Hot For a Retired Teacher Ch. 08

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We were married the following April, on Donna’s 69th birthday. It was a simple mid day ceremony at the courthouse, since neither of us had much in the way of family in the area, and it was the second time around for both of us. We were meeting some friends for dinner later in the day, so we took the afternoon to celebrate a little on our own.

We headed back home and went into the bedroom. I was wearing a suit and tie, the first time Donna had seen me dressed up, which she thought was quite appealing. She was in a simple scoop neck off white sheath dress that accentuated her figure and legs, as it was several inches above her knee. It was cut low enough to give a glimpse of her tits if she leaned just right. She looked very enticing. I took my jacket, tie and shoes off, and Donna wasted no time helping me out of my pants and shorts, giving my growing erection a good rub through my underwear. As I dropped my shorts, she kicked off her heels, reached down to the hem of her dress and pulled it over her head. As the dress came off, I became aware she had nothing on under it. We had decided earlier to heighten the tension by not sleeping together the night before the wedding, so I had not seen her get dressed. This was a surprise-a welcome one.

“You know what happens to brides who don’t wear panties,” I teased.

“They get fucked right after the ceremony-and hopefully a lot more even after the honeymoon is over,” Donna said, smiling at me. “Why do you think I got rid of mine??” She kissed me, and as we embraced we fell on the bed, Donna pulling me down over her, my hard cock bobbing in front of me. She stroked it gently as she prepared to take it on. I watched as the gold band I had just put on her finger-the ring I hoped I would soon see stroking up and down another guy’s cock-moved up and down on me, making me hard as a steel rod. Donna knew I was ready and pulled me to her.

“Come fuck your wife’s furry little cunt,” she said looking me in the eyes and smiling. I looked down to see Donna’s pussy was already waiting for me, her lips slightly parted, splitting her blonde pelt. She was as excited as I was to consummate the marriage. She pulled me to her, placing the head of my cock at her opening. I pushed in easily, she was already quite wet. I slowly went all the way to her depths, my balls resting on her ass. She sighed deeply and wrapped her legs around me. We had made love, had quickies, and flat out just fucked for most of the previous year, all of it great sex. Yet there was something intensely arousing about our first time making love as husband and wife, and we both felt it.

“You’re so wet,” I said.

“And you’re so hard,” said Donna. “For all the times we’ve done this, I can’t remember us being so ready right away.”

“Maybe it’s because we’ve finally found the right partner, one who will love the other no matter what. The confidence of knowing that is a big thing. I know I’ve found a soul mate in you.”

“And I have in you,” said Donna, looking up at me. “I’m so glad you gave me your email at the Wright house that day. Who knew it would lead to this?? I just wish it had happened years ago. Think of all the adventures we could have had!!”

“I have thought that as well, but maybe it’s just as well it happened in its own time. I know I’ll cherish the time I have with you. Let’s make the most of it. I love you.”

“I love you too,” said Donna, leaning up to kiss me. I pulled out, teased her clit with my swollen cockhead and pushed back all the way, then repeated. The second time, Donna let out a moan that got more intense as it went on, and her pussy squirmed and juiced around me. I could feel my cock pulsing as she came all over it, and I started to ooze a copious amount of semen into Donna’s convulsing cunt. It was not a full orgasm, just a long stream of precome. It subsided, and I pulled out of Donna, sperm still seeping from my cock, now dripping into her bush. A bubble of come emerged from Donna’s distended labia and rolled down onto the bed. She reached to her pussy and felt the wetness, then licked if from her fingers.

“Tasty,” she said, smiling. “Just think, the first load in my newly married pussy.”

“That’s only the half of it,” I said. “I didn’t want to give you all my come just yet. I still have a birthday present for you.”

“Do you now??” said Donna in a mocking tone.

“Yes, I do. You know what birthday this is, right??”

“My sixty nine…” Donna didn’t finish the word, now realizing where I was going.

“We’re both in for a tasty treat!!”

“Mmmm, yes we are. I love your come, and I really love when you go down on me after you’ve come inside me.” I moved around on the bed so I could get at Donna’s leaking cunt for a good taste, and she could get my still dripping cock in her mouth. She wasted no time, taking me right away, licking hard to get the come off my dick, and lapping up what was still seeping from the head. I licked the streak of sperm that was dripping out of her, gathering it on my tongue and pushing it back Gaziantep Genç Escort into her pussy. I licked over Donna’s clit, making her squirm, then her hips quake as I persisted. She pulled my cock out of her mouth as she let out a cry.

“I’m going to get there first if you don’t slow down,” she said. “I really want us to come together.”

“That would be intense,” I said. I stuck my tongue back in her pussy, savoring the wetness and the taste of her along with my come inside her. I went slowly, letting her give my stiffening cock a good work over, til I could feel the come rising. I then attacked Donna’s clit, letting her know I was close. I gauged my attention so that I would get her over the edge about the same time as she set me off, which was also prolonging her rise to orgasm. When I felt my balls tighten, I licked her clit hard from side to side, and she went off like a bomb, her hips shaking and pumping as her come washed over her, and my face, all while I was blowing a big load into her mouth. Eventually we released each other, and I turned so I would be face to face with my new wife. I kissed her hard, and we shared our mixed come. We pulled away from the kiss, and she laid her head on my shoulder.

“That was incredible,” said Donna. “Who knew married sex could be so good??”

I laughed. “Especially after all the extramarital sex we’ve had!! Happy birthday.”

Donna giggled and kissed me. We got dressed and headed to dinner. As we walked up to the restaurant where the few friends we had joining us were waiting, I told Donna, “If you liked your birthday present, you’ll love your wedding present.”

Donna looked at me quizzically. “Is it anything like my birthday present??”

“Sort of. I think you’ll like it. It’s similar in some ways.” We entered the restaurant, and saw our friends, with the addition of one more who was not at the ceremony, Donna’s former student, Eddie.

“What’s Eddie doing here?? Donna whispered to me.

“He’s your wedding present. Remember how we said we’d always be free to play as long as we told each other about it, and how I like taking you after you’ve had another guy come inside you??”

“I do,” said Donna. “You mean…”

“Yes. Eddie is your present. Actually, for both of us. I know how much you enjoyed seeing him, and how wet you were afterwards. He’ll be joining us tonight.”

Donna looked up at me, clinging to my arm with both hands. “You know just how to get to me!! I love you so much!!” We went in and greeted our guests and had a wonderful dinner and celebration that lasted several hours.

We took Eddie back to our home and went to the bedroom. I had made the arrangements with Eddie, so we all knew what was taking place. I had let him know what Donna and I were doing, and that we were both comfortable with him, so he’d be at ease once he arrived. The first time is always a little awkward, and I wanted to eliminate as much of that as I could.

Donna was enthusiastic about taking on the two of us, and teased us as we got undressed, telling us she’d get naked when we did. Eddie and I both stripped off quickly, wanting to see Donna join us as fast as we could. We were already halfway up, and I could see how Donna would notice Eddie, even fully dressed.

Once we were undressed, Donna, who had changed into a light blue shirt dress, slowly unbuttoned it, revealing her small bouncing tits, and finally her still wet bush. She let the dress drop off her shoulders and fall to the floor, standing in front of us totally nude except for a pair of white heels, smiling at the two guys who were enjoying the sight. We took in her nakedness, noting how her nipples were erect, and her blonde bush was parted by her spreading pussy lips.

Eddie looked at Donna, somewhat bemused that she was wearing only a dress and shoes. “Do you always go out like that??”

“Like what??” asked Donna.

“No underwear?? If I had known that in high school!!”

“My new husband says girls who don’t wear panties get in all kinds of trouble. So I quit wearing them,” said Donna, giving me a wink. “I didn’t wear any to my wedding either,” said Donna, smiling at Eddie. “But to answer your question, no, I didn’t do this when I was teaching-except occasionally I’d go without a bra.” Eddie was obviously aroused by this idea, as his cock was now standing up, a good 9″ of man meat. No wonder she always stopped to see him when she went back to the Quad Cities. Donna reached out to Eddie, taking his cock in her hand, stroking it gently.

I turned to Eddie, and told him that today was Donna’s birthday. “Her 69th,” I reminded him.

“Yes,” said Donna, still stroking Eddie. “So you know what that means!!” She led him to the bed, sat him down and started sucking his cock. It was hot watching her left hand holding and stroking his cock with her rings-her diamond engagement ring, and wedding ring I had just given her-on his manhood. She was able to take about half of him in her mouth, and he was enjoying the attention. Donna slowed and then pulled away from him, easing him down on the bed.

“I’m the birthday girl, let’s see what kind of present you have for me.” Donna and Eddie lay on their sides, now in a 69 position. Donna took his cock in her mouth as best she could, while Eddie started to lick her pussy. It wasn’t long before he could taste the come I had left inside Donna earlier.

“Did you guys…??” Eddie started to ask.

“Screw??” Donna cut him off. “Of course. You know we had to consummate the marriage.” She looked over at me and smiled. I know how Donna likes to be licked out after she has come inside her, so I knew it would not be long til she was exploding all over Eddie’s face. She was sucking him eagerly as well, and it looked like a race to the finish.

It didn’t take long and Eddie had Donna on the brink. She was crying out, in between slathering his cock with spit and trying to swallow it, and her hips were shaking. He was close as well, groaning as Donna worked his massive cock as best she could. I watched as his hips started to thrust, and his cock started to spew into Donna’s eager mouth, even as she was coming all over his face. Donna did her best to take it, but in the throes of her own orgasm, she let his dick loose, and he shot a thick streak of come across her cheek and into her hair, then another before she got him back under control, gulping and swallowing the rest of his come. As Eddie finished, Donna licked his cock, cleaning up the stray sperm that had dribbled down the head. She gathered up the come on her cheek and licked her fingers, and sat up on the bed, Eddie sitting beside her.

“Happy birthday, Mrs M,” he said.

“Thanks. By the way, it’s Mrs. B now, and you can call me Donna,” she said, playfully slapping his ass.

“Oops, sorry,” said Eddie, laughing. His cock was still at half mast, even though Donna had just given him one of her masterful blow jobs. She started stroking it gently, almost absent mindedly. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes and he was starting to become fully erect again. I watched as Donna stroked with more focus as Eddie’s cock grew.

Donna looked at me and smiled. “Now for our wedding present,” she said, a sparkle in her eye. She knew we were both going to enjoy Eddie; she while he fucked her with his huge dick, me while watching that spectacle, then getting the sloppy seconds afterwards. She was well lubed from my earlier load and Eddie’s attention. Still, it would be interesting to watch him put that 9″ cock in my 5 foot, 1 inch, 105 pound wife’s little blonde pussy.

She pushed Eddie down on the bed, climbing up on top of him. I watched as she positioned her spread lips over his swelling cockhead, then took it and rubbed it up and down her slit. He was still leaking come from Donna’s earlier attention, which she was helping seep from his dick by stroking and squeezing it. She made sure it got all over her clit, and she was soon having another less intense orgasm from his cockhead teasing it. As she came, she started to sink down on his massive tool, taking just the head inside her first, rotating her hips on it so she could take his size. She pulled it out, then pushed down again, taking a little more this time. She worked his cock into herself bit by bit, finally getting it all, but not before having two more orgasms as Eddie stretched her twat.

She stayed in place for a few minutes, feeling his cock inside her, and getting adjusted to having such a big penis stretching her. Finally she slowly started to ride him, going all the way up on his cock, then sinking back til her little ass hit his balls. She rode steadily, enjoying Eddie inside her, rotating her hips to get the full effect of his dick in her pussy. It didn’t take long, and she was coming again, more forcefully this time.

Eddie, who had come only about 20 minutes before, was able to ride out her orgasm, though I could see his balls starting to pull up as the friction of Donna’s pussy was getting him close to coming again. Donna just sat on him as her orgasm subsided, then climbed off. It was hot watching Eddie’s cock slip out of her, and her labia close up slowly after having such a large dick between them. She rolled onto her back, pulling her lover over her.

“I want you to pound that thing into me,” she said, looking up at him. “Don’t stop til you’ve filled me with all the hot sperm you have in those big balls.” Eddie placed the head of his cock at her opening as Donna took it in her hand, guiding it into her pussy. As hot as it was watching him pull out while she was on top, watching her new wedding ring on another cock, then watching it push inside her, spreading her wider than I thought she could handle, was an intense turn on. Having just gotten off Eddie, she took him in pretty easily, but he still had to work in most of the way, then pull out, then push in again before he could get balls deep in Donna. Once inside her, he started to pump her twat, and I could see her lips getting pushed in and pulled out on each stroke.

I had been watching the action and slowly stroking myself. Donna saw this and motioned me over. She looked at me and told me she could do that, taking my cock in her hand and stroking it, then taking it in her mouth. Eddie picked up speed, and Donna went into high gear as Eddie’s balls banged her little ass on each stroke. I was pretty hard already, and didn’t want to miss the main event, so I pulled away from Donna and continued to watch Eddie’s assault on her pussy.

“Oh, God, Eddie, fuck me deep with that wonderful cock. You’re pounding my womb, it feels so good, I want to feel your seed spilling into my newlywed cunt…ahhhhhhh!!” She started to come again, her hips convulsing under Eddie’s thrusting dick. This time it got to him too.

“I’m coming, Mrs. B!!” he shouted. “I’m going to fill your little blonde married pussy!!” His ass clenched and his balls tightened as he pushed in deep. Donna screamed as he unloaded a flood of semen into her, filling her and spilling back onto the bed. He lay on top of her for a few minutes as his cock softened up, finally sliding out of her with a slurp, followed by a large glob of his come, that followed in turn by a thick stream that slowly ran out of Donna’s labia and down her ass onto the bed, making a puddle. Eddie got up to go clean up, but Donna motioned him over so she could lick the remaining come seeping from his cock. While she was doing this, I got a good look at her open, used, sperm dripping cunt, the tops of her thighs and pubes covered with a slick coating of her juice and Eddie’s come. She looked wonderfully slutty and hot.

Donna finished cleaning Eddie, then turned to me. Our eyes met in one of those soul baring stares that, if one is lucky, he will share with someone for many years. “Come and get it, honey!!” said Donna, holding out a hand. I went to the bed and dove between Donna’s legs, putting my tongue right into her sloppy cunt, licking through Eddie’s come and slathering it all over her labia and clit. It took about 10 seconds for Donna to cry out, then let out a long moan as her hips started to convulse and lift off the bed as she had an intense orgasm.

“In me, in me!!” Donna cried out. “I want your big dick inside me, oh yes, fuck me, honey, I want to feel you in my hot messy cunt!!” I moved up over Donna and she took my cock in her hand, stroked me twice and put the head at her opening. I could feel the heat from her excitement and Eddie’s come. She pushed the head in, and I plunged into her balls deep, slurping as I was immersed in the hot silkiness of the semen that had filled her only a moment ago.

Donna cried out again as I hit bottom, the head of my dick poking into her cervix. I pulled out and repeated, again making her cry out, then moan, then she let out a series of quick, short breaths, gasped and screamed as I hit her cervix a second time. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and with a slurping sound, a large stream of come escaped her onto the bed as she again had an intense orgasm. I held my cock inside her, letting her come back to earth before starting again. As she regained her composure, I started stroking in and out slowly, pulling all the way out, teasing her clit and rubbing Eddie’s come all over it, then pushing back into her til the head of my dick was up against her womb. Donna looked at me lovingly. I leaned down and we kissed, a kiss of love that only two soul mates can share.

Our kiss ended, and I lifted my face up, looking deeply into Donna’s eyes. “I’m going to come in you.”

Donna smiled. “Give me all your husbandly come, I want to feel it shooting into my flooded, shared pussy.” She wrapped her legs around me and pulled me tight to her, grabbing my ass with her hands, at the same time leaning up to kiss me. I could no longer hold back, and released a half dozen long spurts of come into her before trailing off with several more small bursts of sperm. My climax again overflowed her, and she could feel me shooting as well as the spermy mess that was already spilling down her ass even as I was still coming. We released our kiss, and Donna looked at me dreamily.

“Mmmmm…that’s the load I’ve been dreaming of all day, the first big load from my husband. Thank you for a wonderful wedding gift. I never dreamed I’d be ravaged by two men on my wedding day. I love you dearly, deeply.”

“I love you too, Donna. I want to make you the happiest, most exhausted wife on the planet.”

Donna smiled and kissed me. “I have no doubt you will.”

We took a break for a while, going into the kitchen to get some of the cake left over from our celebration. The three of us took our time, Eddie and I getting to know each other better. After a good dessert, we got back together, this time in a three way. It started with Eddie lying on the bed while Donna blew him, and I fucked her from behind. After a while, we changed positions, Eddie and I switching so he could take a rear approach to Donna’s messy twat while she sucked on my cock for a while. We moved around to various positions, each of us taking our turn fucking and licking Donna, who was enjoying the attention, coming a half dozen times before we were ready to finish.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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