Kevin’s Locker Room Shoe Adventures

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Kevin sighed, checking the time on his phone. It was only 9PM, he still had an hour to go. Kevin was a student worker at the recreation center on his college campus. He generally did mundane and random tasks like checking people in at the front desk or checking out basketballs to whoever wanted them, but this week their main custodian was on vacation and the rest of the staff had to pick up extra cleaning shifts in addition to their normal once a week shifts. It was a Friday night, so it wasn’t particularly busy-college students generally aren’t too focused on working out late at night on the weekend-so he didn’t mind it too much. He had survived the last 2 nights doing it, and he was sure he could do it one more time before he was off for a couple days.

Kevin wasn’t particularly unattractive in any way, but wasn’t exactly a ladies man either: 6 feet tall even, thin, but muscular everywhere he needed to be. He had never had a real girlfriend before, but had hooked up with a few girls and a couple guys as well after parties. He had a very specific type: athletes. This made his job much more fun: when not cleaning he could watch all the people working out, and while cleaning the locker rooms he could get some more compromising glimpses of them too. He generally spent the last hour of his shift cleaning the locker rooms: the center closed at 9, so he would clean the mens locker room first and by the time he was finished there the women’s would be cleared out and he would do it.

Kevin walked up to the front desk to Ben and Katie, the other two workers on duty that night. “I’m about to head into the locker rooms, call me on the radio if you need anything” he said in their direction, to which Ben gave him a thumbs up and returned to flirting with Katie which was all he had done for the rest of their shift. It had been snowing for most of the night so it was especially slow except for the women’s track team that had come in for a group run earlier. Putting on his headphones, he went into the men’s and went to work. He managed to clean the men’s locker room extra fast given that there was no one in it. Pausing the music playing on his phone and hearing no activity or movement from the rest of the building, he knocked on the door to the women’s locker room. No answer. He looked at his phone again, and it was 9:20. Everyone should’ve been out 20 minutes ago. He started his music playing again, and headed in.

The locker rooms were fairly spacious, and really quite easy to clean. The lockers themselves were situated in 4 rows stacked 2 high. The first three rows closest to the entrance had carpeted floors with padded bench seats. The final row, closest to the shower, had a tile floor with a hard tile bench. The cleaning process was pretty simple: mop down the tile portions first, then vacuum the carpet, wipe down the sinks and refill the soap dispensers, and close all the lockers before you leave. He pulled the mop off his cart, and started on the tile. Suddenly, he stopped. One of the lockers had a bag sticking out of it, with a collection of clothing surrounding it. A sports bra, pair of leggings, and some other clothes were what he immediately saw. Immediately he felt his pants get a little tighter. Escort Bayan He had found clothes in the locker room before, but was usually working with the full time custodian and couldn’t do anything other than try to hide them under his shirt or turn them in to the lost and found. Since he was working alone, he could do anything he wanted with this treasure trove!

He started with the sports bra, a black Nike model. It was soaked with sweat, still very fresh. He licked the insides of the cups, and they tasted amazing. He threw the bra aside, and picked up the leggings, Nike Pros, his absolute favorite. He licked the material between the legs, which smelled heavenly and tasted even better. Underneath the leggings were a pair of all black Brooks Ghost sneakers with black Adidas ankle socks inside. Kevin knew exactly who they belonged to: her name was Meghan, a beautiful sophomore with shoulder length brunette hair and a perfect figure. He had a couple classes with her, and he always had admired her feet which she loved to show off in sandals during the warmer months. She was a star runner for the track team. Kevin had talked to her before, and she was friendly to him, but their interaction had gone no further. He pulled the socks out and held them up to his face, inhaling their indescribable scent. He couldn’t take it anymore, her socks smelled so good. He unzipped his pants and pulled his 7 inch hard cock out and slipped one of her socks onto it, slowly jerking it. He picked up the shoes and started smelling them, almost cumming right there and then. He slipped one over the sock on his hard cock, and started jerking into it while smelling the other. Suddenly, he heard a scream cut the air over the sound of the song playing on his earphones:

“KEVIN! WHAT are you doing?

Meghan stood over him, steaming mad. “Uh. I. Uh…Meghan. Um…” Kevin couldn’t remember how to put words together. “I want an explanation NOW” she said again, standing over him in nothing but a towel and her Adidas massaging slide sandals.

“Meghan, I’m so sorry. I just…I…” Kevin still couldn’t get words out.

“You’re a little foot perv, aren’t you?” She demanded.

There was no point in lying, as his cock was still in her sock and shoe in his hand. “Y…yes I am”

“What are you even doing in here anyway??”

“Meghan, I swear, I just came in to clean, it’s my night to clean the locker rooms. I didn’t hear anyone in here so I came in. I’m so..s..sorry” He was almost at the point of tears. He was SURE he was going to get fired over this. How could he ever explain it?

Suddenly, his radio came to life. “Desk to Kevin, we heard a noise coming from down the hall, everything ok?” He pulled the radio from his belt. “I’m so sorry, I’ll tell them what happened and you can file a report against me or whatever. You’ll probably want a restraining order. I get it.” He started to move the radio up to his mouth to answer, but Meghan grabbed his arm. “Hang on a minute. Tell them you slipped and you’re ok. I’m not done talking to you yet.” Kevin was confused, but followed orders.

“Yeah, I’m good, there was some water on the floor and I slipped, and it knocked the mop bucket over. Bayan Escort I’m good.”

“Alright good. Hey, there’s no one left, right? We’re going to take off. The overnight crew should be in in like 30 minutes. Have a good weekend buddy!”

Kevin looked at Meghan, who was sitting across the row from him with her right leg crossed over her knee. “Tell them you’re alone.” She ordered, and Kevin did.

“Yeah, it’s just me, if I leave before them I’ll leave the alarm unarmed. Good night guys!” He said, half in simple disbelief of what was going on.

“So it’s just us then?” She said. Kevin nodded.

“Good. Now, why is your cock in my shoe right now?”

Kevin hadn’t even realized he never took it out. “I…um…I love how they smell and how they feel.”

“Do you look at my feet during class too?” Kevin nodded again, getting more red with every question.

“Do you like them?” She asked. Her tone was seemingly starting to get less argumentative. “Y…uh…y…yes, very much” he managed to stammer out. “Interesting. Do you like them now?” He looked down at her feet and sandals. She had recently gotten a pedicure, and her nails were perfectly pink, matching the pink on her otherwise black sandals. “Take my shoe off of you, and let me see how much you like them. And I want you to address me by my name.” “Yes M…Meghan” He said, pulling the shoe and sock off of his throbbing dick. She was clearly enjoying this, having all this power over him. They both knew she could have him fired in the snap of a finger, so he had no choice but to listen. “Good boy. I have a job for you.”

She reached into her locker and pulled out a pair of tall Ugg boots. “It’s too salty outside. Lick them clean. If you do a good job and don’t touch yourself, I’ll give you a reward.” Kevin didn’t hesitate. He started working his tongue all over the right boot, cleaning up every speck of salt he found. Meghan just sat across from him, watching and dangling her sandal from her foot. He finished with the right and switched to the left boot. Meghan got up and pulled a keyring and her phone out of her bag, setting the keys down next to her. “Do you like these sandals Kevin?” He nodded as he continued to lick her boot. “Me too, they’re my favorites. I’ve got 3 pairs. That looks pretty good, here, give me the boots and pull out your phone.” He handed them over and pulled out his phone, seeing that a. his pants were still unzipped and b. it was almost time for him to leave. Meghan picked up her phone and took a picture of her feet and sandals, and told Kevin to wait a minute. “I don’t understand you foot pervs, but whatever gets you off I guess. Since I’ve seen your cock, I guess we should be friends online, yeah?” Kevin wasn’t going to disagree with that. She sent him a friend request, which he accepted, and she sent him the picture in a message. “I want to learn more but I know you have work to do. And I won’t turn you in, don’t worry. I’m sure you can find some pictures of me on there wearing these too!” He didn’t know what to say.

“Now, your reward. You were a good boy for me, so follow me. And you may want to zip up your pants. We’re coming back here though, don’t worry.”

She Escort led him into the adjacent locker room, which was reserved for athletes. She opened her locker which she shared with two other girls, Anna and Brianna. “Now, you can pick anything out of here you want to finish yourself. I’m going to go back and get dressed while you do your thing. You’ve got 10 minutes before I come back and lock it up again. Have fun!” She turned and walked away, closing the door between locker rooms behind her. His heart raced. Socks, bras, shoes, they were all here! He couldn’t believe she was about to let him do this. He selected a pair of black and pink Asics Gel Kayano 27s which were very worn, and slightly dirty, and he had seen Meghan wear them before. They didn’t have much smell to them, they clearly hadn’t been worn in a while, but they were enough. He stuck his cock in one and started smelling the other, knowing he wouldn’t last long. He jerked his cock inside the shoe, his cock head pushing against the inside of the toe. He felt himself losing control, and he began spurting thick warm cum inside the shoe, cumming more than he ever had before. He just leaned back against the lockers, shoe still on his cock, reflecting on what just happened.

“Good job” Meghan said from the doorway. Kevin never noticed she was standing there. She was wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt, along with her sandals. She walked over and pulled the shoe off Kevin. “Wow, you really did a number in those. You like my feet and shoes that much?” “Yes Meghan” he said, exhausted. She took the shoes and threw them in her bag, closing the lockers, and putting her bag in one of the comfy chairs by the entrance of the locker room. She said “well, no point in you getting in trouble tonight, let’s get this thing cleaned up, we’ve got about 10 minutes I think.” Together, they finished up the locker room, Kevin put the cleaning cart away, and punched out. Being a gentleman, Kevin walked Meghan to her car. It had finally stopped snowing, but he helped her clean it off. “Look, Meghan, I’m so sorry” He said, still not knowing what to say.

“Don’t worry about it, Kevin. Really. It’s fine. And besides, I think we’re going to have some fun with it.”

She sat down in her car and kicked her sandals off. Pulling the Asics out of her bag, she slipped her bare feet inside them, making sure Kevin saw her wiggle her toes in the one he filled with cum. She then picked up the sandals, handing them to Kevin.

“Take care of them for me this weekend, will you? Let me know if you have fun with them. Talk to you later!” She closed the door and drove off, leaving Kevin standing there in the empty parking lot holding her sandals.

“Wh…what just happened?” he said to himself, as he walked back to his car to head home. He threw the sandals onto his passenger seat and drove back to his apartment. The adrenaline was still flowing through him as he took them into the bathroom, placing them on the counter and pulling his cock out. He jerked out another large cumshot, splattering and covering the black and pink sandals in white liquid. He snapped a picture and sent it to her, and she responded with a winking face emoji, then asked if he was busy Saturday night. He wasn’t, and she invited him to come over to her apartment to hang out. He replied yes, and she replied with a picture of her wearing the Asics.

“What have I gotten myself into?” He thought to himself, but was excited to find out.

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