It Happened Again Ch. 02

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Bob took a long pull on the beer I had just handed him. I could see that he was thinking about what I had said about what do you want to do now. I had just given him his first guy blowjob and the reality of having his buddy suck his cock was weighing on his mind. I had done the same thinking last night after I gave Bob a handjob. It was the first time I had ever touched a man’s cock. After a night’s sleep and a reassuring phone call from Bob, I rationalized that I was helping my buddy and that’s what buddies are for. Besides, I loved touching Bob’s cock and now that I sucked his cock without reservation, I would do anything he asked.

“What you thinking?” I asked. “Got some second thoughts about what we did?”

“Yeah John, I feel guilty now that I cheated on Linda. Fifteen years we’ve been married and I never cheated on her before.”

“Look Bob, the way I look at it it’s not really cheating.” “You just have an itch that she doesn’t want to scratch and you’ve got a buddy that is willing to scratch it for you.”

“There’s something else John. When I touched your cock in the shower it was okay but I didn’t really get into it the way you do.” “I guess I don’t want to reciprocate.”

“Hell Bob, is that all? It’s okay if you don’t want to.” “Goes along with not cheating on Linda.”

I lied. I loved it when Bob stroked my cock in the shower just 2 hours ago, but hey, he’s not comfortable with it so why push the issue.

“You know Bob we don’t have to do anything anymore. I’m leaving for Germany in twenty days and Linda will be back with the kids next weekend.”

“You got some relief and I enjoyed helping you out.” “It’s your call.”

“Thanks John for understanding. Let’s get another beer and find something to barbecue.”

We did our normal guy things like we did so many weekends before. Grilled some burgers, talked about sports and cars. Only thing we didn’t talk about was my sexual conquests that Bob was so interested in before and our sexual encounters earlier in the day. I wanted to bring it up, but I resigned myself that it was Bob’s call.

We were sitting out on Bob’s backyard patio and the day was waning. It was Déjà vu. It could have been yesterday Erenköy travesti all over again, but this time I wasn’t looking at the outline of Bob’s cock through his shorts that started the chain of events. I was thinking about how things got started yesterday and I couldn’t control my cock from getting hard. The patio table blocked our view of each other’s crotches, so I was safe for the time being.

I guess Bob sensed something about my demeanor and broke the ice.

“What are you thinking about John?”

That caught me by surprise and I hesitated. “Ahh.. nothing much.”

“Liar, your thinking about yesterday and today cause I can see it in your eyes.”

“I bet your cock is hard too isn’t it?”

“Why don’t you stand up and show me?”

I did as I was asked. My cock couldn’t get any harder. There was a nice sized push out of the fabric in my Chino shorts. I too like to go commando.

“Nice bulge John, you’re thinking you want to suck my cock again don’t you? Say it John, say you want to suck my cock.”

“Yes, I want to suck your cock.” I noticed a more demanding tone in his voice which I liked.

“Let’s go inside and you can assume your position.” I liked this tone, I don’t know why but I took the orders well and said “yes sir.”

I was just about to kneel when Bob said “lose the shorts and shirt.” I pulled my T-shirt off and unbutton the Chinos and lowered the zipper. Gravity took over. I was naked with a raging erection.

“Kneel and undo my shorts.” Bob was already hard when his shorts came off. I savored the moment of seeing his cock at eye level inches from my face. I was waiting for instructions. Bob didn’t disappoint me.

“Kiss my cock John. Wet your lips and kiss it like you’re in love with it.”

This was great taking his instructions. He was right, I did love his cock. I did as I was told. I licked head of his cock while licking my lips. The transfer of the saliva to the head of his cock made my lips conform to the tip when I gave Bob’s cock a light kiss. I moved my head forward so there was ample pressure between my lips and his cockhead. My tongue brought more saliva up on my lips and by Beşiktaş travesti design I started licking the head along with the kissing. Bob gave out a moan that showed that I was doing a good job.

“Holy shit John, that feels wonderful. Suck my cock John, take it all.”

With new instructions, I reverted to my archived memories of all the blowjobs I got from past girlfriends and proceeded to work Bob’s cock. Slowly I worked the head past my lips stopping and reversing the process. With increasing suction on the head I could feel the head was enlarging making it more sensitive. I picked up the pace and increased the amount of cock I took in my mouth. Bob started making the sounds that any cocksucker loves to hear. Aagh, ooh, aah. I was truly enjoying myself. I was controlling the action and I had this warm, smooth living, throbbing mass of cock sliding in and out of my mouth and all I was thinking was how natural the feeling was since it fit my mouth perfectly.

Of course with all good things, it had to end. I thought this time I could extend the time sucking his cock by stopping the blowjob when I thought we was about to cum. But alas, I haven’t mastered that talent yet as by the time I read his body’s muscle spasm, I had a load of cum in my mouth. I was surprised by the ejaculation as Bob cock erupted when the tip was just past my lips as his cock left my mouth spewing cum over my lips and chin. The second and third shots were contained in my mouth but I gagged as I wasn’t used to a cock and cum filling my mouth. Bob pulled his cock out allowing me to swallow his cum. I looked up at him and said

“Damn Bob that was intense.” “Did I please you?”

Bob smiled as I was wiping his cum from my face. “What can I say John, that was awesome. You’ve given the two best blowjobs I’ve ever had.” “You’re a great cocksucker.”

I got off my knees with a raging hard-on while Bob was pulling up his shorts. I stood naked for a moment hoping Bob would take pity on my condition. He didn’t but did offer to get me a towel. Okay, I can handle it. Sucking him gave me pleasure and the satisfaction that Bob enjoyed me sucking his cock.

Bob handed me the towel and wiped Avcılar travesti off the remaining evidence of cum from my face, back of my hand and my chest. I slipped on my shorts, stuffing my now softening cock to one side and put on my T-shirt and told Bob that I should be going. I made the excuse that I had to leave as I had laundry to do and I didn’t have a clean uniform for work tomorrow. He said alright, see you tomorrow and I left thinking that I could stroke my cock on the ride home.

I was parked out on the street and as I was getting into my car, I heard my name called. It was Randy, Bob’s next door neighbor. I had talked to Randy before in passing. He was sort of a recluse and didn’t like kids so his friendship with Bob and Linda was just as good neighbors.

“John can I talk to you for a moment.”

“Sure Randy, what do you need.”

” Gee John, I’m glad you put it that way.”

“I was out in my backyard last night at dusk and I heard muffled voices so I looked through a crack in the fence and it sort of looked like you were stroking something in Bob’s lap.”

“I didn’t have a good angle and it ended just as soon as I moved and then you guys went inside.” “Today I saw your car and knew you were back so I watched you and Bob on the back patio barbecuing and drinking beer.” ” Almost thought I had imagined what I saw yesterday and was going to go inside, but you stood up in front of Bob with the unmistakable tent in your shorts.” “Even at a distance, I recognized you had an erection.”

“When you guys went inside, I got curious, so I went into Bob’s backyard and looked through the window.” “Needless to say John, you are a very good cocksucker.”

I was dumbfounded. No sense denying it. I was caught, but was I?

“Randy, it’s your word against Bob and mine’s. You may have imagined it.”

“Yeah John, that’s true, but I like pictures and I’ve got this 8 mega-pixel mini Canon digital with a 4X zoom. Didn’t need a flash, see.” With that he showed me a 2″ x 3″ camera image of a side view of me on my knees with Bob’s cock leaving my mouth. Shit, what to do.

“What do you want Randy.”

“I want you to drive away now. When it gets dark, come back, park down the street and then come see me.”

“So I’ll see you in about two hours?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Sure you do John, but you want to hear what I have to say, don’t you?”

“See you in two,” as I started my engine.

To be continued.

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