me a bowl with stew, a plate with a salad, and another plate with spaghetti. I stared wide eyed at the spread, realizing how starving I was.

“Eat as much as you want.” He said, sitting at the table with me with his own portions. I ate until my stomach hurt, it was all delicious.

“It’s so good, did you make this?” I asked.

“Of course.” He said.

“Thank you.” I wiped my mouth on a napkin and patted my belly contentedly.

“Glad you approve.” He gathered the plates and brought them back to the kitchen. I watched as he stored what was left and then washed the dishes. Why didn’t he ask me to do any of this? I could help. He put the dishes on a drying rack and then turned to me. “Now we’ll go on a walk before bed.” He got a hoodie out and then opened the door. The air outside was cold, and the sidewalk bit into my feet, but I kept up with him. I saw the neighborhood he lived in, it seemed nice. I saw a few other girls, one was in the yard naked watering the bushes, and the other two were walking on all fours at a man in a bathrobe’s feet as he went to get the mail. I saw a breeder having sex in a large window that had been left open. The noises spilled out and I felt a sting of jealousy. When we got back my feet were terribly sore, and I was cold. He had me wait outside the door while he showered, and then we went to the bedroom on the other side of the bookshelf. He had me sit on the end of the bed so he could rub my feet a bit.

“Sorry, I ordered you some shoes, but they won’t be here till tomorrow.” He said. He’d bought me clothes? I was surprised. Most girls remained naked for their master’s ease of use. When he was content that I felt better, we got in bed, me naked and him in pajama pants. I laid there, unsure of myself and my place in this new world. I looked over at him, his eyes were closed but he wasn’t sleeping yet.

“Still cold?” He asked. I blinked, how had he known? I was under the blanket, but my feet felt like ice. His arm moved around me, pulling me against him. He was nice and warm, and it felt nice nestled together. “Better?” He asked.

“Yes master.” I nuzzled into his chest and sighed contentedly.

In the morning I woke to him getting dressed. He looked at me as I saw up, bleary. I rubbed my eyes.

“How cruel you are.” He let go of his half-finished tie and ruffled my hair. “Making me wake up first.” I stared up at him, trying to catch up. He finished dressing, and turned to go. “Come on, you’ll make us late.” He tapped his leg like calling a dog. I followed him, feeling sluggish. We got outside and he led me to a car. He drove us to a large building, and parked in a garage, checking his watch. “We’re not late anymore, but no time for any fun yet.” He got out and led me into the building. I saw men in suits, much like my master, some with girls following them. There were two girls at the front lobby unattended, with a sign that said public use. They looked exhausted, and I felt bad for them. The day had just started, and they were already tired. I followed my master into the elevator with four other men and two girls. The girls stared meekly at the floor, both with metal collars.

“Nice.” One of the men looked at me approvingly. “How much she cost?”

“Enough.” My master said, not looking at the man. He snorted.

“Why are you always such a tight ass Dave?” One of the other men reached out to touch me, but my master, apparently ‘Dave’ stepped in his way. It was normal to share slaves, I wondered why my master seemed to want to keep me away from these men. I looked to the other two girls and saw them glaring at me. The elevator dinged and the others all got out, but we stayed, going up two more floors before exiting. He led me to his office and closed the door behind us. It was large with the wall behind his desk as a floor to ceiling window.

“Why did you stop that man?” I asked, moving to look out the window. He sat at his desk and watched as I explored his office a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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