His Desire

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Big Tits

Kyle was sitting down in class, writing down assignments when the bell rang. He got up and saw Olivia getting her stuff together. They have known each other since they were 10. They were really good friends, and he really liked her. A lot. Kyle went over to her.

“Hey, um, Olivia?” He said nervously.

“Yes?” She replied. She smiled at him.

Kyle glanced at her size 14 feet. God they were huge. They were both 20 and in college at the time, and her feet were the biggest feet he’d ever seen. He remembered 8 years ago, when they were 12, they were a size 8. He’s always had a major foot fetish, but he only liked Olivia’s feet in particular. They were so big and tan! Her toenails weren’t painted, but it suited her feet just right.

He looked back up.

“Umm, would you, umm, wanna go on a date with me tonight? Maybe 8:00?” He asked.

She smiled at him again.

“I’d love to.”

“Sweet. See you then.”

They walked away. Kyle was as happy as can be.


They want to a fancy French-themed restaurant.

Kyle and Olivia sat down and talked.

“So, what kind of job do you have?” Jessica asked.

“I’m a teacher at the guitar shop. I teach people how to play guitar. How about you?”

“Oh, I’m just a Waiter at the Burger Shack casino oyna right now. You still got that foot fetish?”

Kyle widened his eyes.

“W-W-what do you mean?!?!”

“Oh come on. I know you like my feet. Remember that ‘thing’ that happend when we were 12?”

Kyle thought for a moment. Then he remembered. He completely forgot about that incident.

Olivia was over his house. She said her feet were sore and asked him for a foot massage. He said okay. They went on the couch and she placed her big size 8 and a half feet on his lap. He started to rub the soles when he started to get an erection. It kept getting harder and harder, and as he was rubbing her feet, she yawned and stretched out her legs, accidentally hitting his crotch. He then felt an amazing sensation in his penis and ejaculated for the first time. She didn’t notice that he had cummed because of her feet, but she did some research and found out he has a foot fetish. And she wanted to please him with her feet.

She then started lightly stroking his crotch with her toes, up and down.

“Does that feel good.”

“Oh god yes!”

She stroked harder and faster. Kyle started to moan softly.

“Now you just sit back and relax while I fuck you with my feet, okay?”

He nodded furiously.

She canlı casino then took both of her feet and unzipped his pants, pulled down his pants and underwear with just her feet, and started stroking his cock. She stroked even harder and faster.

“Mmm, do you like my big feet stroking your cock?”


She stopped stroking.

” Ooh, my feet are tired. I’m gonna rest them.”

Kyle was disappointed. Until he realized she using his dick as a footstool. Her feet must of weighted a lot, but his cock was so hard it was supporting her feet. She rubbed her heel back and forth on his raging cock. He let out a huge moan and orgasmed all over her feet. She got a napkin and cleaned up his manhood.

“Hey. Lets go back to your place.” She winked at him.

Kyle immediately walked her out and into his car. As they were driving, she placed her foot on crotch again. She put her fingers in his mouth, then in hers, and started fingering herself. She moaned. The moaning got more rapid and so did her foot pressing against his crotch. They both moaned more and more until they lead to orgasm. Kyle had jizzed – again.

Olivia orgasmed too. Her panties were all wet. They pulled into the drivers and rushed into the master bedroom. They stripped naked. Olivia changed in kaçak casino the bathroom. She decided to do a little foreplay. She went out of the bathroom and saw naked Kyle. She stared at his penis.

Its so big, she thought. It has to be at least 8 inches. She stopped staring.

“Just relax and let me do all the work.” She said.

She kicked him in the crotch, causing him to fall onto the bed. She got on top of him and pressed her foot on his dick VERY hard. Kyle rolled on top of her.

“Oh no. I’m the man in this.” He strictly said.

He started to fuck her. She decided to see if 9 years in gymnastics has paid off. With her flexibility, she stretched out her lets and put her feet between his penis, still fucking her. They both started to moan again. At drastically got louder and louder. She then put one of her feet, the other still on his penis, and placed it in his face. Kyle loved the smell of her foot. It was just perfect. They both let out the biggest moans they have ever let out and cummed. The cum was everywhere on the bed. They put their clothes back on.

“Oh, Kyle. That was amazing!”

“I know! I didn’t know you go all the way on the first date!”

“Well, I normally don’t, but something about that foot fetish just turns me on so much!”

“Well, until next time, I guess.”

“Okay. Bye”

She kissed him on the cheek and left.

Kyle was VERY tired after 3 orgasms, so he went to bed.

He couldn’t be happier, and more aroused.

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