I Travel from Mexico to Las Vegas

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This story is a continuation of my last story posted which was “I Take a Short Trip to Mexico.” Please read that story for background.


The next four days we were busy in Mexico.

Each day, I continued to work with my clients and in my various businesses via phone, email and text and Catherine, my fiancée, was supervising the home upgrades and of course, we were using FaceTime with her girls and her parents.

But we had time to play, with each other, nude, and we also played, nude, with Monica and Lourdes.

Now it might seem to those of you reading my stories that all Catherine and I do is fly around, stay in fancy hotels, drink champagne, eat at fine restaurants, spend money and fuck and suck our way across the country.

And that we are on some sort of never ending vacation.

Far from it.

Keep in mind, I can do my business anywhere (please read my very first story “I Hire Monica The Maid”) so you understand that all I need is a computer, a laptop, an iPad, and a phone to do business. Plus, my passive investments were yielding money each month.

It was also the end of summer.

School was starting soon but we still had a couple of weeks left of vacation.

It was just Catherine and I.

So, this was a business trip. Mixed with a lot of pleasure.

At night, Catherine and I slept nude together in an extra large king size bed, in our suite overlooking the Pacific.

The sound of the surf hitting the sand was soothing and as night fell the air cooled so we could sleep with the windows and patio door screens open.

Catherine loved being at the ocean so when it got dark, we’d fool around on the balcony.

I’d take her from behind as she bent over the balcony wall.

The surf got loud a couple of nights; there was a hurricane far out at sea and so the waves crashing on the shore covered the sounds of our flesh slapping in the rhythm of sex.

Then we’d move to the chaise lounge on the patio.

She liked riding me. Catherine liked being on top.

I’d bring her to an orgasm and shoot my seed deep into her.

Then we’d climb into bed and hold each other.

I had sex with Catherine two or three times each night.

I couldn’t keep my hands off of her, and she literally purred with my constant touching.

I’d wake up with a huge hard on placed firmly between her butt cheeks.

She would sleep with my arms surrounding her, my hands on her large, firm orbs.

My fingers would instinctively move to her nipples, to tease, pull, squeeze and rub.

We literally slept on top of one another.

I’d diddle her bare pussy until it got moist and then climb on board, or pull her on top.

Sometimes she would lift her right leg and put me inside her steaming pussy.

Other times she would wake me with a tongue bath on Mister Pleasure Stick then whisper “Make love to me Jack.”

Then she would climb on top, or pull me on top of her.

It was like we were in our own little world.

My nude fiancé woke up each morning to a relaxing massage from a nude Monica (The Maid).

Monica would slip into the bedroom, kiss Catherine good morning on the cheek, and then gently pull the cover, blankets and the sheets down, exposing the two of us.

I woke up to a slightly less professional massage from a nude eighteen year old Lourdes.

But it was well intended massage; one with a happy ending for me.

Monica took her time massaging Catherine, while Lourdes used her hands on me.

I loved the feeling of Lourdes little bush as she sat on my thighs, rubbing my back.

While Monica focused on getting knots out of Catherine’s neck, shoulders and back, Lourdes worked a bit faster, because when Lourdes was done rubbing my neck, shoulders, back and butt, she stopped to spend some time rimming my starfish, which lead to her giving me a post wakeup blowjob.

The blowjob included Lourdes using her mouth, tongue and lips cleaning Catherine’s and mine dried juices off of my cock.

For only being eighteen, Lourdes was pretty good at sucking cock.

Lourdes was learning to deep throat and Monica had told her how much I liked having my balls licked, so regardless of how many times I had cum in Catherine the night before, Lourdes made sure by balls were stimulated and that there was always a good sized salty load to swallow.

Then, when Monica finished Catherine’s massage and Lourdes had satisfied me orally, they switched places.

Lourdes licked Catherine to an orgasm, often more than one, eating the cream pies I had deposited during the night.

Lourdes had no issue eating my male essence and Catherine loved having her pussy licked by the young gorgeous willing female.

Monica’s job after she finished massaging Catherine was to give me a massage of my chest and torso and then she kissed and licked and sucked me back to hardness following Lourdes outstanding suck job.

Lourdes got Catherine’s pussy ready for my cock.

Monica got my cock ready for Catherine’s pussy. Gaziantep Otele Gelen Escort

After this wakeup session, Catherine and I would make love again.

We were practicing making babies.

I know Lourdes wanted to stay and watch Catherine and I mate (and maybe even participate) but Monica took Lourdes by the hand and they headed to another bedroom in the suite where Lourdes took care of Monica’s urges.

Catherine loved it when we did it missionary; she loved to kiss and wanted me to plant my seed deep in her pussy.

I could see already she was planning to have as many babies as I could give her.

I think the physical closeness, the physical intimacy, reassured her that she was, really, the only one for me.

As she told me more than once, “You can fuck other women Jack, but you can only make love to me.”

Two days after we landed, I flew in Jennifer from Chicago (formerly of Tiffany’s) to do her first “on the payroll” assignment as our photographer for CYNSuits.com.

Jennifer’s assignment, other than to take the first photos of Lourdes for the website, was to get started on the first ever CYN Suits calendar.

I also wanted more shots of Monica in some of our new suits; whenever we posted pictures of her website hits zoomed and so did sales.

On the side, without telling me, Catherine talked to Jennifer about having nude photos done; Catherine wanted them as a wedding gift to me.

On that first photo shoot Jennifer wore out little 18 year old Lourdes with pictures in and out of swim suits, on the beach, in the ocean, in the pool, in the hot tub, at the various outdoor showers, in our hotel suite, wherever we could get a nice shot.

I knew that Lourdes would be a big hit on the website so we had in her a lot of different suits and surprise, no suits(!) and I had plans to create one with her name on it. I was going to call it The Lourdes.

We hid her face with different pairs of sunglasses and side shots.

But we had her naked or damned close to it almost all day long.

Lourdes loved it and she loved the hands on attention given to her, especially when someone was applying sun block.

That someone was initially Monica.

Monica had her hands all over Lourdes, working with Lourdes’ hair, makeup, adjusting the swimsuits.

I had Lourdes keep her bush but we trimmed it so that it was more explicit.

The dark fur of her pussy was thinned so that her lower lips were visible and the sides and top of her bush were cleaned up.

That first day after lunch, Catherine took on the photo shoot production assistant role and Monica and I went out looking for Mexican based products we could import into the US or make in Canada and sell in the US.

That breast firming formula was the first on our list; we found the manufacturer nearby and started working on a deal. It was a small company and I think the gentleman who owned the firm would jump at the chance for a regular retainer payment from me each month for a license to make and sell his formula.

There were some other local products we found and each afternoon I shipped samples off to my patent attorney and several labs to get the okay that harmful chemicals that might be banned from the FDA in the US were not included.

One product I found was a penis stiffening cream that basically did the same job as Viagra. I took it under consideration. I thought for a moment about trying it but if something went wrong I wanted to be near my own doctor so I held off.

The first photo shoot ended after dark, it had been a long day for everyone.

But a highly productive one.

Lourdes and Jennifer had worked very hard all day and I sent them off to bed, in separate rooms at the hotel. I told them to order room service and to get a good night’s sleep.

We would regroup in the morning.

I never wanted to embarrass or put Catherine on the spot so as we stood in the shower following a passionate love-making session before dinner that night, Catherine shared with me her afternoon with Lourdes and Jennifer, I brought up if Kim and she had ever used sex toys in their short term and informal female relationship.

She said they had talked about it but had not ever used them.

I asked her, between kisses, if she would be open to them and her eyes sparkled and she laughed and said “What did you have in mind?”

Isn’t it great to have a fiancé open to new sexual adventures?

Catherine, Monica and I had dinner overlooking the ocean.

That night at dinner as we drank champagne, I proposed to Catherine that we push her sexual boundaries a bit by having her use the strap on tool on Monica.

Catherine giggled a bit, something rather uncharacteristic of her and then she confessed that she and Kim had discussed using one on each other but both had chickened out.

She laughed and said they both wanted to be the fucker and not the fucked.

So, having arrived at an impasse, they decided to have a threesome. Turns out, it was with me. Lucky me.

I took charge of the situation by taking a sip of champagne and saying to Catherine, “You’re going to be fucking Monica but only in her pussy. Her ass is off limits. And Monica is going to get that rubber penis all wet with her mouth, her lips and her tongue for you. And if we need lube we’ll use that.”

Monica blushed at my bluntness and looked up at Catherine, smiling.

Monica couldn’t wait to get started.

Neither could Catherine.

Catherine leaned over and kissed me and said “Thank you Jack. Will you watch us? I want you too.”

Monica nodded in agreement with a huge smile on her face.

I was rock hard under the table.

This was a wet dream come true.

I felt like a first time porn producer, hoping the actors would lose themselves in each other and not mind a third, male partner participating.

Those two had been rubbing the inside of my thighs, and Catherine moved her hand to cover my hardness when I said “Oh and Monica wants you to fuck Lourdes too. She wants Lourdes to learn how to fuck using the tool. “

Catherine smiled and said “I’d love to but only with your permission Jack.”

I replied “You can thank Monica for the idea. I told her I thought you would be up for it.”

Catherine took Monica’s hand, kissed it and said “Thank you Monica, I’ll make it up to you.”

Catherine licked her lips and stuck her tongue out.

We all laughed and I grew even harder under the table, if that was possible.

I loved to watch Catherine eating pussy and being eaten.

She knew I loved it too.

Catherine licked pussy knowing it was an incredible turn on for me.

And, as Catherine was licking a twat, I was always right behind her, taking her doggy style.

Catherine always came multiple times when I was fucking her from behind, my hands on her hips, controlling her body, taking my cock deep, teasing her and holding off to prolong the arrival of her orgasms.

She loved me for it.

I’m going to skip over the next few days of our trip to Mexico other than to say it was mind blowing.

I’ll share the details later if I have time.

Catherine used the strap on and fucked both Monica and Lourdes.

Each time she used the tool, and I had Catherine taking batting practice several times, she got better at it, bringing both ladies to more satisfying orgasms.

These sessions became a big love fest.

I not only watched, I was able to take Catherine from behind as she fucked Lourdes and Monica.

I had to make some adjustments to the straps around Catherine’s ass and thighs but I worked it out.

While Catherine was fucking Monica; I took Lourdes.

Then I took Monica and Catherine fucked Lourdes.

I had Lourdes try the strap on with Monica, and they both had a great time, but they told me “You are better Mr. Jack, much better.”

Catherine wanted to fuck both ladies in the ass and I told her no, for the second time.

She pouted and then came around after I pulled over my knees and spanked her bare ass.

I told her that she wasn’t going to ever get any ass with a strap on until I was fully satisfied fucking her ass.

And that I was never going to be fully satisfied fucking her ass.

My spanks got her ass red and after she stopped laughing and crying she really got affectionate with me.

Catherine knew she had crossed a line with me.

When I say “No ass” I mean no ass.

No soup for you.


My plan was to have this vacation, if you want to call it that, be a five hole trip for me, and I succeeded.

Catherine was good for two, Monica for three (which she expected and looked forward to) and Lourdes was a bonus three holes, thanks to Monica bringing her into the fold.

While there is nothing like young tight hot pussy, there is also no feeling in the world like penetrating, with a very stiff and eager cock, a young, adult, female, virgin ass.

Catherine watched me, wide eyed and grinning, as I pushed my strong erection into Lourdes virgin rosebud, about a half inch at a time as she grimaced into her pillow, her white knuckled hands gripping the fine cotton sheets in the hotel bed as the surf pounded the shore.

I had sent Monica out on a date with the Canadian counsel to grease the visa process. I am pretty sure they ended up in the hotel room I had for Jennifer. I told Monica to make sure he used a condom and just to be sure I had a full box put in the room.

Jennifer had left Mexico and was flying into Las Vegas for another shoot.

Lourdes had asked me, through Monica, to attend to her darkest carnal desire and I didn’t disappoint her.

So, in addition to being young, adult, and female, Lourdes was willing to let me penetrate her virgin ass.

This was the first time that Catherine had witnessed anal sex in person.

I wanted her to see what she was going to experience.

I gave Lourdes a massage for about thirty minutes so she would relax, Catherine rubbed her feet, ankles and calves while I focused on her neck, shoulders, back and eventually, her butt.

I spent some time on Lourdes ass, giving her the Grand Canyon massage. Prior to sticking my fingers into Lourdes ass, I had Catherine participate by warming up Lourdes ass with first her tongue, rimming her and then introducing Astroglide to her rosebud.

Catherine learned a bit about the female anatomy that evening and introduced first one, then two and finally three of her fingers inside Lourdes tight dark cavern, preparing Lourdes for my cock.

At my direction, Catherine coated my cock with Astroglide, kissed the tip and massaged it with her tongue by giving it a French kiss, causing me to groan, and then applied the lube there, on my tip.

Lourdes was up on her knees, head down on the bed.

Catherine massaged Lourdes pussy for a few strokes and then, without asking, Catherine spread Lourdes cheeks to make my entrance easier.

Lourdes hole opened a bit, but not nearly enough for me to make my way without a strong effort.

Lourdes whimpered in a moment of uncertainty; not sure if she wanted to go through with it.

When the tip of my cock nudged her rosebud, she flinched.

Catherine smiled; it was the point of no return.

I pulled back and then I pushed in without hesitation past the tight ring and Lourdes cried out, her body stiffening at the initial penetration.

Once my head got past the tight ring I waited and rubbed Lourdes back, trying to soothe her.

Catherine’s wide eyes were looked down at my cock disappearing into the tiny stretched out hole.

She licked her lips as my cock slowly, oh so slowly, slid deeper into the tight, resisting hole.

My hands gripped Lourdes hips, her escape from my invading cock now impossible.

I looked down at Catherine and she was rubbing herself.

Catherine was licking her lips.

Her left hand moved from her pussy to her tit, and she started pulling on her big firm nipple.

I started pushing in, maybe a quarter inch at a time.

Little thrusts, each one causing Lourdes to groan.

Maybe pleasure, maybe pain.

But she wanted to experience it, to see what it was like to be taken by a man in the ass.

I wasn’t holding back, I was preparing her for the ultimate invasion.

Catherine was still rubbing herself, her eyes glued to my cock which was spreading and filling that tiny hole.

After waiting a few heartbeats, I started pushing in, more firmly, more focused, more deliberate.

Lourdes stiffened again, and I rubbed her back to calm her.

There was no sound except for Lourdes groaning.

“How does it feel Jack?” Catherine whispered to me when I was about half buried.

“Incredibly tight” I said, then I grinned and as I pushed in, without mercy, the rest of the way in, going balls deep in a single push.

“It feels so fucking good” I shared with Catherine as Lourdes screamed into the pillow and her entire body shook as my member slid in, my balls coming to rest up against her now very wet pussy.

“Honey” I gasped, my hands on Lourdes hips, holding Lourdes close to me, keeping her from getting away from my probe, “Please play with her pussy.”

Catherine grinned at me and she took wet her fingers away from her own pussy and helped out by massaging Lourdes pussy.

In response Lourdes spread her legs to allow Catherine access to her aching clit and her wet spread lower lips.

This pushed my legs out and my cock retreated a bit so I pushed back in, going balls deep again.

Lourdes groaned again and I wasn’t sure if it was because of my push or Catherine’s fingers.

I waited a few heartbeats and then I started to pull out, just a bit, maybe an inch or two, then I slammed back in, with the goal of loosening Lourdes up just a bit so I could thrust inside her ass like I was fucking a wet pussy.

It took more than a few minutes and some more lubricant, but I was soon pounding her ass, pulling out and slamming back in.

Lourdes started pushing back, fucking me back.

She moaned “Si, si.”

It was tight, very tight, and I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I mixed up my motions, sometimes pulling all the way out and slamming into that winking shrinking hole, which caused Lourdes to moan and shake as her tight ring was very sensitive to touch.

I sometimes pulled half way out and then pushed forward as deep as I could, which brought another pleasurable groan out of the young lady.

And sometimes I just pushed all the way in and ground my hips into her, trying to go even deeper into her no longer virgin cavity.

As this point I told Lourdes to get up on all fours and told Catherine, “Lick her pussy.”

Catherine looked at me, somewhat in disbelief, so I said “Kiss me” and she smiled and leaned over and our tongues met as I ground myself deeper into Lourdes ass, going where certainly no man or woman had gone before.

Our lips parted and I said “She’s been so good to you, please return the favor. Lick her pussy Catherine.”

Catherine kissed me again and smiled then said “Yes Master.”

Catherine soon soothed Lourdes with a wet tongue, and in no time, Lourdes was cumming.

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