He Is Set Up For Their Fantasy

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I was overwhelmed by the response to my last story in particular – thank you to everyone. It’s good to see that the women are enjoying it as much as the men. Let me know if you enjoy this one too.

It’s always hard attending parties when you are 30 years old and still single. There are not many of us around – most the friends are married with children. You feel like one of the losers sometimes at these things – but you go anyway hoping to meet the person of your dreams. Anyway here I was at this party enjoying a quiet drink making idle chit chat with whomever. Before long I was locked in conversation with this nice couple that were friends of friends and did not really know anyone at the party. It was nice to meet a couple that were fairly relaxed and it took my mind off the feeling guilty about not to trying to engage the single women floating around (there were not any who where my type anyway). This became the source of our conversation strangely enough.

Matt and Laura were their names. She was an attractive woman in her early 30s – 5’7, long straight blonde hair, green eyes and nice long legs. Her breasts were ample size. Matt at first I did not pay attention to – when you are a straight guy you find it really hard to notice others guys that much or judge if they are attractive. Looking back on it, I guess I thought he seemed pleasant enough. I suppose I should describe myself also. I am 30, 5’9, with dark receding hair and big brown eyes. Girls seem to love my eyelashes. I am clean-shaven and I keep in shape although I am not one for the gym and lifting weights.

Soon enough it was time to leave the party and I parted form Matt and Laura with the obligatory lets catch up sometime line. I didn’t think much more of them until about a week later when on Saturday afternoon the phone rings – it’s Matt. “You remember me form the party last week?”


“I was wondering if you were free at all tonight to come over for dinner?”

“Wow that sounds nice – I was planning on staying home and watching a video alone – so I would love to come. Is it just the three of us?” You have to ask that question when you are single because invariably people try and set you up thinking they know who is right for you. So I was regretting I had already said yes to coming over when Matt said a girl they had met the day after the party where we met would be coming also.

I arrived at Matt and Laura’s place at 7 carrying a bottle of wine and wondering how I would be able to leave early if this girl turned out to be at the same low standards most of the women I had been set up with were at. Laura greeted me at the door with a kiss. She looked great wearing a nice airy tan coloured cotton dress with her g-string clearly visible through as well as the lacy bra she had on. Matt was wearing shorts similar the ones I had on with a white t-shirt. In fact we almost looked liked twins. We had a good laugh about it, which kind of broke the ice. The doorbell rang and Laura opened the door to reveal one of the gorgeous looking women I have ever seen in my life. Her name was Casey. She was about my height with thin legs, which seemed to go on forever. She had shoulder length red hair with blue eyes that just pierced through you. She was wearing short skirt and tight mid-riff top – showing off her flat tummy and cute belly button. Her figure was Bayan Escort Gaziantep perfect and she had great cleavage. I could barely speak when I was introduced. Casey was 24 – so she was younger than all of us, but she was new in town so she grateful to be spending a night like this.

We all hit it off quite well and by the time we had finished the second bottle of wine, we were all pretty relaxed. I noticed that it was starting to get pretty late and announced that I should be thinking of going home. Matt said I was in no position to drive, nor was Casey for that matter and that we should both stay the night. We didn’t need much convincing. So we enjoyed another drink before Matt suggested we jump in the spa. Casey piped up “I will have borrow some swimmers then”

“Me too” I said. Laura replied, “it’s just us and the spa is indoors – so who needs swimmers.” Casey and I looked a little hesitant, but Matt reassured us they never where swimmer in the spa.

Matt was the first to jump in. He has a little more bulk than me – but the main thing I notice was that there was not trace of any hair on his body at all. Casey giggled “wow you must like shaving and waxing Matt.” Matt said, “I love keeping my body smooth.” The girls seemed to be waiting for me to jump in next so I stripped down to some cheers. Laura said “I had forgotten that having a little hair down your chest and on your legs is so sexy. I don’t mind the nice bit on your balls either.” I was little taken aback about how upfront she was but I ignored it and relaxed into the spa anxious to see these two gorgeous women naked. They stripped off together. The site of their breasts brought my cock to attention immediately and I near exploded at the site of their pussies. Laura’s was trimmed but hairy – and noticed my gaze and said, “I told you I lied a little hair.” Casey on the other hand had only a small straight line of hair. “You make a very sexy pair,” said Matt. I nodded in agreement.

We were all enjoying the jets and bubbles for a bit when I felt this hand touching my leg and working its way to my hardening cock. There was so much bubbles that I could not tell who it belonged to but I figured it was Casey’s as she was sitting on one side of me with Laura opposite and Matt on the other side of me. Before I could start to reciprocate Matt suggested it was time to explore a little. I asked him what he had in mind. Matt said “Seeing as we are all naked in here why not take things a step further and see what it’s like to feel each others bodies. We had all had enough to drink at this stage to agree. So Laura moved over to me and pulled me up and we ran our hands over each other’s bodies touching every intimate spot and then kissing deeply for a minute. Matt and Casey were doing the same. Matt then said it was time to swap – so I pressed myself against Casey and touched every inch of her gorgeous body. Our tongues met as we kissed for ages, oblivious to the fact that Matt and Laura were just staring at us. It was Laura who then yelled, “Time to swap again.” Casey smiled at me and then looked at Laura and the tow of them kissed deeply. I was in shock, and my cock almost exploded on the spot. Then Matt took me by the hand and started to touch me. I jumped back and said, “Hey what are you doing”. “Fair’s fair – we are all exploring each other.” I had never touched another guy before – but I did not see the harm in touching Matt – although I balked a little when he started to stroke my cock a little and pushed my hand onto his at the same time. Matt then drew me in to kiss me. I was not ready when all of a sudden he pressed his tongue against my lips. I could feel his hard cock against mine we kissed. It was strange kissing a guy like this, but I was tipsy enough to go with it. The girls cheered as we broke it off.

Casey said, “That was fun.”

“Time to get out of the spa I think”, said Laura. We each grabbed a towel not feeling in the least bit self-conscious anymore and headed to the lunge room. When we were all dry we dropped the towels and relaxed. Quickly the topic of conversation turned to sex and what our fantasies were. Casey was the first to pipe up “I always wanted to see two guys together.” I was stunned and even more so as Laura said that she always loved to watch two guys – especially if she could enjoy it in the arms of a woman.” The two girls giggled. Matt then said he was going to make their dreams come true. I all but feinted then. Laura said “haven’t you ever been with a guy before?”

“Of course not I said – IU am straight.” Casey said “but everyone experiments with the same sex. I have been with a few women and it’s amazing. It does not make me a lesbian – I just enjoy sex.” I was beginning to realise that this had been a set up and it was not Casey who I was being set up with as I had expected.

Matt then stood up and moved form his potion on the couch to stand in front of me. His cock was right against my face. I turned away and said that I was not into this. It was then that the girls got and started to tickle me…I was helpless. They then pinned me down as Matt’s cock pressed against my lips. It was Casey who parted my lips and let Matt slide his cock in. He was hard already – about 7 inches cut. I could taste his pre-cum as it slid deep into my mouth. “Don’t fight it – enjoy it – experiment” the girls chimed in. I couldn’t help but notice that all this was getting me rather horny and my cock was as hard as it had ever been. I don’t know if it was the alcohol talking but my brain though – may as well enjoy this. So I started to lick Matt’s cock. He then got me on my knees and held my head and started to fuck my face. His cock was pushing into the back of my throat and amazingly I was not gagging as he encouraged me to suck harder. I could feel his cock starting to twitch as I sucked hard and he fucked my face harder and faster still. The girls were cheering me on – telling Matt to fuck my face. “We want to see him take your cum”. That was all Matt needed and his cock slid in and out for the last time as he exploded in my mouth filling it with his juices. The cum started to leak out of my mouth and own my chin. I felt Laura’s tongue then come and lick it up as I continued to suck on Matt’s cock. Casey then announced she wanted to try some – but to my disappointment she wanted it from Laura’s mouth. The two of them were locked in a heavy kiss for a while.

Laura said, “It’s not fair that you haven’t yet when Matt has been allowed to explode – so why don’t you make yourself cum.”

“And put on a show for us” Said Casey. With that I lay back on the couch and began to stroke my hard cock as the other three cheered me on. I started slow but soon I was building up speed just watching them watch me. Looking at Casey in particular was enough to make anyone cum – before long I announced I was about to cum. They asked me to cover the girl’s tits with it. I walked over to where they were sitting and stroked it one last time and my cum began to spurt all over them. But they would not let me touch them as they each rubbed the cum into the others body.

I sat back on the couch hardly able to believe what had just happened. Before I could regain my breath I noticed Matt was hard again from watching me and he said it was time to fulfill the girls fantasies. I said “but I thought we did that already?” Together all three said “no way – you have to experience what its like to feel a cock in you before you can say that.” I was horrified but excited at the same time. Again I was pushed back on the floor and Matt pulled my legs over his shoulders. Laura passed him some KY, which he rubbed on his cock and on my ass. He pressed his hard cock against me and started to push it against my ass as if he was knocking on a door waiting for it to open. Each time he got his tip in a little more until after a couple of minutes I could feel the first part of his shaft in me. “That’s it Matt – fuck him” said Laura. Casey was moaning as she aid “this is the wildest thing I have ever seen”.

Matt was snow all the way in me. His balls were slapping against my ass. I could feel his cock start to twitch and I knew he was getting closer. I was really starting to enjoy this. I had never thought about this before but here was enjoying being fucked. In fact I was enjoying it so much I began to join in with the girls and tell Matt to fuck me. “Your cock feels so good inside me. Make me a man. Fuck me please. Don’t stop – I want to feel you cum in me so I lose my man to man virginity properly.” It was all Matt could take and with that he exploded deep in me. Cum was leaking out of my ass he kept pumping in and out. Spurt after spurt fired into my ass. It was an amazing feeling. I was hornier than I had ever been. I could not get the smile off my face as I realised I had enjoyed my first fucking and that I was no longer a virgin. My cock was now hard again. Matt pushed me down on the floor again and jumped on top of my cock. He leaned forward and started to tongue kiss me as he rode my cock. I was so horny ands with his tight ass gripping my cock I did not hold out for long. As soon as I started to cum Matt jumped off me and pulled my legs over my own head and stroked my cock so it filled my mouth with my own cum. It was all over my face and everywhere. Was like a cum slut. The girls meanwhile were fingering themselves with their mouths open salivating at what they had seen.

Casey was the first talk “wow when you invited me over I never knew my fantasy would come true.” Laura said, “I hoped it would.” Matt said, “I knew it would.” Then I made everyone laugh when I said “I never knew mine would change and that I would fulfill it all in one night.”

I slept with Matt that night – well I would not say we slept much. I could tell from the moans in the other room that Laura and Casey did not sleep much either. I am so glad I went over for dinner. My eyes are open to a whole new world of enjoyment.

Please send me a note if you enjoyed this story. If you want to keep in touch I am to do that too. I am open to suggestion for future fantasies about I should lose my man-to-man virginity. I really have never been with a guy.

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