Lauren’s Bath

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Lauren’s domineering mother had made an appointment for her at the Treatment Center to have her bath and hair washed. She just turned 18 years old, and her mother wanted her to get good and clean. She was told to be there at 3:30 p.m. Lauren was built tall, thin, 5’6″, long legs and narrow in the hips. Her buttocks were tight and small as they sat perched on top of her beautiful long legs. She was very pretty with shoulder length brown hair, large beautiful brown eyes, and a sweet smile. She was kind of shy but still turned the heads of many young men.

Lauren told her best friend Kerrie she couldn’t meet with her after school because she had a doctor appointment. She didn’t tell her it was to get a bath and her hair washed. She was too embarrassed. But her mother had insisted she go there for an evaluation and treatment. She believed the Treatment Center had the best staff and equipment available to get Lauren good and clean.

It was a warm, sunny afternoon as Lauren drove to the busy shopping center where the Treatment Center was located. She entered the small, two-story medical building through the front door and walked up the steps to the second floor. She studied each door until she found it. The sign simply said “Treatment Center.” She opened the door and walked in. It was a pleasant reception area with cushy chairs, soft lights, and an aquarium bubbling. Lauren became comfortable and began to relax. Behind a sliding window, a receptionist sat while talking on the telephone. She looked up when she saw Lauren come in. She smiled at her to let her know she acknowledged her presence. She seems nice and friendly, Lauren thought. She sat down quietly until she heard the window slide open.

“May I help you?” she asked.

“My name is Lauren. I have an appointment at 3:30.”

“Yes Lauren, we were expecting you. Someone will be with you in a few minutes.”

The window slid closed and then it was quiet. Maybe this won’t be so bad after all, Lauren thought as she sat back down and picking up a magazine. This is just like any ordinary doctor’s office she thought.

After about 5 minutes, a tall blonde woman about 35 years old, dressed in a clean white uniform came out from a door adjacent to the reception area. She held a clipboard and pen and asked “Are you Lauren?”

Lauren answered, “Yes I am.”

The woman sat down on a chair next to her. “I am Nurse Christine” she said. Since this was Lauren’s first time, the nurse said she wanted explain what they were going to do to her. Lauren listened very intently as the nurse began reading off of her clipboard. “You will be weighed, examined, and your temperature taken.” Sounds normal Lauren thought. “After the exam, my assistant and I will begin your treatment. We do things differently here than you normally do at home.”

“Oh. What kind of treatment? What is different?” Lauren asked with concern.

“You will have a scalp treatment—that is type of hair washing with medically formulated shampoo. Then you will have a body scrub with medically formulated soap to really get you clean. Now dear, you may experience some slight discomfort during your treatment. But it’s necessary to get you good and clean. If you relax and don’t resist, you will make it easier.”

Lauren began to wonder what was going to happen. But she didn’t ask any questions. Nurse Christine seemed like a nice lady. She felt she could be trusted.

Nurse Christine didn’t tell Lauren about the telephone consultation she had with Lauren’s mother. According to her, Lauren didn’t like it when she was given her a bath and washed her hair at home. Her mother insisted that “she” still wash for her hair in the kitchen sink. She also bathed Lauren in a shallow tub near the sink in the kitchen. Lauren would sit in the tub while her mother poured pots of hot water over her head and body. Then she made Lauren stand up naked while she worked up a thick lather with Ivory soap. She used a stiff body brush to scrub Lauren’s entire body, even her genitals. But because Lauren was now 18, it made her feel like a baby. Sometimes Lauren would protest and cry.

Her mother also told Nurse Christine that sometimes she could smell Lauren’s anus and genitalia. “Maybe she is having difficulty when she wiping after a bowel movement” she commented, “please see to it that Lauren’s anus is inspected.” Nurse Christine was happy to reassure Lauren’s mother that the staff at the Treatment Center were experienced and trained professionals who would be able to give Lauren a complete bath and shampoo treatment. They knew exactly how to handle someone like Lauren.

Nurse Christine looked at Lauren and thought about all the things that needed to be done to her. A lot of work but she really needs it. She stood up and said to Lauren, “Now come with me dear and we will get started.” Lauren submissively followed the nurse through the door into the treatment area.

Nurse Christine led Lauren through a corridor Escort Bayan to a tiny room the size of a phone booth. There was no door or curtain, and no carpet on the floor. Lauren stepped into the area and looked around. Nurse Christine told Lauren “First, you will need to undress. Take everything off. You can hang your clothes up there.” She pointed to a hook on the wall.

Lauren stood there blushing and feeling nervous. “Isn’t there a gown for me to put on?” she asked?

“Oh no dear, you don’t seem to understand,” Nurse Christine explained. “I am going to weigh you. So you must be completely naked so I can get an accurate reading.” Lauren wasn’t expecting this. Nurse Christine noticed her apprehension. “We are all very professional here dear. You just do everything we say and you will be fine.”

Lauren reluctantly replied, “Well, OK.”

Then suddenly another younger looking, tall, thin woman, also wearing a white uniform, with long dark hair in a ponytail walked in and whispered to Nurse Christine. Then she walked over to Lauren and said, “Hi. I am Nurse Christine’s assistant. My name is Sherry and I will be helping Nurse Christine administer your treatment. Can I assist you with undressing?”

Lauren really felt embarrassed now. Lauren meekly responded and said, “Oh no. Thank you.”

“OK Sweetie, I will just stand nearby just in case I can be of assistance,” she said.

Lauren began to undress. She sat down on a tiny chair in the small room. She untied her shoes and took them off one at a time. Then she pulled off her socks and felt the cold tile floor beneath her feet. She stood up and began to unbutton her white blouse one button at a time. She opened it, and slowly slipped it off her shoulders and placed it on the hook. She unbuttoned her jeans and unzipped the zipper and pulled them down to her ankles and stepped out. She turned to hang them up.

She stood in there in her panties and bra, dreading what would be next. Sherry stood just a couple of feet away, smiling and looking on as Lauren continued. Lauren reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She leaned forward from the waist as the bra slipped off her shoulders and off her breasts. At age 18, her breasts were size 34C. They were round, firm, and the nipples were large, pink, and erect. She didn’t want to continue but knew she had to. After she hung up her bra, she could feel Sherry watching her. She reached down to her waist and took hold of her panties on each side. She slowly pulled them down her legs and dropped them to her ankles and slowly stepped out of them. Sherry looked at Lauren standing there completely naked, smiling as she gazed at her large breasts and thin body. She looked down at her bushy brown pubic hair. Lauren was naked and quivering as she awkwardly tried to cover up her brown pubic hair with one hand, and her cover her breasts and erect nipples with her arm. But it was no use. She was completely exposed.

Lauren felt embarrassed and alone. She put her head down. She bent over to pick up the panties from the floor. Her bottom was now up the air. Sherry had a perfect rear view of Lauren’s anus, labia, urethra, and clitoris, and the ass hole slightly spread open. Sherry noticed pubic hair that had grown in the upper thigh and up into the anus. “Stay right there sweetie, don’t move”, she told Lauren. Lauren felt humiliated as she remained bent over naked while Sherry called out to Nurse Christine, “Could you please come over here and take a look at this?” When Nurse Christine came over, Sherry pointed to Lauren’s anus.

“Oh yes, I see,” Nurse Christine said. She determined the excess hair caused small particles to become trapped in the anal area causing it to stink. Because she was bent over, Lauren could even smell it and was very embarrassed.

The poor girl couldn’t have known until now; it’s a good thing we inspected her anus Nurse Christine thought. “She needs to have that anal pubic hair removed from the anus and inner thighs too. Also, it will need to be irrigated and scrubbed to eliminate that odor and get it good and clean. I’ll add this to her treatment.” She began to write on her clipboard and walked away.

“OK honey, you can stand up now,” Sherry said. “Now walk this way to the scale so we can weigh you.”

“But I…I’m naked, I don’t have any clothes on. Someone will see me!” Lauren said.

Lauren poked her head out from the tiny room. She could see Nurse Christine at the other end of the hall. She was getting a chill, quivering and shaking. Her breasts wiggled as she shook and the nipples were erect. Her body swayed from side to side as she continuously shifted her weight from one foot to the other because her bare feet would stick to the floor. She tried to cover up her pubic hair and nipples again.

“It’s ok honey” Sherry said in a gentle voice. No one will see you.”

Lauren could hear the sound of cars and voices of people outside of a nearby open window. Bayan Escort This made her think the whole world would see if she walked out of that tiny room. But she did notice that the scale was not near a window. Being naked in front of these two women was bad enough; hopefully no one else would see her if she walked out of the room with nothing on she thought. Lauren timidly stepped out from the tiny room and walked gingerly with her hands at her sides, towards the scale where Nurse Christine was standing. As she walked, Sherry was behind her looking at her body. She noticed her head with her soft brown hair. She continued to visually scan down her neck, shoulders and arms, on down her back, which led to her narrow hips and her small tight buttocks which had a narrow crack, down her long slender legs, small round ankles and to her narrow bare feet, with slender toes. She thought about how she was going to assist Nurse Christine in giving Lauren a nice hot bath and body scrub.

Lauren continued slowly walking down the narrow corridor. Oh no! She suddenly stopped and covered her pubic hair and nipples with her hands. It’s the receptionist who greeted her earlier from the other side. She was sitting right in her path. She would have to walk by naked right in front of her. But wait, it looked like she was busy working and not even noticing her, so she continued walking. But right at the exact moment Lauren walked by the desk of the receptionist, she looked up and right at Lauren as she meekly walked by. Lauren was humiliated and put her head down. She felt ashamed and embarrassed because she was totally naked. Why do I have to walk through the office without any clothes on to get weighed? It makes no sense, she thought.

“Over here dear, step up onto the scale,” said Nurse Christine. Lauren stepped up onto the metal platform that felt cold on her bare feet and just stood there with her hands at her side. She could feel cool air brush all over her bare body. Nurse Christine moved the weights up and down the scale. “You may step down now dear,” Nurse Christine said, and wrote on her clipboard.

“Now, follow me to the examination room for the body inspection” said Sherry. “We’ll take your temperature there too. And we’ll use a rectal thermometer because it is more accurate.”

I hate those things Lauren thought. Being naked made her helpless to say or do anything. She submissively followed Sherry into another room and was told to stand and wait for Nurse Christine to return. She was glad this time she didn’t have to walk by the receptionist again. But because she was naked, she was getting a chill.

“I’m so cold” said Lauren, can I put something on?” she asked. Sherry said “I know it’s a little cool in here for you honey. We keep it that way when we are administering treatments. They make you feel, well, let’s just say, you won’t be cold very much longer.”

Lauren put her head down and sighed. Why do they keep calling my bath and hair washing “treatments” she wondered.

Nurse Christine walked in and said to Lauren, “Step over to the end of the exam table, stand with your feet apart and bend over.” Lauren knew a rectal thermometer would soon have to be entered into her anus and dreaded it.

Nurse Christine sat down on a stool behind Lauren’s bent over naked body. She was now at eye level to Lauren’s ass hole which she again could see pubic hair around it, and could smell that odor. Nurse Christine said, “Your anal opening is narrow and it will be difficult to see the center of your anus hole at this angle. Bend your knees a little honey, and put your rear end up as high as you can.” This put Lauren in an awkward squatting position. She heard the sound of snapping rubber as Nurse Christine and Sherry put on their latex gloves. “That’s better, I see it now” she said.

Nurse Christine looked deep into the anus to examine it. Sherry assisted by laying her hands on the fat part of the cheeks and spread Lauren’s small ass hole. Nurse Christine put a gloved finger into her anus hole and moved it around inside to determine its size and depth. It felt warm and soft. She removed her finger and picked up a rectal thermometer and lubricated it with KY jelly. She tried to insert the thermometer. She felt resistance and realized the opening was too narrow and she needed an anal probe to widen it. Lauren was probably resisting and tightening her muscles that surrounded the anal opening. “Bring me a size 2 for her” she said to Sherry.

Sherry knew what she meant and opened a drawer, pulled out a small metal probe, and walked back to where Lauren was bent over. Sherry lubricated the probe with KY jelly and inserted it into the small anus. The instrument was cold and hard. She squeezed the handle and the probe spread the ass hole wide open. Lauren felt like she wanted to have a bowel movement but she knew she was empty. “Good, now just hold the probe right there while I insert the thermometer into Lauren’s Escort anus hole” Nurse Christine said to Sherry. Lauren felt the pressure of the rectal thermometer sliding deep into her anus. “How are you doing dear?” asked Nurse Christine.

“OK I guess” Lauren replied with her head down.

The two women began to chat and giggle while they waited for the temperature to register. Lauren kept very still and didn’t move. She just hoped the procedure would be over soon.

Nurse Christine removed the thermometer and got up and walked away. Sherry removed the probe and told Lauren she could stand up. Her crack, ass hole and anus felt warm and slippery. She stretched her arms up and arched her back as she stood naked. She wasn’t paying much attention to Nurse Christine who rolled a cart near her with a Water Pik filled with steaming hot water in the reservoir. She opened a small vile and added it to the water. Sherry placed a shallow tub on the floor and told Lauren to step into it. Nurse Christine sat back down and told Lauren to bend over again and put her rear end up in the air as high as she could. Sherry held the fat parts of those small cheeks and spread the ass hole wide open with her latex gloved hands. Nurse Christine clicked on the water pik. There was a buzzing sound of a small motor. She turned the small knob to adjust the water pressure to high. She picked up the handle of the water pik and aimed it at Lauren’s anus hole being held open. She said to Lauren, “Ok dear, now just relax.”

She pushed a button and out came a needle thin stream of hot water. She pointed it directly into Lauren’s spread open ass hole and anus, and began to move it up and down and around to irrigate the anus, labia, urethra, and clitoris, and the ass hole.

Lauren quickly put her head up. Her hair flew back and her body flinched. Her eyes were wide open with a look of shock on her face. She cried out, “Ow, ow, ow! That’s hot!”

Lauren assumed if she protested the temperature was too hot, Nurse Christine would stop. But both women actually knew how hot the water was, and she continued. It was part of the treatment. Sherry said to Lauren, “We need to clean out all the KY jelly after taking your temperature sweetie.”

But it’s too hot!” Lauren protested. “Ow, ow! ”

Sherry continued to hold Lauren’s ass hole open, “It’s ok sweetie. You are getting really clean.”

Nurse Christine steadily continued squirting streams of hot water into the labia, urethra, and clitoris, and the ass hole as it was slightly spread open. She turned the dial to increase the pressure to extra hihg. The hot water ran down Lauren’s legs and into the shallow tub she was standing in. Ahh! Ahh! Lauren screamed. She could hardly stand it.

“There, there dear. We’re just cleaning you up a bit. You’re ok,” said Nurse Christine.

“Ahh! Ahh! No more please, stop,” Lauren wailed. But there was nothing she could do. She had to endure the pain and humiliation as the two women continued to irrigate her ass hole and anus and entire genital areas with the Water Pik using hot, hot water.

When Nurse Christine stopped the irrigation, she hung up the Water Pik. Sherry dabbed the areas with gauze to remove the excess water. Then Lauren heard a click and a kind of whiny buzzing sound. What could that be she thought? Lauren felt the cold metal and vibrations inside her anal walls. Nurse Christine was sliding a hair trimmer downward in tiny strokes in her anus. “I’m just removing that nasty old pubic hair that has grown up into your anal and genital areas honey. This will help keep you clean and really reduce the stinky odor too.”

Lauren was so humiliated. Why or why must I go through this she thought?

After the shaving, Lauren felt cool liquid being poured over her entire buttocks, and flow down into her anus and ass hole opening. Sherry massaged the liquid into the skin using a circular motion over her entire buttocks. Nurse Christine chose a medium round brush from the tray and began to scrub Lauren’s left cheek vigorously, as a thick lather began to build up. This caused Lauren’s whole body to shake with the scrubbing motion, and she had difficulty standing still. “Hold on to the sides Lauren” Sherry said, as she began to hold Lauren’s hips in place to reduce the movement.

Nurse Christine shifted the scrubbing to the other cheek. She scrubbed vigorously giving Lauren’s buttocks extra special attention and treatment. She scrubbed around and around, making small circles all over the cheeks while the lather and bubbles increased as she did. After about 10 minutes she stopped. “OK Sherry, you can rinse her now” Nurse Christine said to Sherry.

Sherry began to pour a pitcher of fresh hot water all over Lauren’s tight buttocks and rinse off the lather, rubbing the cheeks while she poured. The hot water ran down the back of Lauren’s thighs and into the shallow tub she was still standing in. Lauren shook her legs causing her buttocks to shake and quiver. “Ahh! Ahh!” she screamed.

“It’s ok Lauren. It’s ok.” Sherry told her as she continued pouring the hot water onto her. When it looked like she was done, Sherry said to Nurse Christine, “Ready for the anal scrub now.”

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