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Big Tits

This is the first part of a story that will go off in different directions. You can chose where to follow. The start is in Fetish, I think that is an appropriate place, however, there will be two chapter 2s. You’ll be able to see where you’d rather the story goes once posted.

Please feel free to leave feedback, both good and bad, as that is the only way we can learn and improve. All is welcome.

All characters, as stated within the story are over eighteen and are purely fictitious. I hope you enjoy!



Lissa didn’t know how she had gotten into this position, well, not in an overall picture sense, but she knew that if she didn’t figure a way out soon her life would become very difficult. The ties on her wrists strained as she pulled against them once more. They didn’t budge. She didn’t know what was worse, the fact she was tied to the bed naked, or the burning sensation from her full bladder…


Three hours earlier Lissa had pulled up at the apartment block. She looked down at her watch, she was a little early, but that was due to her excitement. She had been talking to Brent for weeks now. They had swapped pictures, more nude ones than not, and chatted online daily. As her position of head of department in her company she had her own office. This allowed easy, un-disrupted use of the internet and a way to take the pics she was asked to take.

It was true, Brent had tapped quickly into one of her least known traits. Lissa liked to be told what to do when it came to sex. In her office she had to be in control, order others to do her bidding and make sure it was all done on time and correctly. In the bedroom, however, she prefered to take more of a submissive role. Not to the point of licking a guys shoes, but just to be told what to do and when sparked the fire between her legs.

Brent was very good at this and often had her taking her panties off at her desk and taking a pic for him. One time making her masturbate for him, viewed via webcam while she was on a conference call to head office. That had been one of the more erotic times.

But now they had progressed to the point that Lissa was ready to meet Brent. He had never asked for a real life meeting, which made Lissa feel even more secure, but now they were doing it she had a mixture of sexual arousal and nervous fear thumping through her veins.

The elevator doors opened and Lissa walked down the corridor to Brent’s apartment. The door was unlocked as he said it would be. She was under orders to go inside, find the bedroom and strip naked. Her heart beating faster with each moment, Lissa had obeyed. The glass of wine on the bedside table had been downed almost in one as she slipped off her skirt and blouse.

The large mirror on the wall showed Lissa’s 5ft 4 frame nicely. Her running kept her 32 year old body in shape, her round B-Cup breasts barely moving at all when she dropped her bra. Lissa could already feel her nipples tighten in the air conditioned room as she slipped her panties down revealing her waxed-smooth pussy. Another order from Brent.

A second glass of wine from the open bottle and Lissa put the blindfold on, tying it tightly behind her head. As if he knew, Lissa heard Brent enter. His foot-steps on the hardwood floor getting closer and closer. Just knowing that she was finally in the same room as the man that had brought her to more orgasms in the last few weeks than she had had in the last two years aroused her beyond belief.

Lissa could sense him close, his breath on her skin, exciting her further. Lissa almost jumped to the ceiling when she felt a tongue circle her nipple, stopping as quick as it had started. Her knees went weak and she felt her pussy moisten.

Hands Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort were on her body now, fingertips trailing down her arms, back up, over her shoulders and down her back. She let out a little squeal when her ass was squeezed hard. Before she knew what was happening Lissa was being pushed back onto the bed. A little wary, Brent had not yet said a word, she allowed it, the aroused, scared feelings still fighting each other. Her wrists were held above her head and tied one by one to the corners of the bed post. That was it, she was totally under Brent’s control now and her body tingled at the prospect.

Lips found their way to Lissa’s nipples once again and she arched her back, trying to force her firm breasts and achingly hard nipples deeper into the sucking mouth. She heard Brent chuckle as she fought to get more pleasure from him.

Kisses trailed down her flat stomach, nothing more than lips caressing her smooth skin, not stopping as they went lower and lower on her body. Already extremely turned on from the fantasy they had discussed at length finally coming true, Lissa was already very wet for Brent when his lips finally met hers.

She felt him open her up slowly with his tongue, circling her clit, sending jolts of pleasure through her body, then running down, pushing slighting against her hole and further between her ass cheeks. They had never discussed anal play, but as Lissa felt Brent’s tongue run over her tiny hole she couldn’t deny the dirty sexy feeling it gave her.

As Brent’s tongue made its way back up she felt his nose brush her clit, just enough to make her thrust her hips up. She was rewarded with Brent’s tongue slipping deeper insider than before and he swirled it around, a finger now stroking her clit.

Lissa wasn’t sure if it was solely the oral stimulation or the two glasses of wine taking effect, but she lost it right then and came hard, all over Brent’s face. She didn’t hear his satisfied moans of pleasure as he buried his face deeper into her cumming pussy. Lissa was too busy screaming her own pleasure for anyone to hear.

She came twice more as Brent relentlessly lapped at her pussy, sucking her lips and clit, sliding a finger or two inside her as he kissed and licked her. Lissa was breathing heavily when she felt Brent moving up the bed. Before she knew it, wet lips were clamping down on her own, kissing her deeply. Lissa tasted herself on her lover’s lips and tongue as he forced it into her mouth.

Then Lissa realised something else. Another feeling, soft flesh and a hard nipple pressed against her own breast. She was too consumed with the passionate kiss to think more on it until Brent sat up.

“Did you like that?” A voice asked. Lissa’s heart started racing. That was NOT Brent’s voice. Before she could answer her blindfold was ripped off!

“What the…. You?!?” Lissa gasped. Standing there over her tied up naked form was a young woman. Naked also, her mouth glistening with Lissa’s cum, an evil, joyful, look of triumph on her face. “How did you, where’s Brent?” Lissa shouted, trying and failing to break free from her wrist restraints.

“I’m Brent you silly bitch!” The young woman grinned. “Oh, the pictures were easy to come by, but the messaging, the emails, the orders, they were all me! I just thought that you might not be into this…” She said, stroking her own, smaller, breasts and cupping her bald pussy.

“I’m not you sick whore!” Lissa blurted back.

“Really?” The woman replied, climbing back onto the bed. She took one of Lissa’s nipples in her mouth and mewed softly when it hardened almost instantly in her mouth. “We’ll that’s not how it will look to anyone else…” And the girl gestured to the bookshelf.

Lissa’s mouth gaped open. There in the gap between two books, with a perfect view of the room, was a little red blinking light. She had been filmed! And it would she her willingly undressing, being tied up and -oh god – not only cumming on the girl’s face, but kissing her happily after…

“B…but why?” Her heart was racing, panic setting in.

“I knew you wouldn’t remember me!” The girl almost spat. “Just another number I your work force. Poor old Stacy, the mousey brown haired girl that no one would miss. You fired me for no reason, just to suit your numbers, after I gave you everything. EVERYTHING!”

Lissa tried to recall. Then it struck her. “You’re Stacy Donovan?” The girl sat up, her slim figure almost silhouetted by the window. Lissa had had it brought to her attention that one of the younger staff, just raised from intern, had had several accusations of obsessive sexual behaviour within the office. Lissa had naturally assumed that it had been a male, but when she was told that it was a female, going a bit OTT after a drunken one night stand with a co-worker she was shocked.

Of course she had to fire her, but she had never really taken much more notice than that. The lawyers handled all the rest. And now, here she was, tied up, naked, and at the mercy of this young girl…

“What do you want with me?” Lissa asked tentatively.

“You fired me stating that I was obsessive and sexually inappropriate within the work space. You ruined my life, I can’t get any other job in my chosen field now, so I’m going to show the world just how sexually fucked up you are and see how we’ll you get on!”

And with that, Stacy climbed on top of Lissa, straddling her chest, her bald pussy inches from Lissa’s face. “You’re going to do just as I say, or that video will get emailed to your superiors first, and then whatever porn site I can find that will take it.”

“Never! You fucked up bitch! You can’t make me, no one will believe you!” Lissa’s voice sounded more convinced than she felt and Stacy knew it.

“They don’t have to believe me, they just need to see that video. They’ll see how you were fucking around with a girl 10 years younger than you, a girl that you had fired for inappropriate behaviour. They’ll see that you fired me to try and keep our sex life a secret and you’ll be the end who’s life goes down the pan!” All the while she was talking, Stacy’s pussy was getting closer and closer to Lissa’s face.

Lissa’s heart sank. Stacy was right, there really was no where to go… “If I do what you say right now, you’ll give me the video?” She almost begged.

“Sure.” Grinned Stacy. Reaching down her tight 22 year old body, Stacy parted her lips with her fingers and pressed her wet pussy towards Lissa’s mouth. Lissa, her mind swimming from the wine felt like she had no choice. Even if Stacy was lying, if she could just get out of this she had a chance of getting to the camera before any damage could be done.

Hesitantly she stretched her tongue out and licked Stacy’s wet lips. It didn’t taste as bad as she thought. She thought she cold do this, just get through this… And with that she raised her head and sucked the young girl’s lossy hard into her mouth.

The reaction was almost instantaneous. Stacy screamed in pleasure from Lissa’s tongue and thrust her hips forward, pushing her pussy deeper into Lissa’s face. In seconds she was cumming, the triumph over her previous boss more erotic than anything before.

Lissa felt Stacy’s pussy leaking out all over her face and there was nothing she could do but lick it up and swallow it. The worst thing was, having this young girl force herself on her was doing things to her. She wasn’t as repulsed as she felt she should be…

Stacy, still panting from her cum swung her leg over and sat on Lissa’s face, facing out down over her body. Lissa had not choice but to bury her tongue deep inside Stacy’s wet pussy once more, but this time, Stacy was working her nipples. Pinching and twisting them, rubbing them as she groped her breasts. Lissa hated to admit it, but she was getting turned on again.

Before she knew what was happening she felt a tongue on her own pussy and was in a sixty-nine with her young ex-employee. At the mercy of this fucked up girl, Lissa found herself on the verge of another orgasm and when Stacy flooded her face once again with er own cum, Lissa couldn’t hold on either. With a scream, muffled by Stacy’s body, Lissa came hard, her wrists straining at her ties.

Still coming down from her cum, Stacy turned, laying on top of Lissa, their breasts mashed together as she kissed her captive hard. Their combined cum was covering their faces when she pulled away. Lissa breathing heavily. “There, can I go now?” Lissa panted.

“We’re not done yet!” Grinned Stacy, grabbing the bottle of wine. She took a big gulp and swallowed it. Then another, this time drooling it out over her small, firm breasts. She lowered them to Lissa’s face and ordered her to lick them clean. Lissa did so, lingering on Stacy’s nipples as she licked and sucked the young girl’s breasts.

Then Stacy took another swig, this time she lowered her face an inch from Lissa’s and dripped a bit onto her lips. Almost too willingly, Lissa opened her mouth and Stacy opened hers. The flow of wine from one mouth to the other caused some to splash down onto Lissa’s breasts. Swallowing what she could, she gasped at the sensation of Stacy’s mouth cleaning her body.

Stacy then got up. Lissa was too out of breath to ask, but before she needed to Stacy had turned back, a small vibrator in her hand. It was already thrumming along as Stacy climbed between Lissa’s legs on the bed and slid it across her clit.

Lissa had absolutely no control over her body’s reaction and was immediately thrusting her hips up, needing to feel the vibrator on her clit once more, in her pussy, anywhere.

“Please! Please just let me cum!” She squealed as Stacy ran the vibe over her captives clit once more.

“Oh, not yet…” Stacy replied, her biggest grin yet. Slipping the vibe deep into Lissa’s soaked pussy, Lissa biting her bottom lip, so so close to cumming, Stacy then ran it down between Lissa’s ass cheeks. Lissa knew exactly what was going through Stacy’s mind, but was powerless to stop it.

“Please no, no, not there, I’ll do anything, ANYTHING!” She begged, but to no avail. She grunted, pulling at her ties as she felt Stacy pushing the slick vibe into her tight ass. She could feel it deep inside her, the constant thrum keeping her at the point of climax. Her body betrayed her, wanting to feel the vibe deep inside her.

Ten Stacy sat beside her, winked at the camera and proceeded to play with Lissa’s clit, in plain view of the blinking red light. That was it, Lissa’s body gave out. There was no way she could deny it any longer. The sensation of the vibrator in her ass and the young captor toying with her clit was more than she could take.

With her loudest, longest scream so far, Lissa came hard. So hard that she felt her pussy clench then release and a stream of her juices flooded from her her body. She had never squirted before and here she was, made to by force, by a girl she had had fired for inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Even before her cum had subsided, Stacy had removed the vibrator. Lissa lay there a sweaty, satisfied mess. Her head swimming from the wine and orgasms. Her nipples were still achingly hard, and she felt vulnerable once again when Stacy stood beside her on the bed.

“Not bad, I think you’re ready for round two…”

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