I Accidentally Sucked Dick! Pt. 01

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I’ve never given anyone head before although I thought about it for years. I’m a lifelong crossdresser but closeted. I was never brave enough to approach anyone and I shied away from any offers that were made. Mostly, because when I fantasized about sucking dick it was always as crossdresser, more specifically, in the role of a girl.

So when I was 33 I visited my regular adult bookstore one night for a little jack off time. But when I got there it was temporarily closed, the sign said for cleaning. So I backed into a parking space to wait.

As I was sitting there I fondled my titties inside my lace bra underneath my sweatshirt and adjusting my thigh high stockings inside of my sweatpants. This is how I would go around sometimes late at night to wear my girl clothes on the down low. Once in the booth I would shed the outer boy clothes and be in feminine glory.

I never interacted with people at bookstores and I didn’t know anything about the theaters. I was very naive about the whole thing really.

As I was sitting there playing with myself I didn’t notice the man had who walked Bayan Escort Gaziantep up to the side of my truck. He startled me at first, but I rolled down the window a little bit. He asked me things like how long the place had been temporarily closed, if I was there to return some movies, or if I was going to the theater, what I was into, etc etc etc.

Since I was in a matching lace bra, panties and thigh highs, I wasn’t comfortable having just general conversation with a man. But I’ve been closeted for so many years I was good at pretending.

I did notice however that he had his hand in his pocket and was rubbing himself quite a bit.

Then he made the statement that was going to change my life whether I knew it or not. He said “Hey buddy it’s a little bit chilly out here, mind if I wait in the truck with you.” I was scared shitless. I don’t know why I said it, but I did. I said sure have a seat.

He wasn’t sitting for more than a minute before his 8 in cock was out. He begins stroking the head as he was talking to me, like nothing at all was going on. So I played along and the conversation continued for a bit. But my eyes kept shifting down to his substantial dick. Something I don’t have, average white guy penis here.

So another couple minutes pass making small talk, all the while he’s slowly stroking the full shaft and it’s become fully erect. At one point he lays it against the stomach and I was amazed to see that it touched his belly button.

He caught me looking and said. “Would you like to touch it?”

“Of course I would!” I mean, “Sorry. No. I was just looking”.

He said, “Oh it’s fine if you’re curious. Go ahead and touch it if you want to. No one’s looking.”

My truck was a Bronco with bucket seats and there was a bit of distance between the two of us. So I had to lean over a little bit to touch the head of it with my finger. I stroked the underside of the head a little bit when I realized my finger was dry. So I licked my finger and rubbed it. Once that wore in I licked my finger again, but this time I tasted his cock. The realization that I had the flavor of cock in my mouth shocked me a little bit.

I was stroking it gently now and delighted in its length. But the angle was awkward and my arm ached, so I moved closer. I loved the heavy, meaty feel of his dick. By now he was laid back and I was fully on my knees. I was overtop of his lap and getting closer and closer. At some point I licked the head and almost fainted. I just stared down at it in my hand. It was so round. The next thing I realised was my nose pressing against his leg. Then I was slowly pulling my mouth up off of his thick cock and sliding back down. I was so excited that it didn’t occur to me I was taking in all of it.

So I sucked and licked and bobbed in a haze of ecstasy for who know how long. The thing that brought me crashing back was when he started squirting pulsating hot cum in my mouth and throat. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. So I tightened my seal on his dick and sucked it all in. I mean, how could I explain cum splattered everywhere, right. I kept his dick in my mouth until it was almost completely soft. He said thanks. Told me I had excellent skills, hopped out and left. After that experience I was kind of mad at myself. How much dick did I miss out on being scared to take the plunge? I’m making up for it now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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