Hard Sweaty Sex Ch. 02

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I was on my hands and knees doggie style naked with my waiting asshole pointed at the front door on the floor of James’ living room, just inside the front door. I was awaiting the return of my Daddy Bear. James had sent me an email earlier in the week, explaining that I was to come over to his house and be ready in this exact position for when he got home. I found his spare key and let myself in. Now I simply waited. I heard the sounds of passing cars on the street. I then heard a truck pull into the driveway, and a door shut. I heard his key enter the lock and door open then close. My asshole was quivering in anticipation.

I heard his throaty chuckle. I was told in the email to keep my face away from the door. James then said, “Well, I guess you know what happens now, boy.” I heard the zipper on his pants. Then I felt him roughly grab my hips as he jammed every inch of his hard cock into my boy hole. I moaned at the feeling. I have wanted this so bad. James didn’t start slow or let me get used to the feeling. He simply drove his cock deep and hard. I loved the idea of being taken so forcefully. I had to really concentrate on staying in this position. James was really driving his cock deep into my asshole. My whole body shook with each powerful thrust.

James grunted out, “I have been looking forward to this all week. You get every drop of my man seed that I have saved up since the last time I fucked you. I bet you have lain awake in bed, thinking about how good it feels to have a real man make a playground out of your ass. You love this, don’t you boy? You love being told what to do and how to do it. I’m not going to touch your boy cock, and neither will you. If you cum, it’s going to be from me fucking your asshole so hard that that boy cum of yours is forced out of you. How does it feel to have a man show you who’s boss?”

My whole body was being battered by the force of him fucking my ass. I moaned out, “It feels great Sir. I love it when you fuck my boy hole. My asshole has felt so empty without your hot man seed inside. Fuck me Sir. Fuck my boy hole.” I was so far gone in ecstasy that all I could do is stay in my allotted position. James grunted and moaned as he continued to fuck me hard. He smacked my ass cheeks from time to time, loving the way my bubble butt moved. He suddenly pulled out. I grunted gutturally, as my asshole remained open for business.

James then dropped down and shoved his tongue deep into my gaping boy hole. He had a grip on both my ass cheeks, holding them open. I was moaning again loudly. He continued to eat and slurp my boy hole, as he would occasionally smack my ass cheeks again and again. He sarıyer escort could get me to agree to almost anything, just to keep him in my asshole. His tongue worked itself up and down, left and right, and in and out of my asshole. James brought his tongue out of my hole and I felt a wad of spit as it hit my asshole. James said, “Boy you got yourself a tasty asshole right here. I do love a nice tight boy hole to eat. But now, it’s back to business.”

He grabbed my hips again and plunged his hard cock back into my spit wet asshole. I grunted deeply as his hard cock drove even deeper than before. James went back to fucking my asshole hard and fast. I was moaning with each deep thrust. James mocked me by saying, “Yeah, you love this don’t you boy? You love it when I batter this boy hole. I’ll make you a deal. You can have every drop of my cum, that you can get out of my hard man cock. I’ll even let you swallow some of it. A boy needs his protein. I think I’ll even shoot some of my hot man seed on your face. I’m sure you’d like that too. Won’t you boy?”

I could barely follow his words; I was so far gone in pleasure. I was able to moan out, “Yes Sir. I love it when you fuck my boy hole. You can shoot your man seed wherever you like. Oh, you feel so good in my asshole Sir. I love when you fuck my so good.”

“Damn right you love it boy. You’re just a boy who needs a big hard man cock inside you to be happy. Aren’t you boy? You’re only happy when you feel a hard cock stretch your asshole. I bet I fill your asshole so full of my man seed, that you leak my cum. Oh yeah! Just a boy needing cock and cum. How deep am I in your boy hole? You feel my man balls, when I drive in deep?”

“Yes Sir. Stretch my asshole. I want you to fill my boy hole with your hot man seed. Your balls keep smacking my boy balls. Oh, your man cock feels so good in my boy hole. Fuck me Sir! Fuck my boy hole hard! Please Sir, I need to feel you drain your balls up my tight asshole,” I moaned as the deep and hard anal rampage continued. Sir then reached down and grabbed me by the throat. Sir pulled me back into him, so I was now just on my knees leaning back into his chest. James continued to thrust his hard cock as he held me there. He grunted and moaned in my ear. I could feel his warm breath on my skin.

James’ breathing picked up and his moans grew louder. His thrusts up into my boy hole grew harder and more forceful. I knew that Sir would soon cum deep into my boy hole. Sir was really grunting and breathing hard at the excursion he was putting into fucking my boy hole. James then grunted, “Here it comes boy. Here comes fındıkzade escort my man seed. Take it boy. Take all my hot cum! With a loud deep grunt, Sir plunged his hard cock all the way to his balls. I felt his cock punch my prostate. I yelped at the force. He then began to shoot himself deep inside my willing boy hole.

I felt spurt after spurt hit my insides. I clinched my asshole around his cock. Sir continued to work his cock in and out of my asshole as he milked his man seed from his cock. I moaned at the feeling of his hot slippery cum flooding my insides. I knew I could take more, before I started to leak his cum. I wondered how many loads of his hot man seed I could hold up my asshole. Sir’s head was resting on my shoulder blades as he caught his breath. Sir stayed still and held me in that position as he enjoyed the afterglow of cumming inside my boy hole.

He then said, “You really know how to take a man cock in your boy hole. I am going to fuck you so much, that you come back begging for more. I bet I can call you any time day or night, and have you run over to take my load. I don’t want anyone else inside your asshole but me, unless I say so. You hear me boy? I don’t care how horny your boy hole gets, don’t nothing goes up there unless I say so. Nothing!”

I panted and moaned out, “Yes Sir. Only your cock. You decide what goes in my boy hole.”

Deep voice grunting in my ear, Sir said, “You like that cum I just shot all over your insides, Boy?”

I answered, “Yes Sir. I love it when you cum inside me, Sir.”

Sir then grunted, “Then thank me boy! Thank me for the privilege of my man seed up your ass!”

I quickly answered, “Thank you Sir. Thank you for cumming inside my boy hole.” James grunted and laughed at my depraved answer. He then let go of my throat and withdrew his cock from my asshole. He then stood up, not bothering to put his cock back in his pants.

Letting me go caused me to collapse back onto my hands and knees, in exhaustion. He ordered, “Yeah, I knew the second I saw you, that you were a boy in need of a man’s hard cock. You go over to the couch. I want you to wait for me on your knees and stay there until I get back. I’m going to take a shower. You better be right there when I get back.”

I moaned out, “Yes Sir.” I then crawled to the couch and waited for Sir to return.

I heard Sir’s shower turn on from where I stayed kneeling the living room. I briefly fantasized about how hot it would be for Sir to fuck my boy hole in the shower. All the steam and hot water coating us until we were both slippery to the touch. Sir istanbul escort pushing me against the wall and taking my boy hole again. Me on my knees worshipping Sir’s hard cock. But I knew that I had been ordered to stay here, so I just relaxed and enjoyed the feeling of my freshly fucked boy hole and ass full of hot cum.

After a while, I heard the shower turn off. I waited longer and wondered what clothes Sir would put on. I didn’t have to wonder long. Sir walked into the living room wearing tight faded blue jeans, a t-shirt that showed his muscles, and sneakers. His hair was still damp from the shower. He looked at me briefly and nodded his head when he saw I was right where he told me to stay. He then walked right past me and into the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator and returned with a bottle of beer. He then sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

I stayed in my position, unsure of what I was supposed to do. I just decided to stay quiet and still until Sir told me otherwise. I heard sir sipping his beer as he turned on the TV. I then heard moaning and groaning. I looked up to see that Sir was playing a very hot scene of gay porn. I must have gasped of done something to draw Sir’s attention. Sir suddenly asked, “You like what you see there boy?”

I looked up at Sir and nodded my head as I said, “Yes Sir.”

Sir smiled down at me. He then brought my head into his crotch. He held my head there as he said, “Good. Now I want you to suck my through my jeans. A good boy should always know his place.”

I started licking and sucking Sir’s cock through his pants. It was not easy and I had to really use a lot of force to make sure Sir felt it. I heard Sir moan and pull me closer, so I guess he liked it. I continued with my work as I heard more moaning from the TV. I was still naked and my boy cock was rock hard.

Sir then said, “Why don’t you unzip my boy? You’ll have better access to my man meat that way.”

I looked up and said, “Thank you sir.” I then brought my hand his zipper.

Sir then slapped my hand away as he said, “Nope. You want this cock, then you have to unzip me without your hands. Show me how much you want this cock. You gotta work for it.”

I then brought my mouth back to his crotch and bit his zipper with my teeth. I then worked the zipper down. It was very difficult, but I made do. I then unclasped the button at the top of the zipper with my mouth as well. I could see Sir’s cock tucked to one side. I pressed my mouth to his cock and ran my mouth and tongue along the shaft until I was able to maneuver it into my mouth. Sir’s cock wasn’t fully hard, but I had now got it out of his pants.

I started a slow and steady rhythm of up and down as I sucked Sir’s cock. I could still hear the sounds of sex on the TV and the thought of sucking Sir’s cock as he watched porn really had me hot.

Sir put his hand on my head and guided me up and down as he moaned, “That’s it boy. Suck that cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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