Jill Steps Out

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Her stiletto boots vibrated with the pulse of the industrial beat. She felt in the middle of something exciting. Around her, people clad in latex, leather, chains, and drag carried on comfortably and casually, as if they were at a friends’ house. Lights swirled. She walked on, exploring the various areas of the club. She and her friend laughed as they pointed out this person, or that, comparing impressions.

Jill had looked forward to this night. It was Ohio, and in a land of beer, football, and All-American conformity, the monthly fetish party in the city was a welcome antidote to the world around her. The “pervy” people, as she liked to call them, were really just regular folk on the outside, and wildly creative individuals on the inside. In this crowd, she could be her other self – the Mistress. Clad in her tight leather corset, long leather gloves, and thigh high stiletto boots, she could hardly be mistaken for the good, wholesome, volley-ball playing girl she “portrayed” on most other occasions. Now, her fantasies corresponded with her appearance.

Most times, she and her friend would talk to people, dance a bit, and just soak up the scene. Rarely, did she think she would find someone here. Well, she did flirt with some submissive men. But, she never gave them her number. Besides, when dressed up like this Jill felt empowered. She decides whom she will contact. She does the calling. Jill smirked to herself.

Of course, there always comes that time when any habit, or plan, can be discarded out of necessity. A need that must be met and one she had not, until now, clearly recognized. She was sipping her drink, talking about work, of all things, with some guy in a g-string and his wife, when she saw her. A striking redhead with porcelain white skin, and glowing blue eyes. She was thin, delicate, but with a lovely breast. Skin-tight black leather hugged her upper body in the form of a tight leather halter with attached leather collar. Her pale skin, delicate arms, and long, blood red nails held by her side. A tight, leather skirt caressed her hips, ending at just above her knee. Jill took in her breath when she saw her boots. Tight, black leather on her lovely legs, hugging her ankle, and ending at just under her knee. The boots were very stylish, with a long, pointy toe, and very high stiletto heels. What a gorgeous creature, so captivating, was all Jill could think. This thought was immediately followed by, “why am I responding like this?” While Jill was always open to lesbian desire, theoretically, for she enjoyed lesbian, as well as straight, erotica, it was always at arms length. A way for her to get off after being so bored with “vanilla” stories. But now, it was close. There was no choice. Her mind could not deny that her body was aroused, her vagina wet, for this woman. The couple beside her said something.

“Oh, I’m sorry, what?” said Jill.

The couple laughed.

“She’s pretty.”

“What? Oh.” Jill blushed deeply.

“Why don’t you go talk to her?” said the woman.

Jill laughed.

“Oh, well, you know I just love her outfit. I mean, wow!”

The woman nodded and smiled at her as her husband grinned politely.

“Oh, sure. Ha. We’re just teasing ya.”

Jill turned her head to look for the redhead. She was gone. Not wanting to seem like she was obsessed, Jill just chatted amiably with the couple. After what she felt was the required amount of time, she politely excused herself. She hated when people figured her out and she didn’t want to give them that satisfaction.

The dark club made it hard to navigate. The loud music, and smoke, didn’t make things any easier. She was a little disoriented. There were several bar areas. She didn’t see her anywhere. This was silly, she thought. What am I going to say to her or accomplish? Jill stopped at one of the bars and ordered a drink. She looked to her right and her heart skipped a beat. Not more than four feet away was the redhead. She was all the more stunning at close range. She was reaching into her small purse and pulled out a cigarette. It was quite long, almost elegant and Jill watched her delicate fingers place it in her glossy red lips. The bartender was quick with his lighter. She mouthed thank you to him and arched her neck to exhale a thin stream of smoke into the air above the bar. Her head turned and she looked at Jill. For sure she can see my desire, thought Jill. Her heart pounded.

“Hi,” said the woman.

“Huh? Oh hi!” said Jill.

The red head laughed.

“You seemed like you were in a daze there. Okay?”

“Oh yeah. I’m fine. I’m just wide-eyed to the scene.”

The woman nodded.

“I know what you mean. It’s not your everyday crowd.”

“Oh yeah. For sure.”

The woman moved closer and extended her hand.

“I’m Lisa.”

“Jill. Nice to meet you.”

“Nice to meet you Jill.”

Lisa’s hand was so gentle and soft in hers. She was afraid her desire could be felt in the way she lingered and felt the long fingers. She pulled her hand back, sensing that the appropriate amount of time had passed and she might be offending her if kept the grip any longer.

Lisa smiled at her, her eyes bright and friendly.

“I like your outfit,” said Lisa.

Jill blushed.

“Oh, Avcılar Escort yeah, god, well thanks but yours. Wow!”

Lisa posed and grinned.

“You like?”

“Oh, very much. I think…”


Jill gulped her drink.

“You are stunning. I mean, I like never say that to other women, but you must have guys falling over you.”

Lisa smiled.

“Thank you! But, to tell ya the truth, I’d rather have girls fall over me.”

She winked at Jill. Jill was stunned by this open confession of sorts. Or, was she teasing me? Either way, she remained speechless.

“What! Cat got yer tongue?”

Jill swallowed.

“No, no, not at all. That’s, uh, interesting.”

“What, interesting? Don’t tell me you are afraid of gay people, certainly not in this environment?”

“Oh no, not at all. I mean, well, I’m straight and all and you are beautiful! I find you very attractive.”

“Thank you and I find you very attractive.”

Jill felt like an astronaut on a space walk, but without a tether.

“Wow, this is so…”

Lisa smiled.



“You mean you have never told another woman you find her attractive.”

Jill paused.

“Well, I guess not. Not like this. And, I’m definitely not homophobic – I mean some of my best friends are gay.”

The woman laughed.

“Okay, okay, that sounds stupid.”

Jill joined her laughter.

“Well, Jill who has gay friends, would you like to dance with me?”


Jill watched Lisa finish her cigarette, noting the red lipstick staining the long filter.

Lisa grabbed her hand and led her to the music. She couldn’t help look at her lovely rear and the tight leather caressing her heart shaped ass. No one seemed to take exceptional notice of one woman holding the hand of another. It was so amazing here, she thought. She felt oddly liberated. But, where was her friend?

They worked their way into the crowd. Slowly, their hands separated. Looking at one another, they swayed to the beat. Lisa was a great dancer, her hips moved with such ease. Jill felt herself lost in the music. Giving over to the beat. She was close to Lisa. Somehow, she had worked her self against Jill’s thigh and the smooth leather of her skirt pressed against Jill. Their very high heels had forced their hips forward, making it easier to move into each other. She moved even closer. Involuntarily, Jill pressed her thigh harder against Lisa’s skirt. She could feel Lisa’s warm crotch through the leather. Her body shuddered. Lisa grabbed her hand and placed it on her ass. Jill felt the contours of her rear through the tight leather of the skirt. She ran her hands up and down slowly. Lisa looked at Jill, eyes wide open, and smiled broadly. With her mind stunned, Jill’s body moved forward. She bent her head to Lisa’s. Their lips touched. Lisa’s lips felt so warm, so right, against her own. The softness, almost tenderness, combined with an urgency – their bodies pressed together, breasts mashed, nipples rubbing through leather, hands pulling closer. Jill started to shake. Lisa pulled back. She looked at Jill – her lipstick smeared with her own.

“What’s the matter?” said Lisa.

“I. I feel so different.”

Lisa searched her face.

“Different good?”

Jill nodded.

“I’ve never felt like this, ever.”

Their lips met again. This time, more tenderly. Jill’s tongue gently caressed Lisa’s. She moaned softly against her new friend’s lips. Jill reached to caress Lisa’s ass again. She pulled her closer, pressing her thigh deeper into the leather covered crotch. So delicate, thought Jill, and she is mine. At least, for now. She got her. She couldn’t believe this gorgeous creature was melting in her arms. Jill moved her hands higher and traced along the delicate curve of her back, then along her thin arms, to reach her neck. They grinned at one another.

“Mmm,” said Lisa. “I love having the back of my neck caressed.”

“Oh really?”

Jill ran her fingers over the smoother leather of the collar on Lisa’s neck and then stroked the small hair on her little, bird-like neck. She kissed her again, watching Lisa’s eyes close as their lips met.

“Oh Jill.”



“Could we step off the floor? I’m not quite ready to make a complete spectacle of myself, yet.”

Lisa laughed.

“Geez, I thought it too late for that, but okay.”

This time, Jill took her hand and led her off the dance floor. Each woman taking slow, hip-swaying steps in their stiletto boots – makeup smeared, eyes sparkling with excitement.

A voice called out.


It was her friend. Jill had to check the desire to flee. Did she have to explain? Her hand still held Lisa’s.

Her friend approached, her eyes wandering down to the entwined hands of the women.

“Hey, where ya been?” said Jill.

“Oh, just wondering around – what a scene! So, who is your friend?”

Jill smiled.

“Lisa, meet my friend Allison.”

The two women shook hands.

“So, where were you two headed?”

Jill turned to look at Lisa and before she could open her mouth, Lisa spoke.

“My place.”

She said it so firmly.

Allison Beylikdüzü Escort raised her eyebrows and looked at Jill, who was blushing deeply.

“Oh, really? Well, then I should assume you don’t need a ride Jill?”

“Um, well, I guess not.”

“Could you excuse me, I need to go the bathroom?” said Lisa.

“Sure, I’ll meet you at the coat check?” said Jill.

Both women watched Lisa walk away.

“Oh my God! Jill! What the fuck are you doing?”

“What’s the big deal?”

Jill laughed.

“Okay, I know it’s a big deal, but I have to tell you – I am so attracted to this woman.”

“I didn’t know? I mean I didn’t know you were open to girl/girl stuff?”

“Well, I was always open, I think, but just needed to feel that kick of desire for a woman.”

“And, you have found it?”

Jill smiled.

“Yes, we kissed on the dance floor. It was amazing!”

“Jill, that is so exciting. Really, I’m totally happy for you.”

“Really? You mean that? You’re not grossed out?”

“No, not at all. Believe me, there are some stories I have not told you about myself.”

“Oh, really Allison?”

Both women laughed.

“Okay, some other time, but you must tell me about what happens this evening. You must!”

“Okay, I will. Geez. I’m kinda nervous.”

“Don’t be, she seems nice.”

“Yeah, you are right, but it is new.”

Allison watched a guy passing by her.

“Okay, I’m off to make conquests sweetie. Call me tomorrow!”

They hugged.

Jill made her way to the coat check area. She saw Lisa receiving her coat. Of course, it was a tailored, soft leather coat. She looked incredible, thought Jill, with her shiny red hair spilling over the shoulders and back of black leather.

After getting her coat on, both women clasped hands again. Jill was comfortable showing affection in this club, but what about outside? They made their way up the steps, slowly, because of their very high heels. Luckily, it was a short walk to the Lisa’s car. Their hands remained clasped as they walk along the sidewalk. A woman walking in the other direction looked at them both and gave a knowing smile. My god, thought Jill, she thinks I’m gay? What am I? She was confused, but, looking over at Lisa, it was undeniable. That attraction and feelings were so strong. It felt quite natural to be with her.

Inside the car, Lisa leaned across the gearshift and kissed Jill. Their lips met easily and soon tongues were entwined. She tasted Lisa’s mouth and ran her tongue along her new lover’s teeth. She loved her taste. Her hands moved up to Lisa’s lovely face and caressed her jaw and cheeks. Lisa moaned and pressed her face against the soft leather gloves covering Jill’s hands.

“Mmm, I just love your gloves Jill. I love the smell and feel of leather.”

Jill kissed her tenderly.

“So do I. You look so gorgeous in it Lisa.”

“Mmm, well, wait to you see what I’m wearing underneath.”

“Oh really.”

They grinned.

“I’ll look forward to that,” said Jill.

It was a relatively short car ride to Lisa’s apartment, but long enough for the women to learn more about one another. Jill found Lisa fascinating – she was a graduate student at that same university where she worked. That she had never run into her was a testament to the size of the campus.

Walking to Lisa’s place, their high heels making a delicious clicking sound on the pavement, Jill felt her heart pound. The other world sense returned to her. Lisa smiled. They entered the apartment. Lisa turned to her and kissed her very softly. It was slow, sensual, loving. Jill ran her hands through her red hair.

“Have a seat on the couch. Can I get you something to drink.”

“Water would be great. My throats a little dry.”

A part of her wanted to run, but she wasn’t sure where. Lisa returned with her water. She pulled out a long white cigarette and lit it slowly.

“Um, could I have one of those?” said Jill.

“Sure, here have mine.”

Jill reached out and took the cigarette. She held it in her fingers and brought it to her lips awkwardly and took a shallow puff.

Lisa laughed.

“Not a smoker, huh? Here, like this.”

She took the cigarette and placed it in the side of her lips, inhaling slowly, then holding the smoke, exhaling a thin stream.

“Try that.”

Jill reached for the cigarette and performed the motions, trying to get that elegant look of Lisa. She exhaled slowly.

“Wow. I did it!”

Lisa grinned.

“Sexy girl.”

Jill laughed.

“Are you nervous?”

Jill nodded.

“Very. Lisa, actually I’m a little scared.”

Lisa moved closer to her on the couch. Watching as Jill took another drag. Jill savored the taste of Lisa’s lipstick on the filter.


Jill looked down thoughtfully.

“Well, of..I don’t know..oh god, this is hard to say.”

Lisa stroked her arm gently.

“Come on, tell me, please Jill.”

“I’m scared of this being too good. Of, of… being gay. I think I’ve suppressed a lot of feelings.”

Her eyes watered. Lisa moved to her, straddling her and took her face in her hands, kissing her very tenderly. Her lips stayed on Bahçeşehir Escort Jill’s. Jill moaned into the kiss. Lisa kissed down her neck, gently, then licked along her cleavage. She pulled Jill’s corset to the side and sucked her brown, hard, nipple in her red lips. Jill felt her body shake. Lisa then caressed the other nipple with her wet lips. Saliva attached from her mouth to Jill’s hard nipple. Jill watched as Lisa worked her way down her body, planting kisses on her stomach, over the leather corset. She licked the leather of the corset until it shined. Lower she went. Soft kisses on Jill’s leather skirt. Jill felt her hips rise to meet Lisa’s kissing. Her vagina ached for her. Lisa reached down to stroke Jill’s thigh boots.

She smiled.

“Did I tell you how sexy these boots are? I love thigh boots and you look incredible in them.”

Jill nodded shyly and tried to speak, her throat too dry to produce words.

Lisa kissed the leather boot, running her tongue up and down the thigh. Jill’s body shook again. She took a long drag on her cigarette and blew it down at her lover. Lisa licked further, moaning into Jill’s boots. Her tongue left a trail of saliva on the boots, she found the pointy toe and took it into her mouth. Jill’s pupils dilated. Her lids fluttered as she watched Lisa. She could feel Lisa’s hot mouth through the leather of her boots and even flexed her toes while Lisa sucked. Lisa pulled off her leather halter and started to rub her small, shapely breasts against Jill’s boots.

Jill felt her body convulse.

“Oh god Lisa!”

She could feel this beautiful woman’s hard nipples through the leather of the boots. Jill took another drag on her cigarette, the thin stream exiting her mouth through her red lips. Lisa fixed her eyes on Jill as she rubbed against her. Then, she moved again. Her eyes still riveted on Jill, she pressed her sex on the shaft of Jill’s boots. Jill cried out again.

“That’s so beautiful honey.”

Lisa rocked her hips. Jill urged her along by rubbing her boot against her sex.

Jill couldn’t stand it any longer. She pulled Lisa up, noting the shiny trail on her boots, and kissed her deeply. Her tongue explored every nook of Lisa’ mouth. She sucked and swallowed Lisa’s saliva, delighting in her taste. Lisa sat on her lap and they began to rock their hips together. Jill could feel Lisa’ puffy labia through her leather skirt and what seemed to be leather panties.

“Do you want me Jill?”

“Oh Lisa yes, yes!”

“Do you, really?”

“Yes, oh god Lisa.”

“Jill, oh Jill, I’m crazy for you, crazy about you…make love to me!”

Jill kissed Lisa’s neck passionately. She licked along the soft, fragrant skin of her lover and reached her very erect nipples. Flicking one, she sucked on the other. She was sucking another woman’s nipple and loving it. Never feeling so good, so alive.

Lisa’s warm nipple seemed to grow ever harder in her mouth. Jill continued to flick the other nipple. She looked up at her lover. Lisa’s eyes were semi-closed and her mouth open. This gorgeous, feminine creature was shaking under her ministrations. A rosy color came to her cheeks, her neck arched. Jill paused and spoke.



“Let’s go to your bedroom.”

Lisa leaned forward, kissing Jill, then pulled back with her lips millimeters from her lover’s.

“That’s a wonderful idea.”

Slowly, Lisa lifted herself from Jill’s lap. She took Jill’s hand and the two walked to the bedroom. Before the bed, Jill held Lisa, and ran her hands along her bare sides. Her skin was so soft and warm to the touch.

“I want to undress you Lisa.”

Jill reached around her and unzipped Lisa’s leather skirt. It fell to the floor around her boots. Lisa stepped out. Jill took in her breath at what she saw. Lisa was wearing a black leather garter belt with six straps attaching to black silk stockings. Over the garter belt was a smooth black leather high cut panty, a buckle on the side.

“Mmm, you look delicious.”

Jill caressed the leather garter belt, marveling at its glove-like softness. Her hands move to the firm, shapely rear and caressed the leather there, as well. With a deft movement, she placed her right hand squarely on Lisa’s panty covered mound, cupping it. She could feel the warmth. The leather felt alive in her hands, as it gave way to the throbbing underneath. Lisa was obviously quite aroused – her lips swollen against the panty.

Jill kissed down her body. Lisa’s soft skin and her perfume pervaded Jill’s senses. She licked in her belly button, hearing a sharp intake of air as she did so. On her knees now, she leaned forward to kiss the leather panties of her lover. The leather tasted wonderful. The smell of leather and vagina was so strong. She lapped against the leather. Lisa’s thin fingers ran through Jill’s hair, providing gently pressure. She reached to pull down the panties. They fell to the floor and Lisa stepped out of them. Her bare cunt was in front of Jill’s mouth. She looked at it carefully. It was shaven, except for a thin, light line of reddish hair down the center. Jill kissed the lips. With little pressure, Lisa opened up. The folds of skin revealed her delicate, wet center. Juices flooded Jill’s mouth. Lisa was moaning now. Jill sat down slightly so that her own nether lips sat on the right stiletto boot of Lisa. The smooth black leather parted her lips. She rocked gently against the boot, moaning into Lisa’s cunt. The clit was swollen and easy to find. Jill sucked it into her mouth.

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