Last Day of the Summer Pt. 02

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Disclaimer: I would like to state that this piece of writing is a work of fiction, all characters within are of age and consent with the plot and bear no resemblance to anyone I know.

The story is a work in progress and will feature a variety of different niches as both it and the characters within evolve. So if you happen on any content that you do not like, stop reading.

It is also my first attempt at writing, so constructive feedback is welcomed!



Jayne and Sally were saying their goodbyes to each other, they both were teary eyed whilst hugging each other firmly. People passing by paid them no real notice as this scene was typically common at airports, whether at the arrivals or departures it didn’t matter as this is what loved ones did. They both knew it was not goodbye, it was something to be happy and sad about at the same time, one of them spreading their wings taking the next step in their life and the other, well that was unclear.

Jayne had dreaded this day but knew it was coming, how did the time pass by so quickly? She thought. Looking at Sally, she smiled through her tears and brushed her cheek resting her warm palms behind Sally’s ears and wiped the tears from her eyes with her thumbs.

“Have a safe flight my love and do phone me when you land” she said.

“I — I will but you don’t need to worry so much, everything will be fine, and Dad will be waiting at the airport for me!” she replied through sniffs, she smiled at her mother “I am more worried about you to be honest, being alone at home! You will be alright though? I can always stay here and study at Oxford and commute from home….”

“No darling, this is your dream and your father, well he wants to see you and catch up on your relationship. He actually sounded really excited, I can’t say he ever was like that during our marriage but since the divorce we have become the people we needed to be I guess” she replied, reassurance in her eyes.

“I worry about Maddi too, I know she was putting on a brave face for me but I know she will be upset. Our friendship means so much to her and I know deep down that she loves me, is in love with me and I tease her for it!” she paused for a while as her mother looked at her a little surprised.

“I have asked her to look out for you too, she really likes you too as you have been a motherly figure to her, as well as a sister to me. Will you do the same for her, look out for her?” She looked at Jayne with so much admiration and gave her hips a squeeze.

“Of course I will and thank you for making sure I am looked after as well, I do worry a little but all parents have to let go of their babies at some point. Now go, they are calling your flight!” She gave her daughter a big wet kiss and then smothered her with lots of little ones all over her face and laughed.

“Mum! What the fuck?!” she giggled and then wiped her face “not in public, you are embarrassing me!” Sally took a few steps backwards looking at her mother, tears came again as she turned and headed through the gate and disappeared from view.

“I love you!” Jayne shouted out after her daughter, but she had already gone.

Jayne stopped at M&S, bought herself a sandwich, banana and a bottle of sparkling water and headed back to the car park to her Range Rover. She climbed and shut the door, set her shopping down on the passenger seat and broke down into tears. The past weekend had been a tough one, nothing could have prepared her for the events that took place. Knowing that Sally was on her way to the next chapter of her life did make her happy, she knew that she would be safe under her father’s care and guidance.

After about 45 minutes, she finished her lunch and started up the engine to leave, checking herself in the mirror she could see the result of her crying as her mascara was smudged so she quickly sorted herself out and left. On the drive back, her mind was reflecting on the day before and events that took place, she really enjoyed the dinner she had prepared and the company of the girls and the laughter they had shared and the wine. She thought of Maddi, a slight frown came on her face, but she gave a little smile and bit her lip.

“Oh Maddi, what have you done to me darling?” she said to herself quietly, she put her hand to her chest and then squeezed one of her boobs before twiddling her necklace. The rest of the journey she drove in silence, just focused on the road milling things over in her mind whilst crying intermittently.


She pulled up to the house, gravel crunching under the tyres and parked at the side in her usual spot and switched the engine off. Looking towards the house with dread, dread at the thought of the silence inside and the loneliness she would now have to embrace. She got out and locked the car and walked slowly to the kitchen door and let herself in, she placed her bag on the kitchen table and took her boots off, giving her feet a rub as she went. She looked over to the seat she had shared the previous night with Maddi, smiling to herself Avcılar Escort at the naked union she had had with her daughter’s best friend.

She knew there really wasn’t anything to it and it didn’t mean anything, but wondered whether it did? The thought had turned her on, she noticed her nipples were hard and felt the twinges in her vagina, biting her lip and undoing the button to her jeans she knew what she wanted to do. Making her way up the stairs and heading to her room, she paused at Sally’s room and looked inside noticing that the bed hadn’t been made but that didn’t bother her as she would be doing the laundry later that evening. She walked over to the bed and sat down, she ran her hands over the sheets and laid down smelling the pillow. She knew the girls often shared the bed despite there being guest rooms available to use, it suddenly dawned on her that her daughter didn’t sleep on this side of the bed and had been up early that morning. She was lying where Maddi had slept!

Her hand found its way back into her pants, she moaned when she found out how wet she was and proceeded to pleasure herself with the pillow to her face. Maddi’s scent was feint but enough to send her wild, she had undone her shirt and lifted her bra to expose her breasts that she squeezed hard whilst rubbing her engorged clitoris. It didn’t take long for her to climax as she cried out in elation and then relaxed again on the bed, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean.

As she got up, she saw the result of her climax and sucked in a breath, she had practically wet the bed! She knew that she did squirt now and then but nothing like this has ever happened before, what has that girl done to her? As she thought about it, she took her jeans and shirt off as she went into the en-suite to use the toilet and wash her hands from her recent fun. The air was rather dense with the smell of poo, she lifted the seat of the toilet and to her horror saw the present left behind and noticed there was no paper in there either!

“What the….” She cursed.

She just stood there looking at it, it was long and thick and almost sweet smelling. She had no idea why, but she found herself mildly aroused by the sight of this giant poo in the toilet, the smell wasn’t getting to her as much now either. She pulled down her panties and sat on the toilet, she had realised that she hadn’t been to the loo since leaving that morning and needed to go now. She let her bladder go and realised that she needed a poo as well. As her piss was hitting the water, the smell was intensifying, even more so now that her own poop was joining the fray, it was thick too and stung her anus a little, but it was extremely satisfying to release it.

Jayne wiped herself and stood up, she turned to look in the bowl and had that feeling in her vagina again. She flushed and left the room with panties in her hand, she stripped the bed and gathered up her clothes and left the bedroom. Arranging the laundry, she noticed that the panties she had been wearing the day before were nowhere to be seen and felt a little sad. She liked those panties but remained hopeful that they would turn up later, perhaps she misplaced them and forgot due to the wine and perhaps the pleasant distraction.

The rest of the day went by slowly for Jayne, she hadn’t realised how time was different when alone, but it gave her the chance to get her daily chores out of the way. She showered and dressed herself in comfortable lounge wear and made herself some dinner, which she had a nice glass of red wine with. She put on music and relaxed on the sofa with a glass of single malt whiskey, no ice, she believed it should be drunk as it came from the cask or bottle. She dozed off to sleep.

She woke to the sound of her phone ringing, she leapt to her feet and answered and was overwhelmed with joy at the sound of Sally’s voice.

“Hi Mum, arrived safely, the flight was nice and the landing smooth! How are you? How was the drive back home?” she said excitedly.

“Hello darling, oh I am so happy to hear your voice, glad you had a nice journey! Oh you know me, the drive was nice enough although I cried a lot…bloody mascara everywhere” she exclaimed “walking into the house was difficult, so silent and it felt empty. Naturally I started crying again but I have freshened up after an enjoyable snooze in your bed, had dinner and just chilled out with a single malt.”

“Old habits huh?! My bed though? What possessed you?” Sally replied with a giggle.

“Your mother is a soppy old bird; I miss you so much and felt closer to you that’s all!” Jayne replied.

“Naww, so cute.” Sally mocked her.

“Sally darling, please remember to flush in future! We don’t want our American counterparts to think you were dragged up by birth now do we?” she replied with a stern voice, not leaving any clue as to what it had truly done to her. She reflected on how dirty she felt but excited at the same time.

“Oh, that wasn’t me, Maddi must have forgotten to flush after her Beylikdüzü Escort shower this morning. I had teased her about it, especially the fact that she hadn’t wiped but instead went straight for a shower afterwards. Can’t believe she just left it there!” Sally replied a little mortified.

“Well, I have dealt with it! I will have to tease Maddi about it next time I see her!” Jayne replied laughing. She felt horny now, she had remembered how horrified she had been upon discovery and she had no idea how it made her feel like she was now.

“Oh no please don’t, she will freak out if you say anything to her! Maddi is not the most confident person and well, she is Maddi! God, I miss her, can you give her a hug from me when you see her? Oh, I can see dad, got to go!” she said in excitement.

“OK my love, I will do as you say don’t worry! Say hello to your father for me and good luck, you got this! I love you! Goodbye darling.”

“Goodbye mummy, give Maddi a call or message her! Don’t be alone too much, please look after her?! I love you too, millions mwah mwah!”

Jayne hung up the phone and placed it on the arm of the sofa next to her, she took up her drink and sipped slowly. She kept looking at her phone, does she message Maddi now or should she leave it for a few days? All she knew is that she needed company and Maddi was the only person she could think about. Was it wrong of her to feel this way? Her emotions were in turmoil, but she thought to hell with it, snatching up her phone she wrote a message to Maddi.

“Hello Maddi darling just wanted to let you know that Sally got off OK and has arrived safely on the other side. She sounded happy and asked me to let you know. I hope you are okay? If you want to, you can come over anytime you like. I would enjoy your company a lot! Look forward to seeing you. Jayne xx”

Jayne read over the message she had written several times, she wondered if it were too much or indeed if it were the right thing to do? She pressed send anyway and thought what has she got to worry about, nothing untoward about it. Jayne cleared up and retired to her bedroom and got into bed, just as she got settled, her phone buzzed.

“Hi Jayne, thank you for letting me know, very much appreciated. I would love your company, just say and I am YOURS! Good night xx”

Jayne read the message, she read it several times trying to ascertain if there was any secret meaning behind the words. She couldn’t help herself, she was masturbating again, thinking of Maddi, remembering the smell of her in the bed. She suddenly remembered the toilet, she let out a deep primal moan as she caressed her engorged clitoris and fingered herself with renewed vigour, she even caressed her anus before pushing her middle finger inside. She came hard, she couldn’t control herself as she wet her bed, but she didn’t care in the slightest. She suddenly felt sleep weigh her down, she rolled on to her front. As she lay there in her own urine, covered with her pussy juices and cum, the last thing she remembered was putting her finger into her mouth sucking it slowly as she finally fell asleep.



After spending the day with her father and younger brother out in the garden, they played and had a barbecue, she loved her dad’s barbecues. She studied him, he had a big beard and tattoos on his upper arms and was a typical build, if not a bit bigger than your average man. She loved him so much and had so much respect for him and how he worked so hard to raise them since her mother had passed several years before.

“I am going to go hang out in my room for the rest of the evening, if ok with you? It has been a long day and a difficult weekend, and I just need to be alone.” she said to her father as they went back into the house.

“Thank you child, no problemo! Make sure to take all your stuff up to your room from the stairs OK? Not a question either!” he said seriously but then roared in laughter, grinning at her, he walked over and put his big hands on her small shoulders and gently kissed her on the forehead. “Don’t stay up too late!” he added as he retreated to his office.

“I won’t don’t worry, love you!” she replied, turning to leave the kitchen as she fist-bumped her brother. Gathering up her belongings as she headed up, she looked at her bag and remembered what she had inside it! She bit her lip and bounded up to her room smiling.

She had totally forgotten the fact that Sally had left for her new life in America, suddenly feeling sad, she shut her door and fell onto her bed. With her face buried in the pillow, she sobbed to herself, she just missed her friend so much, but she wasn’t just her friend, she loved her and now she was gone. Now alone, what was she to do? She wasn’t the most confident person around strangers, around people she loved she was a whole different person, but it was hard to allow people in.

Thinking about what Sally had said to her, she grabbed her bag and rummaged inside the main pocket and found a small package with her name on it. Bahçeşehir Escort She studied it for a while and noticed how much care had gone into creating it, carefully she opened it as if to make as little damage as possible to the wrapping. Inside was a folder letter, a small photo of her and Sally, a handmade bracelet like the one Jayne wore on her ankle and finally a small jar of coconut oil. She giggled to herself. She set everything aside apart from the letter and as she unfolded it, she was greeted by the smell of Sally’s favourite perfume. She swallowed as she began to read the letter with a tear in her eye.

“Dearest Maddi, I cannot begin to say how much I love and that I am sorry for leaving you like this. I am living my dream and I must be where I need to be right now, although I want to be home with you and Mum. I had a great last evening with you both, it was perfect, the whole day was perfect in fact.

I am sorry that I cannot be the person you need me to be right now, I love you and I love that you love me and I know I often tease you but I mean no harm. I can’t believe I peed in front of you and you saw me like that! I will admit that it made me so horny for the rest of the evening, shhh I know!

To answer the question that I left you hanging with… yes, I did! I even had the courage to lick my fingers afterwards and was almost tempted to just go down on you, but it would have been irresponsible and a terrible thing to do to us both, especially with me leaving. I will admit that I enjoyed it and loved the taste of you.

I have asked Mum to look out for you, hope you don’t mind but I do worry about you, as well as her and I know that you could both be there for each other when you need it. She probably won’t admit it, but she does need love and support. As do you!

I hope you enjoy the little gifts and that they serve as a reminder of our love, our friendship. Stay in touch!

All my Love,

Your naughty dirty girl xx”

Maddi pulled the letter to her chest and let out a little laugh but still she cried, looking at the picture of them together so happy, she then opened the coconut oil as she wanted the smell to fill the air. It was almost as though Sally was there in the room. Laying there in deep thought for some time before she got up to go shower before going to bed. She didn’t have the luxury of her own bathroom, so she couldn’t just strip off naked and walk about freely, she didn’t have that freedom in her house.

She went to the toilet, wiped and flushed before climbing under the hot water and washing herself. She considered masturbating but again, it would probably be obvious and she didn’t want to disrespect her home or her family! So she relented and walked back to her bedroom covered in her towel. As she finished drying herself, she let the towel fall to the floor as she studied herself in the mirror before picking up a clean t-shirt, putting it on and then climbing into her bed.

Her phone vibrated, the screen informed her of a new message from Mrs Dawes, she briefly lost her breath and then opened the message. She read it over and over, she wanted to go over to see her now but knew that was not possible and would raise questions from her father. Feeling unsure about what to write back in response, she decided to keep it as normal as possible, however she did put a lot of emphasis in the words “I am YOURS!” because she wanted to go back to the previous night, sitting naked with Jayne, her touch, her smell, the feeling she got from it and the uncertainty of what could follow.

She snapped back to reality and knew that she was being silly, it was a one off and she would never have that experience again. What was she thinking? She thought to herself, it was her best friends’ mother. “What have I done?” she said to herself, her nerves kicked in a little, but she pushed the notion aside. She just told herself she had nothing to worry about and they could all just laugh about it.

Despite feeling tormented by the events of the past weekend, Sally exposing herself and peeing, Jayne being so lovely, Jayne being so naked, Jayne smelling so heavenly, the way she felt being embraced by her, the lovely package from Sally, the revelation she made to her, which she half believed…. She leant over to her bag and took out the bag containing Jayne’s soiled panties.

Carefully opening the bag, she savoured the aroma as she inhaled from it with the panties inside. She removed them and resealed the bag, putting them up to her face holding them to her nose as she kissed them and tentatively put the crotch part into her mouth, she tasted the saltiness and savoured the mustiness that came from them. She couldn’t resist sliding her hand to her vagina, it was dripping wet as she massaged her clitoris through her bushy pubic hair, spreading her juices around. She had the urge to rub Jayne’s panties there but didn’t want to lose the integrity they held.

Being careful, she replaced the panties in the bag and sealed it shut and got up to hide it, not that she needed to because her room was hers and no one went in there, not even her brother but she couldn’t be too careful. Falling back into bed, she covered herself over and resumed her play, she didn’t want to cum but instead just wanted to keep her pussy in limbo as she fell asleep. Within minutes she was snoring.

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