I Meet a Barbarian

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He came over the dusty hilltop and walked down the road towards me. As he came closer my mouth fell open. I had never before seen such a massive muscular physique. His arms tapered from massive shoulders to thick boned wrists and big strong hands. His legs, well his legs were huge, his massive thighs a moving mass of rippling muscle as he strode smoothly towards me. He wore only a calfskin loincloth and some leather straps about his chest. The loincloth covered his crotch but as he moved it flapped back and forth and I could see that it was never going to hang straight down on him. There was far too much of a mound sitting behind it for that.

As he strode closer he looked me over. It was a direct assessment of my physical attributes. “Where are you from?” I shouted to him, as he got close enough to hear.

“Why do you ask?” he bellowed back.

“I have never seen a man who looked as muscular and strong as you do,” I replied, not wanting to offend him but unable to stop looking down at that loin cloth of his, trying to figure out just what was behind it.

He laughed as he reached me, “I have had a long walk and need to rest a while. Do you want join me?” he asked.

I gulped, “yes, of course, I have a water skin you can drink from too.” I took up the leading rein on my ass, which carried my provisions. “Umm, where do you want to rest?”

He indicated a pile of huge rocks that stood beside the road. “There.”

I smiled, seeing that the rocks made some cool shade. I stepped off towards them but he landed a huge hand on my arse and grabbed a handful of my dusty tunic. He spun me around and his huge arms pulled me in to him and he planted his lips on mine, crushing them. His hands were on my arse, each huge hand almost completely enclosing a cheek.

“Ummm,” he grunted, as he let me fall free. I could see his loin cloth was standing out more now than before, Ataşehir Travesti and was transfixed by the obvious bulge now being made by what was behind it.

“Come on,” he said, taking my arm in a powerful and painful grasp.

Once we reached the shade of the rocks he pushed me back against the nearest. I gasped, and was a bit worried for a moment, then he removed his loincloth and I was too stunned to worry about anything else. What he had been hiding was a huge engorging cock, already more than one span long, and big sagging balls. He stroked his cock, which was still only partly hard but already as thick and long as any I had seen before.

“Do you have any oil?” he asked.

I nodded numbly, “In the pack on my asses side,” I replied.

“Get it,” he ordered me.

I scurried over to my pack animal and dug out the clay jar of cooking oil and returned to hand it to him. He pushed me about and I ended up facing the rock with him behind me. I had a pretty good idea where this was going.

He slapped a huge hand on my shoulder and pulled my tunic down, tearing it off me. Then I felt huge fingers parting my cheeks and his hand slapped oil onto my arse. It dribbled down my thighs as he pulled my hips away from the rock and my legs followed until I was supporting only my head with my hands against the rock. He slathered more oil onto my arse and then I cried out, “OOOH,” as he plunged one of his thick fingers into my arsehole.

My arse was a well-used piece of equipment but it had never served a man built like he was. I turned my head as far as I could and gasped fearfully when I saw the huge rod he now stroked with his free hand. “I don’t.. ,” I began, my protest cut off by him jamming a thicker finger deep inside me.

He stroked the head of his huge cock against my hole wetting me more and spreading the slippery oil about on Anadolu yakası travesti himself as well as me. I cried out as something burned its way inside me. He laughed. My arse was emptied and I wanted it filled but wasn’t sure if what he was offering me was going to be able to be accommodated inside there.

He was not concerned though and in a moment I was screaming a scream that echoed through the pile of rocks and across the valley. He had got inside me. His huge cock was tearing my entrance up as he eased it into me. I pushed back, trying to make my arse open wider, putting my hands back to pull my own cheeks apart. He continued to drive himself into me and I continued to let out screams of agony.

But then he had hit that spot and I was gasping for breath between my screams. The oil and my body were suddenly helping him ease in and he was making way inside me without tearing me apart. I groaned now with huge groans and crying moans. He was going deeper than I’d known a cock could go and stretching me to my limit and almost beyond, but he kept going. Then he was in. I gasped and panted, sweating with the strain of taking him.

He grunted too, and his cock moved inside me and I screamed again. Then he slapped my arse hard and started to fuck me with small bumps of his great hips. They bumped my arse so hard they nearly drove my head into the rock I was leaning against. His bumping became fiercer and my screams again echoed through the valley.

He grunted again and suddenly pulled out of me. I nearly collapsed onto the hard ground but he pushed me back to the rock and turned me about. I was shaking still from the strain of his fucking me and he handled me like a soft toy. He bent down and lifted my legs off the ground and I yelled out as he pushed my back up the rock behind me and locked my bent knees over his forearms and spread them as wide Bursa Travesti as he could.

My arse hole was now ideally placed for him and I gasped fearfully as I saw his engorged cock was now well over a span and a half in length. It stood out so hard he just pulled me forward so my arse rode down on it. I screamed again as I felt it going into me, deeper than before if that was possible. It was slightly easier for me to take spread wide as I was but now my back was being rubbed raw by the rough rock behind me.

The he pushed me effortlessly off his cock to near the end of it. I was no more than a bag of straw to his huge muscles. Then he pulled me in again, his cock plunging back deep in me, while I screamed a piercing scream. He ignored my protests and built up a steady fucking rhythm with his hips and my body.

It was all I could do not to faint as he plowed my arse like that. He kept the pushing pulling fuck up for some time. Then I felt him twitch inside me, making me scream again, while he plunged deep, threw his head back and roared like a lion. There was a great surge of warmth inside me. He roared again and I felt another flood fill me. I came myself, over my belly and chest, just from the feel of him coming inside me.

Then his cum began to run out of me and dribble down his thighs. He pushed me off him finally and my legs refused to hold me up. I collapsed into a heap at the base of the rock that had rubbed my back raw. I couldn’t move and wondered if I’d ever walk again.

He smiled down at me while he replaced his loincloth. When he was done he said to me, “Well met stranger,” and waved me farewell. He turned away and returned to the road, striding off into the distance as I lay on the ground totally fucked and drifting off into unconsciousness.

I awoke to the cold of nighttime and wondered why I was lying there and wondered too at the odd dream I’d had of being fucked by a giant. Then I moved and the pain it caused me told me it had been no dream. I certainly had been fucked by a giant. And I knew too that my ass was going to be unhappy at having to carry me on his back the next day. I doubted I would walk properly for some time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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