How We Began Swinging

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Big Tits

Dear Reader. I’m an Australian writer and use English spelling and Australian slang. If you can’t with the fact that at times words will end in ‘re’ or that there will be a ‘u’ in colour, please stop reading now. (Yes, we’ve had complaints.) CUCK WARNING! This story also contains married folk enjoying sex with other people. If that subject matter offends, stop reading now. If you’ve read that warning and still choose to send us an anonymous email, our response to you is at the end of this story.


Sharon couldn’t believe what she was looking at. After saving over $7,000 her bank balance had dwindled down to only $950. Although her income was bolstered by the government’s student allowance and the occasional part-time job, she had one more year to complete her teaching degree and hitting the workforce as a fully qualified English teacher.

She needed another job, preferably one that paid cash and wasn’t traceable by Mr Taxman. The classifieds revealed nothing and she sat forlornly in her inner-city flat pondering her looming financial crisis. With the cost of her rent, food and transport her money would be gone in three months. Her flatmates Jodie and Christine both came from wealthy farming families who, thanks to some creative accounting seemed to always be broke, therefore allowing the girls even greater government support and frequent family handouts.

One Saturday night though the three of them were stumbling in a drunken daze down a street in Surry Hills when Sharon noticed a sign looking for wait staff posted outside a small wine bar. With great concentration she entered the number into her phone and saved it.

The wine bar looked nice enough, not so big to be crazy busy, but not so small to be dull.

The night ended as usual, one of them would pick up and the other two would bitch and moan until they came home with tales of sexual action. Then they would spend the Sunday dissecting the evenings events and whinging about men.

Sharon was no prude when it came to sexual exploration. Since leaving home she’d had quite a few partners both long and short term. At one stage she had two men playing for her affections, and her pussy. It ended in disaster of course when one of them came to visit on a Sunday morning only to find her lying on her bed with one of her vibrators lodged in her pussy and the other guy fucking her mouth.

As soon as she saw the other guy standing in the door way Sharon wanted them both to fuck her there and then, but after a very brief shouting match the intruder left, followed soon after by the man she’d been sucking off. Neither ever spoke to her again.

Being an English teacher in the making, Sharon was a lover of literature, especially well written erotic fiction. The more graphic the sex scenes the better and if the stories had pictures to help tell the tale it was a bonus. Eventually this lead to her perusing the internet looking for stories, videos and images that appealed to her.

With a startle she awoke on the Sunday morning as her phone chimed out a reminder about the position vacant advertisement that she had seen taped to the front window of the wine bar.

Fortified with caffeine and a bowl of cereal she called the number and completed the shortest job interview in history.

The conversation was brief to say the least and as for applying for work it didn’t come much easier. After her introduction and a few invented work experience tales, he asked her to come in for a trial for a night. Before she even asked he told her yes, she’d be getting paid $125 cash for the night if she got the job or not.

The owner of the wine bar was a slight, neatly dressed Italian man called Vince who turned out to be a rarity amongst business men. Vince genuinely cared for and looked out for his staff. All of the staff spoke fondly of Vince and his generous spirit and most of the casual waitresses had all been there for years.

Sharon soon discovered though that not all was as it seemed at the wine bar. When she arrived she was told by Vince that the room up at the top of the stairs was for a private function and that she didn’t have to go up there. All she had to do was serve food and drinks to the small gathering of customers downstairs many of which, it soon became obvious, were all invited to the private function upstairs. Many of the guests downstairs came in either wearing or carrying masks for the party that was kicking along only a few feet above. The guests were just your normal, common, ordinary folk. None overly glamorous, but none hideous either. So average in fact that Sharon thought nothing of them.

At the end of her first shift, at midnight on a Saturday night, Vince passed her the $125 cash and sat her down in the office out the back. Once he’d told her that she had the job he told her exactly what was upstairs.

“It’s a swingers club,” he said.

“Sorry?” Sharon said in disbelief, “A what?”

“It’s a swingers club,” he laughed, “Where people swap partners and have orgies and things like that.”

“I work at a swingers Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort club?” she said.

“No, not at all,” Vince said, “You work here in the bar and that’s all you have to do.”

“How long has the room upstairs been a swing club?” she asked.

“About three years,” Vince said, “Happened by accident after a small group of them booked it out.”

“What happened?”

“They couldn’t help themselves and began having sex in one of the side rooms,” he said to a fascinated Sharon, “Then one of the waitresses told me and I confronted them about it.”

“Wow,” Sharon said.

“Then one of them made me an offer of becoming a part-owner in a new business venture.”

“Is it legal?’

“Certainly,” he said, “Its not a brothel or anything like that.”

Sharon just sat back and looked up at the ceiling.

“So there are people up there right now shagging each other?”

“More than likely,” he said, “But as I said you are under no obligation to do anything and if you see anyone acting inappropriately downstairs, or if someone approaches you downstairs that you don’t want to, just let me know.”

“Ok,” Sharon said before following with a statement that steered her life in a direction that lay towards her future husband. “Can I go up and have a look?”

Vince was shocked “Really?”

“Yeah,” she said, “I’ll only be wondering about it if I don’t.”

“Ok then,” Vince said, “I’ll get one of the girls upstairs to come down and take you up rather than you just walking in like a single girl.”

“There are girls upstairs as well?”

“Yeah,” Vince nodded “Kay and Julie do exactly as you do but their uniform, pay and working conditions are somewhat different.”

He reached for the phone and hit the autodial for upstairs.

As he chatted on the phone Sharon tried to recall some of the people she’d seen going up the stairs. There were a few women and quite a lot of men is something she recalled.

The term ‘Swingers’ made her uneasy. Desperate men and dirty sluts is what she immediately thought when she heard the word ‘swingers’. Sad couples trying to add a sparkle to the relationship, men forcing their wives into sex, perverts, sado-masochists. They were all terms that she immediately thought of as soon as she heard the word ‘swingers’.

The stories that she’d read about swingers though usually painted a different picture. These stories were normally about couples enjoying the swinging scene, about the rules in swing clubs and the relaxed attitudes that swingers had about sex. It was these two contrasting notions of swing clubs that had her thinking that a first hand account was the only way to clarify her thoughts.

“Kay,” he said, “Could you go make yourself decent and pop downstairs please.”

The term ‘make yourself decent’ intrigued Sharon who could feel the combined beating of a thousand butterflies in her stomach.

“Now don’t be thinking that you have to work upstairs or do anything that you don’t want to OK?” Vince said. “Kay and Julia get paid well because they work well and enjoy the job.”

“How much do they get paid?” Sharon had to ask.

“I pay them $500 plus they get to keep all the tips.”

Sharon was silenced. $500+ per night was damn fine money.

The sound of a pair of high-heel shoes clicking on the steps drew their attention and soon a lady in her late thirties appeared in the doorway. Her hair was mousy brown, shoulder length and curly and she wore a short black coat. Fishnet stockings clad her legs and the high heels weren’t the cheaper brands that Sharon could only afford. She smiled at Sharon and rose an eyebrow as a greeting.

“Kay this is Sharon,” Vince said, “Sharon this is Kay.”

They both nodded and waved.

“Sharon has decided that she would like to, in her own words, go up and have a look at what happens upstairs.”

“Really?” Kay said, “Well it’s a good night for it because it’s a birthday party.”

“Perfect,” Vince said. “Now remember Sharon you don’t have to do anything up there other than just look around OK. Some people can be very persuasive.”

“I’m a big girl,” Sharon said as she stood up. She wasn’t sure if what she was doing was right or not but her mind and body were humming in anticipation.

“Let’s go then.” Kay said.

Sharon followed her up the back flight of stairs and when they got to the top Kay stopped and turned to her.

“Vince collects their entrance fees and such and checks them out just here,” she nodded towards a small room before they entered the venue, “This is the bar area so just follow me behind the bar and watch from there okay?”

Sharon just nodded and as Kay opened the door the smell of sex, booze and decadence wafted out.

At first glance Sharon thought that the bar area was just filled with about thirty naked and semi-naked people of all shapes and sizes chatting. She noticed that on a TV screen above the bar a video of cocks filling a pussy and an arse was showing and to her right she noticed a naked lady sitting on a chair and masturbating as a man fucked her mouth. Then she saw another woman giving hand jobs to two guys and another two women in an embrace.

As she moved through the small crowd towards the bar she felt a hand rub her arse and fingers brush up against her hips. The bar was neatly tucked in the back corner and her view of the rest of the bar was obscured by a screen and naked backs.

When Vince said that the ladies upstairs had a different uniform she imagined short black skirts and halter tops, not what Kay suddenly revealed.

Under that black coat Kay wore nothing more than a pair of fish-net stockings and suspenders and a small apron. No bra, no panties, just her naked flesh.

Suddenly Sharon wanted to hug Kay. She wanted to feel her skin, lick her nipples, rub her shaved cunt. She’d never had the urge to touch another woman ever before and she managed, only just, to restrain herself.

Kay though poured two beers and a glass of wine and passed them to the woman who must have been Julia.

Kay called Julia over and they conspiratorially whispered and nodded towards Sharon who was looking at the woman she’d seen as she entered. She was so entranced that she didn’t notice Julia come up behind her.

“Do you want to come with me?” Julia said to a startled Sharon. “I’ll show you around.”

“Oh, shit, sorry.” Sharon said. “You scared me.”

Julia, who was in her early forties and tall, flicked her blond hair behind her head and nodded behind her.

“Get behind me and we’ll work the room.” she said, “Men will probably grope you, just so you know.”

“It’s already happened.” Sharon said. “I’m okay with that.”

“Good,” she said. “Let’s go get some orders.”

To make her way through the crowd Julia rubbed arses and patted thighs and soon enough they were in the centre of the room and what Sharon saw made her stop in her tracks. What Sharon thought she’d been watching was a porno video but what it actually was, was a woman in her thirties being fucked in the pussy and arse, and sucking on a cock, as someone videoed her in action.

“That’s Maria,” Julia said, “it’s her birthday and she wanted to be in gang-bang video.”

Looking around the inner circle Sharon noticed several men in masks just standing there pulling on their cocks waiting for the chance to fuck the birthday girl. She wanted to drop to her knees and suck them all. She wanted to feel their hardness, taste their cum. Feel them fucking into her.

Transfixed she just stood there watching a man pumping his cock into Maria’s arse as she sucked on one of the two cocks at her face. Her pussy was oozing moisture and it took all her inner strength not to squat down and join in.

The feeling of a pair of hands rubbing her inside thigh was enough to rouse her from her stupor and she quickly moved the intruders hands away before following Julia over to a small group.

A small cheer broke out and Sharon looked back at the gangbang and watched as the man who had been fucking Maria’s arse pumped a load of cum over Maria’s back.

“This is amazing,” Sharon said, “I knew it would be wild but not like this.”

“It’s not always like this,” Julia said, “Some nights it’s really dull.”


“Yeah,” Julia said, “But that’s where we come in.”

“What do you mean?”

“When there isn’t a special night on like tonight,” Julia nodded around the room, “This place would probably only have about ten or twenty people here.”

“Surely that’s enough,” Sharon laughed.

“Not when two thirds of them are men.”

“So,” Sharon said, “You take care of some of the men.”

“Indeed we do,” Julia said.

“What sort of things?”

“Well let’s put it this way,” Julia nodded to Maria “She isn’t the first person to be fucked like that in this room.”

Sharon had nothing but admiration for her new workmates.

From where she was standing Sharon had an excellent view of what was happening in the room. Not only was Maria being royally fucked in the middle of the room, but other couples were fucking, sucking, kissing and licking around the room. One lady was riding a man on a leather lounge and next to her another man was having his cock sucked by a thin and beautiful Asian woman.

Julia nudged Sharon and nodded down a corridor. “Go have a peak into those rooms down there,”

“Why,” Sharon asked intrigued, “What’s there?”

“Well one is the open shower room and there is a couple of other rooms you can look into if you like.”

“By myself?” Sharon asked.

“You’ll be right,” Julia patted her on the back, “No really does mean no here.”

Sharon chuckled. “But what if I want to say yes.”

“You’ll have the time of your fucking life.” Julia slid her hands down to Sharon’s arse and gave it a squeeze, “Off you go then.”

Feeling somewhat out of place, mainly because she was the only person there fully clothed, Sharon slowly made her way past three men standing along a wall. Each one of them was waiting their turn on Maria and were stroking their rigid cocks as they did so. From the first guys cock hung a thread of pre-cum oozing nicely out. She felt her pussy tingle as she came closer wondering what would happen if she were to reach out and grab it. All three men smiled at the horny 25 year old student as she eyeballed the hard cocks on display.

“You’re a new face,” the first one said. “Welcome.”

Sharon imagined herself reaching out and wrapping the thread of cum around her finger and popping her finger into her mouth savouring the vinegar tang.

“Thank you,” she said, “The pleasure is all mine.”

“Or the pleasure will be all yours,” the second man said as he offered his cock to her. “Would you like to play?”

“Maybe later,” Sharon desperately wanted to mount his cock, to feel it fill her. “Or another night.”

“I’m looking forward to it already,” he said as the third man nodded in agreement.

Sharon just smiled and continued towards the corridor.

The Asian lady who had been sucking the guy off stood up as Sharon approached and climbed up onto the lounge.

She spun around so that she was in the reverse cowgirl position, smiled at Sharon and slid down onto his cock. Once more Sharon was transfixed on watching the man’s hard cock sliding in and out of the thin young woman’s sopping wet pussy. The woman kept eye contact with Sharon who was impressed with how taut and sensuous her body was.

A cheer came up from the gangbang as one of the guys emptied his cock all over Maria’s face, but Sharon quickly looked back at the Asian woman enjoying the cock sliding in and out of her pussy. Sharon had never touched another woman’s cunt before but she could tell by how swollen that the Asian woman’s clitoris was, that she was ready to cum. Sharon wanted to help her, she could have knelt on the edge of the lounge and rubbed her hand over the woman’s heaving chest, sucked her nipples, licked on her clit as he fucked her.

Sharon could feel her pussy tingle and become moist with desire. These women weren’t under duress, they were enjoying what they were doing. Probably more so than the men. For a moment she considered taking off all her clothes and being fucked on the lounge. It would surely be a story that the girls would be amazed to hear over Sunday brunch.

“You haven’t even got to the corridor yet,” Julia laughed as she approached the staring Sharon.

Sharon went to answer Julia but was distracted as another man hopped onto the lounge and offered his cock to the willing woman’s mouth.

Impressed by the sexual freedom surrounding her, Sharon was becoming more relaxed about what she had thought at first would be a seedy and desperate scene.

For years she’d thought that her sexual urges were wrong, that a woman didn’t fantasise about being in an orgy or fucked by numerous men. In order to convince herself that those thoughts were wrong she associated swingers with desperate losers unable to pick up. Ergo, she also thought that they’d all be fat and ugly. How wrong she was. Sure some in the club were carrying a few extra kilos but they weren’t obese, just a little chunky.

Some, like the Asian woman who was now taking two cocks, were absolutely gorgeous.

Julia put her hand out to Sharon.

“Come with me,” she said, “Let’s see if anything is happening down here.”

Down the corridor were three rooms, two on the right and one, the group shower room, on the left.

Julia stopped at the first door and flicked back a screen that was fixed in the centre of the door.

“This is a private room where if you want to take a man, or a few men, or a few women, you can.” Julia said as she peaked inside. “You can always peek but you don’t go in unless you were invited.”

“What’s happening now?” Sharon asked.

“Take a look yourself,” Julia stood back.

Sharon bent over and saw one lady sandwiched between two men as another woman sat plunging a dildo into her own pussy as she watched.

“Fucking amazing.” Sharon whispered to herself.

“And down here,” Julia dragged the reluctant to leave the foursome Sharon by her hand. “Is the room where those that like things a bit kinky go.”

The walls were bare brick and from them hung shackles, lengths of chain and in one corner a collection of whips.

But Sharon’s eyes were drawn immediately to the petite lady in her thirties that was seemingly restrained in a pair of stocks. Behind her a man was fucking into her pussy and in front a man was fucking her mouth.

“Jesus,” Sharon said as she walked in.

“This is Lisa,” Julia said, “She’s not really shackled in, she can get out whenever she likes.”

Sharon just nodded and pushed at a swing that hung in the middle of the room.

“How does this work?”

Lisa looked up from the stocks and stopped sucking the hard cock in her mouth.

“I’ll show you if you like,” Lisa said releasing herself from the stocks.

Sharon admired Lisa’s petite form and her neatly trimmed pussy. Once more she found herself drawn towards the three of them as they moved away from the stocks and to the leather swing.

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