How Big is Yours?

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Big Tits

Jim and I were long time friends. Met each other working at summer camp in high school and went to the same local college. Jim was a preppy kind of guy while I was a lot more casual. We had both had long time girl friends and always did our best to flirt with whoever we could. In the past at summer camp and the Friday trips we would play a game similar to the one in Top Gun where you had to meet a girl and get name and hometown. Whoever got the most information would win. This was a fun game to play and even the kids got into it, verifying the winner.

We knew everything about each other and often strange subjects would come up while drinking and playing SNES. One particular conversation that came up that led to a more open relationship between us was about the size of our dicks. Jim would ask what I thought was a normal size. I didn’t really know because the internet wasn’t really around so all I knew was the size I had seen in a porno and what I had read. After a while, the conversation wasn’t really going anywhere because he wouldn’t drop the subject I stated that I thought it was the length of his hand. A few minutes passed and he disagreed stating that he was sure that his hand was bigger. Not knowing and trying to just move on I stated that I really don’t know. I just felt like I was average compared to what I had seen in pornos.

“How big is yours?” was his next question. Me stating average wasn’t a frame of reference for him. Then he asked me to measure. Taking aback, I just laughed it off. He pressed on wanting me to measure so he could feel either good or bad about himself. He had never had any issue with any girl he was with so I didn’t know why he was that concerned. We were drunk. He was very concerned about İzmir Travesti this and I really didn’t give a shit. He wore me down so I had to figure out how to measure. He handed me a ruler. I went into the next room to check. I unzipped and realized that measuring soft wouldn’t work. So I stroked myself some, thought of the girl that I helped out the other day and the blowjob I got in return and got hard pretty quick. I put the held my dick straight out and laid the ruler on the top and measured the top from the base too the tip. Granted my head wasn’t engorged but it was just shy of 6 inches.

I returned to the living room and let him know I was almost 6 inches. He didn’t seem to be thrilled with my answer. I confirmed how I measured and he was obviously thinking that he was not average. After a few more sips of our drinks and a few more shots of golf (yeah, exciting game to play on SNES but we did it a lot) he asked me how thick. I thought on this one and rather than asking the obvious why, I just answered him. I connected the tip of my thumb with my middle finger and showed him the ring. I told him that it was just a little thicker. Again, an answer he didn’t like. I told him just to drop it. He hadn’t had any issues with any of his conquests so it wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t ruin his night but he obviously wasn’t happy.

A few weeks had gone by and we were hanging out drinking and playing SNES golf again. Our strange conversation was safely in the past I thought. So he brought up how he had asked his girlfriend if he was normal size and she told him that he was small (but assured him it was ok). She had never complained and said that he uses it quite well and that it wasn’t a problem. He was troubled Konya Travesti by this and then asked the strangest question that had ever come up. He asked me to look at his dick and tell him what I thought. I wasn’t real comfortable with this. I didn’t want to look at another man’s dick, especially not my best friend’s. He begged me. A whole beer later and more ridiculous reasons why he needed me to do this I agreed. When I told him yes he was surprised and got bashful all the sudden. He put his beer down and unbuttoned his jeans. He had on colored jockeys.

So his package was sitting right there behind his jockeys. A few pubic hairs visible at the sides. He pulled down from the front band and pulled it down with his thumb. I looked at his dick. First impression and just my initial glance was that he did have a small one. He told me to let him get it hard because it is bigger than that. (Now for those who don’t know, guys are either growers or showers. I personally am a grower and I was hoping Jim was too from the looks of things.) The strangeness of the situation kept his little guy on the flaccid side. He must “dress” down the middle. His dick seemed perfectly centered and didn’t press one way or another. I asked him how he dressed and he confirmed.

So my night out, hanging with my best friend and relaxing with some beer and video games had turned strange was all that was on my mind. It is hard to imagine that just normal discussion had turned into my friend wanting me to look at his dick.

With him being soft, there was no way of knowing if he was average. I told him to get hard and his shy guy couldn’t. I told him to just stroke it some. What he told me next was shocking. He stated that he has Antalya Travesti never masturbated. I asked why and he really didn’t have an answer. He even seemed unwilling to do this. I could tell he was embarrassed. However this didn’t seem to change the fact that he was pulling down his underwear to me to show me his dick. Only a full minute has gone by during all of this. I told him to would get one of his Playboys to see if that would help. He follows me into the bedroom and he leads me to his stash. I grab the top one (I love it when Playboy goes to colleges) and open it up to see some sorority girls.

At this point he had pulled his underwear down so he wouldn’t have to hold it. As he flipped through a few pages I could see the gentle bobbing of his dick as it was coming to life. Every second or two he seemed to get more and more aroused and his dick bounced a little more into an erect state. Now that he was upright, I took a closer look at the head of his dick. His head seemed more rounded than mine. The “helmet” was proportional but just looked odd mainly because of the lack of thickness of his dick. Fully hard he was only 4 inches in length and thinner than the only other dick I have really seen a lot, mine. He was a paler complexion than me, so his dick was more of a mixture of pale skin and redness of being erect. I didn’t get a look at his balls because of his underwear and his public hairs were a darker blond than he was.

“Yeah, it is smaller than average dude” was all I could say to him. I wasn’t trying to hurt his feelings or anything but it was the truth. I reassured him that if no one has complained yet then who cares. He was saddened I could tell. There wasn’t a real good way of me explaining this to him so he just absorbed my comments. Awkward moment turned into a longer awkward moment with his dick slowly accepting its judgment. I told him to put it away and that I needed another beer. It took a while to get back into the mood for gaming but we made it. Thankfully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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