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“Oh, excuse me, I didn’t mean to bump you.” She apologized as she took her seat on the plane next to him.

He smiled back. “Not at all. It’s not every day a beautiful woman tries to sit on me.”

She was pretty and she knew it. She had long auburn hair falling in golden waves to her elbows, perfect large breasts, and a small figure with curvy hips. He couldn’t help but stare as she settled into the seat next to him. He smiled, happy for once he was on a long flight.

She smiled at him as she pulled out her book. He was very handsome; however, from her estimate he was much older then she was. He had salt-and-pepper hair, a fantastic smile, and from what she could tell it looked like he had an amazing body. She was sitting in the middle seat and the aisle seat stayed clear as they began to take off. She considered moving but decided to stay put as she felt him brush her shoulder. She hated to fly and began to feel very anxious, her hands shaking.

He gently put a hand on hers. “I take it you don’t care to fly.”

She grabbed his fingers. “I hate it. I do it enough you would think I would think get used it at some point.”

He smiled at her and put his arm around her, feeling bad for taking advantage of the situation. “We’ll be fine,” he reassured her. She settled in resting her head against him and began to nod off. He took advantage of the moment and looked at her body one more time. Smelling her hair as he glanced down her chest to her thighs. Damn she’s pretty.

She woke up as the flight attendants began giving everyone drinks. She blushed, realizing she had been sleeping on his shoulder for the better part of the flight and began to apologize again.

He smiled and waved off her apology. “Where is your final destination today?” he asked in his best flight attendant voice.

She giggled. “New York. Yours?”

He brightened. “The same. Do you live there?”

“No, I have a job interview.”

They began making small talk for the remainder of the flight. As the plane landed she put her hand on his thigh and leaned over, whispering in his ear. “Thank you for the great conversation, I think you’re very intriguing.” Her breath felt hot on his neck and made his penis stir.

She got up and exited the plane without even a look over her shoulder for him. He watched her walk into the airport, shapely legs a few strides away. God she’s beautiful. He made up his mind to chase her down and ran after her, tapping her on the shoulder.

“Would you like to go to dinner tonight?” He smiled at her, holding his breath. He suddenly felt guilty for asking her; he must be closer to her dad’s age then hers.

“I was waiting for you to ask.” She winked at him and gave him her gaziantep escortları phone number. “I’m staying at the Hyatt nearest the airport. Pick me up at six. I’ll call you with my room number.” She smiled and walked away.

A younger man was standing next to him and slapped him on the back. “Nice job, she’s hot,” said the kid as he gave him the thumbs up.

“I’m old enough to date her mother,” he sighed to the boy.

She was smiling as she walked off with all the confidence in the world, but her head was screaming at her for being so bold. “What got into you?” was all she could think.

In her hotel room she looked at the clock, already four-thirty. She jumped into the shower, lathering soap over her full breasts, closing her eyes, and letting the hot steam whisk away her apprehension.

She quickly dressed in a black dress that fell mid-thigh with a deep criss-crossed neck. She sat on the edge of the bed and slipped on some black fishnet thigh-high stockings and a pair of ridiculously high black heels. She looked herself over as she stood in front of a long mirror. She began to brush her long hair and pull it up into a pony tail, then decided to leave it long and flowing down her back. She sat down, sipped a glass of white wine and waited.

She heard a knock on the hotel room door just before six. She answered the door to find him adjusting his tie.

“Wow, you look amazing,” he said. She blushed and thanked him as he offered her his arm. She grabbed him, feeling his well-muscled arm as they walked off. “I thought I would take you to a little place down the street; it has live jazz and great food.”

“That sounds fantastic.”

The jazz club was dimly lit, but in a romantic way rather then a dingy way. The band playing was fantastic. They sat at a small booth and chatted as they ordered. She slid around the booth, sitting closer to him, thighs touching.

“You’re right, the food was excellent. This place is great.”

“I’m pleased you’re enjoying it.” He smiled at her and rested his hand on her thigh. As the band began to play a slower song, he swallowed hard — now or never.

“Would you like to dance?” he whispered in her ear. She smiled and nodded as she took his hand.

On the dance floor he wrapped long, well-muscled arms around her small waist. He had beautiful blue eyes and she couldn’t help but stare at him. She wrapped an arm around his back as he took her hand and began to spin her around the dance floor. She stepped closer to him, breasts against his chest, as he put both his hands on her hips. She wrapped her arms around him and he looked down at her. She smiled as he began to bring his lips to hers. He gently kissed her at first, then she parted her lips and began to kiss him with a little more urgency. His hands fell from her hips to her ass and gave it a little squeeze. She sighed deeply and he began to kiss her neck and shoulder. His kisses felt warm and sent streams of desire through her. She felt herself getting wet.

“Let’s get out of here,” she suggested, and pulled him off the dance floor.

On the way back to the hotel they kissed and teased each other. In the elevator he pressed her against the wall and kissed her, separating her lips with his tongue and probing her mouth. She felt a bulge in his pants press into her and ran her nails down his back. The race was on back to her room. At the door she fumbled with her key while he rubbed her back.

Finally in the door she took his jacket from him and tossed it on the extra bed. He loosened his tie and took it off as she began to unbutton his shirt. He had a fantastically fit broad chest. As she unfastened each button she kissed the skin she exposed until she was on her knees in front of him.

She looked up at him with big brown eyes as she pressed her face into his bulge. He grabbed her and pulled her up to him. Kissing her wildly again he unzipped the back of her dress and slid it off her shoulders. With a flick of her hips the dress was on the floor at her feet. He stepped back and looked at her. She was wearing a black lace bra and thong and her legs and ass looked great in the heels and stockings. Her full breasts spilled over the top of her bra. His cock grew even harder as he stared at her.

She pushed him backwards onto the bed and climbed on top of him, straddling him. She kissed his lips gently as she began to grind her hips into his bulge. He wanted to be in her so bad he ached, with a fire burning in him only her sweet juices could put out. He grabbed her by the hips and lifted her off him as he rolled on top of her. He began to take his pants off as he teased her nipple though her bra. His pants and underwear shaken off, she stared at his naked body.

“You’re gorgeous,” she sighed.

He just smiled as he unhooked her bra and flung it out of the way. She reached down and slid her thong to the side putting a finger in her hot wet pussy and then rubbing it over his cock.

“You made me all wet.” She pouted at him with full red lips.

“I guess I better take care of that, then.” He slipped her thong down under her ass and began kissing her tummy and belly button, enjoying the clean taste of her milky skin. He kissed the insides of her thighs, licking, sucking, and biting at them until he could see a river of sweet juice flowing from her. He looked at her face, her eyes closed, and could tell she wanted more.

He stuck out his tongue and gently–barely touching her–licked her wet slit. She moaned and raised her hips. He grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to his face, burying his long tongue inside her wet pussy. She shook under him as he probed her walls with his tongue. He let go with one hand and pressed his thumb to her clit. Her thighs began to flex and her walls grab at his tongue. Her moans grew louder as her first of many orgasms rocketed though her. He smiled and lapped up all the sweet juices she had delivered him. He began to kiss and lick at her clit until she grabbed him and pulled him up to her.

She put a firm hand on his chest and pushed him onto his back. She smiled as she lowered herself onto his throbbing cock. He grunted with pleasure as her tight pussy surrounded his cock. Putting her hands on his chest, she began taking quick little dips on his long rod.

He took a long breath. It felt great but it wasn’t going to be nearly enough. He reached up to grab her by the hips but she brushed his hands away. She was obviously going to be in control for a little while. He propped his head up on a pillow and watched her work. Her body almost cat-like the way she moved it. She began taking longer slower strokes on his long cock. She smiled with pleasure, eyes glued to his. He was so long it felt like he was rubbing up against her spine–and she loved it. She winked at him as she put a finger between her legs, leaning back as she pumped his cock in and out of her so he could watch her pleasure herself. He moaned at how incredibly erotic it looked. She then sat straight up on him and began to fuck him hard. His breath caught in his throat as he pressed wildly up in her. His cock began to swell with his cum when she stopped pressing her hips to his.

He looked at her waiting for an explanation. She answered him when she got off him and onto her hands and knees wiggling her magnificent ass at him. Smiling, he got to his knees behind her, sinking his cock into her wet pussy. She moaned under him as he grabbed her hips and began to take long fast strokes in and out of her. Reaching under her, he rubbed her swollen clit and she began to squirm and buck.

Feeling her pussy tighten around him, he began to fuck her harder. She felt her orgasm start in her belly and creep down her back until her whole spine tingled. Her legs started shaking and she felt her juices trickle in small rivers down her thighs. He grabbed her tightly and thrust three more times until he exploded in her. She felt his hot cum cover the walls of her pussy.

He pulled out of her and then pulled her on top of him, both of them collapsing in a sticky pile, her legs over his strong thighs, head on his chest. He began to stroke her hair, running his fingers through it, both of them breathing heavily.

“Wow,” he said.

She smiled in agreement.

“Yes, wow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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