Lesbians Can Have Sex Spooning Too

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God, I love spooning. I love how warm and safe I feel with her arms around me. I can feel her face buried in my shoulder and I’m so happy. She leaves some soft kisses down my neck, intending surely to be sweet, but of course causing goosebumps to rise up on my neck and arms. I can’t be too sexual right now… she’s enjoying just cuddling.

I lay there for a while and try not to think about how good her lips feel and how badly I want her.

Ugh I want to be filled so badly, my mind keeps wandering back to it no matter where I try to lead it. I just want it fast and hard right now…

“Yeah baby?” She says.

What? My eyes fly open- I didn’t say that out loud did I? Oh fuck- I’ve been grinding my ass into her without even thinking about it.

“Um, just… getting comfortable, sorry” I say. I don’t want to annoy her. She chuckles, and I feel one of her hands slowly slide down to my hip, while the other slides under my shirt, cupping a tit.

“Is this comfortable?” Her voice is lower now, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Her fingertips tease my nipple, not yet touching it. Eventually I let out a frustrated groan, grinding my hips into her, purposefully this time. Her other hand slowly trails from my hip, down my v-line, and settles right above where I want it.

“Fuck.. come on baby…” I know begging could make it worse, but I don’t care.

“Yeah? Come on?” She pinches my nipple and pulls on it, and I feel her start bursa escort to nip at my neck. “Come on what, bitch?” Jesus christ, she knows just what I like.

“Baby please…” I’m desperate at this point.

She moves fast, so I barely have time to gasp before she pushes me over onto my stomach, grabs my sweatpants by the waistband, and rips them down to my ankles.

*SLAP SLAP SLAP SLAP* “FUCK baby,” I yell.

Her hand comes down hard against my newly exposed ass, and each slap leaves an amazing sting in its place. I feel myself getting more and more wet each time I feel that sting. She starts to lecture me as she aims her slaps closer and closer to my pussy.

“I expect you to answer me, but of course you’re too much of a fucking WHORE to listen.”

“MMmmmm baby FUCK I’m sorry” I need her, now.

She pulls me onto my side, spooning again, and rubbing my newly red ass.

“Yeah, you’re going to be sorry,” she says, slapping my ass one last time, “Don’t FUCKING move.”

I feel her get out of bed, and try not to give into the temptation of looking at her. Minutes pass, but they feel like hours, and I just lay there and enjoy the feeling of my burning ass, and my throbbing pussy.

She slides back into bed behind me- fucking finally. She wraps one hand around my throat, and I feel the tip of the strap press against my pussy. Right away, I try to push myself down onto it, and she pulls back, tightening altıparmak escort her grip around my neck,

“Not yet, you fucking slut. I said not to move.” Goddamn, she’s so hot.

“Mmmph okay I won’t move.” Maybe if I listen she’ll fuck me faster. I tense my body to keep from moving, and she slides my thong out of the way and starts to rub the tip against my now-dripping cunt.

“Good girl,” she says in my ear, and slams the strap into me in one quick thrust.

“FUCK baby more please more!” It’s so hard to keep from moving, I just want to rail myself already.

She starts painfully slowly, dragging the strap all the way out of me, leaving my pussy empty, desperate, then pushing it back into me, and I feel every goddamn inch, finally hitting all those perfect spots that make me moan her name. Her hand moves from my hip to my clit, and the combination of pleasure makes me want to scream.

“Yeah you like that, bitch?” She says, making my eyes roll back in my head.

“Yes baby faster, FUCK.”

“I bet you want it faster, you dirty slut, you just want your pussy POUNDED all the fucking time don’t you?” She punctuates every other word with a deep, hard stroke.

“Yes baby please god fuck please!” I can feel the pleasure building deep in me, and I know I’m close. She knows it too. Her hand moves from my throat to my hair, and she pulls it, HARD.

“Don’t you fucking dare cum.” She thrusts görükle escort faster, knowing exactly how hard it is for me to keep from letting go. Every stroke feels like it’s bringing me right up to the edge, and I know I can’t keep going for long.

“Please baby please I fucking need it.”

“Yeah, bullshit. I can make this really fucking hard for you if you don’t act right” She slows down, once again dragging it painfully slow, and I feel the edge escape me.

“Baby no… please…”

“No what? Huh? What do you want? Tell me, bitch.” I feel her teeth on my earlobe, and the feeling makes me shudder.

“Baby please… fuck me,” It’s so hard to speak when I’m trying to focus on her slow strokes, but I manage to take a deep enough breath to say what I know she wants to hear. “I want it hard and fast, please just let me cum.”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought.” She starts to go faster again, railing me exactly how I like, and I feel my orgasm building back up. “Take it like the WHORE you are baby, and CUM FOR ME.”

“OH My god baby yes yes yes fuck mmmmm” I can’t even form words at this point, the piping I’m taking is too much, and I finally feel that release rush over me. I cum harder than I have in a while, the fact that I’m on my side and my legs are pressed together makes it easier to feel every movement she makes, so when my pussy clenches around the strap, I feel so goddamn full.

“Jesus fuck, baby that was insane.” She says as she pulls the strap out of me, and my breath finally slows back down to normal.

“Yeah, you’re telling me! Goddamn.”

Once she takes the strap off and I get dressed again, we go right back to spooning, and I fall asleep, satisfied in her arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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