Impossible Love Ch. 04

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Big Dick

Good relationships are ..good but dysfunctional relationships with a lot of angst and stuporousness is better 🙂


Sunlight clawed at my eyelids and my left leg burned with pins and needles. Raising a hand to try and block out the blinding light, I slowly moaned my way to a awkward sitting position. Something really heavy was cutting off all the blood circulation to my leg and I couldn’t shift it off.

Sighing, I waited a few seconds for my eyes to adjust before exploring the cause of my pain.

Troy was sprawled on the floor beside the bed with one leg under my covers and resting like lead on my leg. The bastard had probably tried to sleep with me, but my subconscious had landed him on the floor.

Straining my neck to look at my bedside clock on the other side of the room I mentally rolled my eyes in exasperation.

“Hey asswipe, its five, football training!”

Troy muttered something under his breath before raising a drunken hand to scratch idly at his privates. I waited patiently a few minutes but his hand was just not progressing anywhere else and drool was starting to form on the side of his mouth.

“For crying out loud, at least get your log off me!” I yelled, gripping his leg with both hands and making a unsuccessful attempt at hauling him off me.

“Ahhhhh…yeh Princess…yeh….just like that….Ooooooooo!”

What had started off as a scratch was becoming more of a massage.

“Fuck yeh… are my Princess, my…my…ahhhhhh yeh move like that!”

Realising that I wasn’t going get my leg out anytime soon I rested my chin on my hand and watched with amusement as Troy humped his hand and his lips smooch the air. I was surprised he could get it up, looking at all the dried crusty cum on his chest it seems as if he had already done more than enough the night before.

“Fucking sex maniac,” I muttered under my breath as I watched ropes after ropes of cum shoot from his massive rod.

Suddenly Troy’s eyes snapped open. One blue eye noted my displeased face and he groaned, large hands rising to cover his burning face and wipe away his drool.

“Okay sunshine, you’ve done your business now get off me,” I said flatly, tapping his golden furred knee with a impatient finger. Immediately, his leg came off and I limped my way back to my side of the room.

I could feel his burning gaze on my naked arse as I shuffled about, gathering my toiletries as per usual.

“So ummm, you want me to take care of that?” came a soft hopeful whisper. Turning around I raised an eyebrow. Troy’s eyes had gone directly from arse to cock, I wonder if the bastard even knew what my face looked like.

Following his gaze to my proud straining tool, I regarded it thoughtfully. Then slowly, I ran my hands up my thighs and watched with a hint of glee but mostly disdain as Troy’s eyes Kadıköy travesti turned into two large saucers. The bastard really was a fucking sex maniac.

“Some other time maybe,” I replied and with that, I stepped out of the room and shut the door to muffle any protest. Sure I would have loved a little attention down there, but somehow, the thought of Troy lusting after my body felt much better.

For the first time in a long while I had a shit eating grin pasted onto my face as I half skipped to the showers. Pissing off Troy coupled with healthy morning cleaning rituals makes me feel a-okay.

Preoccupied with thinking up other ways to torture Troy, I didn’t realise that the showers were occupied until the stench of sweaty bodies and loud rock music smashed into me and deflated my morning wood like a 10 tonne trailer. Immediately I turned to leave but before I could a large hairy arm snaked its way around my shoulders and pulled me against a equally large and hairy chest.

“Hey Dec, aren’t you going to take a shower?” came a rumbling voice.

Swivelling my head to a painful angle I looked over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of blue streaked hair. Damnit, there was only one person in the school with hair like that, Alex King. Built like a Greek God and with a fighting fist to match, Alex, or better known as King, was the school bully.

“Uhhh I just realised that I forgot my towel, I need to go get it,” I lied, hoping against hope that the brute would leave me alone.

“Awwwww really lil’bro..?”

Feeling the hairy arm leave my shoulders I sighed with relief and acted to leave but a disturbingly warm and sweat soaked towel was dunked on my head.

“That’s okay though, you can use mine!”

Mouth opening and closing like a goldfish I was battling with the decision of whether to vomit or feint. Choosing neither because I didn’t want to get beaten up, I managed a choked thanks and with shaking fingers, removed the towel from my head and held it gingerly in one hand.

I really didn’t know what made me feel more nervous. The germs on his towel or the fact that the guy who sent the Physics teacher to hospital last semester looking like a pretzel was beaming at me like a five year old.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, the room became flooded with naked, withering, sweating and panting male bodies. If I was a normal gay person, sure this could be heaven, but I’m not and I fucking want out. What made it more f-ing un-awesomeable was that every person who saw me felt the indecent and unnecessary need to physically touch me in greeting.

“Hey Dec!” a pat on the shoulder. “Yo Deccy!” a pat on the back. “Decarde,” a handshake. “Sweet cheeks!” a grope of the privates. Fucking retard.

Squeezing my way to the far corner of the room, I closed my eyes and wheezed quietly to myself. Kurtköy travesti The exit was only about seven meters and ten bodies away, I just needed to gather my nerves and I’d be free in no time. It’s times like this that proves God is inherently sadistic.

Suddenly I felt heavy breathing down my neck. Large rough hands gripped my arse cheeks and a warm tongue travelled slowly up my right shoulder.

‘Since I’m lending you my towel, how about you lend me a little of your time Dec?” my molester whispered tantalisingly in my ear once his tongue had finished sliming up my back.

With both hands against the wall I tired to push him off, but only succeeded in slipping and banging my knee painfully against the change room bench.

“Get the fuck off me faggot!” I sneered through clenched teeth. The guy next to me knew what was happening but did the best he could to ignore it. Nobody wanted the attention King in this school. As a new student I had been given the delight of hearing all the horror stories of Alex’s victims which ranged from utter humiliation to utter mutilation.

“Comeon cupcake, I’ll make you feel good,” continued Alex, a hand leaving my arse and slithering between my legs to grip my balls.

Letting out a yelp I unconsciously leant back against his chest, my body remembering all too regretfully Troy’s offer earlier in the morning. But it didn’t feel right, even though I was getting hard in his expert hand it felt really fucked up because I kept imagining that the molten hard flesh sliding between my cheeks was Troy’s.

“uhhhhhhhh Alex?” “Yeh babe?” “I..I…need..need..” I gasped between breathes. “You need what babe? Want my big cock up your tight arse yeh?” “I need..need…” Fuck my mind was going insane. I wanna castrate Troy. “Yeh cupcake say it for me.” He groaned, attacking my arse crack with his slippery cock more aggressively.

“I…I…I……………….needa take a shit.” I stated rather monotonously after a few heavy gulps of air.

Alex’s body froze against mine for a split second and then rocketed with vibrations as he burst into uncontrollable laughter. Stepping back he regarded me with teary eyes and a wide grin, “That is the fucking most unsexiest thing anybody has ever said to me!”

Still laughing he slumped against the bench next to me to calm himself down. Strangely, I felt rather offended by his comment.

“For your big fat information, there are people who would die to watch me in the toilet!” Now why the fuck did I say that for?

My retaliation sent him into a new wave of laughing and snorting. His boner bounced around on his abbs like a jack-in-the-box as he hollered in glee. Such a big fucking retarded bastard, how the fuck did he manage to get such a badass reputation?

Pissed and most definitely annoyed, I straightened up and headed towards the Pendik travesti exit. While Alex had been trying to rape me the room had conveniently cleared itself with most of the guys either cowering back in their rooms or in the shower with the music turned up extra loud.

“Hope you choke on your own breathe,” I growled as I angrily swung open the change room door and stormed back towards my room. I was so pissed I didn’t even care that I didn’t take my morning shower. You can rape me, kill me, or even sell me off to Ethiopia as a foot washer but NOBODY stomps on my sex-appeal.

Back in my room I noted Troy’s absence with further aggravation. The asswipe was never there when I needed him. Grabbing his pillow from his bed I gave it a few good punches before heading off to class.

And so it was like this that I simmered angrily and filthily in my seat throughout the day, burning agonising holes into the backs of Alex and Troy with my laser vision. Both hulking forms sat in the row in front of me, taunting me with their wide backs and heaving shoulders.

Both had been moved to the front row a few days ago, much to my peaking frustration, by the homeroom teacher in hopes of increasing their ‘attention spans’.

Fucking lot the move did. All that is achieved was blocking the view of the blackboard for the other rows and reducing the teacher to a whimpering mess. With his feet up on the table, Alex would crack his knuckles every once in a while and throw a spit ball at the teacher. Troy on the other hand seemed genuinely interested in taking notes but his head would snap back to look at me every three minutes and glare at the guys sitting next to me. The fucking hebetudinous asswipe.

Therefore when the day finally ended I was in a murderous and heinous state of mind. My vision was literally tainted with red and for god knows what reason, I was incredibly turned on. In other words, I wanted revenge sex.

As soon as the last bell rang I shot out of my seat and headed towards Troy. Throwing my school bag at him I leant back and folded my arms before stating, “I am taking you up on your morning offer.”

Troy froze, dazed for a moment and then his eyes bugged out of his head when realisation dawned on him.

Through my peripheral vision I noted with glee a similar response from King. That’s right you fucking retard, start regretting.

Then leaning forward and trapping Troy in his seat I gave him my ‘come-hither’ look before winking and strutting out the room like a slut in her favourite lingerie. I’ll show that majestic twerp who holds the leash to the biggest dick in this school.

Suddenly the sound of clashing metal brought me out of my happy world. Turning around I observed a dishevelled Troy trying to untangle himself from his desk — my bag around his neck, his bag around a leg and a chair somewhere in between. The biggest dick indeed.

Sighing, I turned back around and strode back to my room stiffly, all the while using my sheer force of will to ignore the stumbling fool behind me. If I tried really hard to believe that he didn’t exist, maybe other people will believe so too.

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