In Love with Justin Ch. 04

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I drifted off to sleep as he laid on top of me, draped in the warmth and radiance of this amazing man. It was so much more than a physical attraction, I needed him and wanted him, I couldn’t imagine ever being away from him. My obsession with him started almost immediately and the passion that burned in me had yet to calm, in fact it was only growing.

I awoke to his lips on my neck… he went from lightly caressing the nape of my neck to full on sucking, his hands were wrapped around me and his cock was hardening inside me… I had slept with him in me, as soon as that realization hit me I exploded all over his body. He sucked on my neck harder through my orgasm as I felt him harden as his hips started to rock back and forth. He moved to my lips and French kissed me as I wrapped my arms and legs around him bringing him deeper. The pain and burning I had felt initially was completely gone. My body was his along with my heart.

His pace increased and he attempted to change positions, but I wasn’t ready to let him go. I held him tightly squeezed my legs against his back trying to keep us in the same position. His hands moved down my body and in one motion he stood up and lifted me while still inside of me. I started to scream from pleasure as he fucked me standing up, using the back wall to support my body. My legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms draped over his neck as he power fucked my hole. Despite me being able to take him fully on my back this position demanded more of my body. The Etiler Escort pain and pleasure, I felt initially had returned but was magnified… after my body adjusted the pain was gone but the pleasure wasn’t.

He nearly bit into my neck as his huge dick recklessly pounded my pink hole. He moved up to my hungry mouth and I sucked in his thick warm tongue and explored the inside of his mouth with my own warm wet tongue. I pressed against him as tightly as I could as he opened me further than before. I was breathing heavily as moans of “fuck me, fuck me harder… open me with that horse dick” escaped my lungs. He moved me from against the wall to on all fours from behind as he got off the bed. I glanced backwards to see his throbbing, dripping cock. It was almost as long as my forearm and thicker than a coke can. I turned my head away from him as he stepped between my parted legs. I was expecting his cock but instead felt his thick tongue push into my hole. His hands spread my cheeks as he buried his face in my ass. My body convulsed as he licked, lapped, sucked and pushed deep into me. His hands wrapped around my thighs and I pressed my ass into his face giving him more of my juicy hole. He moaned as he ate me and told me how delicious my pussy tasted, my eyes rolled backwards as he described the taste and I bucked my ass against his face until I exploded again.

He ate me all the way through my orgasm and placed his cock against my hole. I reached my arms back and spread my ass as Escort Etiler much as I could. I panted “yes… yes… feed me… please baby feed me… feed your huge cock into my hungry hole.” I moaned and bit my lip as his cock entered me, it was covered in precum and my own pussy was soaking. My nails raked the bed spread as his cock slowly moved into me past my sphincter. He asked if I was ready in a careful tone… what was this man going to do to me that he had to warn me. I had taken him completely on my back, my side, against the wall standing, would this be even more intense?

He placed his hands around my waist as he started moving out then in, shirt shallow strokes followed by longer powerful deeper thrusts. He started moving faster, the short shallow strokes were now replaced by fuller longer harder ones, his hands rocked my body like a rocking horse as his cock pounded my hole. His pelvis slammed against my ass and his nails dug into my meaty cheeks. I was on cloud 9, I wished I was staring in his eyes so I could see the pleasure my body brought him, but I couldn’t turn, much less keep my eyes open, long enough to notice. I told him how great he felt and how bad I needed him, I told him to fuck me harder and to show me how much he turned me on. He got on the bed and stood on his knees as he power fucked my soaking wet cunt. “Yes… yes… fuck my cunt make it yours… fuck my pink pussy… I want to black out from your dick.” I turned on my side, in the “V” position, his favorite Etiler Escort Bayan position, as I stretched my leg over his shoulder and interlaced my fingers with his.

I was on cloud 9 staring at the man I loved as his horse cock fucked my pussy. “Harder baby… I thought you loved me”, now he had never said that or anything remotely close, but I wanted to see his reaction. He stopped for a moment and pulled my body to the edge of the bed as he got off the bed and stood on the floor with his cock inside my wet pussy.

Is this what you want? He asked. I answered with a smile as he scissored me. His hands caressed my leg on his shoulder as his mouth went to my toes. His mouth engulfed my toes as his monster pushed even deeper in me. No poet could describe the intense physical and emotional bliss I felt as he slammed my swollen soaking hole. He was driving me into the mattress as my legs tried to wrap around him. He bent down to kiss me as my legs made a right angle to offer him the deepest penetration… he fucked me on one side… then the other until I had come several more times.

My orgasms came quickly while his were spaced apart nearly an hour. Then he placed me on my back, my favorite position. If the last few hours were a ten, laying on my back with my legs wrapped around him was a 20. We kissed so deeply and passionately as I took his cock all the way. My body started convulsing around his meat, trying to milk his horse dick. “Yes baby, fuck me baby… cum deep in me, rip my pink pussy open… spoil me forever.” With those words his monster erupted and he screamed a loud guttural moan as he overflowed my soaking hole… I was on my back, again, with my lovers cock and com inside me, again, floating… again.


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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